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One Last Hit by Kymberlie Weir Its about one last memory with an ex [136 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1323, REVS. 0)
One Sided Relationship by Cedric McClester You decide what this song is about. [221 words] (HITS 1575, REVS. 0)
Alexander Park by Fred Hardy - [258 words] (HITS 1747, REVS. 0)
Don't Talk by Fred Hardy - [236 words] (HITS 1825, REVS. 0)
I Lied by Fred Hardy - [246 words] (HITS 1744, REVS. 0)
Spotlights by Fred Hardy - [232 words] (HITS 1906, REVS. 0)
Eternally To My Regret by Cedric McClester Eternally To My Regret is a song about a young lady making an unwise choice. [319 words] (HITS 1787, REVS. 1)
The White House Lies To Stay In Practice by Rapadamus Despite the laws That we’ve enacted/ And the evidence That they've redacted/ The truth of the matter And the fact is/ The White House lies To stay in practice [511 words] (HITS 1634, REVS. 0)
What She Doesn't Know, Can Save Her (California Girl) by Stork A little something about the girl of my dreams... [260 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1568, REVS. 1)
Am I Everything by Brandon Colcleasure I've been offered a songwriting contract thanks to this song. [306 words] (HITS 1426, REVS. 0)
Ready Or Not by Ciara Rae Its about how my ex and i broke up, and kind of how im feeling. um...its not quite finished. any help on revisions would be appreciated. [99 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1323, REVS. 0)
(Intro) Hotter Than A Poptart Fresh Outta D Toaster by Alia Harold - [39 words] (HITS 1435, REVS. 0)
Your Blank Label by Mark E S Hanson About the uprise in lust and the decline in human decency. You can have the worst personality but if you have a great body you'll be just fine. This song is anti-that. Inspired by a Young Enterprise c... [232 words] [Psychology] (HITS 1348, REVS. 0)
You Got Me Sprung by Cedric McClester You Got Me Sprung is inspired by true facts. [212 words] (HITS 1669, REVS. 2)
You And I by Jaymie N Dillon - [149 words] (HITS 1327, REVS. 0)
Wrong Reasons by Kayla L Jordan This song is just about bad choices made. Mostly about a realtionship that a couple went into knowing that it wouldnt work, but staying in the realtionship for the wrong reasons. So in other words the... [127 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1487, REVS. 1)
Wide Awake by Cedric McClester - [325 words] (HITS 1469, REVS. 0)
Welcome To The Afterdark Café by Mark E S Hanson An introduction to the 'AfterDark Café' series of writings. [90 words] (HITS 451, REVS. 0)
Unknown Yet...Still Working On It by Stephen Post This love song is a work in progress. I'd like to know what you think about it so far in case I need to change anything. As of now all I have is the first verse and the chorus. Let me know :) [70 words] [Romance] (HITS 1182, REVS. 0)
The Wind's Melody by Kayla L Jordan I wrote this when my boyfriend and i were having a rough time with what other people thought of us. It was when we first started dating and it really symbolizes what he means to me. The song is just a... [81 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1286, REVS. 0)
The Way Life Should Be by Kayla L Jordan This is a song about my own version of life, the perfect life that I would like to have, but always seems out of reach. [75 words] (HITS 1321, REVS. 0)
The Forgotten by Jonathon Brannon This song is dedicated to the Hurricane Katrina survivors... This is my latest... [167 words] (HITS 1405, REVS. 0)
Street Poem by Chris Coklow My Name is Chris Coklow and i like to rap about crazy things my Favorite rap Artists are Nas, Jadakiss, Dmx, the whole Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Mf Doom, Styles p, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Fat joe [242 words] [Popular Fiction] (HITS 1207, REVS. 0)
Single Woman's Lament by D Amphlett A song I wrote out of boredom about the key differences between gay men and straight men (aside from the obvious, of course). [250 words] [Comedy] (HITS 1449, REVS. 2)
Shattered by Jak G J G Balshaw A song that one with a hard or emotional life can relate with. [198 words] [Self-Help] (HITS 1425, REVS. 5)
Precious Conformity by Liz Mendello - [92 words] (HITS 1074, REVS. 0)
Perfect 10 by Georgette Q Breslin A real love song that consists of the sweetest compliments and the many reasons why he's my perfect 10!!!! [80 words] (HITS 1256, REVS. 0)
My Promise by Katelyn Katiee Strout - [388 words] (HITS 1283, REVS. 0)
Messed Up by Marques Miller This is a rap song that I wrote all by myself. It's dedicated to my best friend, Darnell. RIP. [145 words] [Motivational] (HITS 1337, REVS. 1)
Jealousy (By: Cici) by Cody Lee Talks about a guy who is really special in his own ways and how everybody wants what he has and he now finally realizes it. [969 words] (HITS 1280, REVS. 0)
Innocent Hearts by Katelyn Katiee Strout - [324 words] (HITS 1233, REVS. 0)
I'm Done by Kortney Goble - [309 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1155, REVS. 0)
If You Only Knew by Enzo - [105 words] (HITS 1266, REVS. 0)
I Wasn't Even There by Katelyn Katiee Strout - [400 words] (HITS 1229, REVS. 0)
I Remeber by Alia Harold - [239 words] (HITS 1377, REVS. 0)
I Played With Love by Cedric McClester I Played With Love is self exclamatory [225 words] (HITS 1504, REVS. 0)
I Cry In The Dark (That's What's Up) by Cedric McClester The song is self-exclamatory. [257 words] (HITS 1460, REVS. 0)
I Care About You by Cedric McClester I Care About You was inspired by Robin Thicke's "Can You Believe?" though it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the song. The song is either about a father who has been separated from his d... [264 words] (HITS 1514, REVS. 0)
Here With Me by Jaymie N Dillon - [126 words] (HITS 1284, REVS. 0)
Guardian Angel Of Mine by Kortney Goble - [217 words] [Romance] (HITS 1191, REVS. 0)
Godzilla (Cici Feat. Joker, M.J.E, Doc) by Cody Lee About the big lizard, Godzilla! [585 words] (HITS 1402, REVS. 0)
Feeling The Night by Michael Perry A poem that I thought would work as a song [256 words] (HITS 1363, REVS. 0)
End by Cody Ricker A song I wrote about the wars going on and some personal things in my life. [127 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1221, REVS. 0)
Don't Let The Good One Get Away by Bobby Gary This song is about a man who got some advice from his dad on women and love.... [162 words] (HITS 1180, REVS. 0)
Did You Know ? (By: Cici) by Cody Lee A very down-right awesome Christian song! [1,156 words] (HITS 1228, REVS. 0)
Destroyer by Katelyn Katiee Strout - [497 words] (HITS 1182, REVS. 0)
Dear You by Narya Nicole Waring This is song about a guy who i've had feelings for for a while and i'm finally tired of keeping it to myself and i decide to write him a letter [206 words] (HITS 1172, REVS. 0)
Call Out by Enzo - [277 words] (HITS 1323, REVS. 0)
Avril Lavigne-I Can Do Better by Jasmine Sheppard Verse 1 I couldnt give a damn what you say to me I dont realy care what you think of me cos either way your gonna think what you believe theres nothing you can say that would hurt me im better off wi... [1 words] (HITS 1212, REVS. 0)
Angel In Me (By: Cici) by Cody Lee About a guy who realizes that God has given him a special side, and angel. [364 words] (HITS 1374, REVS. 0)
All That Glitters by Cedric McClester All That Glitters tells the story of an unwise choice and the consequences thereof. [388 words] (HITS 1622, REVS. 4)
A Life In The Day by Mark E S Hanson Part of the 'AfterDark Café' series of writings by me. Full collection at http://drycellbodycrumbles.deviantart.com The story of two young lovers running away from leadership and convincing each other... [348 words] [Motivational] (HITS 1275, REVS. 0)
A Lesson To Learn by Katelyn Katiee Strout - [353 words] (HITS 1240, REVS. 0)
Throw Away by Chad Naquin - [111 words] (HITS 1430, REVS. 0)
Life Dance Cycle by Michael Potter A song poem apeing Ray Davies [276 words] (HITS 1475, REVS. 0)
Would It Make You Feel Better? by Cedric McClester Would It Make You Feel Better, is about a former love who is convinced that the song is about her. [235 words] (HITS 1590, REVS. 0)
White Vw Rabbit, Grease Slick by Michael Potter Song parody [118 words] [Humor] (HITS 1495, REVS. 0)
When Did You Leave Me by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [272 words] (HITS 1679, REVS. 3)
What Are We Gonna Do About Today by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [265 words] (HITS 1354, REVS. 0)
We Can Never Be Just Friends by Daisy Conway - [105 words] (HITS 1187, REVS. 0)
We Ain’T Gonna Let Cha by Cedric McClester WE AIN'T GONNA LET CHA, is written from the female perspective about degrading lyrics and images, relative to Black women that permeates the entertainment media, [172 words] (HITS 1432, REVS. 0)
Vision Of Love To Me by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [172 words] (HITS 1388, REVS. 0)
U Should Know by Ryuichi Minamino - [177 words] (HITS 1610, REVS. 0)
Through It All by Camille Green A balad for a friend [185 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1147, REVS. 0)
There’S Two Sides To Every Story by Cedric McClester There's Two Sides To Every Story is self-exclamatory. [163 words] (HITS 1968, REVS. 0)
The Road Is A Lonesome Place by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [204 words] (HITS 1598, REVS. 1)
The Best And Worst Day by Monica Williams This song is about two seventeen year old kids...a boy and a girl..who feel in love..and their parents want them apart. Basically he told her he loved her and in the same day they were torn apart. [184 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1185, REVS. 0)
Temporary Perfection by Georgette Q Breslin A song about basically a sheltered life considered a utopia and escaping it for a night (one night stand) and discovering that it's a parardise away from Utopia. [146 words] (HITS 1274, REVS. 0)
Sweet William And Mary by Michael Potter Folk song like, somewhere between Pentangle and the Decemberists. [152 words] (HITS 1481, REVS. 0)
Straightsville, Usa, Operetta by Ignatz Hockwitz A sketch of a satire of an opera. [341 words] [Humor] (HITS 1304, REVS. 0)
Star Breeze Backlash by Georgette Q Breslin About the first time I fell in love... Yeah I'm over it! J/k:-p Friends say it's the best I've EVER written... [96 words] (HITS 1487, REVS. 1)
Pieces by Sally Dahoui This is a song about a relationship that is slowly drifting apart. [255 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1241, REVS. 0)
One Night One Glass One Bottle by Manley Bowen - [147 words] (HITS 1203, REVS. 0)
Now That You Know Me by Ryuichi Minamino - [229 words] (HITS 1537, REVS. 0)
My Man by Sally Dahoui This song is about a girl who's ready to settle down with her man but he has committment issues. [287 words] (HITS 1226, REVS. 0)
My Favorite Lover by Georgette Q Breslin Felt inspired... the music is AMAZING!!!! Big props to Dylan Ryan and Jacquen Lopper! Hope you love the lyrics! [125 words] (HITS 1216, REVS. 0)
More Glitter Than Your Average by Georgette Q Breslin Um... I love this song, wish you could here the music, about the guy that made me see that life is more than utopia, it's real and dirty and a painted on smile and money isn't going to save you! [140 words] (HITS 1279, REVS. 0)
Longer Than I Ever Did by Lip Stixx - [175 words] (HITS 1465, REVS. 2)
Last Goodbye (For Nathan) by Jonathon Brannon I wrote this the other week in honor of my favorite artist, Nathan Davis. [173 words] (HITS 1389, REVS. 0)
Kamikaze by Ben Stahl Slivering Slivering Song against war in general and armies in particular. The song is based on a comparison between humans and insects. [170 words] (HITS 1249, REVS. 0)
Just You And I by Michael Perry A Love Song, let me know what you think? [355 words] (HITS 1345, REVS. 0)
It's 2:00am by Michael Perry A Love Song [349 words] (HITS 1566, REVS. 1)
In The End by Ryuichi Minamino - [198 words] (HITS 1564, REVS. 0)
In The Clouds by Georgette Q Breslin I wrote this yesterday and it's inspired from a past experience... =-) [103 words] (HITS 1467, REVS. 1)
I'm Sure This Was Just A Game by Kymberlie Weir It's about losing faith and being lost within yourself. I'm going through this just now and this probs took about at the most a minute to write i just typed the first words that came to my head and it... [239 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1290, REVS. 0)
I Wouldn't Lie To You by Red Doors Song lyrics [146 words] (HITS 1233, REVS. 0)
I Need You Back by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [190 words] (HITS 1523, REVS. 1)
I Need Some Kind Of Sign by Cedric McClester I Need Some Kind Of Sign is a love song about the pain of break-ups. [268 words] (HITS 1463, REVS. 0)
Here We Go Again by Cedric McClester Here We Go Again is an answer to Monica and Brandy's song The Boy Is Mine. [246 words] (HITS 1683, REVS. 0)
Here I Go by Jonathon Brannon I wrote this last night 03/20/07 in about an hour..Was sitting at the computer and this came to me for some reason. It's definitely darker than anything I've written before...Hope you like it. [133 words] (HITS 1453, REVS. 0)
Good-Bye For Now by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [214 words] (HITS 1352, REVS. 0)
Good Night by Clara Lee McKenzie This is a love song about someone who knows their partner is leaving them the next morning. The song is meant to be sort of slow rock/pop. [197 words] [Romance] (HITS 1157, REVS. 0)
Forever This Time by Red Doors - [126 words] [Romance] (HITS 1218, REVS. 0)
Feel The Rain by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [194 words] (HITS 1603, REVS. 1)
Don't Worry About It by Lip Stixx Country tempo, rock, whatever [121 words] (HITS 1499, REVS. 2)
Do We Know What We Got by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [284 words] (HITS 1394, REVS. 0)
December 4th by Jonathon Brannon I wrote this song a couple weeks back about my relationship with my father growing up and how I felt after his death. He passed away December 4, 1991. This is a song I almost had to get out of me.. [216 words] (HITS 1450, REVS. 0)
Confused (Waiting) by Ryan Morales - [144 words] (HITS 1942, REVS. 0)
Coarts by Kymberlie Weir A short song about drunken nights with friends and how we changed. I may make it longer at some point [93 words] (HITS 1286, REVS. 0)
Checkin For You by Cedric McClester Checkin For You is a song about a guy who is interested in a particular girl. [219 words] (HITS 1514, REVS. 0)
Carl Frost by Carl Anthony Frost Musician aged 25 [100 words] [Motivational] (HITS 1211, REVS. 0)
Brand New Day by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [240 words] (HITS 1473, REVS. 0)
Boy Child by Randall Barfield These lyrics are new and go to the tune of 'Oh Danny Boy' or 'Londonderry Aire'. Something like that. I may do one more stanza. [99 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 2184, REVS. 0)
Because He Rose by Manley Bowen - [175 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1161, REVS. 0)
Be Here With Me Tonight by Michael Perry Song Lyrics [226 words] (HITS 1344, REVS. 0)
Altered Being by Grandsummon People go through major changes in life. Sometimes you wouldn't even recognize the person you were a few years ago. But where's the old you? Dead? [64 words] (HITS 1450, REVS. 1)
All by Brian C Lebron Just a tune I recently wrote. [53 words] (HITS 1456, REVS. 0)
All I See by Jonathon Brannon Just got done writing this today. I have a rock melody in mind for this song, similar to Daughtry's "Crashed" [176 words] (HITS 1516, REVS. 0)

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