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Wild Apples - 8 New Poems
Wild Apples, The Pterodactyl, Go Home Don Quixote, Mauve Her Eye, Where Shall We Meet?, 3 more
[464 words]
Charles Turner
[November 2012]
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Wild Apples - 8 New Poems
Charles Turner

1. The Pterodactyl

The pterodactyl 
Can be rather docile;
A quiet contemplater is he.
Wise pterodactyl;
He lives on his rock pile,
Shunning bustle and community;
Polishing his claws,
Humming without pause,
Often slipping into dormancy.

The pterodactyl
Is wholly without guile;
A solitary wisher is he.
Round pterodactyl,
Fat his chosen life style;
A monumental fisher is he.
Allows men to breathe ;
They taste most un-fishlike, you see.

2.Go Home, Don Quixote

Don Quixote`s in the parlor
Stiffly in his armor
He doesn`t want your tea
Says he vainly fought some giants
But has no complaints
"It was a day`s work for me"
I told him, "Crazy little punk
You`re a fool for all that spunk
Why not go home, you`re tired now
That lame old horse is dying
And Sancho Panza`s crying
Please release me from my vow"

Don Quixote Donkeyxote
de la Mancha
Tired of your mantra
Go on home Don Quixote

All the world is a minefield
And you`re going to have to yield
Go along now take to your bed
You don`t know cows from great monsters
Citadels from dumpsters
Your impossible dreams have fled
Dulcinea the simpleton
Has reduced you to a crumb
And your lance has become a crutch
I know you`re a pious man
But you`ve stood your final stand
You`re like a van without a clutch

Don Quixote Donkeyxote
de la Mancha
Tired of your mantra
Go on home Don Quixote

3.Mauve Her Eye

Mauve her eye,
In the silver silicon morn.
Dons her bra,
One cup at a time; cosmos torn. In the silver silicon morn. Dons her bra, One cup at a time; cosmos torn.

4. do not try young muffins

do not try young muffins
to peel dedalus from the sun
plow yon surf furrow ye soil
weep not nor stretch the gate
wend ye home in darkness
weary be weary sleep

5. i love the crabs

i love the crabs 
they dawdle so 
with the boney abs 
body swung low 
the eats they grabs 
held up just so 
stuffed in jabs 
and then they go

6. Where shall We Meet?

Where shall we meet On the vagabond street
Or in the hills of clay?
How shall we greet 
Reserved or dancing feet 
Sniff ass and drift away?
Union replete 
With onions too sweet 
To sting your eyes of gray?
Should we repeat 
Or enter the discreet 
Roll of night against day?
Remember fleet 
Are the dents on your sheet 
Love is a yes away

7. i greet the day

i greet the day 
as time comes strolling in 
on feet of gray 
and the sun's old bald head 
throws beams my way 
so slick n shiny 'tis 
new sky leaks dew 
wet shoes in fields of grass 
a block then two 
brings me to the hill i love 
as the sky turns blue 
my spirit soars with the birds 
8. wild apples
rattle down dusty roads 
canvass water bags 
mama stops digs her toes 
grips a limb and snags 
wild apples 

1944 and 45 
good years for little boys to be alive 

california coast 
to the orange groves 
of lindsay migrant gho
family that roves  wild apples


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November 2012

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