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Yet Another Ending
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Friendship by Cheech M Minniear - [48 words]
Dear Valentine by Patrick Fell Valentines Day poem to a girl I like. [171 words]
Blizzard by Jaz Pesold Looking up through a camera from my back porch during a snowstorm. [51 words]
A Lost Love Is Hard To Find by R Duncan This is about a broken heart, trying to find it's lost love. [109 words]
You're Part Of That Universe by Patty Juliano A poem for anyone who's lost someone they love [174 words]
You Know I'm True by Angel Of Hope - [213 words]
Words Mean Nothing by Angel Of Hope - [94 words]
With Your Family by Angel Of Hope - [31 words]
Willy Bocain by Patty Juliano An outlaw cowboy meets his fate. [271 words]
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Santa Call Tonight by Mark Badams This is my attampt to get an actual Christmas song to Christmas number one, if I could get i... [183 words]
Rosie by Angel Of Hope - [92 words]
Poem For Poet's Sake by T J Rintoull A poem about the poet - striking out westward in search of something new. [99 words]
Pencil, Scissor, Or Razor by Angel Of Hope I wonder what emo kids feel... They just want love, right??? [130 words]
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Nothing-Angel Of Hope by Angel Of Hope - [63 words]
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Just Another Day by Emuobosa Akpodono Check this out..."What wrong have I wronged in wronging you?" [127 words]
Joe by Angel Of Hope - [104 words]
James by Angel Of Hope - [94 words]
It's Not About Love by Angel Of Hope - [70 words]
In The Shadows Of Wisdom by Emuobosa Akpodono Most times, one has to look deeply inward to tell the true situation of things... [49 words]
I Think I Die by Emuobosa Akpodono Ever been depressed? [102 words]
I Love You by Angel Of Hope - [202 words]
How It Feels To Love You by Angel Of Hope - [117 words]
Harsh Rose by Tomi Rodriguez - [43 words]
Goodbye Auntie by Tomi Rodriguez - [103 words]
Girly Brother by Angel Of Hope I love my sister. [90 words]
During Any Confession by Angel Of Hope - [140 words]
Dry Up All My Tears by Angel Of Hope A mother sacrifices her life to prove she loves her daughter. [415 words]
Drugs, Drugs by Angel Of Hope FYI: I have never done drugs before. I'm just basing this poem off of a book I read. [77 words]
Deadly, Dangerous Deal by Angel Of Hope - [119 words]
Criminal by Angel Of Hope - [145 words]
Christmas Isn't About The Gifts by Randy Johnson - [62 words]
Borrowing My Laughter by Angel Of Hope - [208 words]
Beauty Of Love by Misganaw Chekole - [63 words]
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Baby Honey Sweetheart by Angel Of Hope - [140 words]
Attack by Angel Of Hope - [40 words]
Anywhere The Wind Blows by Patrick Fell Just a short poem about moving on. [81 words]
A Stroll In Glory by Tomi Rodriguez - [47 words]
A 2nd Poem About Anthony Ainley by Randy Johnson DEDICATED TO ANTHONY AINLEY WHO DIED MAY 3, 2004. [88 words]

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Yet Another Ending
more like a letter than a poem... an ending of a sexual friendship with an ex... an ex that's hard to let go of, yet seems to know how to break a girls heart time and time again.. so it's my turn to do the breaking while i have the will power to do so... he's not a bad guy .. just makes a better friend than a boyfriend... who just so happens to be good in the sack.. and oh i'm blabbing 'oops'
[206 words]
Carla Thomson
hello everyone, i hope that you like my work.. i'm a 19 year old girl who uses writing as an outlet.. some of my work isn't the best but there's a few pieces out there worth reading.. i started writing these posts when i was 14.. and i haven't taken the time to weed out really anything that's a little dull.. well anyways.. hope you enjoy what you do read
*Smiles* always,
[January 2009]
[email protected]
A Card For My Love (Poetry) Ok... this isn't a card I sent to anyone... and no one sent this to me... i wrote this for my art class and I thought it was good enough to post,,, so what do you think? [92 words]
A Fleck Of Sand (Poetry) - [115 words]
A Letter To You (Poetry) It's a letter to the only guy I've ever loved. it's letting him know how I feel, an opology, and letting him know that I've changed.... well read the thing... what do get out of it?... i never did sen... [232 words]
A Place In My Memories (Poetry) - [84 words]
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Can't Get Away (Poetry) - [78 words]
Class After Lunch (Poetry) - [134 words]
Confused (Poetry) - [19 words]
Congratulations (Poetry) I wrote this for an art project at school... we have to make 3-4 card and this was one of them.. hope you like it... and I hope my teacher does too...lol. [55 words]
Crying At Night (Poetry) - [62 words]
Cute Little Kids (Poetry) - [63 words]
Dad (Poetry) This poem is about my dad, and how he let my step-mom take over. My brother and I moved out after having to dealing with 4 1/2 years of her of her bullshit. And I pray to god that she doesn't treat Ta... [126 words]
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Do I? (Poetry) - [102 words]
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Looking Back At You (Poetry) This is about a person that I spent a lot of time with last summer. i don't think that the title really fits this poem.. but it's gunna have to do until I think of somethink else. [141 words]
Matthew (Poetry) Well you know who you are.. lol i just read your poem... I thought you'd like a poem more than a review... you write for me so just thought I could write a little something for you... it's a I had tro... [122 words]
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Tk (Poetry) - [204 words]
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Yet Another Ending
Carla Thomson

In my mind I know I need to tell you
But I don't know if I can
I'm just afraid to leave this chapter behind me
But I know my heart needs something new
You'll always be a friend to me
No matter how strange we become
I just don't know how to bring this about
There's just that little part of me that likes this rut we've found
But holding on to this thing we have is just a silly thing to do
When I'm with you I'm just stuck with my feet in the ground
I know I'm going nowhere
And the sooner I end this; the less trouble I know it'll bring
I just know I'll miss those late nights with you
We've had a good time
But this is the end of our late night good nights
I'm sorry if I've let you down
You're just not what my heart needs
You're what I know to be my bad habit
Something so good to me yet so bad for my soul
My love and my hate are things you have shown me
I think you know how large of a step this is for me
And how hard it is to let us go
It's time for the search of something greater
Something full to feed my heart
Something I know neither of us is receiving



"This is my warm cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace I like it as its not quite a poem but brings out great texture to the storyline and shows character in you. It's like a poem-story ya read in Barnes and Noble or a' Movie treatment where ya draw the audience and they all want to taste that chocolate and relax in those cool seats. ha" -- Matthew Mark@, USA.


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January 2009

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