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Tonrar's Wisdom: The World In Tonrar's Eyes
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Tonrar's Wisdom: The World In Tonrar's Eyes
Is Tonrar what he seems? He acts like a cub, yes; and he is a cub, yes. But with the heavy burden of leadership, he has learned much. Discover what he has learned throughout his endless travels, from the moment he was born to his very last breath.
[433 words]
[July 2015]
Ancient History Of The Ice (Children) After escaping from an elaborate camp of black and brown bears, Tonrar attempts to lead his bears back to their camp. He becomes lost, but Kiinaq, the former leader, shows Tonrar the Path of the Ancie... [1,016 words] [Animal]
Bear Battle (Children) Taqqiq and Siqiniq are safe, and everything seems fine. But enemies are everywhere, and a new threat rises. Ambushed and taken prisoner, are Tonrar and his bears to die like this, or can they break ou... [837 words] [Animal]
Bear Ice (Children) With Robin and Droplet gone, Kiinaq is facing his worst enemy: Remorse. He thinks he can get rid of it, but thinking and doing are two very different things, and when he decides to leave his family an... [808 words] [Animal]
Blood Sun (Children) After a dreaded battle and a horrific disaster, the bears settle for a few pounding moments to relish the last of their home before they set off. When they awaken, another battle is in place. The sun ... [816 words] [Animal]
Calm Before The Storm (Children) A great battle is on it's way, but does any bear know? The battle of the Forest Thieves is over, and every bear has settled to live temporarily on the Snowy Mountain's slope. But the leader of the For... [649 words] [Animal]
Claimed (Children) On word if returning to the ice, give three cheers! Kiinaq and the Ice Tribe are journeying back to their old home. But sacrifices are made along the way, and when they make it, a battle is fate. Such... [1,376 words] [Animal]
Driven Out (Children) Even though enemies have come and gone, Kiinaq still feels unsettled. As humans come to destroy the forest, Kiinaq looks to the Moon Tree. When the Celestial Storm comes and destroys it with a bolt of... [721 words] [Animal]
Heading For The Stars (Children) Kiinaq's time has come and gone, and now it's time for a completely new hero! Tonrar is still soft as a cub as he enters the trial of becoming the leader of the tribe that cared for him as a cub. His ... [1,633 words] [Animal]
Icy Wind (Children) Claw and Silver are safe, and Flash is healing nicely. What happens when disaster strikes, and Droplet's life is on the line? When an icy chill blows, what happens no one knows! [692 words]
Kiinaq's Dictionary (Short Stories) A dictionary for words in my books. [44 words] [Animal]
Kiinaq's Home (Poetry) A poem for the icy tundra where Kiinaq was raised. [102 words] [Animal]
Kiinaq's Story (Children) From ever since he was a kitten, Kiinaq's thought he was a bear. When he becomes the successor of their Leader, Iji, she tells him the tale of how he was a cat, and how he ended up on the frozen Pacif... [720 words] [Animal]
Land Invasion (Children) Kiinaq has returned home, and the tribe warmly welcomes him back. As he announces his arrival and that they are returning to the ice, the Dark Pack, now known as the Thunder Pack, wage war. When every... [1,043 words] [Animal]
Little Legends Warrior Cats (Children) Ever wondered how Fourtrees became the gathering place? Why leaders were given nine lives? How medicine cats received prophecies? These tiny tales, passed down through generations and generations of w... [970 words] [Fan Fiction]
Louis Jolliet And Jacque Marquette (Reference) A few facts about Louis Jolliet and Jacque Marquette. [187 words] [History]
Lurking Shadows (Children) With Tonrar safe, Kiinaq let his bears feast and rest. Kiinaq is worried about losing more bears, but after a prophethetic dream, he is calm and determined. He makes Tonrar a trainee, and Tonrar seems... [1,045 words] [Animal]
Mountain Shadow (Children) - [808 words]
New Territory (Children) As the group arrive in new territory, anger at the humans for driving them out turns into guilt, regret, and tested loyalty. When Kiinaq's devotion is on trial, can he prove to his family he is trustw... [1,154 words] [Animal]
Nindroids, The Battle With The Digital Overlord (Short Stories) The ninja are caught. They escape, but you won't believe who caught them. The Digital Overlord has finally arisen to his full height, and he has began to oppose the ninja. Can the elements stop him, o... [967 words] [Fan Fiction]
Oakclaw's Struggle Part 1 (Novels) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [938 words] [Fan Fiction]
Oakclaw's Struggle Part 2 (Children) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [1,205 words] [Fan Fiction]
Oakclaw's Struggle Part 3 (Novels) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [1,032 words] [Fan Fiction]
Oakclaw's Struggle Part 4 (Novels) Oakclaw's fury may have settled, but the bitterness he felt when Rabbitstar, his father, betrayed him, was still there. When he notices that Skyclan, now Iceclan, is still alive, he is angry. He is fo... [1,351 words] [Fan Fiction]
Open Your Eyes (Warrior Cats) (Children) What if Jayfeather wasn't blind? What if he had a greater destiny than the prophecy? What if the Dark Forest wasn't going to attack? What if Jayfeather and his littermates were Ashfur's and Squirrelfl... [2,085 words] [Fan Fiction]
Return Home (Children) Once Kiinaq becomes Leader, he is crushed beneath an avalanche of problems. When a fierce tabby tom comes and claims Kiinaq as his own, will he return to his home, or will he chose to be with the trou... [597 words] [Animal]
Snowy Mountain (Children) As Leopard and Kiinaq travel home, Leopard tells Kiinaq his real name, Flame, and the story before he went to the ice. When they meet a band of dogs that speak cat with a leader that has a grudge with... [1,197 words] [Animal]
Strange Omen (Children) After a raging flood, everyone is safe and sound. The tribe has decided to go to the mountains to find a new home. But darkness haunts them all, and a strange omen has enwrapped Kiinaq in its propheth... [961 words] [Animal]
The Finale: Battle Of Legends: Part 2 (Children) It has come. The storm. The storm is coming. Each tribe must unite or die in order to defend their lives and hierarchy. The Forest Thieves are tricky, but is this outburst a trick? Can Tonrar make the... [549 words] [Animal]
The Finale: Battles Of Legends: Part 3 (Children) It has come. The storm. The storm is coming. Each tribe must unite or die in order to defend their lives and hierarchy. The Forest Thieves are tricky, but is this outburst a trick? Can Tonrar make the... [672 words] [Animal]
The Ivy Cave (Children) Kiinaq is slowly making his way back to the shore. No-leaf is fading and Snow-ground is coming back. He is almost there when a twisting tunnel maze stands in his way. He tries desperately to get past,... [1,192 words] [Animal]
The Moon Tree (Children) Leopard and Kiinaq have returned home. A happy reunion has ended the haunting memories of a battle trial, and life has been kind with two new siblings. But Kiinaq is changing, and a battle is on the w... [1,084 words] [Animal]
Through The Darkness (Children) What's happening? Who am I fighting? A battle of chaos is on it's way, and can Tonrar's tribe defeat he who leads the Forest Thieves? [1,925 words] [Animal]
Titan Of The Sea (Short Stories) When war breaks out, the ancestors of the star spirits are not pleased. Can they stop the gruesome battle, or is everything to be destroyed? [385 words] [Action]
Warrior Cats Quiz! (Children) Step right up, step right up! You will read these riddles and guess which cat I am describing! This is to recommend you read the warrior cats series, which belongs to Erin Hunter, not me. Contact me w... [268 words] [Fan Fiction]
Water Rising (Children) Mud and Kiinaq say good bye as two worlds pull them apart. Grief can crash down like a wave on the tribe as many leave them in a single sun. As a sea water flood rises and engulfs the camp, can Kiinaq... [762 words] [Animal]
Tonrar's Wisdom: The World In Tonrar's Eyes


Fire is the kindle of redemption. Fire is the life energy of living objects. Fire is the flash inside determined eyes and the crackle of tone inside a spirit lifting voice. Fire is the one that will unite us all. Fire is a new destiny. Fire is the prophecy. Fire will end and start life. Fire will save the world. Fire is a message to us all. Fire and flames. The blaze inside.


A home in the forest is were you belong. The trees dance to the celestial count. The willow, the maple, the birch, the pine, the cedar, the hemlock, the fir, the lemon, the apple, the oak, the beech, the chestnut, and the cherry blossom celebrate the beginnings of life. A new one is born, and they are someone. So the trees celebrate as if their own seed had planted and a new sapling was made. So celebrate like the trees, as life and death is beyond our control.


A dry place for many to settle, the land gives and receives many lives and deaths. The creatures of the land settle in cramped caves and dirty dens to live their life the way they would like it. We nurture each other like tending to a garden, and leave them to fend for themselves. Much like the celestial cycle, we outgrow life itself.


The water is home to creatures from land and sky alike. The oceans and seas house seagulls, seals, whales, sharks, dolphins, saltwater fish, crabs, lobsters, sea plants, coral, sea otters, saltwater eels, saltwater turtles, and more. The rivers, creeks, waterfalls, streams, and lakes are a residence for waterfowl, freshwater fish, frogs, toads, mosquitos, dragonflies, river otters, freshwater turtles, tortoises, alligators, crocodiles, freshwater eels, and more. Water is the key to survival.


The sky is fascinating, with wonders to discover. Home to birds and weather, the atmosphere decided wether or not your life was a celebration or a curse. Rain, thunder, lighting, hail, ice rain, snow, sun, moon, clouds, mist, fog, smog, climate, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and many more concepts to define still remain ominous and mysterious, but one thing is certain: The sky will always take the responsibility of taking terrific care of you.


I am the world. I am in the sea and the land. The grasses whistle when I wander through, and the waves lap at my paws as I pad across the sea. The pine trees sway to my pawsteps and the ice rocks beneath my feet. All plants and animals will unite. To many, I am life itself.


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