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If I Die by Colin Baker Inspired by a conversation one evening at bedtime between my 6 year old daughter and I. Suddenly, she wanted to explore the concept of dying. [129 words] (HITS 2657, REVS. 5)
A Fibber's Prayer by Colin Baker A short poem about making good some porkies. [291 words] [Humor] (HITS 2695, REVS. 8)
The Retrospective Chicken by Colin Baker Introspective journey of a chicken. [255 words] (HITS 2315, REVS. 0)
Howling Dog by D G Williford What I hear tonight with senses heightened... [107 words] (HITS 2291, REVS. 1)
Allusions And Musings by Gregory De Feo A collection of poems that mainly bypass consternation to express admiration, the Scriptures, and specific instances of fictional characters. [1,223 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1998, REVS. 4)
Pieces Of Time by M Q Walters Ramblings of a heart that cannot go back in time... [110 words] (HITS 2504, REVS. 5)
Changing Of The Seasons by Dorothy Borden -This poem tell the story of growning up and old, and realizing that life has quickly passed you by, reminiscence of missed dreams, opportunity and chances. And finally knowing it was worth it all. [214 words] (HITS 1849, REVS. 1)
Yours Personally by C M S Sharpe It's bout someone sitting down and taking the time out of their lives to make this most perfect little gift for someone they love on V-Day... Come see what happens...... [307 words] (HITS 2069, REVS. 1)
Your So Far Away by Danae Bonomini This 1 is about a guy I really like atm called bowen ;) his a good bloke... so I hope all youz lyk this 1 asmuch as I do!! :D :D [117 words] (HITS 2082, REVS. 3)
Your Local Sniper by John Roberts Freedom is often assumed but comes at a price that someone has to pay - someone just like you. [312 words] (HITS 1836, REVS. 0)
You In My Life by Brittany Tellez Mostly about life and how its much easier when you have someone that you love. [72 words] (HITS 1882, REVS. 1)
Years Of Love by John Roberts Another anniversary poem for you know who ! [100 words] [Romance] (HITS 1850, REVS. 0)
X-Ray My Heart by Dri - [150 words] (HITS 2244, REVS. 1)
Without A Heart by C M S Sharpe It's kinda like 'well without this, then how could so-and-so happen?' lol jus read it. [50 words] (HITS 2058, REVS. 3)
Why To Regret? by Dri - [216 words] (HITS 2099, REVS. 0)
Why Should I Suffer? by Danae Bonomini - [107 words] (HITS 1847, REVS. 1)
What Happened?? by Brittany Tellez As my life fell to pieces ....and all I could do was watch.please give it some reviews I love hearing what people have to say. [83 words] (HITS 1615, REVS. 0)
Waiting For Me by C M S Sharpe Thinking about what will happen in the future... What is in store? Something good? Something horrific? [62 words] (HITS 1977, REVS. 1)
Val by Carla Thomson - [85 words] (HITS 2133, REVS. 0)
Unexcused Bane by Brien Larson About my parents. Again. [163 words] (HITS 1810, REVS. 1)
Trucker Tony by John Roberts A short poem on the 'joys ? ' of being a trucker. Written with thoughts of my son Tony, who is an international truck driver, hauling loads across the UK, France and Belgium. Keep on truckin' son! [249 words] [Travel] (HITS 2133, REVS. 3)
Tk by Carla Thomson - [204 words] (HITS 2146, REVS. 0)
Three Little Important Words by John Roberts Short and succint ! [50 words] [Romance] (HITS 1836, REVS. 0)
This Weekend by Carla Thomson - [242 words] (HITS 2239, REVS. 4)
There's Monsters In My Bedroom! by John Roberts A poem about the visions of childhood and how adults should not ignore their reality. [181 words] (HITS 1787, REVS. 0)
The Worst Day Ever by LoweE The worst day for a kid. [136 words] [Comedy] (HITS 1834, REVS. 1)
The Wave by Danae Bonomini This poem is kinda weird..but I reeli lyk this 1!! only took me bout 5 minutes 2 write aswell :D so yeah...reed it n plz tell me wat yu thnk ;) [63 words] (HITS 1688, REVS. 0)
The Mystery Of My Mind-Subtitle:The Things I've Tried by David Daniels I was just about to go to my son's baseball game when suddenly I stopped and sat down to write this poem.My wife thought I was crazy but what else can you do when you get an urge to write but write.Ne... [469 words] (HITS 1920, REVS. 2)
The Break Up by Carla Thomson - [126 words] (HITS 2296, REVS. 1)
The Best Of Me by Rae - [202 words] (HITS 2075, REVS. 2)
Tears Without A Cause by C M S Sharpe Haven't you ever had those awkward moments with a loved one crying and you didn't know why they were crying? Yeah... [83 words] (HITS 1950, REVS. 1)
Take Me Away by Brittany Tellez This is about a girl who feels like there is no reason for her to be alive...and that the only way she will truly find happiness is too take away the one thing that brings her pain...her life. [106 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1734, REVS. 1)
Summer Storm by Dorothy Borden - [98 words] (HITS 1869, REVS. 2)
Soft by Rae - [115 words] (HITS 2222, REVS. 2)
Sleeping Memories by Mary Tronti - [63 words] (HITS 1604, REVS. 0)
Simply Love by John Roberts A love poem for my wife. [141 words] (HITS 1818, REVS. 0)
Self Promotion by Richard L Minton This is a poem about someone who sees themself as what they are not, but claim to be. [39 words] (HITS 1553, REVS. 0)
Ruby Drops by C M S Sharpe A regular everyday life of a slicer..... [90 words] (HITS 1945, REVS. 1)
Reminder by Danae Bonomini - [100 words] (HITS 1656, REVS. 0)
Reflections On Life by John Roberts A short poem, written late at night, reflecting on the life and thoughts of a mature person.Wait for the twist at the end. [206 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 2071, REVS. 1)
Quinton by Carla Thomson - [194 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2014, REVS. 0)
Pluck These Petals by C M S Sharpe Do you remember picking up a flower and picking its petals; saying "S/he loves me, s/he loves me not?" Yeah, basically what it's bout.. [52 words] (HITS 2004, REVS. 1)
Planting A Weed by C M S Sharpe It's one of my many short poems... Talking about relationships. How you think they're gonna work out but they don't...I guess that pretty much sums it up for you... [44 words] (HITS 2001, REVS. 1)
Pink Roses In May by Mary Tronti - [108 words] (HITS 1903, REVS. 1)
Pieces Of My Heart by M Q Walters Just a poem... pieces of my heart. [124 words] (HITS 2290, REVS. 2)
Paperdoll by C M S Sharpe I don't really know how to describe...it.... Erm.. unless you guys can think of something...My ears are open. [60 words] (HITS 2047, REVS. 1)
Our First Kiss by John Roberts A poem of sweet memories. [66 words] (HITS 1852, REVS. 0)
O Summer! How We Owe To You! by Sandeepan Sb Bose Angelwithfirewing It'a poem about the season SUMMER with a touich of romantic realization. [124 words] [Nature] (HITS 1487, REVS. 0)
Nature Of The Seasons by Carla Thomson - [62 words] [Nature] (HITS 2201, REVS. 1)
My Wonderful Gran-Son Arron by Amarjit Bhambra My first Gran-son....Ahhh. [23 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2268, REVS. 0)
My Invisible Friend by John Roberts A poem about the perception of things from a childs viewpoint. [185 words] (HITS 1834, REVS. 0)
My Gardener by M Q Walters - [51 words] (HITS 2330, REVS. 6)
My Fairy Tale by C M S Sharpe Read and find out.. I don't really know how to describe it without spoiling it! [208 words] (HITS 1979, REVS. 1)
My Death Letter by Bryan King After I died I still hated you, brother. [130 words] [Horror] (HITS 2034, REVS. 3)
My Apology by Robert Lil Rob Shemwell Since My father went to prison, I have acted out and took it out on my mom, this is my apology. [404 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1953, REVS. 8)
Morning Dew Is Gone by Charles J Williams Think about it...reread it and think again...then look outside as the dew settles, open your newspaper, then reread it again...scary, isn't it?? [32 words] (HITS 1456, REVS. 0)
Moor Good Mornings by John Roberts Visual imagery of early morning on the moors. [142 words] (HITS 1816, REVS. 0)
Moments Of Intimacy by Dri - [72 words] (HITS 2298, REVS. 1)
Mitch Hodson by Danae Bonomini This is about ANOTHER guy...i rit it about a month or so ago tho so yeah...some bits of it I like but other bits I don't...so please read it and tell me wat yu think!! [126 words] (HITS 1657, REVS. 0)
Mental Torture by John Roberts A short humorous poem on the mental torture of modern life. [166 words] [Humor] (HITS 2035, REVS. 2)
Major Highs And Manic Lows by Ian Tronco - [95 words] (HITS 1681, REVS. 0)
Magnetism by Buxton Not sure what this is about, just random poetry. [94 words] [Mystery] (HITS 2560, REVS. 0)
Love's Vortex by John Roberts A poem for the special woman in my life. [141 words] [Romance] (HITS 1910, REVS. 0)
Love You More by Brittany Tellez The husband that gave me everything I wanted until he died. [109 words] (HITS 1838, REVS. 2)
Life With No 'f' by C M S Sharpe Well let's see... Write out the word : LIFE Take the letter 'F' out and what do you get? [124 words] (HITS 1953, REVS. 2)
Just Being A Woman by John Roberts A poem about the difficulties of being a woman? [98 words] [Humor] (HITS 2071, REVS. 2)
Just An Ordinary Day by Dri - [127 words] (HITS 2042, REVS. 0)
July 27th by C M S Sharpe I typed up some stuff that I'd written recently... Enjoy or leave critism, I don't care. [413 words] (HITS 1785, REVS. 0)
It's Lying There by Meria Osborn Everyone wants to be in love! [77 words] (HITS 1740, REVS. 1)
It Takes Two by Dri - [163 words] (HITS 2003, REVS. 0)
It Comes Out by Brittany Tellez Uh... I'm not really sure.its mostly about someone with nowhere to go. [24 words] (HITS 1661, REVS. 0)
Impersonation by Aerial A Ace Ace I poem about a teenager who was cheated by her boyfriend. [82 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1621, REVS. 0)
If You Like Me... by Thepratmeister A tone poem, thoughtfully composed by the Pratmeister in tranquil contemplation, whilst taking a dump this afternoon. [64 words] [Humor] (HITS 2012, REVS. 2)
If I Could... by Dri - [155 words] (HITS 2293, REVS. 2)
I Still Love You So... by Dri A strange type of love, but it is still love, isn't it?:-) [193 words] (HITS 2037, REVS. 0)
I Remember Eighteen by John Roberts A poem recalling the plans and pains of youth. [208 words] [Humor] (HITS 2046, REVS. 2)
I Remember Buddy Holly by John Roberts A poem of memories for the 'boomers' [308 words] (HITS 1828, REVS. 0)
I Love The Way You Love Me by Dri - [127 words] (HITS 2276, REVS. 1)
I Fight Life Tooth And Claw by Duke Sekhon - [147 words] (HITS 1707, REVS. 0)
How, Why by Rebecca A Caine A poem about teenage angst and a girls troubles. [177 words] [Teenage] (HITS 1787, REVS. 3)
How Do I Say It? by Carla Thomson - [133 words] (HITS 2268, REVS. 1)
Hoping To Find Happiness Again by David Daniels Many years ago I was diagnosed with manic depression.These last couple of days I've been really feeling the effects of my illness.So I thought I'd write a poem about it. [543 words] [Psychology] (HITS 2134, REVS. 2)
Honesty Is Not The Best Policy by C M S Sharpe Regretting stupid things you say. [87 words] (HITS 2014, REVS. 2)
Hometown Memories by Dri - [200 words] (HITS 1949, REVS. 0)
His Last 3 Words by Brittany Tellez Its about me and my deciest husband and the three words he said the day that he died.please review. [172 words] (HITS 1850, REVS. 3)
Her Soul Remains by C M S Sharpe Haven't you ever cared about a feminine a lot and suddenly they're gone? Death? Anything that takes away your communication contact to her? Don't you still feel her presence inside your soul somewhere... [138 words] (HITS 2029, REVS. 1)
He Loves Me,He Loves Me Not by Kasey Ann Miller Kinda like a girl gettin forced into things she doesnt wanna do by the one she loves. [133 words] [Action] (HITS 1660, REVS. 0)
Harbor Of Dreams by Dri - [77 words] [Romance] (HITS 2207, REVS. 1)
Gripping Grave by Buxton A dark, edge, of a poem...Welcome it, share it, fall in to a deep abyss and let it be your companion. [83 words] [Popular Fiction] (HITS 2320, REVS. 2)
Gettin Run By Racism by Bryan King The title speaks for it's self. [90 words] (HITS 1994, REVS. 1)
Gettin Run By Racism Pt. 2 by Bryan King More... [95 words] (HITS 1972, REVS. 4)
For My Mom by Bryan King - [59 words] (HITS 2034, REVS. 2)
For Little Mary by Sharon Odonnell A poem. [167 words] (HITS 1762, REVS. 2)
Fifty Comes Around by John Roberts For Jane on a momentous occasion. [144 words] [Humor] (HITS 1791, REVS. 0)
Exenci�n De Amar by Davianna Morris Amor. [117 words] [Romance] (HITS 568, REVS. 0)
Every Thing I Know by Nash Inspired by an old love letter read at the wrong time. [163 words] (HITS 1829, REVS. 0)
Every Man by Tom Bomb - [63 words] [Comedy] (HITS 2027, REVS. 1)
Ending Fear by Buxton A poem about feeling's that sometimes make us weak, and our ability to confront them through the power of word's. [145 words] [Suspense] (HITS 2344, REVS. 1)
Elusive Translucence by Tom Bomb - [87 words] [Thriller] (HITS 1734, REVS. 0)
Elixer Of Life by Dorothy Borden - [103 words] [Adventure] (HITS 1604, REVS. 0)
Dumped For The First Time by Carla Thomson - [134 words] (HITS 2231, REVS. 5)
Drea by Carla Thomson - [209 words] (HITS 1985, REVS. 0)
Diatribe Of An Emerging Scribe by John Roberts Ah - the joys and heartache of writing ! Where does it come from and why ? Ideas just flood my head at obscure times - just like this! Others may recognise the symptoms ! [224 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1811, REVS. 0)
Devoted Love by Dri - [155 words] (HITS 2309, REVS. 2)
Day Of The Drunken One by David Daniels About 20 years ago I got engaged and my fiance and I threw ourselves a nice engagement party.I got totally wasted and made a complete asshole of myself.So I thought I'd write a poem about it. [424 words] [Relationships] (HITS 2058, REVS. 1)
Commuting Hell by John Roberts A poem in memory of many wasted mornings spent waiting for the train when I commuted to work in London. It seemed like an endless torture ! Working from home is sheer luxury now, when I look back on w... [211 words] [Travel] (HITS 1989, REVS. 4)
Comfort by Rae - [120 words] (HITS 2187, REVS. 1)
Cheap And Nasty? by John Roberts A short poem with an ecological warning. [100 words] (HITS 1806, REVS. 0)
Castle In The Air by Duke Sekhon - [143 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 1783, REVS. 0)
Carmen, Open That Door! by Sasu A discreet poem about..well Im not going to spoil it, but it's cool. [293 words] [Mind] (HITS 2131, REVS. 4)
Call Of The Guardian by Robert E Higgins Story of a firefighter's view of duty. Inspired by the writers experience on September 11th, 2001 [388 words] (HITS 1750, REVS. 1)
Cabal Of Cowards by John Roberts London 7/7 - the cowards strike again ! Let's not glorify them with any name other than what they are - cowards! [216 words] (HITS 2087, REVS. 2)
Build Them Up by Ashley Burdett My thoughts on the reflections of a condemned man listening to someone build his gallows. [131 words] (HITS 2018, REVS. 1)
Brown Eyed Girl by John Roberts A poem for the woman in my life. [251 words] (HITS 1868, REVS. 0)
Boy Confusion by Cecelia Cooke It's about my life and how I deal with boys I guess. [178 words] [Romance] (HITS 1753, REVS. 2)
Black Boots by Desi Williams This is to my sis. [94 words] (HITS 2078, REVS. 0)
Beacon by Kayla Meadows I've had five weeks of college experience with more time to write than I expected. Being here has inspired me, and this is simply one of many that I'm throwing out for a test run. [83 words] (HITS 1771, REVS. 0)
Autumn Hearts Fall by C M S Sharpe Talking about having love for someone that treats you terribly. [111 words] (HITS 1946, REVS. 1)
Aura by Men Walkalone The energy that connects us all. In us. Spread by us. [51 words] (HITS 1991, REVS. 0)
As Far As I Go, For Now! by Tom Bomb A horror poem...kinda. [233 words] [Fable] (HITS 1727, REVS. 0)
Apparently, I've Gone Insane by David Daniels Just a pleasant little poem that came to me one night while listening to the radio. [296 words] (HITS 2014, REVS. 5)
Anniversary For Maggie by John Roberts For Maggie - My Soul mate - My Best friend - My Lover - For the last 38 years - Ich Liebe Dich. [89 words] [Romance] (HITS 1866, REVS. 0)
Angel Of The Morning by John Roberts A poem for a loved one. [122 words] (HITS 1816, REVS. 0)
Africa - Where's The Gain ? by John Roberts A bit of a political rant - triggered by recent events and the coverage of Live 8 - Why are we still just talking? [174 words] (HITS 2183, REVS. 6)
A Low Man by P J Llewellyn This poem illustrates the evils of 'The American Dream', inspired by my visit to New York where I truly grew to comprehend the horrors experienced by the protagonist of 'Death of a Salesman'. [120 words] (HITS 1731, REVS. 2)
A Letter To My Father by Robert Lil Rob Shemwell I'm 15, my dad was just convicted of 2nd degree attempted murder on my mom, this is what I would say to him. [254 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1832, REVS. 5)
A Few Words Away by C M S Sharpe It's about those moments in life where after you were with someone, you're thinking back and realize what you really wanted to say with that person but you couldn't because maybe you didn't have enoug... [88 words] (HITS 1965, REVS. 1)

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