Sleepless at 3:44 a.m.
M Hernandez

Blah blah blah blah
I’m waiting for my inspiration
At 3:44 a.m.
You’re asleep on the sofa
The remote control still in your command
I cannot sleep
These words will keep
Me up while they’re still in my head.

The night was lively with conversation
Then lulled as we turned on the T.V.
I couldn’t take any more Howard Stern
And wondered how to amuse… me.

I surfed the internet and found
www’s in abundance
I tried to find a starter line
And put it to a cadence.
Alas, first came the melodrama
And now it’s cynicism time.
Don’t take this poem seriously
I wrote it in little time.

And nonetheless, it’s now 3:52,
I don’t know about you.
This song’s putting me to sleep-
Hey look I wrote a lullabye-yahoo!

Copyright (c) 1999 M Hernandez
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