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Ze Zen Ta Continue
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Behind Calvert Cliffs by P D Addio - [18,734 words]

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Ze Zen Ta Continue
[545 words]
Science Fiction
E Rocco Caldwell

[April 2005]
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Ze Zen Ta (The Way Of The Thinking Fist) (Short Stories) First part of a potential novel. [692 words] [Science Fiction]
Ze Zen Ta Continue
E Rocco Caldwell

Mister Shinjuku moved aware of everything around him; the jade figurines and ivory Buddha, the carpet and the scent of the burning incense. Clark couldn't ignore the mandarin spice incense smoldering in the tiny cedar brass inlay box position perfectly in the center of the ebony round coffee table. Shinjuku was very handsome from his strong narrow body to his black eyes. His black hair was in a ponytail tied with to leather straps and his well developed chest expose from the silk black kimono. He held a cellular phone to his right ear. It was one of the sophisticated models the size of a computer mouse. The Tokyo night provided him the background as he traveled in front of the large window of the living room. Before he stopped moving he finished his conversation and placed the cellular phone on the ebony table beside the burning incense.
"Few could have foreseen the tenacity of the Iraqi people and their unwillingness to succumb to the military and political influence of the United States. The insurgency has grown though not exponentially, consistently indicating a deep resentment to the occupiers. The dead toll of US troops thirty thousand," Shinjuku said as he faced Tokyo.

"I don't keep up on that situation much any more. Most Americans don't," Clark answered Shinjuku. The oriental managed a quaint grin through his thin lips.

A silence crept into the expensive penthouse settling in the corners, on the luxurious furnishings eventually forming an invisible barrier. The silence made Clark uneasy as he stood still in the foyer of the penthouse. His luggage weighting into his shoulder sockets.

"The Tokyo police are looking into the murder of your countryman. That must have been ghastly finding him the way you said you did." Shinjuku's shoulders sagged just before he turned to face Clark. In the bright lighting of several lamps Clark could see a tinge of age in the man's face. Clark had panicked on that street and the only clear thought in his head was Shinjuku's personal telephone number. "But you do realize the hate many have towards Americans?"

"That is kind of you to take a personal interest, Mister Shinjuku." Clark ignored that question. Of course he knew.

"Kindness is a rarity in these days, Mister Arquette. Everything is tied to a price of some sort." A smile worked quickly through his thin lips. "So we now come to the reason why I so kindly brought you here to Tokyo." His head moved up and down when he looked at the woman standing beside Clark. She had been a statute during the entire conversation her eyes locked intensely on Clark as if a tiger ready to pounce on its prey.

"Clark Arquette, American born and Bronze medallist in the 2012 Olympics," she said as if she read it from inside her head.

"I broke my hand," Clark interjected. The woman, annoyed by the interruption, continued.

"Unemployed with a debt amassing fifty-two thousand American dollars," she said. She marched over to Shinjuku and handed him the envelope she had been holding.
Something about her actions made Clark recall a debate he had with a community college professor concerning what he had was an ingrown mechanism!



"Hiya, Rocco. Long time, no see. I see your'e hanging in there, just like me. Catch ya later. Doc" -- david brian , vincennes , usa, ind..


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