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How to Buy & Sell
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Why buy and sell directly from authors?

  • You'll cut the middle man
  • You'll get the best prices
  • You'll help save trees
  • You'll discover new writers
  • You'll have access to the world
  • You'll be part of a community and leverage collective marketing
  • You maintain copyrights
  • You don't have to deal with publishers
  • You present your title the way you like it


How to Buy

  1. Browse through the titles. They are arranged by category. Click on the "Order Title Now" hyperlink.
  2. Enter your name, e-mail address and quantity. (Some authors will allow you to bid on a price below their stated list price; if so enter your bid price or leave it blank to accept the list price.)
  3. Press submit to route your order the author.
  4. The author will reply to your e-mail address and complete the transaction with you. The author will request your shipping address (it may be e-mail) and indicate to you the form of payment and address. You will pay the author directly and the author will ship to you directly.
  5. You're done!


How to Sell

  1. Open an account - Open Account. After opening your account you will receive your Logon ID and Password by e-mail.
  2. Use your Logon ID and Password to logon - Account Logon. Once logged on you enter the following information:
    • Your title's name and description
    • Your name/pseudonym and about yourself
    • The title's list price and whether you will allow a price to be bid
    • Shipment and payment information. The form in which in your title is sold (e.g., a Word document or a printed document entailing extra shipment charges, etc.). Be as detailed as possible
    • Copyright year and an excerpt from your title
    • Optionally you can provide your e-mail address and include an image (GIF/JPG). (You can e-mail us the image file if you do not have access to an external location)
    • You may change all the above information any number of times, any time
  3. Press Accept and you're done!


Standard Pricing Special limited time offer! All fees waived for 1 year!

  • ACCOUNT FEE. The fee for maintaining your account is:
    • 1 year: US $9
    • 6 months: US $6
  • PER ORDER CHARGE. For every order you receive we will bill you 10% of your list price as of record of the order date. You will be billed on a monthly basis by e-mail. If you allowed bid pricing, the per order charge payable is 10% of the bid price, whether you declined or accepted the bid. You may, of course, change your list price and turn bid pricing off and on as often as you wish.
  • You are allowed to post and sell only one title per account.




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