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V D P Levon V. D. P. Levon is a rather obvious pen name, if you look at the surname backwards, although I have yet to write a whole novel. I'm new to the site (as of 8-20-05), so please forgive any mistakes I've made. I'm not old enough to vote, but I am old eno... [August 2005]
Leonardo V - [December 2006]
Hector Vaca I write in my spare time. Nothing special, I feel, but people tell me otherwise. So, after much convincing, I decided to submit my stories... please feel free to tell me what you think. [October 2008]
Don F Vaccarino - [February 2005]
Lawrence Vaduva Lawrence Vaduva, other titles [February 2000]
Sam Vaknin Sam Vaknin has a combined doctorate in Physics and Philosophy. He is an economic and political columnist in many periodicals in a few countries and a published and awarded author of short fiction and reference books in Hebrew, English and Macedonian... [July 2000]
Nubia Valdivieso - [March 2000]
David Valencia - [March 2000]
Eduardo Valerio I'm A Songwritter from Texas [April 2011]
Stoyan Valev I am a writer from Bulgaria (Europe, the Balkan Peninsula). I am the author of four books � �When God was on Leave�, a novel (1999), �The Bulgarian Dekameron�, a book of love stories with unknown end (2002 and 2003). A play of mine was presented in t... [November 2003]
Isabell M Vallejo - [January 2005]
Tracy N Van Brocklin - [January 2003]
Annie Van Dalsem I enjoy writing for fun, and had always been intrigued with how people manage to survive on the streets. I was in the veterinarian's office one morning, staring idly at the coffee they leave out for customers, when the idea for a story came to me. [October 2000]
Kristofer Van Der Meulen - [September 2007]
Joeb Van Der Ryn Life is full of torments - then I get home to a second helping. [April 2006]
Lauren Van Der Vyver - [July 2012]
Andre V Van Hees i breath and blink. I laugh at farts. I ride the bus. [June 2006]
Joseph R Van Matre I'm just a normal guy thats all [February 2011]
Krige Van Rensburg T'is but a while ago that a fair red haired lady has captured my heart. So fair, in fact, that I am at a loss for words. Here's to the Lady Jean, my love, my only. (P.s. Please read my stories people) [November 2003]
Ron L Van - [July 2003]
Eric P Vana Eric P Vana, other titles I�m seventeen years old, I�ve written a few scripts, and I plan to at least make one of them into a movie. Email me: [email protected]. [March 2002]
A J Vance 17 year old highschooler [September 2008]
Jade Vanna - [May 2011]
Vanna-Rama - [July 2010]
Lonnie Vannatter 24 MALE [November 2005]
Christine Varela Christine Varela began her career as a technical writer for fifteen years and then moved on to short stories and fiction novels. She lives in Ashburn, Virginia with her family and three children. [November 2006]
Maritza Vargas Hey,(I'm 14 years old)Shadow's the (nick)name and fames my game!....lol that rhymes! ^_^ Anyway, I love to read and write stories especialy ones from Dan Brown, James Patterson, and more! I also love to draw and I like anime, one day I plan to visit ... [November 2005]
VargheseJ - [March 2001]
Brian Varitek I'm a 17 year old boy/man, who wishes to be a writer of some sort. Don't dreams suck? [April 2000]
Ritu Varna Hello a very simple author here. [October 2001]
Rebecca Vaughan - [February 2003]
I A Vdm Tiny mom with huge heart!! Nothing is more satisfying than telling stories to my children, who listen to each and every word with great antisipation! [October 2002]
En Vee (white kid) should could and would be somethin. former deans list college student/athlete. started drugs and watch my life shit the bed. writing to get it off my chest. no1 to talk to cuz i hide these feelings from my friends. they all think im t... [May 2010]
Veekay - [December 2012]
Kar Velasco a hopeless romantic girl who loves writing poems as a therapeutic act. [August 2012]
Alfredo Velazquez Rodriguez Velazquez - [May 2005]
Jerry Velazquez - [November 2003]
William John Velek I am both a City Court Judge and a City Attorney (separate cities), husband, and the father of eight chiildren. This is my first poem. [March 2000]
Golda Velez programmer & mom [June 2007]
Diana Venditti - [October 2004]
Dario Vergaridario-V- who am I ? Let me tell you. MUSIC. That's the magic word. Music used to mean everything to me throughout all my life. Other outer worlds in which I could escape. The chills up my spine. I've been hearing songs in my mind all my life. Verses, tunes, s... [September 2010]
Sabri Veritas - [May 2008]
Tyler Brandon Vetzel The guy looking to find out who Peter Grisham is!!! [March 2009]
Emily A Vicious u cn find out wut im about through my work, im nuthin special =] [August 2007]
Vera Vicious ____regurgitate sighs; this is me & this is how I'm falling off the face of the earth. I was born at exactly the wrong time at exactly the wrong place. DEAR G-D! have you even noticed how boring the world is nowadays?! it's one big festering sore & ... [April 2005]
Don Victoria Don Victoria Writer composer artist Philippines mobile: +639179926457 [March 2010]
Jerry Vilhotti I (Jerry Vilhotti) live with my very understanding wife, living with a writer you know, in a simpler place in time among the Litchfield Hills and we both helped in bringing into the world three children of whom we are very proud. [January 2003]
Marisa Villano - [May 2006]
Barbara Villarreal Married 13 years. Stay home mom of four living in the south. Homeschool my children during the mornings and write as much as they allow me to. [December 1999]
Michael Vincent - [April 2023]
Ruthie Jane Vital I am Ruthie. I write songs. I play the piano and the guitar. Music (and running) is my LIFE. [December 2007]
Vnkumar I have a passion for writting songs. End off. [May 2013]
Vodka Ryuki Mint - [April 2007]
Christina L. Voigt Just a lowly writer, whose mind is constantly jammed with too many words. [June 2001]
Anna Von Female 21 yr old songwriter started since 2013 5 yrs ago stage name Mini Mnna English name Anna Von full name Annan Jazz Von [November 2018]
Tammy Von Payens - [June 2008]
Lyss Von Puttkammer - [June 2004]
Ivonne Le�n Vonchyta - [September 2002]
Alyssa Vonputtputt - [October 2003]
Stan Vose Stan is a retired Air Force master sergeant and a veteran turfgrass manager. [December 2005]
D Daniel Vujic I am a freelance photojournalist, a three language interpreter, and have worked as a marketing strategist. My work has taken me throughout much of North America, Eastern and Western Europe and the Caribbean. My writing is greatly influenced by my uni... [September 2000]
Salvatore Vulcano - [January 2020]
Lawrence Vaduva
Eric P Vana

There are 65 author entries under V.

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