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Jenna by Kat Fiore The horror of love. [2 words] [Horror] (HITS 1858, REVS. 0)
Like Troubled Water by Amarjit Bhambra One way of explaining life... [1,261 words] (HITS 2616, REVS. 9)
He Gave It All Away by Amarjit Bhambra I have my own African Grey and this story was written in 1999, hope you like it.... [1,959 words] (HITS 443, REVS. 0)
Eat You Lunch Children by Amarjit Bhambra A story for Halloween for young children,especially the ones that don't finish their lunch.... [450 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 2612, REVS. 3)
The Power Within by Amarjit Bhambra - [90 words] [Biography] (HITS 2294, REVS. 0)
The Pharoah's Daughter by Amarjit Bhambra A little tale one mightlike.... [246 words] (HITS 2363, REVS. 0)
The Healing Hand Of The Lord by Amarjit Bhambra I was in a Foreign Country, with my son who fell ill in the middle of the night. I have to share my love from God and his wonderful healing power which comes from faith and love.... [259 words] [Mystical] (HITS 2300, REVS. 0)
The Good Against The Evil by Amarjit Bhambra - [628 words] (HITS 2704, REVS. 1)
Charlie The Squirral by Amarjit Bhambra When my son was born,I alway remember a Squirral in the Hospital grounds that the Nurses used to feed -chips, so this story is for children to enjoy dedicated to Charlie the Squirral.(Oh my son is ov... [341 words] (HITS 2268, REVS. 0)
A Thing Of A Bat? by Amarjit Bhambra When this actually happened, it was very hilarious. I hope you imagine it well to enjoy that particular day with us. [349 words] [Humor] (HITS 2897, REVS. 2)
Wonderful, Wonderful Works Of God, The Lord God Is My Healer, My Protector by Amarjit Bhambra I think that sharing is very important, I want the readers to share some of the mircles that God had proformed in my Life. [197 words] (HITS 2585, REVS. 13)
The Heart Of A Noble Woman by Mandi Butkovich -A story about a young noble woman who first discovers what love is.---Please Review [860 words] (HITS 2022, REVS. 1)
Witchcake by Risa Peris An imaginary retelling of the beginnings of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 throught the eyes of one of the possessed young girls. [1,491 words] [History] (HITS 1709, REVS. 0)
Venice by Matthew Penner - [303 words] (HITS 1618, REVS. 0)
Untitled About Bugs by Durfee's Student World from the perspective of another. Title suggestions appreciated! I can print the 2nd part if anyone likes it. [1,706 words] [Animal] (HITS 418, REVS. 0)
Things That Really Happen In Life - The Sense The Feeling Before It Really Happens. by Amarjit Bhambra This really happened to me in School and l made it into a short story... [356 words] [Mystery] (HITS 2306, REVS. 0)
Thin Air by Randall Barfield ...you'd think it impossible that one man could terrorize an entire nation but,of course,... [874 words] [Crime] (HITS 2570, REVS. 0)
There Are No Others! Just Me! by Nik Siromah Short story about one of the greatest Bulgarian revolutionary of all time, Vasil Levski. [3,577 words] (HITS 434, REVS. 0)
The Thorn And The Rose by Amarjit Bhambraaa Bitter tangled love? [224 words] (HITS 1912, REVS. 2)
The New Gaurdians by Creature Of Death This is another story I made like I said sci-fi is my beiggest thing I like to write about this one is about 4 friends that save the world [2,079 words] [Science Fiction] (HITS 431, REVS. 0)
The Hunter by Evgeni Miller Jonas Rath A short story dating a couple of months ago. Comes with a second chapter which will be posted in a few days. [433 words] [Mind] (HITS 1682, REVS. 0)
The Electric Car by Tomas Sancio B Baquiano Two stories in Latin America become intertwined when a young Engineer kills herself after a failed relationship. [1,462 words] [Romance] (HITS 1959, REVS. 0)
Teenager's Prayer by Jordan Holetzky A teenager's prayer... [1,216 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 2289, REVS. 2)
Screaming, Save Me. by Marie Buzzy After the dream ends, I find myself sitting in bed, frightened and panicking as I whisper the words I was screaming in the dream. �Save me.� [718 words] [Suspense] (HITS 1778, REVS. 1)
Schoolgirl by Randall Barfield - [937 words] [Crime] (HITS 2775, REVS. 1)
Reflections And Modern Man by Kristal O-Garrow The dispersed thoughts of a man who just experienced a divorce. [678 words] [Psychology] (HITS 1809, REVS. 1)
Pedro by Jordan Holetzky Talks about people who don't even know you are will to care about you to pray for you and to share God with you... [654 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1858, REVS. 0)
Nightmare 1 The Chase by Jordan Holetzky This story is about a freaky dream... [752 words] [Horror] (HITS 1922, REVS. 0)
My Treat by Amarjit Bhambra - [631 words] (HITS 2261, REVS. 0)
My Name by Allie Haaland - [209 words] (HITS 1616, REVS. 0)
My Embarrassing Moment by Brady Kalt This is a short story about one of my embarrassing moments. [203 words] (HITS 1802, REVS. 0)
Mountain Arrival by Norachai Thavisin The hermit has to prepare his mountain chalet for the arrival of his woman visitor. He didn't know when or if she was coming but as she was largely his reason for living, he waited at the railway each... [2,095 words] [Romance] (HITS 451, REVS. 1)
Most Embarrasing Moment by Anthony Espinoza Assignment for school. [226 words] (HITS 1587, REVS. 0)
Mexico by Hiatt - [799 words] (HITS 1663, REVS. 0)
Life Force by Caleigh Jepison Please please can you tell me what you think? Starting chapter of a horror novel - may be a bit cliched so suggestions would be great! [603 words] (HITS 1812, REVS. 1)
Inbox by Nathan Weaver The first in a series of short horror stories. I can't say much without spoiling anything. Just check it out. [688 words] [Horror] (HITS 1828, REVS. 0)
Inbox 2 by Nathan Weaver The second in the series. The roommate. [1,081 words] [Horror] (HITS 1825, REVS. 0)
In Michael's Mind by Am Mason R.I.P. Michael. [218 words] [Horror] (HITS 1834, REVS. 1)
Hospital Room by Randall Barfield Sadly, it's another case of "who needs fiction?" [1,115 words] [Crime] (HITS 2396, REVS. 0)
Hickory Dickory by Tomas B Sancio Of mice, men and Nuclear Science. [828 words] [Science Fiction] (HITS 1523, REVS. 0)
Family Therapy Remembering Nama's Funeral by Mickey Bryant This short story gives detailed descriptions of the comedy of errors leading up to, and after the death of our families matriach "Nama". This story was written as a therapy to get people through any t... [5,111 words] [Comedy] (HITS 464, REVS. 0)
Embarrassing Day At The Pool by Kaitlin Kingdon A short story about an embarrassing day at a pool on vacation. [319 words] (HITS 2097, REVS. 2)
Damn by Bk Kinsel It is all my fault. [163 words] (HITS 1815, REVS. 1)
Creature Of Death's Bio by Creature Of Death This a character I use alot in my stories he reflects me and my mood at certain times as you will see in most of my work I change his character a little [3,589 words] [Science Fiction] (HITS 407, REVS. 0)
Birthday Visitors by Norachai Thavisin Two unexpected people visit me on my birthday. We spend an unexpected day at the local beach. Then, as the sun sets, it is time for the final farewells. [1,319 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 1588, REVS. 0)
A True Story About A Very Young And Naive Nathan Weaver by Nathan Weaver The title says it all. A short, true story about myself from childhood. Ah, Innocence, where have you gone? [346 words] [Comedy] (HITS 1845, REVS. 0)
A Red Tent by R Amici I had to submit this for school. [633 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 1572, REVS. 0)
A Cry In The Dark by Barry Stevens Faeden A creepy story of the macabre. Not for the weak hearted. [887 words] [Horror] (HITS 1903, REVS. 1)
'fly by Lawrence Peters Freedom [426 words] (HITS 1960, REVS. 0)
Without Reason by Sime Sheef Anger breeds hate and hate breeds evil. Unfortunately this perfect world breeds all three. [983 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 1949, REVS. 1)
What's Wrong With The World? by Bk Kinsel A story about the world. [172 words] [Drama] (HITS 1771, REVS. 0)
Valentine's Cupid by K J H Sienna is a fiery redhead that works for a local newspaper. She is fairly unlucky when it comes to love and has a mysterious past. [2,873 words] [Romance] (HITS 506, REVS. 0)
To The Fullest by Sime Sheef Peter has figured out how to drain the potential from every moment in life...but what will it cost him? [978 words] [Suspense] (HITS 2138, REVS. 1)
The Wedding Reception by Avis - [1,893 words] [Humor] (HITS 443, REVS. 0)
The Little Turd That Could by Michael L Phillips (Aka The Purple Monkey) A short story based on office interaction and politics. [1,052 words] [Humor] (HITS 2004, REVS. 1)
The Final Battle by Briony Carvalho Read it and you'll see! Any comments on anything I do are hugely appreciated - even if it's just to tell me to give up! [348 words] (HITS 2242, REVS. 7)
Sword From Heaven by Kristen Karlson A series of interconnected stories about the forms and consequences of power. [7,754 words] (HITS 475, REVS. 0)
Six Episodes Of Love by H Klecel - [3,199 words] [Romance] (HITS 459, REVS. 1)
Russian Roulette: Foreshadow by Catherine Lefloy The story is about a young russian soldier that is eager to go to war, later he finds out how gruesome and horrible war really is. He can't wait to go home and see his wife and family. [1,635 words] [Western] (HITS 444, REVS. 0)
Ordinary Day by Derek Anthony Held A short story about military families and how war tears them apart. [540 words] (HITS 1557, REVS. 0)
Night Of The Courtesane by Charles F Kane A Dream that's more than a dream. Story with a twist. [1,243 words] [Erotic] (HITS 1777, REVS. 0)
Medical-Shedical by Avis Narration of annual general medical exam. [1,548 words] [Humor] (HITS 470, REVS. 0)
Life On The Broken Wings by Partha Pratim Majumder A young pretty girl , who is handicapped since birth , has to pass her leisure sitting on the wheel chair in the balcony of her first floor apartment in a congested locality. Her tender mind uses to r... [1,860 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 495, REVS. 4)
Heaven With Her by Bk Kinsel An old man dying in his bed wishing only to see the love of his life. [253 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1794, REVS. 0)
Flak by Joseph Xavier Ramirez A short story about an escort fighter pilot in WW2, as he embarks on this mission he will face many challenges. If he survives remains to be seen. [1,158 words] [Action] (HITS 1875, REVS. 2)
Escaping Reality by Monica L Sprague This is an account of a real event that has a fictional ending...the ending that I know she wanted. [981 words] (HITS 1977, REVS. 0)
Dream For An Insomniac by Rachel Joseph A short love story of a unique girl [739 words] [Romance] (HITS 1907, REVS. 1)
Downsizing by Katherine A M Corkery A confident employee at a well-established law firm enters the office ready to receive word of a promotion in the midst of downsizing, but his day does not go as he expects. [1,823 words] [Drama] (HITS 430, REVS. 1)
Confortable Darkness by Sime Sheef The world is dark and light is not welcome. It only pains the eyes. [996 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 1665, REVS. 0)
Cipher by Rachel Joseph The life story of a boring girl. [2,509 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 467, REVS. 1)
Can't Let Him Go by Nicky Rothschild Can't Let You Go is about a girl that has fallen in love with a man that is 4 years older then her but before they have been together for one whole month he wants to break up afraid of her father and ... [1,442 words] [Drama] (HITS 2192, REVS. 2)
And... by Lawrence Peters For Andrew, whether you like it or not, it's yours. written in Los Angeles, where writers go to become rich, lose every drop of their talent then die horribly in the gutter like Poe... thanks for show... [129 words] [Mystical] (HITS 2185, REVS. 1)
And I Prayed Part 3 Of Awakening by Sidney Tucker Continuing from Awakening and The Journey Home A man finds the final steps to finding himself. [1,235 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1713, REVS. 0)
Alone At Dawn by Sime Sheef The tale of a man searching to resolve the pain of loosing the woman he loved. [957 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 2058, REVS. 1)

There are 75 title entries on this page.



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