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You're The Boss
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5150 by Jonathon Brannon - [162 words]

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You're The Boss
could be about an abusive relationship. actually about my best friend
[169 words]
[March 2012]
Above The Clouds (Songs) A fantasy that didn't work out. [185 words]
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Goodbye (For Good) (Songs) Today someone picked a clutch of people from the classroom to go up with her to lunch. As they were walking out one of them turned to me and said 'Bye.' [166 words]
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Unnaturalism (Songs) Another one I wish I could say [248 words]
What I'd Say 2 U (Songs) Sometimes when I talk to my friend on chat I'd love to tell her how I really feel. For various reasons, I can't. [152 words]
You're The Boss

Go away or stay if you want to
Honestly what does that mean
Iíd rather you leave but tag on if you must
Donít touch me youíre such a scrape
Yo homie come climb up on my lap
Oooh that feels good God why you grow up so fast

Abuse I donít care just so long as youíre there
Iíll snap myself in two with one more bend
Humiliation Iíll take it, degradation Iíll fake it
I just need a friend

Come here baby Iíll make it better
Sheís the one whoís hurting you
You butt out did anyone here say they wanted you

Locked in the dark I can handle if you hand me a candle
Iím in no position for bargaining
You can smash out my light cos Iím too tired to fight
Right now Iíll take anything

Then you go and say the words
The only ones that hurt
I thought I was past the pain
Til this is what I heard
Wow look at that girl with the ribbon skirt
I wish sheíd notice me
Itís just luck I guess
That her best friend
Just happened to be



"wow thats amazing.. I just saw her.. at The Great Escape" -- Luke, USA.


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