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The Absolute Non-Locality Of Black Holes by Joseph Julius The Jules Going into a black hole cuts you off from spacetime completely and into a region of absolute non-locality. [287 words] [Scientific] (HITS 702, REVS. 0)
How To Save Earth's Magnetic Field by Julius The Jules There is a way to save Earth's Magnetic Field. The benefits to the Earth will be global and quite tremendous! [240 words] [Scientific] (HITS 674, REVS. 0)
Julliunyte: A Secret To Your Every Wish! by Joseph D Smith Get everything you want by channeling your wish's energy! [448 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 744, REVS. 0)
The Presentation Of Sciene by Saranekha Saravanan - [364 words] (HITS 882, REVS. 0)
The Outstanding Day by Saranekha Saravanan - [839 words] (HITS 967, REVS. 0)
My Night by Saranekha Saravanan - [708 words] (HITS 979, REVS. 0)
A Lovely Adventure by Saranekha Saravanan - [1,159 words] (HITS 992, REVS. 0)
Hypothesis Of Cancer's Single Underlying Cause by Joseph D Smith Does cancer have a single underlying cause? My hypothesis says yes-maybe. [103 words] [Health] (HITS 918, REVS. 0)
Behold The Lamb Of God: Images From Handel's Messiah by Shelley J Alongi Walk through my journey of rediscovering my first love, Jesus Christ, through this simple and stunning work. [2,621 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 354, REVS. 0)
Donald Trump And The Fear Of Death by Robert Levin Propelled by a pronounced extinction anxiety, white America�s dread has led directly to a heightening of racism, and with it, the presidency of Donald Trump [581 words] [Psychology] (HITS 1022, REVS. 0)
World ...Live In It And Leave. by Anchaleeporn Sophonchareonphong Anchalee Sophon World ... full of joy, love, lust, hate, greed, kindness, cruelty...all kinds of emotional in negatives and positives with knowledge and ignorance. How much more we need to take and give...that's ho... [178 words] [Fantasy] (HITS 1016, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: The Engineer Who Saved The Day by Shelley J Alongi Sweet engineer, when that train whistle wails, when you make sweet music on the mainline rails, you don't know how you rescue the conversation. All hail the hand on the switch! [6,133 words] [Relationships] (HITS 449, REVS. 0)
The Science Of Being Alone by Andrew Parker - [158 words] [Motivational] (HITS 1190, REVS. 0)
The Life I Chose To Leave by Tyrone E Chambers The story is about a guy who decided to turn his life around. [593 words] [Crime] (HITS 1107, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Shining Railroad Eyes by Shelley J Alongi It's about comfort after losing my number one engineer in an accident on February 24, 2015. It's therapy, healing, passion and most of all, shining railroad eyes. [9,839 words] [Relationships] (HITS 286, REVS. 1)
Conversations With Glenn: So Much In Between by Shelley J Alongi It wasn't till two weeks after I returned from Austin, Texas where I had gone for a reason completely unrelated to railroading and met a former railroad engineer that I had the courage to sit down and... [2,945 words] [Relationships] (HITS 260, REVS. 0)
Maudoodi About Democracy In Early Islam by Alexander Gachikus Early Islam was democracy. But it is different even from modern democracy, i.e. from bourgeois democracy. Nor it was monarchy, nor oligarchy, nor theocracy. It was proletarian democracy (even if at pr... [463 words] [Publishing] (HITS 1351, REVS. 0)
Illusion And Elysium by Rube An essay about how our primitive religious/spiritual beliefs are shaped by our egos' desire for immortality and power. [8,911 words] [Scientific] (HITS 414, REVS. 0)
God's Personal Speech At The Vatican by Arthur Albert Poletti God's first visit to Earth,and first speech in recorded history, will be communicated throughout the World, revealing God's unwavering love and concern for the future health and welfare of all human ... [2,171 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 343, REVS. 0)
Letter To The Editor - Keep Our Kids Safe! Inoculate! by Khuu This letter explores the dangers of not vaccinating your children and the untold story of both the parents and the professionals. [381 words] [Health] (HITS 1244, REVS. 0)
Staring Out The Window by Addison C Schindler an essay about our world and the things that blind us from reality [864 words] (HITS 1263, REVS. 0)
Over A Hundred Years Later Nothing New About Progressives by Richard Koss An essay revealing the fact that progressives haven't progressed much in over a hundred years. [1,317 words] (HITS 2042, REVS. 2)
In Bleomycin, Streps, Gurgle Ages, Catabolism, Drainage. by Ufoqezugipof Ocozuwucugci http://buyfinasteride-propecia.com/ - Generic Propecia Salbutamol http://zoloft-50mg-generic.org/ [7 words] [Business] (HITS 1264, REVS. 0)
Vermont Summers by Joy Oakey My memories of childhood summers in Vermont, at a time when children had an opportunity for unstructured play and adventure. [717 words] [Adventure] (HITS 1334, REVS. 0)
How To Fool Most Of The People Most Of The Time by Richard Koss An essay commenting on the recent election results. [1,530 words] (HITS 422, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: Something About Trains by Shelley J Alongi Yes, my Number One Engineer I'm moving to Texas. But, someday I'm moving to MOntana and I'm taking you with me. [1,966 words] [Relationships] (HITS 316, REVS. 0)
Behind The Dark by Paris Cooks Why is a folk called a Folk? is up really up? is down really down? in this short essay "Behind the Dark" Truth will be handed to you before your eyes, but the question is, can you see it? exactly what... [2,871 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 306, REVS. 0)
Goodbye America by Richard Koss An essay written by an aging writer who no longer understands the country in which he lives. [662 words] (HITS 1862, REVS. 1)
Conversations With Glenn: Engineers And Angels by Shelley J Alongi The best of both worlds, I guess. Bodily comfort, moving, anoying railroads and Angels. It doesn't get much better than this. [2,478 words] [Relationships] (HITS 336, REVS. 0)
The Cause That Lead To The Worse Effect by Angel Garcia Cause and effect paper I wrote for a class. About 9/11 warping foreign policy [1,054 words] (HITS 1353, REVS. 0)
Symptoms by Angel Garcia An opinion piece for a class about an abstract concept. The Concept I chose was love. [911 words] [Humor] (HITS 1392, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Quaking Trains by Shelley J Alongi The endless loop of adventures. The engineer voicemail. The rr circus. Engineer training school. And, always...trains. And, the moving earth. [4,548 words] [Relationships] (HITS 334, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: Engineer Valentine by Shelley J Alongi A railroad rock. But, not the rock train. In 2009, I said he was my Christmas present. Informationa nd amusement. and just plain...Engineer valentine? I'll take that. [4,476 words] [Relationships] (HITS 371, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Rail Nut New Years Eve by Shelley J Alongi Number one engineer I'm shamelessly stealing your phrase because it works here. Don't mind too much, please. [2,867 words] [Relationships] (HITS 327, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Hot Blue Flags And Red Hot Steel by Shelley J Alongi Some days and some nights it's just all about the logic of staying off the railroad tracks. Boundary lines, strange conversations, cookies, diet soda, hot blue flags and red hot steel. [4,364 words] [Relationships] (HITS 341, REVS. 0)
Revolution In Ukraine by Alexander Gachikus What takes place in Ukraine today is the beginning of revolution in Russia (even if revolution in Russia will occur after long time) [772 words] [Publishing] (HITS 1915, REVS. 0)
Conflict: Its Nature And Causes by Nicholas Okumu Despite the fact that conflicts have purged humans for long, their nature and causes are still bewildering. This sort article tries to explore the nature and causes of conflicts. [473 words] [Mind] (HITS 1474, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Train Struck by Shelley J Alongi When it's all said and done, sometimes accident just happen. 269's turn. [4,227 words] [Relationships] (HITS 354, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: The Little Engineer That Couldn't by Shelley J Alongi Did God just call my name? I'll get him someday. On our time. And, why am not so nervous? Still the best number one engineer. Lancaster lucky. [6,321 words] [Relationships] (HITS 391, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Between 606 And Infinity by Shelley J Alongi Starting my sixth year of railfanness and my fifth year of engineer interest I still think my number one hung the railroad moon and stars on a Saturday night. I hope he doesn't mind too much. Man, am ... [3,399 words] [Relationships] (HITS 317, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: The Bestest Engineer by Shelley J Alongi Pick your railroad any one. Any mistakes are purely mine. He had time for me. [3,856 words] [Relationships] (HITS 347, REVS. 0)
The Illusion Of Self by Rube My philosophy of the self [367 words] [Spiritual] (HITS 1711, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Steel Train by Shelley J Alongi Always fascinated with steel no matter how it makes you feel. [2,904 words] [Relationships] (HITS 319, REVS. 0)
Parliament? - It's History! by Colin Baker The role of Parliament as an institution here in the UK must now radically change. [1,398 words] (HITS 2188, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: Southern Pacific Whatever by Shelley J Alongi Glenn is a great story teller. I hope I can write them as well as he tells them. This is my friend. [3,583 words] [Relationships] (HITS 343, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Lancaster Nightcap by Shelley J Alongi Oh, there's so much I left out. and, no one ever experienced railroad radio quite like this. You're still the best. [2,316 words] [Relationships] (HITS 311, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: Number One Rail Nut Friend by Shelley J Alongi It's all I ever wanted. [5,921 words] [Relationships] (HITS 429, REVS. 0)
The Poisonous Dart Frog, Politics And History by Colin Baker - [2,477 words] (HITS 428, REVS. 2)
Wael's Strategy For Success by Wael El-Manzalawy Wael�s Strategy For Success: Decide What you want � Choose 3-5 related goals � Start acting for the 3-5 goals at the same time � You will reach one goal at least � Success will give you more energy �... [403 words] [Motivational] (HITS 2010, REVS. 2)
She Likes Trains: A Raging Railroad Crush by Shelley J Alongi Cats, cookies, what's on your lap, locomotives, feel better number one engineer, crazy for trains. It's all part of a raging railroad crush. [2,876 words] [Relationships] (HITS 433, REVS. 0)
Sample Debate Speech 2nd Speaker by Khuu Topic: Beauty Pageants should be banned. Side: Negative [233 words] [Writing Resource] (HITS 1684, REVS. 0)
A Fool At Fifty Three by Kennedy O Obohwemu A faulty federal system from the beginning... [1,020 words] [Mind] (HITS 2114, REVS. 1)
She Likes Trains: Riding The Slow And Poky by Shelley J Alongi Nail biting, hands in the right place, cats, bells, pictures, and the best engineer ever. worth the three year wait to see him in person again. All on the slow and poky. [7,178 words] [Relationships] (HITS 391, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Redoxx Engineer by Shelley J Alongi Kismet. Wonder what number he is? [3,367 words] [Relationships] (HITS 322, REVS. 0)
Review. Abdi Tauhid. Islam Is Left-Wing In Fact by Alexander Gachikus This article confirms our conclusion that early Islam, like Marx� writings, can serve as fundamental principle of modern proletarian ideology [2,142 words] [Publishing] (HITS 459, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: North Stories by Shelley J Alongi Shy? Who me? New characters and always a quest to meet more. [1,683 words] [Relationships] (HITS 350, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Chatsworth? Or Paradise by Shelley J Alongi A non honeymoon kind of a day. Strange day. Friendly faces, the man buys me a ticket, where are the two Chrises, and the disconnect. It has to get better from here. But I'm ok, Mr Engineer. [4,249 words] [Relationships] (HITS 349, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: From Stress To Comfort by Shelley J Alongi From stress to comfort. Errands. Work. Trains. And, entertainment. [1,328 words] [Relationships] (HITS 3340, REVS. 0)
How It Feels To Be Vegetarian Me by Tori M Modeled after "How It Feels To Be Colored Me" by Zora Neale Hurston [1,716 words] [Humor] (HITS 422, REVS. 0)
Bill Gates Should Take A Tip From Karl And Fred by Colin Baker Bill Gates recently criticised capitalism. Hooray! one might be minded to cry out! But all is not as straight forward as it seems. [872 words] [Drama] (HITS 1751, REVS. 0)
Britain's Festival Of The Juggernaut. by Colin Baker Capitalist Britain and the Hindu tradition of Vishnu's incarnation have much in common. [1,277 words] (HITS 1791, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Indomitable Train by Shelley J Alongi 8705. Distractions. Indomitable train. A promise to an engineer. [2,014 words] [Relationships] (HITS 362, REVS. 0)
In 1968 - From A Letter To A Friend by Charles Turner I had arrived in New York in the same year that Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King got assassinated. [799 words] (HITS 1466, REVS. 0)
The Review. Muhammad Shiddiq Al Jawi. The Concept Of Civil Society In Islamic Perspective by Alexander Gachikus �The answer which Islam proposes� which Al Jawi gives is in fact Islamized socialism, socialism in Islamic form [3,679 words] [Publishing] (HITS 576, REVS. 0)
What Is Proletariat? by Alexander Gachikus The questions of Islamism, of what is proletariat today and what forms and methods of the struggle of proletariat must be today, are interrelated and are of practical significance [4,236 words] [Publishing] (HITS 469, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains Railroad High School by Shelley J Alongi Kidnapped on thrown on the magic train. Three years of bliss and keys and the very best. Shameless confessions. [4,003 words] [Relationships] (HITS 444, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Magic Train by Shelley J Alongi Diverging clear. full circle. Rr cheater. Excitement, adventure, and the Magic train. [2,155 words] [Relationships] (HITS 374, REVS. 0)
An Old Neighborhood by Lisa Diaz-Meyer Written in 1982. I won an award for this in an Essay/Poetry Press contest. I invite all to read and leave a review. And please be kind as I was only 14 when I wrote this. [120 words] [Literary Fiction] (HITS 1663, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Sitting Pretty by Shelley J Alongi Nail polish, quiet days, sleep, and doing time. This week, the baby and me, we're sitting pretty. [2,458 words] [Relationships] (HITS 393, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: The Bag, The Switch Key, And The New Engineer by Shelley J Alongi It always gets better from here. Always. Engineers. Switch keys. Bags. a new bridge inspection. Psychology. It always gets better from here. [2,930 words] [Relationships] (HITS 342, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: The Bravest Engineer Of Them All by Shelley J Alongi Kitties and keys. And, oh, what a relief! [2,544 words] [Relationships] (HITS 389, REVS. 0)
Can Marriage Really Be Defined? by Nicholas Okumu Marriage may need to be re-defined [338 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1655, REVS. 0)
The Danger Of Cults And Cult Leaders by Sylvia Sun Sol Essay on the danger of Cults and cult leaders. [3,309 words] [Crime] (HITS 490, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Slow Order Freights by Shelley J Alongi Protests, flange bite, all this between freights. [2,815 words] [Relationships] (HITS 359, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Engineer Birthday Wishes by Shelley J Alongi Another birthday at th efullerton station. what fun! [3,275 words] [Relationships] (HITS 797, REVS. 0)
Conversations With Glenn: Friendly Engineer by Shelley J Alongi Almost perfect. No birds. no blue tooth. He's always worth the wait. Always. [2,554 words] [Relationships] (HITS 372, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Private Railroad by Shelley J Alongi Communion with the locomotive, meeting he extra, threatened with my own bells, and missing my engineer. Does it get any better than this? [4,369 words] [Relationships] (HITS 433, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Engineer Numbers by Shelley J Alongi All my engineers. All my numbers. [2,347 words] [Relationships] (HITS 359, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Railroad Groupy by Shelley J Alongi four engineers, one conductor, a couple of people I know. The Fullerton engineer girl has turned into a rialroad groupy. [2,889 words] [Relationships] (HITS 390, REVS. 0)
The Recipe by Ryan Landry This is a short essay that describes some of the qualities that are needed in order to be a successful employee at a small business. [731 words] [Business] (HITS 1416, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Convincing The Engineer by Shelley J Alongi I meet them all along my railroad journey and they're all important. [2,933 words] [Relationships] (HITS 364, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: A Hundred Engineers by Shelley J Alongi Sadness, engineer laughter, new information, new names, stories, and it's all Janice's fault. Hope all is well. [3,675 words] [Relationships] (HITS 397, REVS. 0)
Drawing Upon Examples Of Depository And Non-Depository Institutions, Explain The Process Of Financial Intermediation And Its Importance In The Provision Of Liquidity In The Financial System by Abhijeet Singh Drawing upon examples of depository and non-depository institutions, explain the process of financial intermediation and its importance in the provision of liquidity in the financial system Ever... [1,916 words] [Business] (HITS 1932, REVS. 0)
Whose God Is Greater? by Cedric McClester Whose God Is Greater? was inspired by the politically tinged bruhaha over a woman's reproductive rights as spelled out in the new Health Care law. [613 words] (HITS 2109, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Engineer Vacation by Shelley J Alongi Tehachapi, engineer friends, and still his best station girl. [2,814 words] [Relationships] (HITS 401, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Brave Engineer by Shelley J Alongi Can you figure out who you are? Brave engineer, opinions, love, guilty pleasure, but no guilt, only pleasure. Lineup! [1,745 words] (HITS 406, REVS. 0)
Thoughts On My Dad by Bethany J Hargrove Just some thoughts as to why my dad refused to believe about the emotional abuse. Don't worry, it's not happening anymore. [254 words] [Relationships] (HITS 1947, REVS. 1)
Thoughts On Idiots by Bethany J Hargrove Just some thoughts of mine I thought others might find funny/interesting. [78 words] [Mind] (HITS 1684, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Taking It From The Engineer by Shelley J Alongi wow you're going to love this one! From the patio to this! Shelley's railroad milestone for sure. [4,478 words] [Relationships] (HITS 432, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Name That Train by Shelley J Alongi New Year's Eve 2011, Fullerton style. [2,939 words] [Relationships] (HITS 382, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Engineer Questions by Shelley J Alongi Questions, back to the Chatsworth drawing board, the baby is back, rain, offending food, and love. And the bestest engineer, ever! [2,792 words] [Relationships] (HITS 396, REVS. 0)
Leninism Or Stalinism? by Alexander Gachikus Both Trotskyism and Stalinism are vulgarizations of Leninism [988 words] [Publishing] (HITS 4616, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains: Quality Engineer by Shelley J Alongi Twenty locomotive engineers. Count them! [3,175 words] [Relationships] (HITS 413, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains Catching The Right One by Shelley J Alongi Tonight it might be as much about the right train as it is about the right engineer. I caught the right one. [2,834 words] [Relationships] (HITS 374, REVS. 0)
Are We There Yet? by Richard Koss An essay I never thought I'd have to write followed by a question I never thought I would have to ask. [1,013 words] (HITS 2237, REVS. 1)
She Likes Trains: Slow Engineer by Shelley J Alongi The man from the orange trains, love calls, waking the sleeping engineer, locomotives, and the cat. It's all about trains. [4,025 words] [Relationships] (HITS 516, REVS. 0)
She Likes Trains Railroad Journeys by Shelley J Alongi How we got here, where are we going, all my journeys, and teasing, but this time, not me! [4,107 words] [Relationships] (HITS 394, REVS. 0)
Proving God By Consensus by Robert Levin My Problem with the Religious Right [977 words] [Psychology] (HITS 2646, REVS. 0)
Forgotten Names Of Comintern by Alexander Gachikus - [5,006 words] [Publishing] (HITS 450, REVS. 0)
Charlie Post. The Labor Aristocracy Myth by Alexander Gachikus If the theory of labor aristocracy is a �myth�, why become necessary for Post to refute it 85 years later? The rise of topicality of this theory already says that it is not �myth� [5,078 words] [Publishing] (HITS 631, REVS. 0)
Baptism Testimony by Desi Williams - [901 words] (HITS 2583, REVS. 0)

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