Do Unto Others


Alyric pulled the blanket over her little brother Vallen while he slept. Her mind toiled with the fact that she didn’t like what was going on. The thoughts taunted and terrified her little seven-year-old mind. She’d cry and whimper as she climbed out of Vallen’s bed. Her little teddy-bear gown was stuck in the back of her pantie while she trampled across the toys on the floor to her bed. The pain between her legs throbbed with chilling cramps. She’d rub and rub her thighs until she fell asleep in her bed. Then a flash across her face suddenly awakened her!


"Di! It happened again!"

"What’s wrong Ally?"

"I had another dream! I was in Vallen’s bed when we were little. You were asleep in our bed and all I can remember is getting out of his bed and back into ours. And the pain! The pain in my vagina kept throbbing! It was too sore down there so I just rubbed my thighs till I fell asleep! What’s going on? Am I losing my mind?"

"Ally! Vallen died before our eighth birthday. How could you remember something like that? Trust me. You just had a bad dream. Hey, are you still working on that pedophile case? Maybe that’s why you’re having these dreams!"

"No Di! That couldn’t be it. I’ve worked on similar cases before and I’ve never had this type of dream."

"How long have you been having these dreams, Ally? What, about two weeks?"

"More like two years, Diamond. I’ve had the same psychiatrist helping me with this for a long time. You know they come and go. But this time the dream was so vivid! And now I’m remembering more and more! Before, I could only remember sleeping in Vallen’s bed."

"Well, it’s been a long time since you’ve told me about those dreams. What keeps making them recur? Besides, if we were seven then Vallen could have only been about five and a half. Anyway, what time are you going to the beauty salon? Mom’s wedding is in two days."


Diamond was Alyric’s twin sister. They grew up in a small town down South near a huge lake. They were now twenty-eight years old, and still hadn’t recovered from Vallen’s death. Diamond never liked to talk about their brother Vallen. That was a hard subject for her to deal with. Alyric always knew something was wrong with the way he died. Their mother, Vanessa told them that he’d taken ill and died in the hospital from pneumonia. That was something that left a deep question in Alyric’s memory. She knew from what her mothers second husband Curtis told her, that Vallen wasn’t really sick. But, deep in her mind she blocked that out. Actually, she blocked out more of her past than she realized. Alyric was very loyal to her mother. She valued her mother’s opinions and beliefs.


Now that Vanessa was getting married for the third time, she’d professed that she was truly in love with Norton and would never find anyone like him, ever. That was the same thing she said about her prior marriages. Curtis always told Vanessa that she was too damn head strong to ever have a real man. That’s the reason why they couldn’t get along. Vanessa had to control everything. They couldn’t even buy groceries without getting two carts. Curtis was very close to Diamond while he was married to Vanessa and he promised to keep in touch with the girls as they grew up but, he didn’t.


Following the conversation with Diamond, Alyric went on to her office to meet with a client. Alyric was a small time attorney in a big firm. She always had a passion to help others. Unlike her sister Diamond, she accomplished her dreams. Diamond couldn’t finish law school because, she had a child at the age of twenty-one. Later after years of college, she became a professor at the local university.


Later that afternoon Alyric had to interview one of the children who had been molested by a sibling. Alyric really didn’t want to but, she had to ask very detailed questions to build her case. The child was only about five six years old at the time of the crime. She told her many excruciating stories about how her sixteen-year-old brother raped her with a broom. The little girl was now ten years old and could barely walk without limping. Turns out that some nerves had gotten damaged during the altercation. The little girl squirmed in her seat as Alyric questioned her. Sadly the little girl cried and mumbled every answer from her cracked lips.


While Alyric listened to the little girl’s story, she started to reminisce about her own tragedy.

She started to visualize what the little girl was saying, then she’d see herself in the picture. For some reason Alyric became so upset that she called off the interview. While walking the little girl out to the hallway she felt a sharp pain strike in her vagina! So, Alyric rushed the little girl out to her parents and almost slammed the door in their faces while trying to hold back her tears. The pain brought back the dream she had. Alyric tried to fight the fact that she thought she’d raped and possibly killed Vallen! She sat there at her desk with her hands infused in her curly red hair. Winding the strands together as her body lay limp across her desk. Knowing that she’d possibly committed a crime made her want to withdraw from anyone who knew her. She called her therapist and made an appointment for the next day.


Later on that evening while Alyric laid in her bed, she caught a news story on the television that made her think about her brother. The story was about a boy who drowned in the lake near her mother’s house. Alyric knew that her brother loved to swim in that lake. She remembered them racing across it during the summer time. "Vallen never ever caught colds then. So, why all of a sudden did he catch one now?". She thought to herself. As she laid there taunting herself with what could have happened to him, she drifted off to sleep.


A white light suddenly flashed across her face! Once again she was in the bed with Vallen. He was in the nude and the sheets were pulled away from them. Alyric was laying across Vallen’s chest while he was kissing her on the neck. Then suddenly another flash! She jumped up and looked directly into some stranger’s eyes! The person was sitting on the edge of the bed dressed in her mothers clothing. She could see her directing them to do sexual acts while taking their pictures.


In reality Alyric started perspiring as her heart rate sky rocketed! She tossed and turned trying to wake up from the pathetic nightmare. Her hands grasped the sheets while her feet fluttered between them. But the dream didn’t end!


In her dream she looked into the eyes of the stranger, she could feel the fear that ran rampant throughout her body. Subconsciously she tried to awaken herself from this nightmare! Wanting nothing more than to release herself from the terror that she fought within, Alyric jumped up with her arms wide open! Panting and breathing uncontrollably she fought to open her eyes. But, for some reason she couldn’t! While still in her dream, another flash zoomed into her eyes and she opened them! Then her mummified body fell back onto her bed as she came back to reality again.

After Alyric calmed herself down, she took a long bath. She was too scared to go back to sleep so, she stayed up till dawn sitting on the couch. Alyric knew that her dream wasn’t about her now. It was about someone else! So, when she got enough energy, she called her sister.


"Di! I know you probably don’t want to hear this but, I had another dream."

"What about this time, Ally!"

"Well, I think I saw mom sitting next to Vallen and me on the bed. She was taking pictures of us! We were in the nude!"

"Mom! Please, Alyric!"

"I don’t know, Diamond. But, I’m going to see my therapist today. Maybe she can help me put it together. Di, nothing is going to stop me from finding out what happened to us. And I’m going to find out once and for all, what happened to Vallen!". Alyric said just before they ended their conversation.


As soon as Alyric pulled herself together, she made her way to her therapist office. When she arrived, her therapist, Ms. Sony had already put the pillows on the soft green couch. Alyric laid back on them and began to tell Ms. Sony all the details she could remember about her undesirable dreams. They talked for about thirty minutes before they came to the conclusion that it may not have been her mother. That it could have been a man dressed in her mother’s clothing. As Alyric started to describe the person’s eyes, she remembered a wig almost covering the rather large face. At this point, Alyric really became frightened! She remembered a teenager who used to babysit them when they were little. If only she could have just made out the face of the person sitting on the bed! Toward the end of the session, Alyric revealed that she really didn’t want to go to her mothers wedding. She knew that if she didn’t it would hurt her mothers’ heart. Although she never told her mother about these dreams, Alyric wanted to. However, she wanted to find out as much as she could before presenting anything to her mother. She really didn’t want to accuse her mother falsely. It seemed to her that her sister didn’t believe anything she told her about the dreams. So, Alyric didn’t know who to turn to.


Ms. Sony talked Alyric into going to the wedding. She said that the company of family should reduce the fear of being alone. That maybe she was really fighting with other issues about her family. And it would take a while for Alyric to truly find out what was going on.


Later that day Alyric met with her sister at the hair salon. The wedding was to be held the next day so, it was time for them to prepare for it. The girls were bridesmaids in the wedding. As they sat across from each other under the dryer, Alyric’s eyes began to fill with tears. She sniffled and hid her face behind a magazine. Everything inside her said that something wasn’t right and that she should tell her sister. But, she didn’t want Diamond to be upset. Then Diamond asked how the session went with Ms. Sony.


"Everything went just fine." Alyric said as she tried to keep from bursting out into a frantic rage.

"Are you sure? You know I can tell when something is wrong." Diamond reached over and moved the magazine.

"See, I’m just fine. Now, how is that niece of mine?"

"Renee can’t wait to go to the wedding. Hey, did you know that Dad and Curtis are going to be there?"

"No! I didn’t know that. So, when did she send them an invite?"

"I haven’t the slightest idea. You know mom. She can’t just have a simple little wedding. And of course she just can’t let it be unknown to her x-husbands that she’s getting remarried. Maybe she gets a kick out of rubbing their faces in it. I don’t know."


Alyric wanted so badly to reveal to Diamond that it may have been a man dressed in their mother’s clothes but, she knew that she had to figure out who it really was first. Because she was an attorney, she didn’t want to give out any pieces to the puzzle ahead of time. So, she kept quiet and pretended not to be alarmed. When they left the beauty salon it was almost ten in the evening and Alyric was dead tired from the long day. Especially since she didn’t get any sleep the night before.


That evening as Alyric drifted off to sleep, she held onto her pillow tightly. The possibility of having another dream was intensely scarey for her. Laying there listening to some ocean music, she fell asleep. On that on particular evening she didn’t have another dream. Alyric slept like a new born baby. When she awakened the next morning, she was in the same spot on her bed. The blankets barely looked slept in. She got up and took her shower for the day and began getting ready for her mothers wedding.


The wedding was being held at Vanessa’s house, she was very well off. She had everything life had to offer. Her house was grand! There were eight bedrooms and five full bathrooms in her luxurious house. Vanessa’s backyard was something out of a magazine. Whenever they had birthday parties, everyone in the neighborhood would get an invitation. There would always be something exciting to see! You name it and Vanessa got it for children.

Everyone met at Vanessa’s house to get dressed. All of Alyric’s aunts and uncles gathered there to take pre wedding pictures as well. The mood of the day seemed to really be inspirational for Alyric. She found herself laughing at the jokes her uncle Paul would tell. Then he started talking about Vallen and she became withdrawn from everyone. Not wanting anyone to notice, Alyric went into her mother’s room to get dressed for the wedding.


While looking for a safety pin to help the strap stay up on her shoulder, Alyric stumbled across a letter from the hospital. It was inside her mom’s dresser drawer tucked away in the back. Vallen’s name appeared on it so she read it. It mentioned nothing about Vallen’s death but, it did say that he was in the hospital on the day he was pronounced dead. So, she searched her mother’s room for more information. She came across an old box wrapped with Christmas paper that was never opened. The note on it read, "To Vallen with love." It was behind a framed picture of Vanessa in her closet. In the box was a pair of blood stained, white gloves! Now she knew her mother had something to do with it because, the gloves belonged to Vallen! Just then Diamond entered the room.


"Why are you in there? Come on its time to go!"

"Okay, Diamond. But, I need to tell you something." Alyric said with the sound of grief in her voice.

"Look, Alyric! We don’t have time now. Can’t it wait until after the wedding?"


Alyric just shook her head yes and left the room. Then the two girls walked together down the hall hand and hand. As they got in line for the wedding march, Alyric noticed her father walking through the door. A warm sensation filled her body as her eyes met his. He came over to her and gave her a huge hug as he did every time he’d see her. The embrace from her father was more that welcome. His six-foot-two statue towered over her as they hugged. Then she looked into his grey eyes, dusted off his black blazer and said, "I’m glad you’re here dad!". After he hugged her then he’d hug Diamond with the same amount of love.


When everyone took their places, the ceremony began. It was held right outside the house, about a half a mile from the lake. As Alyric began to walk down the isle, she noticed the alluring scenery. The lakes warm blue appearance glistened with silver sparkles. The beautiful green grass that covered the ground was groomed perfectly. She’d take in a deep breath to smell the roses that lined her pathway. Alyric even noticed the golden ribbons that were tied to the white chairs. The way they waved in the wind reminded her of Vallen’s gold airplane he that used to throw in the air. Then she became very emotional. She started to think about what she’d been going through for the last few days.


By the time Alyric had taken her place at the altar, she was in wonder land. No one seemed to notice how she stood there in a daze. Then she started to look around the audience to see if her uncle Paul was there. He always seemed to make her smile. But, as she scanned through the crowd, Alyric caught the eyes of a gentleman who seemed to be staring back at her. His deep blue eyes began to pierce through her body! She stood there and tried to figure out who this man was. Suddenly the organ started playing and the crowd began cheer. The wedding was over! Alyric felt like she was in warp mode. Everything seemed to move so fast. It was like being caught up in a whirlwind! While trying to snap out of it, she noticed the man approaching her!


"Alyric. Are you feeling well? Come. Let me take you somewhere we can relax."


No one seemed to notice that Alyric was having a hard time but, this gentleman. He had such a warm touch that Alyric could hardly resist his help. She felt weak so, she let him guide her way through the crowd. While he walked her to the house, Alyric began to question him.


"Where are you taking me? Do I know you?"

"Don’t worry little Petal. You’ll be just fine."


The name, "Little Petal" jarred her memory. It was Curtis! It wasn’t often that he called her that. At first her mind was in such a daze that she’d lost contact with herself. As she realized who he was she became more comfortable with him. She tried to confide in him, but he’d told her to hush and relax.


Curtis began to comb through her red hair with his fingers as Alyric got comfortable on his lap. His gentle touch relaxed her mind. He began to tell her how much he loved her and was sorry for not being there when she was growing up. Then Alyric got so comfortable that she drifted off. Not totally asleep, she could still hear Curtis talking to her.


"Come on Little Petal. Don't you remember? Vallen isn't here anymore. So, Do Unto Others."


A flash woke her up in a startle! As she looked around, she was alone. Then she started recalling all the images in her dreams. The person in the wig wasn’t her mother it was Curtis but, still everything didn’t make sense to her.


While trying to make way to her mother’s room she bumped into Diamond. Then she asked Diamond if she’d seen Curtis.


"Curtis left a long time ago. He didn’t even stay for the whole wedding. The jerk! He couldn’t have been in two places at one time! First it was mom. Now it’s Curtis? Come on Ally! Why would he hurt you?"

"I know it’s hard to believe but, I was laying on my bed in my room and Curtis said something that made me remember! When we were little, he’d always put you to bed early. Then he’d tell us to get into Vallen’s bed. After Vallen and I would drift off to sleep, he’d come back into the room dressed in mom’s clothes with a camera in his hand!"

"So what the man liked to cross dress! What the hell does that have to do with it!"

"He’d make Vallen kiss and touch me while he’d take pictures!" she said soberly, while the tears began to fall down her face.

"Ally, did your quack doctor prescribe something for you? Whatever she’s telling you to do is not working!"

"That’s why my vagina would hurt! Then he’d make me play with Vallen’s penis! Oh my God! I hurt Vallen! We have to go to the police!"


Diamond didn’t want to believe a word Alyric said to her. So, she talked Alyric into going home and sleeping it off. But, while driving home Alyric stopped by the nearest police station and told her story.


When the news finally hit the fan, Vanessa was very upset. She gave the police all the information they needed to find Curtis. Vanessa also testified to receiving the box from Curtis for Vallen a few months after his death. Curtis made her promise to never open it. He wanted her to keep it as a memoir. But, the sight of it tormented her so she put it in the closet. In the end Vanessa had to take care of Alyric because she became mentally unstable.


As the years passed, Curtis finally got convicted of child molestation and pornography. He was never tried for the murder because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him.


After spending about two weeks in jail, Curtis began to feel the pressure from the other inmates. He’d hear them talking about how they wanted him. All the guards would stare and gawk at him while he’d sit in his cell.


One mysterious evening, Curtis received a package from Diamond. She kept in contact with him throughout the trial. Diamond really didn’t like him but, she wanted to find out the truth about her brother. So, she pretended to believe in Curtis. The only thing that mattered to her was finding out the truth to possibly help Alyric’s mind be at peace.


When Curtis began to open the package, he noticed a note falling out of it. While opening the note, the white bloody glove fell out of the box. Then Curtis began to panic. His mind filled with tormenting thoughts! He recklessly tore at the box to see if the other glove was in it! Discovering that the box was empty, he tried to open the note. As his hands trembled and began to sweat, the note seemed to fall open by itself. When it unfolded, it laid flat on the grey blanket of his cot. It read, "Do Unto Others!".


Curtis jumped off of the cot and spun around in a circle! Then his whole body broke out into a sweat as his uncontrolled breathing filled his mind. He could remember Alyric’s little voice, "I want my mommy!" She’d say as her little chest would pulsate up and down with every frantic breath. Then he noticed hisself breathing erratically! Around he spun till he heard a door slam! A note taped to the wall over the toilet caught his eyes! Curtis then walked slowly over to it. The note was written on black paper with white chalk. It read, "As They Do Unto You!"


Suddenly Curtis was blinded by a sheet that was placed over his head! He could hear his heart pounding as he struggled to get away! His hands grasped desperately at whoever was holding the sheet! Then his body was flung around the room like a rubber band was tied around him. Over and over again he’d yell, "Petal!"


"Now it’s my turn to DO UNTO YOU!" The masculine voice said.


He then felt him rip at his boxers while Curtis was gripping the sheet. Curtis’s screams were loud and piecing as this mysterious person began to give him a little taste of what he had given to the children.


When the sheet was removed from his face, Curtis was staring into what seemed to be a mirror but, in reality, it was his twin brother, Petal. Petal and Curtis had been convicted of similar crimes. Curtis filled the void of his missing brother by calling Alyric, Petal.


No one ever found out what really happened to Vallen. But, Alyric and Diamond would sprinkle petals across the lake where they all last played together.



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