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The Death House by Paul James Moore Based on a Tragic and true story of a man and a house in a street of terraced houses facing the... [820 words]
I Get Arrested by Sunny The title says it all. [812 words]
War by Albert Davis A short story. [4,483 words]
December 25th At Pam's Restaurant (Where Else ?) by Howard Freedman A story about a father and son who go to Pam's Restaurant ever... [1,329 words]
A Bird In The Hand by Elio P Evangelista Just on of those stories I felt like writing. [1,557 words]
Life In A Small Town by Elio P Evangelista A day in the life of a small town resident. [700 words]
Woodside! by Elio P Evangelista The true story of one of the most grueling experiences of my entire life. It's also pretty funny when... [1,797 words]
Those Summer Nights by Elio P Evangelista A very short stream of conciousness story that's meant to evoke the emotions of the summers... [480 words]
Cashen's Curse by Elio P Evangelista A short story about a jinxed baseball player that is in the process of developing into a much la... [2,584 words]
Only In America by Edith Talmason An accounting of the life and times of a young immigrant girl to this country during the early ... [4,963 words]
Frutti Di Mare by Hamish J Keith Frutti Di Mare is an exotic dish set on the island of Samui in Thailand. A failing Italian stumb... [3,621 words]
A Non Special Day by Sunny Just a saturday morning. [515 words]
Tainted But Trying by Sunny On level five and slipping lower into Dante's Inferno... [811 words]
Whacker Than Whack by Sunny This kinda amuses me... but, I don't know if it's the stupidity or genius of it. [778 words]
I Love Phoebe Gloeckner by Sunny Imagine emailing your favorite artist/celeb. and getting a reply back... Phoebe Gloeckn... [873 words]
An Easter Story by Clifton L. Martin A young girl struggles with life and an abusive father during a special time of year when her p... [6,228 words]
Left Alone by Lisa James A young alcoholic mother leaves her infant son alone to buy a bottle of wine. [2,882 words]
The End (2) by Maria Antonia Gonzalez It is a very short story that briefly describes an old lady's end. [104 words]
Kidnapped by Alejandro Dubois Arrese It's a short story about a girl that got kidnapped and dissapeared without a trace [476 words]
An Unfair Destiny by Enrique Copete [1,131 words]
The Guy, His Horse And His Dog by Marcela Garcia A short story. [561 words]
My Wonderland by Patricia Garcia It is about a girl who leaves her father, because her parents are divorced. It talks about all t... [446 words]
A Mysterious Dream by Laura Méndez This is the story of a girl who once had a dream that made her doubt about her life, because... [828 words]
A Day Without School by Carolina Arango A short story. [868 words]
Reckless Nights by Laura Méndez This is a story about Lisa, a 18 years old girl, who had a terrible accident with her friend af... [922 words]
Capture Suicide by Iveth Jaramillo The story of a teenager who came upon suicide. [523 words]
My Life by Ana Torres A short story. [737 words]
Devil Me, Angel One Day On by Ana Lucia Mora A short story. [883 words]
Death Experience by Santiago Molina A short story. [680 words]
The Plane Of The Sleeping Beauty by Sebastian Ramirez IS ABOUT A GUY THAT MEETS A BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN A AIRPORT. IT SAYS HIS FEELINGS... [311 words]
A Time To Die by Michelle Haya Haya - [617 words]
The Girl That Never Went To Heaven by Enrique Copete A short story. [2,240 words]
Forever Love by Sebastian Ayalde - [1,622 words]
The Way I Died by Juanita Grillo Diez This is a first person story about a girl with a drug problem. [1,536 words]
I Closed My Eyes by Eduardo Lastra It is about a lawyer that has a lot of bad luck, he crashes his car, loses a case etc... [561 words]
You Never Know by Juanita Caicedo - [637 words]
A Horrible Dream by Juanita Grillo Diez It's a dream were I die about drugs. [1,536 words]
My Horrible Trip To The U.S.A by Andres Lastra This is a story about a 7 year old kid who lives through a horrible trip in a pla... [642 words]
The Meaning Of Friendship by Maria Mercedes Restrepo This is a story that will teach the real meaning of friendship. It tells about a prin... [819 words]
Anorexia by Maria Mercedes Restrepo This is a story of a girl who with out knowing gets the terrible, and mortal sickness of Anorexia, she... [912 words]
Be Sure Of Your Acts by Catalina Chavarro A short and descriptive story. [939 words]
Summer Of My German Soldier (Chapter 22) by Kristen Antia I read a book called "Summer of my German Soldier" and for a project I... [1,270 words]
Temping In TV Land by Howard Freedman This is a story about a fellow who takes a temp (temporary) job in a company that is involve... [2,015 words]
[email protected], Kenny And Me by Howard Freedman This is a story about a fellow I met at a public library. We developed ... [1,475 words]
The Male Qualities Of New York Love by Tyurina E Allen This is an experiment. [1,090 words]
Learning To Be Normal by David Valencia [642 words]
Life In A Nightmare by Santiago Molina - [855 words]
The End by Ana Torres - [1,106 words]
I Am Lost by Ana Torres - [777 words]
My Mom by Ana Torres - [651 words]
My Last Days by Ana Torres I have only eight more months to live. [554 words]
Outside The Principal's Office by The Workshop All of us have experienced that feeling of utter doom while sitting on the bench... [685 words]
Good Or Evil by Alejandra Herrera I wrote this story because pregnancy of young girls is very common and I really don't agree with t... [1,668 words]
Forcing Relations by Alejandra Herrera This is a story about a girl who is in love with a senior and wants him to noticed her. This ... [1,755 words]
One Step Can Change Your Life by Melody This short story is about a teenage girl, 16 years old, who sadly gets pregnant. ... [2,495 words]
December 31 by Carolina Arango - [1,140 words]
My First Kiss by Nugget - [718 words]
Lake Wakatipu by Juliana Carrillo It is a myth about New Zealand. It is not real, I invented it! [715 words]
Comfort For None by Adagio This story is inspired by the sadness of abuse in the family and the effect on those concerned... [326 words]
Our Creation by Catalina Chavarro It's a short story about human creation. It has magic realism and at the same time is very detaile... [801 words]
Quiznos by Nugget - [239 words]
Flight Of Angels by Paul V. Fornatar Maybe it's something about airports, maybe it's flying and maybe it's something else. Check it... [1,038 words]
Addio, Mama Mia by Paul V. Fornatar A Priest visits his aged Mother. [1,495 words]
A Dish Of Yogurt by Paul V. Fornatar Sometimes we assume too much, and sometimes we don't assume enough. [1,158 words]
A Family That Stays Together by Paul V. Fornatar The old bromide about the family that prays together stays together is carried to ... [895 words]
Anita Hill At The Roller Derby by Richard Grayson A shy former law professor becomes the rollicking queen of the roller derby. [1,530 words]
Riding The Line by Steven R. Kravsow Rosie McClusky loved to ride the bus, losing herself in the tapestry of the city. She loved the... [918 words]
An Interruption by Carly Heath The tale of Marie Maxine Clarke, an orange-haired girl, Randy, and Mr. Bay as they encounter li... [2,672 words]
"Se Meis Kylla Ossa" by Pauli Tikkanen "A green hand on the helm is often with the best course." [679 words]
Murder Seen by Jody Collier One of a series of stories/adventures of a Latino-American forensic scientist narrated by his long ... [2,178 words]
Lullaby by R. D. Partee A scifi story in several acts. [2,815 words]
Love For An Hour by Adagio This is a very short, sad story of modern love and how easy it is to "love without loving" [146 words]
The Left Arm Of The Law by Steven R. Kravsow Charlie Underwood was a good cop. But sometimes even the best laid plans and a lifetime... [5,317 words]
What Can I Say? by Sunny Hmmm... did I make this up or lift this shit? you decide. [676 words]
An American Tale by Shaun Hurley Poverty is everywhere and it affects people differently. This tale goes through the lives of f... [4,131 words]
Homeboy by R W Morris A young man seizes an opportunity to escape the violence and poverty of the 'hood. [4,277 words]
Stunned To Silence by Silents This is written for a beautiful young lady that has captured my heart. When she entered my l... [105 words]
Madelaine by Richard Koss An eerie tale set in the modern day Pacific Northwest about a family's nightmarish encounter with a c... [8,451 words]
The Fringe Effect by K. F. Symbolic commentary on personal introspection. [1,401 words]
Friday Evening by Sunny Is the hero a scumbag? An ordinary friday night turns into a sexual orgy. [1,947 words]
The Hauberk Trilogy by J A Melody A collation of human sentiments derived from the inevitable despondency of conflict - It H... [902 words]
Nothing Is Just Black And White by Mitzy Spilman This short story tries to capture some facets of the social, political, and eco... [1,206 words]
The Unbinding Of Loki by Erik This is a story based loosely upon Norse mythology, in which I have a deep interest. It ... [1,258 words]
Quiet Seduction by Adagio A short tale of nocturnal seduction [137 words]
A Place To Stay by Steven R. Kravsow Arnie Westin was a con man-- a nickle and dimer always looking for the quick score. Arnie had a... [5,217 words]
Rhia by Francis Homestead A short story. [3,611 words]
A Place Of God In Modern, Feministic Views, Or Quotations From A Goddess To A God by Tyurina E Allen This is a story about a young... [1,536 words]
Hair - The Combing Out by Lillian Noura A mother remembers the first time she took her adopted Black daughter to the beauty parl... [2,890 words]
Granpa's Walk by Lisa Diaz-Meyer A disastrous Christmas Eve when a new widow is forced to deal with the possiblity of her elderly ... [1,362 words]
The Governor by Arlene Mason This is the last of the series of Keith Richardson stories, that include Crystal Blue, and Spring ... [4,704 words]
The Beginning Of A Hero by Michael Hunter Well, it's in the fantasy genre. Hum. It's pretty much self-explanatory, it's the pro... [894 words]
Halloween In Vietnam by Gary Donnelly Non-fiction/fiction. [1,649 words]

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Philosophically I hit it on the nail... but the last paragraph still displeases me.
[1,427 words]
Just another human being, or maybe an alien, i'm not sure, why dont u bend over and find out.
[February 2008]
[email protected]
A Non Special Day (Short Stories) Just a saturday morning. [515 words]
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Friday Evening (Short Stories) Is the hero a scumbag? An ordinary friday night turns into a sexual orgy. [1,947 words]
I Get Arrested (Short Stories) The title says it all. [812 words]
I Love Phoebe Gloeckner (Short Stories) Imagine emailing your favorite artist/celeb. and getting a reply back... Phoebe Gloeckner is da BOMB. she does serious comix, phenomenal art and storytelling.... along with Crumb and Bukowski the bes... [873 words]
Jingle Bell (Short Stories) Even simple liquieds have adverse effects on this universe. [537 words]
Lunch (Poetry) Lunch break. [45 words] [Drama]
Paloma Pena (Short Stories) Sigh! so many girls, so little time. [385 words] [Action]
Poems (Poetry) Miscellaneous poetry. [134 words]
Roch (Short Stories) Cybersex. [289 words] [Biography]
Sad Poem (Short Stories) i cut my soul and let it bleed on the paper. [295 words]
Tainted But Trying (Short Stories) On level five and slipping lower into Dante's Inferno... [811 words]
The Horror Of Existence (Short Stories) Musings on a shitty moment in time. [573 words]
The Sound Of Laces (Short Stories) a womans erotic night is sparked by her high heeled leather boots. [830 words]
Tiny Pink Pills (Short Stories) Ain't life a bytch!!! [757 words]
Whacker Than Whack (Short Stories) This kinda amuses me... but, I don't know if it's the stupidity or genius of it. [778 words]
What Can I Say? (Short Stories) Hmmm... did I make this up or lift this shit? you decide. [676 words]

there are few things better that listening to some fine ass kicking music at work, drinking coke typing shit in your blacked out room with every other grunt already out for the day, but you still having to be there getting paid for it and doing no work but having all fun. the white light of the tube next to me reflects off my papers as i debate whether i have the will to do some work, however i reflect that it is all pretty much useless and all this work i do here while being useful in the short term for some project or the other is not really valuable in the long run. it all depends on how you categorize useful, but anything that doesn't add to our appreciation of life directly can hardly be deemed useful. take my work, i am a year 2000 automated testing consultant, while i dig my moniker and like explaining about it to people, it doesn't really matter, i mean even if the computers were not fixed, it's not like the entire system is going to come crashing around. at this point i had typed up a lot of other shit also about war, hitler, U.S. and missiles, world domination, etc but my MOTHER FUCKING, DOG HUMPING PIECE OF SHIT PC froze and sure enough i lost all that valuable groovy writing, at which you are probably laughing, what miss this jerk's writing, keep on laughing buster, soon as i get published and am drinking extremely dry martini's while kissing etremely wet kisses, you'll be sitting in your ratty bedroom, reading my books and going how the fuck does he do that. to be sure, it's all down there.

anyway on a different tack it's friday evening today and guess what i had enough sleep last night to rip this shit open. i plan on smoking a joint or two, drinking a lot of beers and in general forgetting why i should be worried or thinking about anything on this stinking planet. the only thoughts should be alcohol inspiring leering and weed inspired tripping. you ask of what use such a existence, why not contemplate questions of a higher order, but that's what i am saying bitch, i have been contemplating questions of a higher order, what i need now is to either get fucked or to do some fucking. i know people out there will be saying another doss fucker who wants to be cool to say he did this and did that, and honestly i do want to be cool and be able to brag about it and watch people look at me admiringly and coddle up to me and try to curry favor with me. my phone would be going off the hook, people after people would come to spend their evenings with me trying to impress or get impressed and the women there would be no end to the women... all fucking shit. i ain't getting none and most people i meet irritate me. my best friend irritates me, all my dreams and hopes and inspirations have actually really been crushed, at 24 years of age i've given up the entire fucking game. i no longer care or think about what the next day will bring me. i have trouble getting out of bed every morning and have trouble getting into bed every evening. my day in between is meaningless and devoid of anything which brings orgasms of joy to me. the majority of my thoughts and sensations are trivial, infact i encourage trivialization, obsessing over various people, ideas and actions that i have encountered. people say look at the larger picture and derive a sense of order in your life from it. i look at the larger order and it doesn't seem order to me at all it looks like someone masturbated and then came over some colored paper, sketched his cum around a little bit more and voila there you have it, LIFE, complete and glorious in all it's detail.

am i depressing you, not to worry, you'll forget it, life moves forward and you'll move forward too, that's another thing that obsesses me. i don't want my life to move forward, i don't want it to go anywhere, the addition of additional sensation, thoughts, ideas, actions frightens me, i am rendered incomprehensible by it all. not by the sheer volume that life throws at you, but by the fact that there is no end in sight, somewhere it all started and as far as i can tell sometime it will end and in between we are thrown in and we live our little bits of this odyssey and try to make sense out of it. we order our lives into childhood, school, college and then work. sure there's always a little partying on the weekend, but lets not loose sight of the larger goal to become productive human beings, who build houses and kids and cars and laws and enforce laws all the time getting older, wrinkled, happy, sad, drunk whatever till the day they die. it all makes no sense to it, that's why i prefer the premevial to this blaise reality. lets not have any rules except the rules we make and while we have the power to make these rules lets make them all in our favor. by "our" i mean in my own favor. why think of her or him or society, it's all about me, a liberated consciousness spitting all over everybody else, although i have been spit on often enough, but just realizing this concept makes me happy enough. now when i am driving my car down the road and a good looking woman passes me by and she's trying to pull the panties oout of her ass, oh so discretely, i don't just look i stare. even when she glares at me to try and shame me of my action, i just grin back, what's up babe, life's all good you have a ass, i have eyes, were just passing by, why ignore us and this moment, what do i really care about your ass and the panties going up that ass. i no longer obsess about sex and women, i have realized that there's nothing special there , just some tits and a cunt, and a mental circuitry which is different from man's. i don't care i look at everyone, men, women, cats, dogs, buildings and i see nothing in them, just what they are, what they represent, another walking, talking, barking, standing piece of existence. i don't bother unlocking life's mysteries and puzzles, philosophy is beyond me now, the more i smoke the worse my spelling and my sentence construction. i don't care, i look forward to my death, and if like buddha says we get reincarnated then all the better, i'll have another life to waste, wallow and fuck around in.

5:30 and nobody's bothered me all day, what bliss, i almost wish i was taking the metro home, kinda like looking at all the people, staring at the insanity that we have all gone through this week and trying to see it's stamp on each person's face. some look back, some glower and some stay sullenly behind their facade. i don't care i see in each what i want. i realize none of the stuff above is very coherent not to say showing any flowing order, but i sincerely don't care, prose doesn't need or have to be flowing, order is a thing of the past, although i will probably contradict myself down the line. another thing i don't care about is money, in that while i need it to survive physically, i don't really want it. especially when it comes to prose, when it comes to something i realize is really very near and dear to me, i have decided to reject my association of money and even fame for that matter with my prose. if nobody was to read my stuff and agree with me or praise me for it, saying what noble and intelligent ideas i had, that would be fine with me. if i can go to my grave in peace, it really doesn't matter, but for sure i doubt that will be happening, everybody in my family likes to go to the grave as troubled and fucked up as when they realized the world wasn't made for their own private fucking pleasure. so see you up there in HELL, heaven sure as HELL doesn't exist.


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