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A Streetlight Story by A Panos A very depressing story. Don't judge it by that though. The ending is up for interpretation. [2,216 words] (HITS 689, REVS. 3)
The Small Black Object by Michael G Barbieri A soldier in a battle fatally wounds an enemy, only to realize the family his opponent left behind. From there the story briefly touches upon a couple of personal human issues such as identity and sh... [1,256 words] [Drama] (HITS 1787, REVS. 0)
Wine And Owls by Zdravka Evtimova A woman is left by the person she loves. her reaction to that. [2,804 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 492, REVS. 4)
We Attack At Dawn! by Gregory J Christiano Toward the end of WWII, an army platoon encouters German resistance. [1,391 words] [History] (HITS 2195, REVS. 1)
The Wars Of Belfast Part 1. by Sasu A story about a city searching for hope through war, based in the late eighties. Contains some swearing. 15 rating. [1,221 words] [History] (HITS 3468, REVS. 0)
The Final Statement. by Bradley Grimes A man about to be executed makes his final statement. [1,221 words] (HITS 2289, REVS. 2)
The Braided Belt by Michael Lowell A man learns about love and its loss one summer. [501 words] (HITS 1797, REVS. 0)
Stranger Underneath by Keivn Luk Have you ever heard the sound of heavy breathing? Imagine it, the noise of someone or something breathing. Now imagine you’re in a box, and the breathing is louder. Add in other factors, such as darkn... [1,123 words] [Psychology] (HITS 1967, REVS. 0)
Shadow Walker by Albert Davis This is a short story for the warrior in you or anyone, the mentality needed to be a destroyer and the confidence to walk the line. [837 words] (HITS 1954, REVS. 0)
Scenes From A Memory by Michael Armstrong Stefan Kaufmann reflects on his past. [1,064 words] [Drama] (HITS 1713, REVS. 0)
Nunnada'utsun't'yi - The Trail Place Where They Cried by Desi Williams It is about a white girl and her father during the 1800s having to herd the Cherokee out of Georgia because of the Indian Removal Act. It is also told from the point of view of a young Cherokee girl ... [1,675 words] [History] (HITS 459, REVS. 3)
Nothing But Touch by Rae Haven't had inspiration lately, so I picked ten random words and wrote around them. [239 words] (HITS 2363, REVS. 5)
Melanchony by Vodka Ryuki Mint The title says it all. [620 words] (HITS 2057, REVS. 4)
Lottery Ticket by Kid Mercury A man goes on a quest in search of the unthinkable: a hot date. [2,658 words] [Popular Fiction] (HITS 435, REVS. 3)
Life Is Full Of Virtues by Brodie J Hughes Read the title again. [226 words] (HITS 1950, REVS. 1)
His Wings by Vodka Ryuki Mint I've always dreamed of this scene, don't know why, somehow it gives me an indescribable feeling. not sure if it's any good, please R&R. [553 words] (HITS 2046, REVS. 11)
Here Today, Gone Fishing Pt.1 by Sullivan Of The Sea A little after-drug-deal excitement. [1,105 words] (HITS 1746, REVS. 0)
Fixing A Broken Heart. by Keivn Luk What you seek is hidden in the shadows. [234 words] [Romance] (HITS 2126, REVS. 1)
First Meeting by Charity B Baez Erotic tale of a man and woman who met online, and are meeting face to face for the first time. [2,501 words] [Erotic] (HITS 608, REVS. 2)
Fading Away With The Rain by Desi Williams I wrote it based on the cover of "Fallen" by Evanescence. [137 words] [Drama] (HITS 2101, REVS. 0)
Fade Away by Vodka Ryuki Mint About a father and a son. [650 words] (HITS 2128, REVS. 8)
Drop Dead Gorgeous by James C Bernthal A very light-hearted horror short. [875 words] (HITS 3775, REVS. 8)
Discovering Truth by Kelley Rose This is a story about a girl who tries to find the truth about her sister's death. [5,089 words] [Mystery] (HITS 484, REVS. 0)
Anthropomorphia by Jeff Hunt A short story about people and animals. [1,754 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 451, REVS. 1)
And You Thought Today Was Going To Be A Good Day by Michael Spiegel A day in the life of a very strange indvidual, written in 1st person perspective. A Dark Humour/ Crime Short story. [4,840 words] [Crime] (HITS 473, REVS. 0)
... And She Would Tell Her Story by Animesh Kar A fairy tale with a twist! [1,915 words] [Romance] (HITS 485, REVS. 0)
Alexander Khri'pher by Draco Streaver As a young child, a Bengal tegal looses his father/mentor in a battle to save their village. After many years of training Alexander Khri'pher vows to exact revenge on the warlord who killed his belove... [26,332 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 552, REVS. 1)
A Soul Sold For Ten Seconds Of Heaven by Lithium - [479 words] (HITS 1892, REVS. 2)
A One Night Stand by Animesh Kar A young single working lady and a piece of her mind. [4,101 words] [Romance] (HITS 487, REVS. 0)
10:34 by Danielle You describe it. [276 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1802, REVS. 0)
The Teen Girl Suicide Story by Riot This is satire. Keep that in mind. [575 words] (HITS 20471, REVS. 14)
The Sob Story by Riot Alchohol does not equate responsibility. [1,116 words] (HITS 2269, REVS. 0)
Walking The Road by Keivn Luk Two strangers, with no recollection on how they got there meet each other in a strange place where the road is metallic, and the trees are taller than most buildings. What they learn about each other ... [2,166 words] [Mystery] (HITS 499, REVS. 1)
Unexplained by Trax A man and his dog go on a walk they will never forget.... [430 words] (HITS 1744, REVS. 0)
Undefined by Josh Anderson What do you tell yourself when you don't know the answer? [408 words] (HITS 2634, REVS. 2)
The Way Life Is... by Vanessa Moya - [285 words] (HITS 1852, REVS. 0)
The Radical. by Amit Shankar Saha - [589 words] (HITS 1862, REVS. 0)
The Lady And The Train by Michelle Lynn Clements A tragic short story about a woman running away from her husband and troublesome daughter. Unexpected emotions, and a tragedy combine to teach a lesson about the decisions we make. [1,980 words] [Drama] (HITS 467, REVS. 1)
The Closing Of The Eyes by Steve Deutsch A man has to overcome his fear and destroy a part of his life. My first real descriptive story. [1,175 words] [Nature] (HITS 1682, REVS. 0)
The Assassin by Susan Brassfield Cogan What lurks in the chill of the night? [440 words] (HITS 2099, REVS. 3)
Sue Aside by Andy Kim May not be suitable for children. [255 words] (HITS 2036, REVS. 16)
Step Three by Steve Deutsch A boy sets up his camera and wants to tell his story. This is the beggining. [657 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1767, REVS. 0)
Slipping Away From Me by Josh Anderson The 7th part of Serra's swamp, suspense filled, and back on track… I hope. Theres another to come quickly, cant quite finish it though. [1,145 words] (HITS 2502, REVS. 2)
Self Defense by Naya Renee A'Janae is a young mother caught in a relationship she can't seem to get herself out of. Determined to make her children's lives better, she'll do whatever it takes to get out. [5,202 words] [Drama] (HITS 449, REVS. 0)
Q by Don F Vaccarino A story about the man who created James Bonds "toys" when he was in high school. [18,783 words] (HITS 458, REVS. 0)
Project Chyooryooku Akiraka by Josh Anderson Sci-Fi, about how the world has a Chi and how the people who inhabbit it are linked and effect it. [1,157 words] [Fan Fiction] (HITS 2368, REVS. 0)
On Her Way Home by Bancy Mwihaki A partly romance and partly drama short story about a young lady and her oddyssey in conjugal life. [2,785 words] [Drama] (HITS 464, REVS. 0)
Of Bikes And Boys by Ali Rizvi A tragic memoire of a young character that reveals a story of loss of innocence. [1,965 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 529, REVS. 0)
Nothing Here by Ally K - [2 words] (HITS 1633, REVS. 0)
Not Without My Future by Steve Deutsch A group of boys pertake on their weekly tradition of figuring out what to do next in their lives at a local Chinese resteraunt. [926 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1751, REVS. 0)
Much To Do About Nothing by Armand Waksberg A short story. [1,496 words] [Science Fiction] (HITS 1873, REVS. 0)
Mexican Soul by Steve Deutsch Elementary students enjoy their favorite part of the day--lunchtime. However, today is extra special because they're having tacos. [1,074 words] [Teenage] (HITS 2024, REVS. 1)
John Nikolaus by Tim Gorichanaz The story of John Nikolaus's journey from Croatia to America in the early 1900's. [1,589 words] (HITS 529, REVS. 2)
Jessie's Friend by Mike McWade A strange visitor warns Jessie of impending danger. [2,370 words] [Suspense] (HITS 487, REVS. 0)
Hunter by Hayden Woods Story about a female werewolf... [1,833 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 434, REVS. 0)
Homeland Ssecurity by Firsttime Story When the moment comes that people realize that government can only give its citizens what it has already taken from them; including the right and ability to protect themselves. They will be again rea... [19,563 words] [Action] (HITS 1156, REVS. 3)
Hi by Gary R Hoffman This is a true story of a dog my family once owned. [1,444 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1786, REVS. 0)
Fine Weather For Ducks by Josh Anderson Love Short Story in poetry form. Inspired by the meeting of a friend of mine, I had a really romantic little movie playing in my head that was overlayed over the meeting, so I thought I'd collaborate ... [1,683 words] [Romance] (HITS 420, REVS. 0)
Empire Park by Aaron Er Lozier Carl finds himself lost in "Empire Park" late one night, chased by a glinty-eyed monster, and assaulted by vicious trees. Watch for the hilarious ending... [588 words] [Suspense] (HITS 1699, REVS. 0)
Effects by Kevin Costello EFFECTS is an existential story which delves into the psyche of a college professor who just lost his wife to breast cancer and encounters his former lover at the wake. [4,079 words] (HITS 597, REVS. 0)
Behind These Eyes by Vanessa Moya - [884 words] (HITS 1796, REVS. 0)

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