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Submission Steps

Use the New Title Form to automatically publish under the New Title section. We will re-classify your submission upon final review. We also reserve the right to edit and/or reject the submission. See New Titles. Use your name, password and title name to Edit Your Submission after publishing it.

Submission by e-mail is strongly not recommended due to extreme processing delays! Send an e-mail to . Attach your submission as a plain text file, HTML file, or preferrably, as an MS Word file (any version).
Along with your submission please include:

  1. Title and brief description (highly recommended)
  2. The category under which you think your submission falls, i.e. short story, novel, poetry, play, screenscript, song, non-fiction, reference, essay or exceptionally other (optional)
  3. A brief description about yourself and your interests (highly recommended)
  4. A 1 1/2 sq. inch GIFor JPG photograph, cartoon, or favourite motif (optional)
  5. Your e-mail address (required, see privacy policy below)
  6. Your name or a pseudonym under which you wish to publish (one or the other required)
  7. Copyright line, i.e. year and name/pseudonym (required)
  8. A keyword (optional, see New Title Form for a valid list)



  • Please submit short stories, full length novels (exceptionally excerpts), poetry, plays, screenplays/teleplays, songs, non-fiction stories, reference works, essays, foreign language works (with rough English translation), children's works, various genre types or other materials of interest. Your submission indicates your acceptance of the guideline terms set out here
  • To submit please follow the submission steps outlined above. Our submission e-mail address is
  • Your submission must be original work. For prose your submission should be 500 words or longer
  • We reserve the right not to publish your submitted work if for any reason, determined at our sole discretion, we deem it inappropriate. We reserve the right not to assign any reason.  (Our policy is not to be restrictive, but also not to publish anything that is pornographic or deliberately offensive racially, sexually, religiously or otherwise. We also rely on reader feedback.)
  • There is no fee to publish, and likewise you will also not be compensated
  • You maintain copyright and are fully and solely responsible for the content of your submission. You agree to indemnify Storymania from all legal claims arising out of your submitted work
  • Once accepted, your submission will be published largely as is. We will perform minimal editing and reformatting. Please ensure that your are satisfied with its look and quality prior to submitting
  • You may submit any number of works at any time. You may submit all your titles only under one and the same name/pseudonym. We may choose to limit the number of your submissions that we publish. We may replace an existing published work with a newer submission. We may combine submissions. Much of this will depend on the quality of your submission, determined solely at our discretion
  • Please submit shorter length titles, such as poetry and songs, as a collection in one submission. You will be appreciated for it by our readers
  • Please pay attention to the following quality considerations: readability, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall coherence and completeness of your submission
  • You authorize free electronic distribution and reproduction of your submission
  • For the length of time your work remains available through this site it cannot be made available through any other site on the Internet. (You may apply for an exception if you maintain your own site)
  • Please inform us immediately if a publication error has been made
  • We publish in good faith and you agree not to hold Storymania liable for errors
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of submission without notice
  • We will strive to be prompt and accomodate your submission as best as we can
  • We will also strive to publicize this site widely so that your submission is widely read
  • You may Edit Your Submission and cancel it. You may also request to cancel your submission(s) by sending us an e-mail at . Though typically we respond promptly, please allow for an appropriate delay (up to eight weeks or more)
  • We reserve the right to revoke publication at any time


E-mail Privacy Policy

Your e-mail address will be used by us to communicate with you, and will not be made available or sold to a third-party.

If you wish to have your e-mail address appear in the author's box, you must specifically request it.




For information, questions, comments or special requests please e-mail us at

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