The Meaning of a Rose
Matthew Strouse


The first feeling they had

They couldn't understand

Their hearts were beating faster

With their stomachs in their hands


How could they have known?

Exactly what had taken place

Or a love that continually grew

At an increasingly rapid pace


He started their world

With one white rose

And said, "This represents a friendship,

That constantly grows..."


"It will turn yellow

In more ways than one,

It will give you courage and wisdom

To do what must be done..."


"It will turn pink

And show you the path to take

And give you all the strength

In the choices that you make..."


"So take this rose,

And care for it day & night

Open up your heart

And let your feelings take flight."


"After they are airborne,

Let it be known and said

The next time you look at this rose

The color will be red..."


"Red symbolizes many things

But most of all it means love

Let our souls intertwine

And be blessed from above..."


She took the rose from his hand

To start their world anew

As the colors changed

Their love for each other grew


So always start a relationship

With a flower or a rose

Your fate is where you take it

And how far no one knows...



Copyright 1989 Matthew Strouse
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