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Fear, A Collection
Fear - This poem explores the domination of the male ego over its female counterpart.
Granite - It is a poem about being treated as a stranger in a country you want to call home.
Fat Bastard - This poem is a personal journey of life with a weight problem.
[392 words]
Alan T Geake
I live in Scotland with my family and work as a freelance writer.

I have written poetry since I was a child but have never seriously attempted publications because of the personal nature of poetry and my tendency at times to inhibit the exploration of human expression.

This is gradually changing as I let myself be open to the potential of this expression.

[September 2002]
[email protected]
Burn Out (Poetry) This was written after hearing about a rock singer's suicide. [88 words]
Fear, A Collection
Alan T Geake

    Of the arid throat,
    Pulsating with deciduous
    Traversing left then right
    Until it is forced
    Into the corner of submission.
    Feel yourself fall to the pressure
    Of his immense hands
    Controlling your stoical
    With the force of his glare
    Just as it was
    In the very beginning
    Kick out with desperate force
    Only to see him laugh
    As your fists bounce
    Without effect, forcing
    You further
    Toward the narrow light
    Shake with the last passage
    Of life, before he leaves
    You gasping for every
    And as he turns away
    You wonder
    What is preventing you
    Fear with its rigid domains
    Interns your coming
    And going. Without
    It deals every hand
    Unless you
    Kill the bastard



For eight years
    This town remained
    My fortress
    These years
    Like death
    Have passed on
    Unlike life
    They refrain from movement
    The faces of
    This town are etched
    From granite
    Shaped like
    Keyholes locked
    From the inside
    In decay
    They remain impenetrable
    If I shared
    Your dialect
    Would you
    Open up or
    As I suspect
    Is the key
    Lost forever
    Beneath the rubble
    Of crumbled ideals
    This town
    Remains my fortress
    Though one day
    I will leave
    Only to discover
    My intentions
    I never
    Even existed.



Fat Bastard

He sings in the shower
    Where others cannot hear
    Or see the plethora of unmasked
    They laugh as though his brain
    Sits cushioned in silence
    Without the sense to interpret
    He shouts to the masses
    Fat bastard I may be
    But shallow infusions offer no
    They tunnel their feelings
    Towards his obesity
    As if hiding the emptiness of their own
    He contemplates suicide
    Without wanting to die
    Only to be removed from this body of
    They with their sleek legs
    And tight arses laugh
    As if he cannot enjoy the right to be
    He realises subtly
    There is a fat bastard
    In all of us, even without the
    They, inactively bored
    From the mindless crow
    Move on to seek pleasure from other
    While, the fat bastard
    Crawls to his feet
    Brushes himself and prepares for the



"Very poignant ... you paint a vivid portrait of loneliness and despair .. hope to see more from you" -- Judith Goff, USA.
"I enjoy how you shed light on the complexities of fear in human behavior. more please." -- Eric Hofmann.
"congrats! your poems personifies the things we usually take for granted. Maybe a little consciousness in putting the "necessary" punctuation marks will add 10% more in your score to make it 110%. WRTE MORE!!!" -- coby, tuguegarao city, philippines, cagayan.


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September 2002

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