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Watching.(Poem) by Terry Collett - [152 words]
Waiting For Words. by Terry Collett - [132 words]
Waiting For Hubby. by Terry Collett - [458 words]
The Positive Energy by Angel Of Hope - [191 words]
The Parents. by Terry Collett - [280 words]
The Day You Left by Andrews - [73 words]
Suddenly It Is. by Terry Collett - [242 words]
Spying On Mother. by Terry Collett - [230 words]
Silence Of Rooms. by Terry Collett - [173 words]
Remembers Him. by Terry Collett - [346 words]
Rejected Train. by Terry Collett - [298 words]
Our Helplessness by Angel Of Hope - [165 words]
Only See So Far. by Terry Collett - [280 words]
One Star by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
On Harlow. by Terry Collett - [132 words]
No Pitter Patter by Terry Collett - [195 words]
New Ballgame. by Terry Collett - [141 words]
Nadya Used To. by Terry Collett - [213 words]
Max's House. by Terry Collett - [227 words]
Lonely In Maplewood. by Terry Collett - [280 words]
Let It Be Me. by Terry Collett - [216 words]
Laundromat Guy. by Terry Collett - [223 words]
Just Because Mother. by Terry Collett - [253 words]
Jacuzzi Love by Lamar Cole - [10 words]
Hush Hush Hits. by Terry Collett - [140 words]
Holocaust Park. by Terry Collett - [162 words]
His Wife Said. by Terry Collett - [284 words]
Here It Is It Is Time To Say The Words by Andrews - [124 words]
Grandmother's Corset. by Terry Collett - [212 words]
Graceland by Lamar Cole - [57 words]
Fred And Ginger by Lamar Cole - [67 words]
Fireplace by Lamar Cole - [18 words]
Dreams Cost Nothing. by Terry Collett - [153 words]
Doors To Be Hit By. by Terry Collett - [147 words]
Doo Doo Doo I Love You by Lost Pieces How you know you love someone but dont know how to express it. [81 words]
Don't You. (Strong Language) by Terry Collett - [199 words]
Dominoes In Mike's Confusion by Angel Of Hope - [211 words]
Cool Love Calls by Lamar Cole - [19 words]
Controlled By Music by Angel Of Hope - [192 words]
Coin Box. by Terry Collett - [152 words]
Camaro Z28 by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Books Are Like.... by Andree M Castillo relates books with other things [172 words]
Being You. by Terry Collett - [141 words]
Baby Nights by Terry Collett - [239 words]
Baby Cry. by Terry Collett - [148 words]
Awww by Lost Pieces About what we would go through to help. [24 words]
Asylum Museum. by Terry Collett - [204 words]
As He Watches. by Terry Collett - [212 words]
Ajanta's Dream. by Terry Collett - [300 words]
A Dull Grey Sky by Terry Collett - [267 words]
Without Me (Who Am I?) by Lost Pieces A battle with shoulder imaginations. [85 words]
When You Smile (It Means Everything To Me) by Lost Pieces - [35 words]
What's Not Said. by Terry Collett - [214 words]
What Makes The Day. by Terry Collett - [212 words]
Warm Kisses by Lost Pieces - [63 words]
They Still Pretend. by Terry Collett - [216 words]
The Senorita. by Terry Collett - [131 words]
The Same Game. by Terry Collett - [146 words]
The Coward That Lies Behind The Disguise. by Veronica Habib - [410 words]
Tasty by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Speaking To Tennyson. by Terry Collett - [458 words]
Speakeasy by Terry Collett - [231 words]
Some People.(Poem) by Terry Collett - [204 words]
So Many Years. by Terry Collett - [244 words]
Sleep To Dream. by Terry Collett - [100 words]
Sit & Wait. by Terry Collett - [211 words]
Room Of Your Own. by Terry Collett - [307 words]
Raindrops Of Love by Lamar Cole - [57 words]
Rain Date. by Terry Collett - [288 words]
Pledge This America by Katherine Smith - [98 words]
Photo Take. by Terry Collett - [170 words]
Now I Know What It Feels To Be Alone by Veronica Habib - [279 words]
Notion Of Not Being. by Terry Collett - [334 words]
Not My Time by Lost Pieces A death told in two voices [106 words]
My Strength by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
My Love For You Will Never Be Another Sweet Memory by Veronica Habib - [41 words]
Mr Engels. by Terry Collett - [267 words]
Max Watching. by Terry Collett - [189 words]
Lost And Found Goodbyes by Lost Pieces A poem with a message. [57 words]
Lost And Found Goodbyes: Part 2 by Lost Pieces A poem with a message. [66 words]
Let Me Feel This Anger by Veronica Habib - [97 words]
Leave Me Hate Me Abandon Me by Veronica Habib - [159 words]
Kiss Your Tears by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
It's Lonely by Brianna Lashae Williams comment [191 words]
Image Is Everything. by Terry Collett - [136 words]
Henry Looks by Terry Collett - [161 words]
From A Deep Sleep. by Terry Collett - [221 words]
For You, My Love: The Story Of Jake by Lost Pieces Well, the guy im writing abouts name isnt really jake but..... I didnt wan... [64 words]
For The Poem. by Terry Collett - [88 words]
Fireplace Tales Of Dreading Purple by Mikayla L Wilbarger This poem is asking about reality and if people think that its really shocki... [87 words]
Even In Sleep by Terry Collett - [99 words]
Dimples by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Death Trucks. by Terry Collett - [110 words]
Dame On A Hot Roof. by Terry Collett - [255 words]
Could Have Stayed. by Terry Collett - [140 words]
Cold Blooded Murder by Lost Pieces About a girl witnessing a murder. [80 words]
Closure by Lost Pieces Its about wanting to be let free [59 words]
Bukowski Comes. by Terry Collett - [124 words]
Because I Had To by Lost Pieces I had to turn down a boy that I have always liked. This is how it went. [84 words]
After Kill. by Terry Collett - [189 words]
A Broken Man by Mike Piotrowski A little depressing, but for those who enjoy feeling a little blue, hope you like it! Cheers, -M... [74 words]

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Bring me home
[66 words]
R Bennett Okerstrom
A collection of my work from circa 1995 to the present. Some dark and deep, others bright and cheerful.
[December 2014]
Asylum Of My Soul (Poetry) Nowhere to go. [36 words]
Blanket Of Trust (Poetry) Take my secret to your grave [59 words]
Blood Game (Songs) A lyrical taste of the hunt created solely for a friend's upcoming novel. [139 words] [Horror]
Broken Halo (Songs) An angel falls from her sky [182 words]
Bryna (Poetry) Saying goodbye to my mom [131 words]
Columbian Necktie (Songs) When you've said one too many things to piss someone off...someone writes a heavy metal song about you. [99 words] [Horror]
Dark Wave (Poetry) Exorcising demons of the past [113 words]
Deliverance (Poetry) Lingering thoughts and images of something I cannot recall. [97 words]
Denial (Poetry) Forbidden love [191 words]
Downtown: Coney Island Footlong (Poetry) Part four of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [635 words]
Downtown: Do You Have A Quarter? (Poetry) Part one of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [315 words]
Downtown: Mr. O.D.C. Preacher (Poetry) Part three of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [261 words]
Downtown: One Eye (Poetry) Part two of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [223 words]
Dreamscape: The Thirst (Poetry) It even happens in your dreams. [77 words]
Echoes In My Head (Poetry) Laying in bed on December 24th. [61 words] [Drama]
Eternal Desire (Poetry) A vampire will stop at nothing to claim his bride and grant her immortality. [84 words]
Ever And Ever (Songs) Just another heavy guitar and deep baseline type of song on the subject of immortality. [127 words]
Faceless (Songs) The rise to the top can end abruptly. [116 words]
Feels Like Forever (Poetry) Sometimes you miss someone, if even for a day, and it feels like forever. [66 words] [Romance]
Here Alone (Songs) Sometimes you never see it coming [104 words]
I Keep On Falling For You (Songs) Just found it and others in a folder tagged "1993 Work" [142 words]
I Need (Poetry) This is a song about never really knowing what you had until it's gone. [124 words]
I Own You (Poetry) Never forget that I own you. [88 words]
Imperfection (Poetry) - [62 words]
In Your Dreams (Poetry) - [71 words]
Infidelity (Poetry) When a husband ignores his wife, a marriage will crumble and the wife will stray... [98 words]
Influence (Poetry) How influential can a demon of the night be? [218 words]
Losing Battle (Poetry) Prepare for sin. [109 words]
Lost Without You (Songs) More from the "1993 Work" folder. [179 words]
Mended Heart (Poetry) - [90 words]
Never Regret What Makes You Smile (Poetry) When two people want to be together and they aren't. [94 words] [Relationships]
New Beginning (Poetry) - [93 words]
Nobody Likes You (Songs) How does it feel to be the person that has everything but friends? [170 words]
Nothing (Poetry) - [77 words]
Progressive Silence (Poetry) Sometimes there is no sound. Starting over never works. [79 words]
R.A.O. (Poetry) Saying goodbye to my Dad [79 words]
Remember (To Remind Me) (Songs) Punkish song. [103 words]
Saddam Hussein (Poetry) I was bored. Therefore I write. [39 words]
Sanguinary (Poetry) The blood continues to flow in this experimental preface followed by poetry. [128 words] [Horror]
Seed (Poetry) Are eight lines enough? [44 words]
Shattered Dream (Poetry) The result of betrayal by one's best friend and one's girlfriend. [141 words]
Shut Your Mouth (Songs) Sometimes you just need to shut your mouth! [92 words]
Six (Poetry) What would you do with only six days? [68 words]
Someone Like You (Poetry) - [74 words]
Sounds Of A Summer Countryside (Poetry) - [113 words]
Standing On The Edge Of Depression (Poetry) Self-worth, self-pity and self-confidence. [137 words]
Storymania (Poetry) What is Storymania? [97 words]
Temporary Dreams (Poetry) - [36 words]
The Din (Poetry) 42 strong words. [42 words]
The Embrace (Poetry) A newly born vampire's first taste. [90 words]
The Voice (Poetry) Evil whispers across the wind. [127 words]
Theend (Songs) It's the end of this relationship. [106 words]
To Be Alone (Songs) I'd rather be alone than trapped. [106 words]
Unbridled Fury: The Battle To Breathe (Essays) Subconscious thought... [685 words]
Unbridled Fury: The Subconscious (Essays) Subconscious thought... [365 words]
Unflowing (Poetry) - [62 words]
Untitled -- 1989 (Poetry) As taken from "Disintegration". [96 words]
Us (Poetry) - [182 words]
Wake Of Destruction (Songs) You can run, but you cannot outrun fate. [112 words]
We Are Right (Poetry) You should always fight for what’s right in life and in love. [113 words] [Romance]
Witch Hunt (Poetry) Defeating the evil that takes away life is more difficult than it seems. [165 words] [Horror]
(I See) The Light (Poetry) Can you see the light? [98 words]
(It's Time To) Cut The Cord (Songs) There comes a time when you just need to cut the cord [131 words]
R Bennett Okerstrom

I stand before the imagery
That has haunted me
For eternity.
I have gazed
Beyond the shadows
Beyond the shackles
Holding me to this life.
Keeping me alive
Eating me inside
Everything that I've loved
Everything that I need.
This hallowed ground
No longer pure
Screams of pain.
Dead souls in vain
Surrounding me
As I lie here dying
For something
That isn't really there.
Give me the only thing
To make me clean.
Release me
From your sacred grip.
I'm coming home.




"WOW! Great piece, I love it! I can really feel the darkness in this. Its great to see some new writing from you! What a treat! Thanks RB!" -- JM.


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