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Coming To Terms by Colin Baker Extolling the virtues of the human brain. [177 words] (HITS 2227, REVS. 0)
I Remember Joe by Amarjit Bhambra About our cockatoo whom we had for 11 years. [147 words] (HITS 2311, REVS. 0)
Mrsa - The Deadly Bug by Amarjit Bhambra - [215 words] (HITS 2067, REVS. 0)
The Day Joe Died by Amarjit Bhambra When our family lost our feathered friend whom we had for 11 years [91 words] (HITS 2165, REVS. 0)
Cat And Mouse by Michael J Musto Man is robbed late one night on his walk home. [310 words] (HITS 1684, REVS. 0)
Characterazation Of A Barrel by Kendall Wilt Defecative poetry visualizes what life could be like for a wine barrel, had it been a doctor. [241 words] (HITS 1944, REVS. 0)
Tying Up Loose Ends by Michael J Musto Man comes home to find another man in his bed... story about the actions he takes. [532 words] (HITS 1966, REVS. 1)
Someone by Carla Thomson Someone that I knew back in middle school... I just want to get to know him better... he'd a good friend... now all you readers don't get the wrong idea... ok if you want to you can... but that is not... [100 words] (HITS 2034, REVS. 0)
The Poet's Muse by Brian C Lebron I wrote this back a couple of years ago.Check it out and let me know what you think. [40 words] (HITS 2127, REVS. 1)
Brazil, You Are The Best by Dri A tribute to my homeland, my Brazil. I dedicate this poem to my dear friend Roberto, in CA. [188 words] (HITS 1991, REVS. 0)
Dig by M Q Walters Why does it have to be so hard? [65 words] (HITS 2513, REVS. 7)
Make Me Laugh by Brian C Lebron This poem was influenced by a movie I watched a year or two ago.Check it out and let me know what you think. [38 words] (HITS 1782, REVS. 0)
Dale by Chloe L Batey My cousin Dale has just died, I'm writing this so I can take a load of my chest... [302 words] (HITS 2417, REVS. 2)
Swimmers by Jessica G A poem about swimming and swimmers. [53 words] [Comedy] (HITS 1831, REVS. 1)
Going Down by Rae - [224 words] (HITS 1955, REVS. 0)
.Why Do You Hide Me?. by Carla Thomson - [102 words] (HITS 2354, REVS. 2)
Wrong Side Of The Tracks by M Q Walters - [163 words] (HITS 2345, REVS. 5)
Write To Right by David William Bielefeld This is about a writer's motivation and what he can change. A great writer can change a countries social fabric. [93 words] (HITS 1861, REVS. 0)
Wishing For by Amarjit Bhambra Just nice wishing. [39 words] (HITS 2169, REVS. 0)
Why Does It Hurt So Bad by Sidney Kinney This is a brief review of the feelings u experience from being hurt. [159 words] [Drama] (HITS 1591, REVS. 0)
Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring by Briony Carvalho - [68 words] (HITS 2112, REVS. 3)
Where To Begin? by Andrews - [60 words] (HITS 2237, REVS. 2)
What's In A Name by David William Bielefeld This is a poem about poeple's name's who have crossed my path. Most all of them have left an impression. The word's and grammer are played with purposely to leave an impression. Even the Mistake in... [113 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1650, REVS. 0)
Waves Of The Civil War by Hannah Brumfield A poem about the horrors of the Civil War. [131 words] [History] (HITS 1538, REVS. 0)
Virginal Princess by Dg Williford Tale of a virgin weeding her way through her lovers to find the perfect mate. [87 words] (HITS 2378, REVS. 1)
Violence by Alvin Gladstone A tribute to the history of violence. [102 words] (HITS 1802, REVS. 0)
Trust In Him by Matthew Mark Gill Life Placing your life in the hands of the higher Power... aka God... [81 words] [Art] (HITS 1592, REVS. 0)
Trail To Freedom by Matthew Mark Gill God Is Awesome Best poem ever written! Thanks all who read it... [87 words] [Art] (HITS 1839, REVS. 1)
Time T24 by Tom Bomb I take you with me. Travel along the string and be someone else in time. [118 words] [Travel] (HITS 1695, REVS. 0)
They Said They Wouldn't by Carla Thomson - [79 words] (HITS 1916, REVS. 0)
The Witches' Prayer by Lady Sashi This came to me in meditation a couple nights ago and wouldn't leave me alone, so here it is. I realize it bears similarity to the Lord's Prayer, and is not meant to be blasphemous, or to be taken in... [64 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1772, REVS. 0)
The Violinist by Ethan A Eisenbarth How a violin player becomes the same thing that she plays. [106 words] (HITS 1579, REVS. 0)
The Tree by Angela Wilson This poem is a horrid tale of one cruel woman who 's trying to ruin another's life. The tree represents her coldness and heartless ways. She has no soul. It's really a tale of a landlord trying to evi... [94 words] [Horror] (HITS 1522, REVS. 0)
The Tranquil Deer by Madeline R A short, funny poem about a deer who isn't exactly having the best day. [104 words] [Animal] (HITS 1781, REVS. 2)
The Stalker by Chloe L Batey About a stalker... Please review this and my other peices. [71 words] (HITS 2206, REVS. 4)
The Show Is Over by Dri When I feel homesick I sit here and I type away. It`s been so hard to adjust in another culture (USA)... just venting. [47 words] (HITS 2306, REVS. 2)
The Potter's To Mold by Jonathon Koudelka I have to publish a work of english for a english 9 class. This a poem that my teacher enjoyed and wanted me to publish. [145 words] (HITS 1794, REVS. 2)
The Light by Kristen Karlson - [49 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1939, REVS. 3)
The Last Goodbye by Angela Wilson This poem is spiritual. It talks about one passing from death to life. He's telling his daughter that he's in a good place and not to worry. [261 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1524, REVS. 0)
The Complexity Of Simplicity by Charity B Baez How hard can the simple things be? [147 words] (HITS 1887, REVS. 2)
The Art Of Becoming Lifeless by Tom M Fisher Hmmmmm, don't know any good descriptor words. [245 words] (HITS 1603, REVS. 0)
Terror Claimed In Islam�S Name by Cedric McClester Terror Claimed In Islam's Name is an oxymoron. From my understanding, terror is not condoned anywhere in Islam, nor is suicide, or the killing innocents. [66 words] (HITS 2328, REVS. 1)
Talent by David William Bielefeld This is a poem about talent and developing it. We all gain a lot of talent through practice and precision. Teachers, coaches, and parents could be this countries greatest assset. we all need to keep... [114 words] [Self-Help] (HITS 1720, REVS. 0)
Take The Shot! by Matthew Mark Gill Don't Care I'm super model material and you are just you... [78 words] (HITS 1852, REVS. 1)
Sweetness, 34, 44 And Another Brother For More by David William Bielefeld This is about the team and family unit. THis shows how they support each other. [99 words] (HITS 1755, REVS. 0)
Standing On The Train Tracks by Michael Meihaus - [83 words] (HITS 1563, REVS. 0)
Southern Indiana To New York Zero To Hero by David William Bielefeld This is a poem about my families repect for sports and struggles. The books and mother's encouragment put a lot of heart or fight in us. What some people may not know is Gerhig and Ruth struggled a l... [142 words] [Motivational] (HITS 1650, REVS. 0)
Slake Crazy by Matthew Mark Gill Mental A crazy person thinks he knows Life... [86 words] [Art] (HITS 1759, REVS. 2)
Since You Are My Friend by Tasha Jones What I want to say to someone but can't! [74 words] (HITS 1911, REVS. 3)
Simple Thoughts by Ashley Burdett What happens when two people don't share the same view of life? [149 words] (HITS 1774, REVS. 0)
Simple Thoughts In Extraordinary Lives by Ashley Burdett What happens when the dreams of one partner is not shared by the other? [149 words] (HITS 1999, REVS. 1)
Shall I Tell You What I Really Think? by Briony Carvalho Grr angry poem. [94 words] (HITS 2172, REVS. 4)
Remote Control by Buxton Dark, with a an edge of Political Satire in there somewhere. [87 words] [Nature] (HITS 2436, REVS. 1)
Remember? I'll Love You Forever! by Curious I'm sure we've all said it, often more than once. [54 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2148, REVS. 4)
Reflection In The Mirror by Matthew Mark Gill Whatever Man learns that he is a failure and can't compete with the best talent in the world! [100 words] [Art] (HITS 1575, REVS. 0)
Rap by B Ij - [148 words] [Crime] (HITS 1563, REVS. 0)
Poetry Takes Talent! by Matthew Mark Gill Who Are You Again Chump learns he is not as great as he thinks he is... [102 words] [Art] (HITS 1552, REVS. 0)
Phone You, To Hear Your Voice by Sasu The voice of the one you loved is a siren, you can't help but here their voice as you know everything after will be alright. [142 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2081, REVS. 1)
Peace With Patience by David William Bielefeld This is about Doing the right thing. This includes avoiding war at all cost. All battles should be controlled or personal battles. [91 words] [Publishing] (HITS 1735, REVS. 0)
Pawn Of Z-War by Sasu - [118 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 1866, REVS. 0)
Our Pet Number Two by Bhambra Tim and Tommy our turpines [169 words] (HITS 1677, REVS. 0)
Oueen For A Day by Angela Wilson This Poem Describes how it feels to be queen for one day and it's benefits. [131 words] [Publishing] (HITS 1650, REVS. 0)
Or by Tasha Jones For anyone who has a know it all sister. [85 words] (HITS 1921, REVS. 4)
One Of Those Days by Curious - [150 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2118, REVS. 4)
One Of My Prayers by Carla Thomson I just started to write what I was feeling and as I wrote I was prying... I guess I just don't know what I want really... I just pray that God will take the hurt away. [301 words] (HITS 2263, REVS. 1)
Not Another Question by Lisa Doane - [73 words] [Mind] (HITS 1607, REVS. 0)
My Second Chance by Carla Thomson - [115 words] (HITS 1994, REVS. 0)
Miss Frog Face by Amber Wilson This poem is a joke, it's a parody of a person who I think looks like a cartoon and look a a frog face. [101 words] [Humor] (HITS 1556, REVS. 0)
Love Is What's Within by Lisa Doane This poem is the first poem that I've written,this poem represents a love that could never be traced. [91 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1812, REVS. 1)
Indelible by David William Bielefeld To all victim's of crime, escpecially terrible crimes like rape. [61 words] [Nature] (HITS 1724, REVS. 0)
In Indiana Knight Rules by David William Bielefeld This is a poem about my childhood and folling basketball. Indiana has a great basketball tradition. [102 words] [Fan Fiction] (HITS 1707, REVS. 0)
I'm So Into Him by Sarah-Louise Cole Guessing what loves like. [48 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1824, REVS. 2)
I'm Crawling by M Q Walters This title was deleted... not sure why... anyway here it is again...'cause that's how I am. [67 words] (HITS 2220, REVS. 11)
I Still Am by Dri I like to think that I am still the same person I used to be before I came to the US. It was based on my previous poem I AM. [51 words] (HITS 2317, REVS. 1)
I Sit And I Write by Charity B Baez A reason as to why its hard for me to share. [143 words] (HITS 1889, REVS. 3)
I Once Was Poor! by Matthew Mark Gill Fun No matter how much money ya have you can still have alot of fun! [86 words] [Art] (HITS 1496, REVS. 0)
I Need To Be A Dream by M Q Walters If I were a dream I would not feel... but mostly if I were only that, no one could really see me... or all the the things I hide behind. [116 words] (HITS 2271, REVS. 3)
Human Race Track by Sasu I will never write again... thanks all for nothing. [500 words] [Crime] (HITS 2221, REVS. 3)
Heavy Rain by Roberto J Moreno - [172 words] (HITS 2064, REVS. 0)
He Is My World by Sarah-Louise M Cole I'm just guessing what love is like. [48 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1725, REVS. 1)
Hard Life Living by Matthew Mark Gill Punk Girl has a life that just isn't cool and learns that it can be better with hope! [74 words] [Art] (HITS 1457, REVS. 0)
Growing Up (2006) by Colin Baker - [28 words] (HITS 2064, REVS. 0)
Gone In An Instant! by Matthew Mark Gill Alcohol Seeing life pass in front of your face! [78 words] [Art] (HITS 1614, REVS. 0)
From Perpendicular To Semi-Circular by Kendall Wilt What the hell are you to do when the road less traveled takes you to a dead end? Go back the way you came? Whatever, there are reasons people take the beaten path. [60 words] [Self-Help] (HITS 2075, REVS. 2)
From A Hero by Tomi Rodriguez A dedication poem. [147 words] (HITS 1553, REVS. 0)
Friend Shithouse by Kendall Wilt A revisit to a new classic. Perhaps I'll write a series. [84 words] (HITS 2144, REVS. 1)
Fretful Night by Ashley Burdett Just a lonely night's thoughts. [249 words] (HITS 1747, REVS. 0)
For A Friend by Michael Schmitt - [20 words] [Mind] (HITS 1681, REVS. 0)
First Time In 3 Months by Carla Thomson It's about the day I saw my friend val again. [128 words] (HITS 1964, REVS. 0)
Escape From Myself by Melissa A Parrott - [46 words] [Mind] (HITS 1600, REVS. 0)
Enemy Within On Cliffs At Night by Tom Bomb A schitzophrenic fights with himself. [272 words] [Psychology] (HITS 1675, REVS. 0)
Empty Shards by Buxton - [118 words] [Architecture] (HITS 2074, REVS. 0)
Emotional Breakdown by Sidney Kinney - [202 words] (HITS 1891, REVS. 1)
Elusive Flounder by Kendall Wilt Sometimes they're just hard to catch. [114 words] [History] (HITS 2284, REVS. 3)
Easy by M Q Walters No way to wash away the sin... [125 words] (HITS 2417, REVS. 3)
Dysfunctional Haikus by Larry A Peay Haikus from the Dark Side. [42 words] (HITS 1566, REVS. 0)
Don't Weep For Me by Amber Wilson This poem is about the passing onmy grandmother and her resurring her daughter Irene Young to carry on that everything's gonna be alright. And not to worry because she's in a better place. [282 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1661, REVS. 0)
Who You Are by David William Bielefeld This is a poem about inner and outer struggles we all go through. Being at our best can be hard. Good people work hard to do right and overcome fear. I experiment with titles and dialect on some wo... [98 words] [Self-Help] (HITS 1782, REVS. 0)
Divine Misunderstanding by Buxton Anti-Semetical poem about God. I have my opinion, and my free-will, as do you!! [137 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 2116, REVS. 0)
Disappointed by Tomi Rodriguez - [56 words] [Drama] (HITS 1573, REVS. 0)
Deeper by Sidney Kinney This short poem is just talkin about the different ways to be loved. [52 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1623, REVS. 0)
Dark Clouds In My Heart by Dri A big transition in my life. Trying to overcome the cultural shock of living in another country and another culture that are far different from mine. Just venting. [159 words] (HITS 1920, REVS. 0)
Crying At Night by Carla Thomson - [62 words] (HITS 2101, REVS. 0)
Care by David William Bielefeld About caring and not being to hard on one another. [63 words] [Art] (HITS 1751, REVS. 0)
Call And Lost Love Waiting by Michelle-Lynn Hill - [223 words] (HITS 1589, REVS. 0)
But A Breath Of Air by Alia Harold It's romantic... well not really but it's a great poem!!!!!!!!! [113 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1857, REVS. 0)
Brit Boys by Briony Carvalho As promised Curious! [240 words] (HITS 2293, REVS. 6)
Blue Suede Shoes by Kendall Wilt Who the hell wears blue suede shoes. [132 words] [Movies] (HITS 2099, REVS. 2)
Back In Time by Curious - [31 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2097, REVS. 4)
An Ode To Laziness by Kain A terrible poem that celebrates my sloth. [254 words] (HITS 2056, REVS. 3)
Accent by David William Bielefeld This is a Poem about the American people and their trial's and tribulation's. All of us were new immigrant's at one time or another. We all had to adjust to an enviroment and new life. We all did i... [102 words] [History] (HITS 1772, REVS. 0)
A World Of Chaos by Mike Krywanio - [95 words] (HITS 1626, REVS. 0)
A Work In Progress by Lisa Doane - [50 words] (HITS 1590, REVS. 0)
A Place With No View by Angela Wilson This poem is more on the dark side. It's about someone who's trapped in a miserable place and want to escape to happiness. [216 words] [Publishing] (HITS 1612, REVS. 0)
A Lovers Wrath by Lindsay Jane Todd A soft poem to make you scream at a past lover. [104 words] [Self-Help] (HITS 1804, REVS. 1)
A Little Model by Matthew Mark Gill Beverly Hills Arrogant and spoiled she is destined to have fun! [92 words] [Art] (HITS 1601, REVS. 0)
A Good Day Better! by Matthew Mark Gill Life Just a smiling kind of day... [68 words] [Art] (HITS 1518, REVS. 0)

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