The Doorway
Fizzgig McArthur



Part One:Home

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The clock struck three. I was walking down the
stairs to check the windows. I just moved here and I didn’t want my
new carpet soaked by the gigantic cloud hovering overhead. I quickly
closed all of the windows a split second before lightning struck and
the downpour crashed to the ground.
"Good thing I got down here before it rained," I said to myself.
Little did I know; these were my last few words before my life changed
It had been quite long since I had lost Catherine. Oh, Catherine! My
new life had now started, with a new house, new community, and new
memories. I needed to get away, and this was my best idea. I turned
around and tripped over a pile of boxes that hadn't been unpacked.
My face hit an object that had fallen out of one of the boxes.
Suddenly I became mesmerized by it. I forgot all about my wife, my new
home here in Mississippi, and my cat Nokcer scratching up my new sofa.
I don’t know any other way to describe it, but to say it was a piece
of wood, about 6" by 3", with a gold colored rectangle on the bottom
part of the front. There were strange symbols that I never had dreamed
existed carved on it. A black glass hemisphere, with different colors
on it, was near the top. I immediately became hypnotized. As I
picked it up, the colors swirled around and changed. I touched one of
the colors and found out that it was very warm. My first reaction was
to pull my hand away, but despite my efforts my hand was firmly
attached. I came to and I pulled fiercely. I was securely stuck to
the object, and I wasn’t going anywhere. I suddenly realized a warm
tingling sensation traveling up my arm. I screamed, for the feeling
was quite unpleasant.
The next thing I knew, I was very dizzy, and colors, the ones that
were in the thing, were swirling around me.

Part Two: Blue

The mist of colors was astounding. So many free forms of color
changing; it was like a cluster of clouds made up of beautiful
pigment. I reached out my hand to touch the blue as it was melting
into a green. Again my hand became warm and BOOM! I found myself
floating in water. However, it wasn’t the "myself" that I expected. My
legs had turned into a gorgeous fish tail. In this state I could only
describe myself as a merman. I felt exhausted.
"This is all a dream," I told myself, and tried to sleep, hoping I
would wake up at my house.
I awoke tired and cranky. Still a fish, I looked to the ocean floor.
"Remember how Catherine always loved the sea?" I remembered.
"You idiot!" I cursed at myself, "Catherine is gone! Move on with
your life!"
I jostled and my twisting tail left a trail of sand swimming around.
I took another look. The sand being pushed away was revealing a stone
block. I brushed away some more sand to discover the proportions of
it. The block was too wide to determine how long it stretched, too
long to find out how big it was. It had some strange symbols on it,
familiar looking characters. I looked harder and it hit me. These were
the symbols on the thing I found at my house. I had almost forgotten
about my house! I decided to get back, no matter what happened.
I followed the symbols along the rock for a long time, until they
stopped. Instead there was a crude picture of a circle around a boat.
The great vessel had the word Clover on it. Beside it, there was a
picture of a door. Since all I had seen so far in this place was sand,
clear water, and this gigantic stone, I was wondering two things: was
whoever carved this still here, and where did they see a boat? What
this last string of events meant, I wish I had never found out.
I needed to look for anything that might lead me to this boat. I
wildly lashed my "tail" up and down. I majestically glided through
the water. About 5 miles from where I had started, I realized that I
was extremely tired. I looked down at the sea bottom. It was no
longer sand. The waves crashed against each other while I struggled
down. There was a green sandpaper-like rock. I went to the edge of
it and started digging down between it and the sand. The sand
floating up in the water made it difficult to see, but from what it
seemed, the rock went a very long way down. I swam up and looked down
at it. I waited for the sand to clear, and realized that it was a
simple shape, like a triangle, but with a rounded bottom.It took me a
while to put 2 and 2 together, but I finally realized it was a leaf of
a clover. Clover was the word written on that ship carving! I then
imagined that when there was one leaf several more must accompany it.
I swam directly across from the point of the triangle. Sure enough,
another one was there.
I found two more and realized they must be connected. On the fourth
one, I noticed a small button on the tip of it. I pushed it and a beam
of light shot straight out from the point. This led me to follow it,
and discovered that all four were emitting beams of light and the were
focused on a point in the center. I brushed some sand away with my
tail, and found a hand indentation with a ship carved into the palm. I
had expected something like a rescue ship to take me back to Tupelo,
Mississippi. I placed my hand in the glove-fitting spot and the rock
it was carved on split to reveal the thing, or doorway as the carving
revealed it to be, I had seen in my living room. There was nothing
else to do, but to place my hand on the hemisphere and wait for every
thing to darken. I screamed, and everything dimmed, but this time a
woman’s face appeared just before the clear water tuned black. It was

Part Three: Red

Now I was in a familiar setting. Perhaps if it was my room I would
have been a little more pleased. I now realize that I thought seeing
Catherine’s face was my imagination and didn’t pay much attention to
it. I had been thinking about her a lot lately. The way she could
always make everything better just by smiling.
"Well thanks to you," piped in my stupid inner voice, "you’ll never
see her again,"
"What do you mean, thanks to me. It wasn’t my fault she died."
"She was going to pick up your subscription when the car hit her"
I cringed. Not only was I acting schizophrenic, I also brought up
something I had trained myself not to remember. It would be better for
everyone if I just blocked it out. So why am I doing this to myself?
The hypnotic expanding and overwhelming colors swirling around me
made me dizzy. The only way to get out of there was to touch one of
the colors and find my way out of the world. I grabbed one of the reds
and immediately my hand was warm and BOOM!
I felt the leaves on my face. I was walking, quite involuntarily I
might add, through shrubs and tree branches. Then, I realized that I
was making myself walk. I stopped and turned. Behind me bent over was
a man chewing viciously on something. From what I could make out it
was some kind of meat.
"Hello, I’m sorry to bother you but,"I was cut off by a grunt. The
man (no, he was more animal than man) the creature turned around. He
was about 5 feet hunched over. If he stood straight, he would be much
larger than myself. He had fur all over his face, and two teeth
protruding from his lips. Then there were his eyes. Those eyes were so
large, they consumed his face. Those huge black eyes. I could not stop
staring. He lunged at me and knocked me to the ground. I elbowed him
in the groin. He obviously wasn’t prepared for that. He knelt over,
and I ran for it. He obviously didn’t care about me much, because he
got up and went back to his meal. I sat for a few minutes behind a
rock watching him, until he jumped up and climbed a tree.
I went over to look at what he was eating. When I saw it I vomited.
It was another creature, like himself, but the gargantuan eyes were
gauged out and the belly was torn by teeth, and a great portion of it
had been removed.
I looked up where he had climbed, and found myself face to face with
the cannibal and many others like him. Some were waving spears and
rocks. I ran.
I never ran so fast for such a long time in my life. A lot of things
went through my mind during that run. Mostly Catherine. She was so
athletic, always going on diets, and exercising
"YOU IDIOT !"I screamed. "Don’t think about her!"
I must have frightened the cannibals because they backed off. I
could see more of them above me. Perhaps I should have been watching
the ground instead of them, because I fell into a large pit. It was
more of a tunnel, covered with mucus. I remembered that slugs coated
themselves with mucus to crawl with less friction. I prayed to God
that I would not find a giant slug down there. Now, looking back at
it, I wish I had.
I started walking through the sludge. Suddenly I heard a loud buzzing
noise in front of me. A huge insect, covered in fur, was directly
above me. It was much like a bee, except the fact that it used its
legs as an ant would, and it had no wings. It was about 10 feet high
and the legs went over me like a canopy. I stared straight up and, as
unbelievable as it might seem, saw the doorway, the one in my living
room, engraved into the great monsters belly. I knew I would have to
reach up and touch the hemisphere, but it was too high. I needed a
weapon, but I couldn’t find one. I ran towards the entrance but found
the cannibals there. They blocked the only way out. The monster let
out a roar. The cannibals got on their knees and started praying.
"Are you stupid! You will all die!"
It wasn’t long after I said this that the monster shot out a jet of
mucus at the cannibals. Several of them were thrown very far. The
others angrily waved their spears in the monster’s face.
"Throw the spears at them you fools!" Despite the fact that they
couldn’t understand me, several of them threw the spears. They hit the
monster and it fell down on top of me, and everything went black.

Part Four: Brown

I came to and jumped. There were colors swirling all around me. I
didn’t realize how I got there. Catherine could always figure out
things like that. I was empty without her. I didn’t really have enough
stamina to yell at myself at this point. It took me a while, but I
finally realized that when the fur bee had fallen on top of me and the
thing on its chest hit my hand, or any other part of my body, I
immediately was transported to this "transition world".
To get out of this tight claustrophobic place, I need to touch a
color. I figured that if every color had a corresponding world that it
linked with, and there was about 10 colors, then there would be 10
worlds for me to journey to. I had to be careful, of I could find
myself being burned at the stake, or about to be sacrificed by more of
those cannibals.
I took a long time before deciding. So finally I just reached out and
closed my eyes. When my hand started getting warm I opened my eyes. My
hand was stuck in a brown mist.
"I don’t remember seeing that color before..." I said to myself, and
then everything went black.
I found myself in the center of a Roman Colosseum. I quickly spun
around to see if there was a lion getting ready to charge at me. No
lion. I turned around again and found something more disturbing. No
The stands were completely empty. The time must have been when the
Romans were at their peak. The Colosseum looked brand new, but where
was everybody?
I kicked a rock around in the sand, and then realized that everyone
must be outside. I found my way through the hallways, they were all
perfectly Romanesque. I tumbled out into the main square.
It was deserted. I ran down the street, looked in every house,
shouted out as loud as I could, but no one answered my calls. A ran
down the street. Away from the Colosseum. I was completely exhausted.
I went in someone’s house and took a nap on a cot.
I awoke, and it was dark outside.
"Perfect timing," I taunted myself. I took off my clothes and washed
them. I realized that every time I was transported to a new world, my
clothes were mended. There were some pros to this odd circumstance.
I heard a loud crash coming from the Colosseum.I ran down to where it
was. The Colosseum was gone. In its place was a large black sphere. I
ran to where it was. There was no evidence that the Colosseum was even
there at one time. I went to touch the large glass ball, and as my
hand came near it, the wall, where I was coming to touch, melted away.
I tried it with my other hand and feet. Then I decided to do
something stupid. If Catherine was here, she would never let me do
something like this. I stepped into the sphere.

Part five: Resolution

I felt the hum of computers as the glass consumed my body. It spit me
out on the other side. I found that the glass was quite hollow, and I
was inside it.
I looked around at screens around the glass, three of which I
recognized. Sure enough, there were the cannibals eating part of a
large pig, or other animal. Another showed the sea where I had turned
into a merman. The most disturbing one showed myself. In a large glass
ball. Only there was something beside me.
"Yes, that's you," said a voice I had not heard in months.
"Shut UP!" I yelled at myself for hallucinating Catherine's voice.
"Is that anyway to talk to you wife?" said the voice.
I turned the center of the great glass ball, the glass had
dripped down from the ceiling, making a huge stalactite. at the bottom
was a large drop of this liquid glass, about the size of a small car,
hanging off the tip.
I ran and touched it. it was quite hard, not like the liquid that it
looked like.
"I’ve been waiting for you," said the voice.
"What?" why would I hallucinate that?
The glass drop melted away, until it was hollow.Then the leftover
glass inside it took the form of a human sitting on a throne inside
the droplet. A woman. Catherine.
"I said," said Catherine. I would say it was Catherine if there was
any possible way it could have been her. "I’ve been waiting for you,"
"Who are you,"
"My name is too complex, if I were to speak it you would surely go
"You are not Catherine!"
"You want me to be," her voice was calm and mechanical.
"What do you mean," I shouted.
"All this time you’ve yearned for your wife. Now that she’s here you
back away,"
"What do you mean? Catherine's gone. She means nothing to me,"
"Now you understand." She raised her arm and I was given a feeling
more thrilling, more luxurious then I’ve ever felt. "All this time
I’ve watched you, read your thoughts. You are a powerful asset. Now
forget her and come with me. I could give you everything."
"A hobby of mine." She waved her hand and many cages melted up out of
the glass floor. There were lifeless people standing in them. "I give
them what they want, and they give me themselves."
I went to read one of the tags of a woman. Amelia Earhart, it read
"You are sick,"
"You are needy for a wife,"
"What I need is Catherine,"
"You just said she means nothing to you,"
"I was mistaken," Her stomach gurgled and she looked sick. "All this
time I ran away from Catherine’s death. Now you run me through these
mazes like a rat," She clutched her stomach, and it started melting.
"I could never really move on until I confronted her death, and you
knew that all along," I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I hadn’t
cried since the accident.
"You are hurting me, no one has ever rejected me" she replied.
At that time she melted into many beings, one after another. I
recognized a few, the fur bee, the cannibals, a human, and finally
some kind of octopus with whirling tentacles made of the liquid glass.
"Foolish human," yelled a mangled voice, " Your wife is nothing. Come
with me or else..." One tentacle hit me across the sphere.
I only thought of one thing "as long as we both shall live," I
whispered, and remembered our wedding
"I love my wife!"The monster shrunk to about seven feet high, "I’ll
always love my wife!" It shrunk down to the size of a small mouse.
"And you are not my wife," I said and my shoe came down on it with a
loud THOK!
As soon as I did this, the universe was ripped into itself and I was
floating in blackness for only a second when BOOM,
I woke up with a cool sweat on my brow,
"No! It couldn’t have been a dream!"
I ran downstairs and saw the toppled boxes, I looked around for the
doorway but never found any thing. The first thing I did was take out
a picture of Catherine, kiss it, and set it on my mantel.
"This is the start of a new life for me!" I said quite relieved, and
then the doorbell rang. Sitting on my porch was the doorway.



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