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Trading Souls
A poem about the events of 9/11.
[1,176 words]
C Simnitt
[April 2009]
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Trading Souls
C Simnitt

A clear blue morning, that September day
Whisps of clouds across the bay
A bustling life, people on their way
Things to do and things to say

A day that too soon will be gone
As passengers and demons are boarding on
The last mortal flight they’ll ever know
Their chariots rise to the horizon’s glow
Mighty thrust, away they go
To become a history the world will know

Climbing into sky, the command is breached
A crew of five demons have left their seats
Blood is spilled, with warlike cries
A burst of horror in innocent eyes
Unknown to the souls in the chariots on the wind
The plan to take thrice more, is about to begin

In the commander’s loft, control is lost
The souls in the aft shall bear the cost
For a hate crime to come in heinous treachery
No God would approve what the world will see

Climbing and turning, twisting and curving
The chariot speeds on
The demons are laughing, the innocent sadly
Face the truth beyond

The demons, they speak in foreign tongue
Their lies give no comfort, to anyone
The mission they do, from Satan himself
Conjured straight, from the bowels of hell

Jet engines wail, the ground too close
Pray to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
The souls in the aft, come to realize
Their lives were cut short, with great despise
The coward by whose hand, their souls are released
In flame and fire forever, shall be devoured by the beast
As the people on the ground look above and wrench
Amid the flames and smoke, the innocent ascend


Across the land a cry has gone out
Warriors scramble as the word gets out
Mighty machines, their engines scream
Some to the sky and some to the scene
Follow smoke bleeding across the land
To a place of death, their final stand

The fiery smoke, the dust, and the debris
Drops a veil on the wounded New City
Screams of pain and agony can’t dull the disbelief
The warriors race through turmoil in the panic ridden streets
In the tower, through the smoke, the warriors must climb
While miles away another warrior, his bogey cannot find

The call comes in, a lost chariot again, crew is not responding
Pushing throttles to max, as gravity attacks, he goes supersonic
With orders to engage, still so far away, can he make it in time
Will his heart even allow, the chariot to go down, the trigger on his mind

His heart is racing, anticipating
The question burns on
A blip on the radar, has this gone too far
“Can I fire my guns???”

On 175, the stress grows inside
The lambs become aware
Too late to make a stand, but to grab for God’s hand
For that they must prepare


The temples are on fire
And the skyline in a haze
The flames are much too high
For warriors to fight the blaze

The innocent that are trapped
On those burning floors
Become accepting of the fact
To knock on heaven’s door

For those in the worst, their peace is made within
A victim they are not, the choice is made by them
To fly once more, the last step many took
By their own hand, they are written in the book
A slave to a coward’s actions, they will not be
But a conqueror of evil, for eternity

Many miles away, on that day, another tale is being written
As a chariot is flown, to the nation’s capital, a sinister plan takes fruition
As the events foresaid, another act of dread, has left death in the air
Another chariot has crashed, bodies turned to ash, and lives left in despair


Back in the New City
The fires are still alight
As warriors rush into the battle
The temples are burning bright

Human bombs are falling all around
In stairways, echoes the sound
Of the brave hearted warriors lust
To bring rescue, to the clouds

What horrible deed, what horrible fate
Has befell the New City, on this day
A coward’s roar or God’s remorse
For our sin, a price to pay

A world of fire, heat, and fear
Amidst a clear blue sky
Four demons riding on the air
Play God with so many lives

As the dust and panic surrounds the chosen
Upward still they climb
A building made for glory of men
A holy light, is their guide
As the world starts falling around them
Their duty will not be denied
Choking from heat and sadness
The temple emits a cry


Amidst more dust, day becomes night
Sounds never imagined, combined with sights
The reality is clear now and on so many faces
A hell on earth, the warriors it chases

Elsewhere in the sky, another battle rages
Lambs become wolves, have been freed of their cages
Demons now have war against avenging angels
The souls on this chariot will make final battle

The demons so set on complete destruction
Become shriveling cowards when faced with disruption
Hiding behind doors that will soon fall
They fear to face the judgement
Of the howling wolves calls
They cower in the cockpit, tremble with dread
As scolded children, they hang low their heads
No more strength do they have left in their being
There is no way out and this they are seeing
The heroes have arrived and are beating down the door
Their desire so strong it cannot be ignored
Facing man’s punishment, a fear worse than death
In true coward form, they put the gun to their head
Their last and final act, they choose in death to hide
Forgetting their punishment will be, on the other side
The nose of the chariot takes a steep dive
The only fear on board, in the demons reside
The heroes are calm, with angels at their side
As the chariot races down, they know they will rise
A melodic silence is echoing through the hills
As the chariot crashes… near Shanksville
A victory for good has finally been won on this day
For power, strength, and courage, a coward can’t take away


The day so dark, yet the sun it shines
In the shafts of the temple, the smoke, it blinds
Armor clad warriors, badges and tanks
Above the rest in skill, honor, and strength
Make their way to the sky
Duty in their hearts, lives on the line

Screaming and crashing the whole world collapsing
The nightmare burns on
The pain and the anguish, the blood surge and rushing
The heroes climb on
Knowing the fate for which they await
Not a tear is drawn
Death all around them, surrounded by God’s hand
The courage of the strong
The temple it screams, a dream so it seems
The palace starts to fall


Here lies a site, engraved in our minds
A scar on the earth, remembered through time
With faith blown away and a blood price to pay
Onto the floor they were thrown
The prices were high and rich in human lives
And almost three thousand shares, God will buy

Sounding across the land, the hunt had began
Vengeance is sought for so many lost
The stain of that day, cannot be washed away
The blood that was spilled, in our hearts it filled
A bond with all man, we now understand
The war cries of heroes… still echo at ground zero.

The demons came that day to trade souls
For what, we’ll never know…
Though even the Lamb, died for the beast
Who possessed the demon’s control
The Lamb knew the cost and considered the loss
And allowed the tale to be told.


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