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Usui Reiki - A Spiritual Energy In Motion
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Usui Reiki - A Spiritual Energy In Motion
Provides information about a Spiritual energy that comes from God thus, considered sacred and theonomous. Reiki was rediscovered in the late 1800's by a Japanese Christian Scholar, Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki has made a profound impact on many people worldwide who look to complementary, spiritual modalities for certain projects and needs.
[673 words]
Reverend Dr Lance
THE REVEREND DR. LANCE is an Ordained Minister and a Christian. His ministry is Light of Christ Internet Ministries. The practice of laying-on of hands (to include Reiki) is part of his religious ministry and spirituality. He is a world-renowned Spiritual Coach, Author, and Teacher. He is a Certified Reiki Instructor holding all three Reiki Degrees in The Usui System (Usui Shiki Ryoho), and while remaining an independent Instructor, he prefers to teach in a more Traditional manner. *Graduated from American College OMT with a Ph.D. in RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, signed by the Chancellor of this nonsectarian religious Non-Profit educational institution after having studied, completed coursework and submitted his doctoral thesis to the college. *Awarded a Doctorate in Divinity by a church also has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and the titles Healing Minister; Christian Clerical Teacher. *A.A.P. Certificate and Diploma in Parapsychology after studies and examination. *Earned the designation of IAPLT Certified Psychic Counselor after studies and examination. *Research work in areas of interest to include the Afterlife; Author of many articles on Reiki and Spiritual/Religious subjects. He is sought after by world-wide enquirers on Spirituality. *Received Certificate in Feng Shui after studying for two and a half years and submitting examinations with each lesson. *Received the title Certified Holistic Life Coach after studying and taking his exams. Dr. Lance honors God for the wonderful gifts He has bestowed upon us and is ever-thankful to be of humble service.
[September 2013]
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Usui Reiki - A Spiritual Energy In Motion
Reverend Dr Lance

In the late 1800's, a Japanese scholar named Dr. Mikao Usui, rediscovered Reiki (pronounced "Ray-Key") which is done with a very light laying-on-of-hands. It does not use any manipulation of skin or tissue as does massage nor does it use oils or lotions on the body and the recipient is not asked to remove their clothes except, perhaps, for the shoes. Reiki can also be done without hand contact by holding the hands a few inches from the body or by absentia (distant energy work). Reiki had laid dormant for at least a couple of millenniums. Dr. Usui had a great spiritual experience on Mt. Kuri Yama, in Japan, during his quest to answer one of his student's questions on how Jesus Christ healed. He immediately resigned from the Christian school where he was teaching to go out and find the answer to his student's question.

Dr. Usui's experience led him to study in America and elsewhere searching for the keys to healing. Once he had found those keys he was told by spirit to embrace them, to remember them and never forget them and to not allow them to ever become lost again. One of the two Grandmasters Dr. Usui made, Rev. Mrs. Hawayo Takata, from Hawaii, is credited with bringing Reiki to The West. She initiated twenty-two Reiki Masters some of whom are alive today. Reiki has taken off with leaps and bounds worldwide. People from virtually every profession have learned Reiki and some even teach it. Clergy, priests, nuns, sisters, doctors, scientists as well as many non-professionals now know how important Reiki energy is and have learned how to use it. Many hospitals are now also using Reiki.
There are some in the world today who unfortunately, do not wish to see the truth in Reiki's benevolence. They, like some others who are misinformed, are however ready to condemn that which they do not understand. This obviously leads me to believe that we have to do a better job in raising a higher level of awareness of the theonomous nature of Reiki.

Dr. Usui gave us Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki.

1. Just For Today, Do Not Worry.
2. Just For Today, Do Not Anger.
3. Honor Your Parents, Teachers and Elders.
4. Make Your Living Honestly.
5. Show Gratitude to Every Living Thing.
These are truly profound teachings to embrace and follow daily. In Reiki, the Master or practitioner serves merely as a 'channel' for the energy that is brought forward by God to the recipient. They do not use their own energy that is limited and which obviously could not effect the sometimes transformative and dramatic effects of Reiki. As such, the Master or practitioner cannot guarantee results as all depends upon The Holy Spirit who controls Reiki energy. Reiki is not the practice of medicine and anyone with an illness or medical condition is well advised to seek the attention of a licensed medical doctor or licensed health professional. Reiki is not based upon belief in its own unique power since its power is derived from God.
As we move forward in time, Reiki will inevitably be with us more and more. Today, many books have been written on Reiki and quite a few Reiki systems have been created branching off with their own unique history, lineages and techniques. Reiki is not difficult to learn but does require an initiation or attunement to the energy by a qualified, certified Reiki Master-Teacher. That is how Reiki is passed from Master to student in the spiritual lineage leading back to Dr. Usui.
As Reiki expands, we will see new and exciting uses for it and more creative means for sharing this precious, benevolent God-based energy worldwide. As a Reiki Instructor, it is my profound hope that all who are called by God to do this most special and important work will embrace a world in dire need with the opportunity that working with God's energy can bring to all concerned.
Copyright 2008-2013 Reverend Dr. Lance
All rights reserved.



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