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Betrayer Of Death by Alex Lawrence Lyrics for songs [117 words]
I've Been Loved by Cedric McClester I've Been was written with Mary J. Blige in mind. [380 words]
Makin Love To You by Cedric McClester Makin Love To You celebrates love making between committed lovers. [221 words]
Your Not Here by Hannah Ellicock A Random Song Off The Top Of My Head [151 words]
You Have No Idea (Why I Feel How I Feel) by Cedric McClester You Have No Idea (Why I Feel How I Feel) speaks for itself. [226 words]
X's And O's by Catrina E Garza A very good song about the one you love leaving you for somone else. [287 words]
With Broken Wings by Cedric McClester With Broken Wings is a sad love song. [214 words]
Why Is It Over? by Yana D Romoser When you have lost the guy/girl you love, and you can't go tell your best friend, cause it happ... [152 words]
Why Are You Good To Me? by Katie T I came home one day, after messing up big time, and wondered why God is sometimes good ... [58 words]
Where'd It Go by Marciniak Matuz this is basically a rewrite remix whatever you call it to the song Wher'd you go by fort minor i ... [569 words]
Whatever, Whatever by Cedric McClester Whatever, Whatever speaks for itself. [169 words]
What If I Told You by Nicole - [239 words]
What Cha Gonna Do? by Cedric McClester What Cha Gonna Do? is yet another song from a female's perspective. It challenges her man. [350 words]
We DoníT Haveta Be Afraid by Cedric McClester We Don't Haveta Be Afraid is a song about commitment, that is written from a female's... [319 words]
We Can Do It by Cedric McClester We can do it on the bed We can do it on the floor We can do it anywhere That you havenít before...... [329 words]
Wait For Me by Weird Willychuck A song about a man who wants his girlfriend to wait for him [237 words]
Very Sexy by Cedric McClester Very Sexy is a song about a very sexy girl. Can you guess who she is? [231 words]
Two Thousand And Some by Jos Accapadi - [94 words]
Trailer Park Trash (We Were Americans) by Cedric McClester Trailer Park Trash is a song of empathy with victims of the housing mark... [354 words]
Too Young To Be In Love by Cedric McClester Too Young To Be In Love is a song about young love. [210 words]
Too Blind To See by Catrina E Garza This is a song I wrote that many people may relate to. [220 words]
Tmz.Com by Cedric McClester TMZ.COM is a commentary on young performers who are addicted to being fodder for the tabloids. [204 words]
Three Weeks Late by Cedric McClester Three Weeks Late is a song that is obviously written from a woman's perspective. [351 words]
Thoughts Of Love by Holly Martins A love song i thought of when loving someone who doesnt love me [89 words]
This Is For All Of YíAll by Cedric McClester This Is For All Of Y'all was inspired by a Hillary Clinton victory speech/ [360 words]
This Candle Never Died
The Best Thing That I Did ... by Cedric McClester The song speaks for itself [448 words]
Take Your Sox Off by Cedric McClester Take Your Sox Off is written from a female perspective as a commentary on men who make love w... [238 words]
Take Love Where You Find It by Cedric McClester Take Love Where You Find It is self-exclamatory. [233 words]
State Of Affairs by Cedric McClester State Of Affairs talks about the current state of affairs in America. [184 words]
Special Someone by Katherine Abando He is the sweetest person I met. ANd I wrote this song for him. [138 words]
Sparks Of Light by Weird Willychuck a weird science-like song about a star [241 words]
Song About Bob by Weird Willychuck A funny song about my friend Bob [231 words]
Somebody Pray For Me by Cedric McClester Somebody Pray For Me speaks for itself. [194 words]
Sleeping In My Underwear by Weird Willychuck Weird song [326 words]
SheíS Your BabyíS Momma by Cedric McClester She's Your Baby's Moma is a song about baby's momma drama. [240 words]
Screaming Song by Weird Willychuck A very annoying song [13 words]
Run Run Run by Weird Willychuck a fun song that me and my friends wrote [133 words]
Right Or Wrong by Weird Willychuck A funny song about a foot problem [192 words]
Raise The Flag (Sube La Bandera) by Cedric McClester Raise The Flag (Sube La Bandera) is an anthem that was inspired by Boricuas (P... [180 words]
Part Of You by Cedric McClester Part Of You is a love song. [289 words]
Only One Emotion by Cedric McClester Only One Emotion suggests love is that emotion. [231 words]
Ok Ray J by Cedric McClester OK Ray J is an answer to the Ray j Yung Berg song Sexy Can I. [327 words]
Nobody Cries For Bob by Cedric McClester Nobody Cries For Bob is a lament against downsizing as a consequence of corporate greed. [316 words]
Nobody Can See by Catrina E Garza Just a simply nice song [174 words]
Never Feel This Way Again by Catrina E Garza Basically this song is about a relationship gone bad. [221 words]
Movin' On by Alex Lawrence Lyrics for song [158 words]
Mountain Dew Haze by Lamar Cole - [65 words]
Maybe ItíS Not Me (She Now Prefers) by Cedric McClester Maybe It's Not Me (She Now Prefers) are country western song lyrics that sa... [173 words]
Lonely Road by Alex Lawrence Love Song [86 words]
Lonely Life by Angela Gonsalves - [123 words]
Life's Harsh by Amy Waits A song about the real world. [78 words]
Keeping Track Of Time by Ryan Bam A Santistevan Basically another one of your 'childish' punk rock anthems about an ex-girlfriend. [199 words]
Kaleidosope by Oksana Klym - [128 words]
ItíS Been A Long Time Coming by Cedric McClester IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING is a love song. [211 words]
Into A Nighttime Sky by Marciniak Matuz these are the words and lyrics that i came up with for the song into a nighttime sky. i fo... [595 words]
IíM Laying Down My Weapons by Cedric McClester I'm Laying Down My Weapons is a song of acquiesence. [260 words]
If YouíRe Gonna Cheat by Cedric McClester If You're Gonna Cheat is a song that strongly discourages cheating. [179 words]
If Ya Wanna Ride Shotty by Cedric McClester If Ya Wanna Ride Shotty is a song of seduction. [270 words]
If It Were Mariah by Cedric McClester If It Were Mariah is my response to the sexcapades of a once popular R&B singer/ TV star's le... [280 words]
I Will Love You Tomorrow by Catrina E Garza A very nice love song. [287 words]
I Need More by Cedric McClester I Need More is written from a woman's perspective. [256 words]
I Like The Feel by Cedric McClester I Like The Feel speaks about the good feeling that another gives to one's lover. [146 words]
I Like How You Do It (Sugar Pie I Do) by Cedric McClester I Like How You Do It... is written from a female's perspective. It serve... [215 words]
I Can't Be The Man I Wanna Be by My Hyde I'm finally doing it! I'm finally telling the woman I love how I feel. But before... [675 words]
How Was I To Know by Catrina E Garza This song is about when your in a relationship and your bf/gf hide their feelings or dont sho... [213 words]
Hidden When Im Finished This Song by Skye Walton its about a girl named skye, that ran away from her life and put herself unde... [130 words]
He's Merciful by Cedric McClester He's Merciful is a song that speaks to the fact that God is merciful. This is particularly true w... [122 words]
He Waits Patiently by Cedric McClester He Waits Patiently is a song that is inspired by people I know. [131 words]
Handle Your Scandal by Cedric McClester Handle Your Scandal is an up-tempo R&B song that is written from a female' perspective. [197 words]
Gunslinger by Cedric McClester Gunslinger is my response to R&B singer and alleged pedephile R. Kelly's dis record I'ma Beast. [368 words]
Following Street Signs Of The Heart by Rob Badger - [147 words]
Fireflies by Katherine Smith - [239 words]
Finding My Way by Alex M Lawrence Lyrics for Song [107 words]
Feelings.. Feelings.. Feelings...! by De Zoysa I C Superman C Love [76 words]
Fake Smiles by Catrina E Garza This song can relate to those who have been in a "fake" relationship [154 words]
Faith And Friendship by Willowstar a song about believing in onesself to get through the tough times. [300 words]
Divorcee by Cedric McClester Divorcee tells the story of a well known soon to be divorced celebrity. [199 words]
Confused By Jr by Ryan T Jr Just a short song about volunteers both medical responders abd Firefighters. It works best for m... [220 words]
Cold Poem by Marciniak Matuz this is another little poem i wrote when i was feeling really sad. I wrote it months ago and i think ... [439 words]
Caused Him To Leave by Ryuichi Minamino A song about a guy leaving his girl for another [161 words]
Broken Chances, Second Glances by Jayy Zappone A guy who wanted his girl back but realized that he had to get over her. [107 words]
Boxers In Lockers by Morris - [153 words]
Blind Consequence by Catrina E Garza This song is kinda about rushing into a relationship when you werent ready. [251 words]
Baby Put The Love Back Into You by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
Baby- Ee by Cedric McClester Baby-EE is a heart breaking love song the is written from a female's perspective, which as often is th... [242 words]
Baby Baby Baby (What Are We Gonna Do?) by Cedric McClester Baby Baby Baby (What Are We Gonna Do?) is a song that is from a female a... [222 words]
Another Tale Of Woe Is Me by Cedric McClester Another Tale Of Woe Is Me is country western song that is self-exclamatory. [312 words]
Al-Qaeda, Dictator, Terrorists by Cedric McClester Al-Qaeda, Dictator, Terrorists is a song of lament relative to our failed Iraq w... [195 words]
All For You by Catrina E Garza This song can relat to those who have held on so long that it hurt. [350 words]
A WomaníS Intuition by Cedric McClester A Woman's Intuition is a song that is written from a woman's perspective. [190 words]

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This Candle Never Died
Short song about rekindling lost love
[271 words]
Michael R Hannaford
21 years of age, average kid that in his pass time enjoys reminiscing on old memories and songs, and finding ways to express those times.
[March 2008]
This Candle Never Died
Michael R Hannaford

I can open up the window, and see everything I was
Can I take it with me? I don't want to feel distant again
Stretching across my point of view, hands cold
I try to think of you, I remember
What we said we'd do
And it's eating me, tonight, to think I lost you
I lost you once again
And it's breathing, deep inside me
I can make this right again

I know, words can't change the past, but
we can relive it tonight, if you'd let me
I'd show you what my promise meant
and we could feel consistency
most lovers never will
And I know, you're tired of looking out
The same old dirty window, like I am
You're tired of all the lies
But we both know, yeah we both know
that this candle never died

I can open up my front door, smell the spring air
Walk the footsteps that we've made through our lives
Now it's funny, when I think of where you are
That I still feel like you are by my side
So when you tell me tonight, that we're just friends
I know we can feel more
And it's feeding me tonight, that I can change this
I can change this once again
I'm so excited just to feel this, to know this,
That i'll make this right again

I know steps can take forever, but
I've got ways to take my mind off the pain
Stare into your eyes to see the sky that
I've missed for so long, just to take it in
You can hurt me, because your touch can heal
The worst injury, someday you will see, that
The same old dirty window can be clean again
and if you'll reopen your eyes
I will keep my promise, I always did
because this candle never died


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© 2008 Michael R Hannaford
March 2008

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