Little Angel
Miriam Campo


Do you believe in angel's mommy

with soft nice skin

pretty white dresses

and those pretty pretty wings


Tell me mommy

do you believe that angels watch over me

when I play

or when I watch TV, or

maybe just when I am asleep


Daddy says that angels don't exist

that God is real

but that is it

I need to know mommy

do angels watch over me

do they protect me like you did.


Is it an angel that I feel when the lights are off

and daddy thinks I sleep

or when I play with my doll and feel it close to me

Is that an angel mommy

that always stays so close to me


I never see the angel

but I know when she is with me

because I feel her watching me mommy

I even feel the angel hugging me sometimes

I want to hug the angel back

like I used to hug you

but I can't see her mommy

I can't see her, just like I can't see you.



Copyright 1998 Miriam Campo
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