Maggie Birchwire


We shared our dreams,
We shared the sky,
The things that were yours,
Were also mine.
Our love was strong,
And hard to believe,
You were my heart and soul,
To the fullest extreme.

Time goes on without you,
And things change ,
The grace of her presence
Seems unbearable for me,
Yet to you she is your one and only dream,
Her purpose is far too great to control.

She is your dream,
Your angel with wings,
With her it seems,
Your wants may finally cease.

While she may be dressed in wings,
It seems I’m left standing alone,
Your dream now reality,
My nightmares soon to come true.
I know I couldn’t compare to her,
And that’s’ not what I would want to do,
It’s just hard to be so close to something,
That you simply can no longer touch.

You’ve left me before,
This is nothing new,
I know what you’ll say,
I know what I’ll do.

I know how I’ll feel,
Without a friend,
With no soul,
Without the part of me that makes me whole.

I know I’m just selfish,
And I am thankful for what I had,
I just wish you could listen,
Just one more time again.

My dream of having your love return,
Will soon fade slowly from my eyes,
Though the sound of your voice saying you love me,
In my mind, will never die.



Copyright 1999 Maggie Birchwire
Published on the World Wide Web by "www.storymania.com"