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Haul Out The Holly by Jennifer L O'callaghan This is a holiday story I wrote for a writing class, inspired by what my sisters and I call... [2,087 words]
Warriors' Mired Blades by Daniel A. Souers A true medieval and inspiring masterpiece that brings the reader within the mind of a gr... [1,799 words]
Fake Reality by Erin D. Traynum Covers the thoughts and influences of a gold digger at the moment when she commits suicide. [1,034 words]
Through The Window by Erin D. Traynum This story is about a nine year old girl who is being sexually abused. [1,211 words]
Florence by Gérard Ducasse A rather banal love story. [762 words]
Deposit Three Billion Dollars For The Next Two Minutes by Angel Obregon This is the horrible result of watching 3 X-FILES re-run... [2,931 words]
Quarter Of A Century by Drexler McStyles This short story is an obscene tale of insanity and excessive drug use set in Las Vegas. [4,084 words, Rated R]
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Shear Trouble by Addison Gast A short story. [514 words]
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A Quarrel In The Forest by Darcy K Metz An argument between a cedar tree and a stone resolves itself after much time. [161 words]
Remember The Bubbles by Dana Drew The story of an elderly man rekindling his youth with the help of a playful child. [623 words]
The Mistake by Kavan Tate drama of a boy's decision gone wrong [504 words]
Mike and Sadie Mae by Judith Z Marrs Short story. [4,038 words]
A Work of Art by Roy L Pickering Jr The tale of man who feels trapped in the merely serviceable existence he believes he has settled ... [3,944 words]
Elizabeth by Christine Dorothea-Maris A short mystery story about a widow, taken in by her late family's husband in the late 1890's, who ha... [255 words]
Home by Matt Matics This short story (or possible beginning to a longer piece) is ostensibly "about" a boy returning home from... [3,299 words]
Cold Wind by David H. Paniagua The short story of three soldiers who've deserted the battlefield of WWI, only to discover they've be... [1,345 words]
The Fortune Teller by Michael J McGrath A group of friends encounter a mysterious fortune teller who changes lives. [975 words]
Transition by Oliver Thomas Coles Brackenbury A man trapped between two great fears of the unknown, one which he has left behind and one which mus... [916 words]
Yasha Tafipolsky by S Lichtenstein A story of the Russian Revolution, its effect on the people, and the struggles of the Tafipols... [8,644 words]
Twenties by Larry D. Griffin Flash Fiction [668 words]
Tiki's Revenge by Edward L Wier A short-story of a lesser god's dwindling popularity in the spirit world. The Christians and t... [8,078 words]
Outlaws by M H Doty It is a irreverent piece about falling in lust in a beautiful tropical town with an outlaw-type guy! [2,500 words]
The Cake in His Pocket by M Betette A dark comedy about a very disfunctional and very happy family. [850 words]
Blue Dog Days by W Delaney This short story is about an ex-politician turned political writer named John Gerrick. The story ... [2,000 words]
The Doona Drag, A Collection
The Girl in the Ocean by Edward D Adams Two women are dead and only one man cares about finding out who did it. In catching the ... [4,300 words, Mystery]
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The Perfect Joke by J A Young A dark and funny slice of life detailing a boy's search for perfection. [1,800 word]
Bazaar by W I B R Smith This story was inspired (very) loosely by an incident which happened to me in college, back in 1991, whe... [5,500 words]
Age Before Beauty by Mary Ann Savage Women get bored and restless in some of these apartment complexes. Even old ladies. Let the g... [1,900 words]
Weeds by Mary Ann Savage This is not really about flowers, not really about love. [1,350 words]
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The Sheriff
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Some days you're the pigeon...

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The Doona Drag, A Collection
The Doona Drag - A humorous look at the plight of modern middle-aged man, coping with a society that has lost the plot. [600 words]
Liebestod - A young man enjoys a classical concert in a uniquely exciting way. [500 words]
The Way To Heaven - An inspirational fantasy involving a man, a woman and a mountain. [650 words]
The ChairliftNEW - A young woman is out skiing in bad weather, and decides to take the chairlift, with unexpected, bizarre consequences. [650 words]
S Lichtenstein
[March 2001]
Nightmare Alley, A Collection (Songs) Nightmare Alley - A dark song about escaping to one's nightmares. Prayer For Love - This song is a prayer from the heart, a plea for the love that we all seek. Yes I Do - A man looks back at an old, s...
Yasha Tafipolsky (Short Stories) A story of the Russian Revolution, its effect on the people, and the struggles of the Tafipolsky family, particularly the young man, Yasha Tafipolsky. This is the saga of an extraordinary and brave in... [8,644 words]
The Doona Drag, A Collection
S Lichtenstein

flag. Picture this. A man in his late forties, plagued with doubts, servant of the universe, barely keeper of the spare set of car keys in his own household, wandering around the house in the middle of the night pondering his wasted life while wrapped in a huge doona dragging behind him on the floor, because it's freezing and his wife won't let him turn on the central heating as it gives her a headache if it's on at night. (I think I forgot to mention the computer whirring to itself in the den.)

And as I drag my lovely, cuddly doona around, I wonder to myself what went wrong. I had all these dreams as a young man. I wanted to be a famous astronaut or at least a space scientist, and now look at me. A shoe store owner with knees that click as I walk. I wouldn't pass the astronaut medical with these knees.

I'm completely beaten down by modern society. The other day, I went to the optometrist for the third time in the last two weeks, as they still haven't given me the right prescription in my glasses after two tries, can you imagine? The optometrist asked me for my current glasses (the second pair they've tried to give me) to obtain a reading of the latest incorrect prescription, and I lost my cool.

"You can just start from scratch and do the eye test all over again!" I yelled.

"And you can just get out of my office," the optometrist replied.

So I left. And I still can't see properly out of these glasses.

Yesterday I went to a cafe and ordered some mocha coffee beans in a bag, as well as a cup of coffee and a piece of apple strudel. While I was busy insisting that my apple strudel come with cream and not ice cream, they accidentally filled the coffee beans bag with Espresso coffee instead of mocha, and I didn't notice until I got home and ground some coffee. I threw the remainder of the seven dollar bag away in disgust. When my wife smelled the coffee and found it in the bin, she made me take the bag back, and they tipped the remnants into one of their coffee jars! I was so embarrassed.

My shopping expedition today was a flop. I circled the shopping center's car park for an hour trying to get a park. People were sitting in their cars about to leave, when they would see me coming and start preening their hair in the car mirror. By the time I got a spot, I was so angry that I parked too close to the car next to me. When I returned after shopping, I found a hand-written note on my front windscreen saying, "You park like that again and I'll bust your windscreen!" As for the shopping itself, I spent two hours buying a tie I'll never wear.

After much doona dragging last night, I studied the community courses liftout of the Sunday newspaper, and I've short-listed the following courses: The World is Yours For Dummies, Ignoring Your Partner's Midlife Crisis, Cracking the Thin Veneer of Civilization to Find the Real You, Positive Thinkers in the Carpark, and The Joys of Negative Writing.

I'm keeping a daily journal, and I plan to publish the finished work. I was thinking of calling it, "Diary of a Defeated Man," but I don't know if that will sell. Perhaps I'll call it, "Ponderings of a Doona Dragger."




The orchestra was warming up for a performance of classics when Peter
slumped into his mother's regular subscription seat in the concert hall
that night. His mother was unwell and he was taking her place. But the
young man's mind was far away. He was not much of a classical music lover,
for one thing. For another, his relationship with his girlfriend Anna was
troubling him. Anna was one of those "perfect girlfriend" types. One could
not fault her. A disturbing thought.

Above Peter's head shone the dull night-gold of a domed ceiling speckled by
small glittering lights--a starry sky for a summer concert. The lights
lowered and the conductor made his entrance, the audience responding with
polite applause. The mellow lighting, warm indoor air, and gentle wafting
of perfumes and body fragrances induced Peter into a slumberous state.
Through this haze he gradually became aware of the woman seated next to
him. Just the drift of her perfume at first. Very strong. Then the soft
silhouette of her body. An older woman.

The first piece played was Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, a Mozart favourite. Loud
and spirited. Peter was increasingly alert, but not because of the music.
It was her. Stealing a quick sidelong glance, he observed a shiny black
evening skirt covering her thighs almost down to her knees. Black stockings
below that. He had a strange feeling that she knew he was looking. The
woman lifted her arm and placed it on the armrest, where it bumped into
his. After a moment Peter felt compelled to remove his arm!
The orchestra was now playing Sheherazade. Peter's thoughts veered wildly
between the music and the woman next to him. He put his arm back on the
armrest alongside hers, and she turned and looked straight at him. He saw
the excitement in her eyes and became, in turn, excited. She smiled at him
wickedly then looked away. He was shocked at how exciting that was!

What was it they were playing now? wondered Peter. "Wagner's Liebestod!"
the woman whispered to him conspirationally. How could she speak to him
like that? In such a familiar tone of voice? Then the music took over. It
really was a beautiful melody. Gently soaring. Unquestioned yearning. Warm
and golden sounds. Warm and dark. Dark! Like her! Whose tender fingers
stroked the back of his hand very lightly as they listened together. The
melody rose and fell, then rose again, and Peter realized he was enjoying
this music with this strange woman in a way that he wanted to experience
again. When the music reached a crescendo, he felt almost ill with

After the Liebestod, the concert ended, the audience applauded, and Peter
and the woman's arms became unentwined. He turned to her to say something,
but she had risen without a backward glance and was walking away with a
man, her arm woven firmly through his--leaving only the strong perfume
lingering upon Peter's sleeve, whispering, "Liebestod!"



The Way To Heaven

There was nothing more that he could do. David accepted all that had come his way, and knew he was beat. Each day the same as the one before, each moment equal in its inexorable boredom, pretence and darkness. Forty years of battle had wearied him. The stars he had reached for, dimmed. The sun no longer rose in his day, nor set.

Each day was a swirling cloud through which he struggled, freed only by the inevitable fall to the pillow at night. And there he dreamed of chattering,laughing people at wild parties to which he had never been invited. And if he awoke from those dreams, for some moments afterwards he found difficulty in remembering even his own name.

And yet a bird in the night may suddenly sing a note that will capture his attention. The clouds may gently part, and the stars brighten. A tree may take form in the grey mist, its branches heavy-leafed and stretching forth, thick honey seeping from the moist bark of its trunk; and moss the softness of his own sigh, springing under the tentative touch of his finger. Warm whispers the breeze on such a night, and his heart will yearn!

On waking at dawn, David rises and walks to the foot of Cradle Mountain, where he has stood many a time gazing upwards and pondering. There he finds a cosy nook under a shady willow tree by the stream that meanders past, and sits, watching and waiting.

Now all men who have attempted to climb Cradle Mountain will readily attest to its sharp steep slope, boulder-strewn, treacherous terrain, and the inevitable doom of the expedition. Not one man has succeeded yet in attaining the lofty summit. Each day, the sun glares white hot, reflecting off gem- encrusted rocky surfaces. It is a wonder a man can make it even one third of the way without death from extreme heat and sun. And if he does survive till sundown, the freeze of night air will take him in his sleep.

On this soft clear morn, a lone woman is seen walking near the base of the mountainside. So unexpected a sight. She is not carrying more than a water flask at her hip, and it is not a sturdy hip at that. She does not choose the rocky, uphill path, but instead meanders down the grey-green grasses a short way, to where the stream runs along the lowest edge of the mountain.

The water's coolness attracts and refreshes, as she wades barefoot to the centre and throws herself on a whim upon a floating log as it sails past. And thence to grab at a frisky fish that dances, pull it up then let it fall back with a smile, as the log sweeps her downstream, down, down into a dark tunnel, whence she can see nought for the longest time, until she emerges, the brilliant sun flecking her eyes with gold.

And the woman finds herself at the very summit of the mountain. Below lie the noble grey rocks untrodden, the distant forests a shimmering green, the horizon a gentle temptress, and the white heat enveloping all in a blinding haze. She gazes while she can, before the log, soaring onward, carries her all the way to mountain's bottom, where she seeks rest under the shade of the willow at stream's edge.

"I've been watching you," David speaks calmly, appearing from behind the tree.

The woman turns quickly, but does not startle. She smiles, then begins walking away toward home, her face flushed from the sun.

"May I come with you?" David calls after her.

"Can you climb that mountain?" she laughs back at him.

"Why.. why sure I can!" he retorts.

She laughs again.

"Come on then! We're on our way to heaven!"



The Chairlift

The snow was falling hard at Mt Buller that afternoon. Megan slid her
boots into skis and stamped firmly down, snapping the boots into place.
She tugged the lower part of her knitted balaclava up over her mouth,
her warm breath, directed upward, instantly misting her ski goggles.
She skied slowly toward the white, snow-powdered gum trees.

A thick fog was descending. Megan picked her way through the sparse
gums, emerging onto a ski run. Checking out the downhill view, she
could barely see three feet ahead, however being an experienced,
accomplished skiier and in a daredevil mood, she allowed her skis to
assume control, and soon was enjoying the exhilirating buzz of racing
down the hill, relaxing into the neat moguls as she felt them rise
under her skis, and sometimes even taking a small jump for the thrill.

At the bottom she headed for the chairlift. No line, so no waiting.
Megan grabbed a chair as it appeared from the mist, and sat down,
quickly snapping the safety bar into place across her lap. The chair
rocked and her skis swung wildly, as the chair began its climb.

She watched the slope below for other skiiers foolhardy enough to be
out in the bad weather, but could espy none. Nor were there skiiers on
the other chairs that passed by. She spent the ride dreaming idly of
the warm fire waiting at the ski lodge on her return.

Eventually Megan spotted the top of the chairlift. Gazing intently
through the mist, Megan realized there was no attendant waiting to help
her off her chair. She had to make a split second decision. Either try
to get off when her skis came close enough to the ground, or continue
in the chair around the turnstile and back down the other side. She
threw the safety bar off and inched to the edge of the seat.

But Megan's skis remained a good six feet off the ground, and with a
thudding heart she stayed put in her chair as it rattled around the
turnstile and began its descent. She was shocked and in disbelief that
the ground had been so far away from the chair! First time she'd ever
encountered that!

As the bottom of the lift came into view, Megan saw that the attendant
who had been present earlier had gone. Quickly she threw off her safety
bar, shifted to the edge of the seat, and as the ground approached,
prepared to leap. She became aware that the loop of her left ski glove
had become caught in the safety bar and struggled to free herself, but
by the time she had done so, she found herself going round the
turnstile and heading back up the slope.

The snow was falling fast and heavy now, and a bitter wind had struck
up. Ice was encrusted upon Megan's upper lip and chin, her nose was
running, and she was shivering. As before, she observed no skiers on
the slope, nor on any of the chairs.

Megan devised a plan. She leaned precariously over the front of her
chair, lifted her legs up, with the skis still attached to her boots,
and managed to free the skis. They fell to the ground, one of them
sailing off down the hill. She undid her boot clips and kicked off her
boots, planning to jump off at the top of the lift in her socks. She
threw her ski lift pass down to the snow, as it had her photo and other
identification on it. Then she sat back, and waited for the end of the

Megan was never sighted again. But you and I know she is still up there
in that chair, a frozen, icicled corpse in socks, going up.. and down..
up.. and down.. the chairlift.





"This writer needs to put more creative thought into the work. The blurbs were more interesting than the actual stories. Limited use of vocabulary" -- Fred Flinstone, Malvern, Australia, Vic.


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