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The Lyonette by Vincent Michael The wonderful story of the being that helped an entire planet. [3,225 words]
The Goat by Vincent Michael Two friends. Two choices. Two outcomes! [1,433 words]
Yamato - Episode 7 by Nathaniel A Miller Finale of Yamato Serial [82,169 words]
Yamato - Episode 6 by Nathaniel A Miller Episode 6 of 7 [23,176 words]
Yamato - Episode 5 by Nathaniel A Miller Episode 5 of 7 of a mini series serial like James Clavell's "Shogun" TV Mini Series. [16,252 words]
The Possessed Book by Saranekha Saravanan - [1,261 words]
I'm Hungry Chapter 1 Cooper by Amber Lee - [169 words]
Bog by Lawrence Peters A tip of the hat to the cousin's back o the hand. [387 words]
The Mytirious Old Lady by Saranekha Saravanan - [558 words]
The Creaky Man by Saranekha Saravanan - [635 words]
Samirkhanandayesha by Samir Khan Hai chandni jab tak raat_______deta hai har koi saath______lekin andhero me na chodhna mera ... [4,827 words]
Office Work by Glen Pearson The escapades of Fit-Boy, set around 2010, a couple of years before the events in the film. WARNIN... [5,823 words]
My Mini Story by Amber Lee - [431 words]
Katie And Rose by Amber Lee - [151 words]
Fun! Fun! by Saranekha Saravanan - [1,312 words]
Dost Ki Madad Written-By Farhan Khan by Farhan Khan Kisi talab ke kinare ek lomdi rehti thi us talab me ek kachua bhi rehta th... [117 words]
Christmas Adventure by Saranekha Saravanan - [1,658 words]
The Professor by Saranekha Saravanan - [900 words]
The Myterious Ledear by Saranekha Saravanan - [738 words]
The Lst Ghost Stall by Saranekha Saravanan - [348 words]
The Horror Night by Saranekha Saravanan It is sleeping facts and my horror night dream [502 words]
The Dark Knight
Samir&Ayesha by Samir Khan - [3 words]
Khandar by Samir Khan Khandar a short movie 2017 jamshedpur-by samir khan [71 words]
Awkward Situation by Saranekha Saravanan - [134 words]
The Mysterious Night by Saranekha Saravanan - [956 words]
Angel Encounters 1: The Tree by Shelley J Alongi On a rainy day a man shows up and helps her with a tree. Who is this mysterious gu... [4,023 words]
Angel Hug by Shelley J Alongi Walk through Jesus' agony in Gethsemane. Notes Using a verse in John 14:27:30 where among other thin... [3,278 words]
The Grey Sheep by Vincent Michael A simple sheep and what happens to it in Heaven. [2,088 words]
Gethsemane's Angel by Shelley J Alongi The time just before Angel Hug. Dialog between angels the night before Messiah's crucifixion... [1,016 words]
The Monster by Massie Louvack An adult confronts his childhood nightmare. [409 words]
The Sweet Taste Of Candi by Garrett Hart - [4,153 words]
Tequila Nights by Garrett Hart - [2,414 words]
Don't Leave Me In The Dark by Terry Collett - [4,062 words]
Unsuspected 1900 by Terry Collett - [1,049 words]
The Many Aunties Of Jimmy Mcganty by Benjamin Hynds - [1,650 words]
The Girl From Okinawa by Norman Dreiser An American girl finds herself in the middle of World War II when the Americans finally l... [7,699 words]
Grief. by Corina Phayboun Mourning the loss of something. [863 words]
A Song For Sandra by Anonymous Anonymous A Song For Sandra [429 words]
Train Spotting 1962 by Terry Collett - [1,051 words]
The Forgotten Girl by T Flash Thriller/mystery. The strange events of one day can uncover a lot about the past. [391 words]
Celia's Hood 1929 by Terry Collett - [1,040 words]
Odyssey Of Toby Grated by Toby Grated Biography of my favorite memories. [18,879 words]
The Bum And The Angel by Nathaniel A Miller Taken from the prompt: �A homeless man on a park bench is awakened by an angel.� [861 words]
Reason by Rosie Marble A person on the verge of suicide encountered someone unexpected [1,123 words]
The Return Of Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot by Nathaniel A Miller A fan Fiction piece based on series from 67-68 that aired in Ja... [3,202 words]
Starship Down! by Nathaniel A Miller A story based on a science fiction picture (stock image) where a crew of humans must fight to su... [5,317 words]
Space Battles: Prelude To War by Nathaniel Miller Based on Iron Maiden Cover Hellinski, a lich king of a war machine sends his forc... [2,537 words]
A Passel Of Plumeria by Robert Levin Can an act of violence be a gift? [5,935 words]
The Suicide Of Jake Johnson by Nathaniel A Miller Based on prompt Activity: There was only one way out... [1,276 words]
The Nightmare Within The Mirror by Nathaniel A Miller A horror story of a possessed mirror that decimates a christian family leaving ... [1,376 words]
The Assault In The Fog by Nathaniel A Miller - [1,813 words]
Doctor Trek - What A Load Of Crap by Ian Kidd Captain Who sets out on his 25 year mission with the crew of the Starship TAR... [7,936 words]
Doctor Trek - The Tried And Tested Plot Device by Ian Kidd Captain Who becomes possessed by a Star Trek Cliche that has som... [6,911 words]
Doctor Trek - The Green Green Glow Of Death (Parts 1, 2 And 3) by Ian Kidd A mission for the Captains goes badly wrong, lea... [21,869 words]
Doctor Trek - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Ian Kidd Captain Who, Fred and Frobisher arrive in West Hampshire, a small N... [7,279 words]
Doctor Trek - Parallel Universes by Ian Kidd Captain Who, Mr Wok and Frobisher find themselves plunged into a series of biz... [6,425 words]
Doctor Trek - Happy Endings by Ian Kidd A pissed off expat falls in love with a mystery woman known only as Ms Wok. [6,810 words]
Apples & Oranges by Nathaniel A Miller Based on prompt for writing.com (Give short dialogue between two pieces of fruit) [700 words]
The Shipwreck by Nathaniel A Miller Inspired on a picture: The Caves of Fiji, Daughter of a plantation owner in 1850 goes to Australi... [5,581 words]
The Beach House by Nathaniel A Miller A sinister trip by Vacationers to Florida turns deadly. [2,023 words]
Troubled by C Susann Story A story about a charactars pain and sufferings. [146 words]
The Legend Of North Green Street by Joseph D Smith The District of North Green Street? Yes please! The neighborhood of North Gree... [577 words]
The Book Of The Dead by Derrick Cutter Edgar Allan Poe, still reeling from the death of his beloved Virginia, strikes a deal with... [1,635 words]
Pretty Flamingo by Derrick Cutter A woman with extreme facial scarring removes the faces of beautiful women to wear as her own [3,439 words]
Lester Talbot And His Magic Eye by David Boyer A lonely old man with special powers gives a young boy a special gift for his b... [2,727 words]
It Is Good To Be Home by A M R F A girl and her mother's journey as they face bombing in another country, away from home. [478 words]
World Of Egyle by Lucas M Desilva This is the First Story in the W.O.F series by Lucas DeSilva [156 words]
The Wool Mistress by Sigurd I removed this from the site a while back and thought I would put it up again. If I need to t... [1,256 words]
The Plainsfarmers Of Mars by Nathaniel A Miller 2100 AD and Man has stared exploring space and colonizing the planets of SOL, but not... [3,444 words]
The Cloud Kingdom Of Benvosa by Nathaniel A Miller A story of rebellion against a tyrannical King and a forbidden love between a plan... [6,570 words]
One Month Is All It Takes... by Caitlin M McCutcheon A mother is very precious to a child, so taking away a child's mother isn't a good... [977 words]
Nothing Lasts Forever by Nijee Unique Kaashif nothing lasts forever. it ends and then comes back again. [6 words]
Life Is Hard by Anthony Wilhoit Troubled Russell Billings is truly a Prince of the flies in eastern Kentucky. The son of the mayor... [1,613 words]
Earthworld (Short Version) by Nathaniel A Miller A forbidden romance between a human and a sub culture race created in a new era of E... [9,878 words]
The Time Portals Of Pharius Seven by Nathaniel A Miller Based on picture: 3 expeditions seeking out a new discovery of time portals h... [3,756 words]
The Entity Of Castlebrook Close by Nathaniel A Miller An possession of an Apartment building leads to fifty murders and it takes an e... [4,441 words]
The Trajectory Of A Life by Christian Marigold A speech give by Manuel Scott in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 10, 2010 to a teach... [1,718 words]
The Multi-Billion Dollar Strike by Joseph D Smith What if a multi-billionaire could cause an entire nation to go on strike by pay... [903 words]
The Gas Mines Of Ben Bosa by Nathaniel A Miller Story based on picture of Short Shots Contest. Non official entry. Classic space stor... [2,193 words]
The Galactic Empire Chronicles - Eps 2 by Nathaniel A Miller A pseudo series based on Game played on BBS in the 90's. Magic Kingdom B... [6,443 words]
The City On The Edge Of Infinity by Nathaniel A Miller A city colony is in chaos in the Earth Federation against the terrorist group ... [4,438 words]
The Carnival by Nathaniel A Miller During WW2 only hours after Pearl Harbor that a Carnival unite town during Jap Sub Attack. Contest... [1,974 words]
The Abduction Of Shuttle 367 by Nathaniel A Miller Inspired on Hubble pic: An Earth Science vessel explores an unknown galaxy, runnin... [4,895 words]
More Than Fishing by Terry Collett - [1,010 words]
Don't Forget To Turn Out The Lights by Sarah Ricard A kindly old proprietor offers potential buyers a key piece of advice about... [5,715 words]
Choosing by Dorothy Getchell Young man faced with choosing life or death [516 words]
Big Girls Do Cry! by Erin Canavan - [634 words]
An Artistic Anthology Of Success, Failure And Everything In Between! by Erin Canavan - [872 words]
A Young Girl's Facebook Phases: A Timeline by Erin Canavan - [556 words]
A Letter For You by Irimina Keri - [291 words]

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The Dark Knight
The dark night a jamshedpur short movie by/samir khan
[215 words]
Samir Khan

[December 2017]
Aye Dil Sun Zara 1 (Screenplays) Hlw friends mera naam samir main gora hoon height normal and bahut handsome hoon mere college ki bahut sari ladkiya mujhpe marti hai par main un ladkiyo pe nahi marta tha main to rimsa pe marta tha jo... [368 words] [Biography]
Badnamiya Armaan Malik Urvashi Rautela Coverd New Lyrics (Songs) Zindegani ke lamho ko tere naam kar diya khudko tere hi khatir badnam kar diya badnamiya mili tanhaiya badhi badnamiya mili oh tanhaiya badhi..bin tere ek pal jeena duswar kar diya o ho ho...bin tere ... [115 words] [Biography]
Bandeya New Unplugged Song By Samir Khan (Songs) chal we tu bandeya us galiye jaha koi kisi ko na jane chal rehna waha pe chal bandeya jaha apne hi na pehchane reh(x2)reh gaye hai jo tujhme wo lamhe lauta de meri aankho me aake thoda mujhko rula de ... [5 words] [Biography]
Bhut Ka Darr (Short Stories) Aaj main aapko ek asli mere dost ki biti hui ghatna ka ullekh karne ja rahu main ye kahani apne dost ki jubani sunane ja raha hu main ayan jamshedpur ka rehne wala hu aap log bhut pret ya kisi bhi pra... [262 words] [Adventure]
Bloody Mary A Real And Fake Story (Short Stories) Dosto kya aapne kabhi bhi internet me ya youtube par bloody mary story dekhe ho ya sune ho maine internet mein padha aur dekha hai kai log internet me iske bare me post kiye hai logo ka kehna hai ke r... [126 words] [Adventure]
Bloody Mary Ka Sach (Short Stories) Bloody mary ek daayan hai ye main nahi janta ye kahani internet me published kiya ja raha hai aur ise main bhi read kar chuka hoon internet me iski kai jagah alag alag post kiye gaye hai par main read... [130 words] [Horror]
Dil Tera Hai Deewana(New Unplugged Cover Songs:-New Lyrics) By Samir Khan Www.Lyricsmint.Com (Songs) Kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana..aa..dil ki koi khwahish tu mujhse na chupana..dil tera hai deewana zara mujhko tu aazmana..dil tera hai deewana... [179 words] [Mind]
Dunia Ka Sabse Khatarnak Junglee Machli Piranah (Genres) दुनिया का सबसे खतरनाक जंगल...पीरान... [305 words] [Animal]
Ehsas New Lyrics (Songs) Teri kami bhi hai tera ehsas bhi hai tu door bhi hai mujhse tu paas bhi hai kyun tune mera dil ye toda kyun tune mera sath bhi choda karni thi bewafai to kyun meri zindagi me aayi bewafai karegi to ma... [192 words] [Biography]
Ek Bhutia Raaz Bhut Pret Ki Original Kahani (Short Stories) Dosto aaj main aapko bhut pret ki aap biti ghatna batane ja raha hu toh dosto mera jharkhand ke andar ek sahar hai jiska naam jamshedpur hai toh jamshedpur ke eh ilaqe ki satya ghatna batane ja raha h... [224 words] [Adventure]
Ek Raaz Ki Baat Bhut Pret Ki Original Kahani Part 2 (Short Stories) Dosto aaj main phir wapas louta hoon bhut pret ki asli kahani par jamshedpur jaha main aur mera poora parivar rehta hai hum log yaha thik thak toh rehte hai mera poora parivar khush hai par mere dil m... [126 words] [Adventure]
Ek Yaadby (Songs) Ek dafa meri in aankho me khud ko hi ek din paogi yunhi tum mujhko samajh lo ke mere bina tum pachtaogi jaan ke bhi tum jane wafa mujhse juda ho na paogi..ek pal bhi mujhe tum bhoola na paogi mere bin... [118 words] [Biography]
Hona Nahi Guzara New Lyrics Sameer Dhatkidih Mp3samirbd.Com (Songs) Tum jo ho mere o saath yaara bin tere main jeena paun ek pal tu jo saath rahe na dil ye mera ghabra jaye kyunki..tere bina mera hona nahi guzara ke bin tere mera hona nahi guzara o yaara tu chalde mer... [116 words] [Biography]
Hum Mar Jayenge Samir And Ayesha (Songs) Apni aankhein khaali kar de Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de Mere yaara tere gham agar payenge Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jayenge (x2) Do yeh saugaat tum, tto zamaa... [186 words] [Relationships]
Humsafarthe Discussion:-Samir Khan (Genres) Humsafar-the discussion__(written,by:samir khan) [376 words] [Relationships]
Jab Koi Baatbysamir Khan-Unplugged Song (Songs) Hai chandni jab tak raat_______deta hai har koi saath______lekin andhero me na chodhna mera sath____meri yaad agar aye mujhko tum jo na mil paye__jee lena mere bina...o humnava..aaa_ jee lena mere bin... [50 words] [Relationships]
Kalpana (Songs) Aaj main aap sabhi ko apni kalpana batane ja raha hu to aap log is khuli neend me mat mehsus karna band aankho me karna toh mera naam to aap jante honge main toh is website par kuch songs likhe to jis... [279 words] [Mystery]
Kaun Tujhe(Ms Dhoni The Untold Story By Samirkhan Unplugged Lyrics-- (Songs) Tu aati hai seene mein jab jab sansen bharta hoon tere dil ki galiyon se main har roz guzarta hoon hawa ke jaisi chalti hai tu main ret jaise mudta hoon kaun tujhe yu pyar karega jaise main karta hoon... [113 words] [Biography]
Khandar (Short Stories) Khandar a short movie 2017 jamshedpur-by samir khan [71 words] [Horror]
Kuch Is Tarah By Samir Khan Unplugged Song (Songs) Kuch is tarah..kuch is tarah..aye raat tham zara..kuch is tarah..kuch is tarah..do jism se ek jaan me dhaljaye hum zara..kuch is tarah..kuch is tarah..aye raat tham zara..hawao sa main behne laga hu..... [67 words] [Horror]
Mera Pyar Tera Pyar (Short Stories) Zindagi ek pehlu me hum kadam rakhe the aur hamesha hi dhoke me raha hu doosre log dhoka dete hai toh hum had se jyada dhyan nahi dete apne apne hote hai aur praye praye magar mujhe har waqt ek wahi p... [664 words] [Motivational]
Nokia S60v5 5230 5233 5800 Etc Full Specifictions Full Jaankari (Reference) Nokia secret codes [740 words] [Publishing]
O Saathi..Bysamir Khan:Unplugged Cover Song) O Saathi...Tere Bina..Aa..Weeran Hai Lamhe Mere..Suna Pade...Har Raaste..Bin Tere Main Kuch Bhi Nahi..Louta De Tu Woh Lamhe Mere Jisme Mujhe Tu Aae Nazar..Dhundhe Tujhe Jo Meri Nazar..O Saathi...Tere Bina...(X2)Aankho Me Gum Hue Kyun Aise Manjile Raaste Sab Kho Gaye Jaana Tha Tujhe Toh Chodh Ke Tanha Aise..Mere Dil Ki Hi Taraf Kyun Mude..O Saathi...Tere Bina..Aa..Weeran Hai Lamhe Mere Suna Pade..Har Raaste O Saathi....(X3) (Songs) O saathi [9 words] [Biography]
Palko Tale New Lyrics (Songs) Kitna haseen hai lamha..aaja yaha ab toh..bin tere mein rehna paunga mera tujhme hi hai jahan..wo..ho..bin tere mein rehna paunga mera tujhme hi hai jahan..tere hi chahat ke sapne palko tale hai ab.to... [59 words] [Biography]
Pehle Student Phir Gf Ab Wife Part 1 (Genres) Sachchi mohabbat kisi ka poora nahi hota ye main keh raha hoon kyunki mere saath jo ghatna hui aapke saath ghati hoti to sayad aap bhi yahi bolte har ladke aur ladki ki yahi chahat hoti hai ke uska h... [267 words] [Biography]
Pyar Ho Unpluggedby Samir Khan (Songs) Tumse hi hai sapne mere aur khwab bhi tumse hi kehne laga hu kehdu abhi to chahat jo dil me dabi..pyar ho jab pyar ho har bar ho tumse hi..(x2)lamhe mere..tere liye..hai pyar ke..ehsas ke..tum jo na h... [72 words] [Movies]
Raaz Guzarne New Lyric (Songs) Tere sang abhi jeena hai mujhe..tere sang abhi jeena baki hai..tere sang abhi jeena baki hai..he waqt abhi thoda theher bhi ja tu mere sang abhi mera saathi hai..ab raat guzarne wali hai ab raat guzar... [105 words] [Biography]
Sameer Dhatkidih (Screenplays) hlw friends mera naam samir hai main jamshedpur se hu mera real name md samir toh mujhe aap you tube pe sameer dhatkidih you tube pe search karo and like subscribe and views badhao mere dosto and goog... [6 words] [Biography]
Samir Khan Biography (Genres) Md samir personal blog and other(born in 30/01/2003) website /father md yunus/mother fatima perween/brothers md ilyas md afsar md irfan md armaan and 4 sisters farhat perween roshni perween farzana pe... [58 words] [Biography]
Samir Love Forever 2 (Screenplays) Me:-ayesha babu kya hua kalse tum mujse baat kyun nahi kar rahi.........Ayesha:-kya hua samir phone kyun kiye.......Me:-kya hua ayesha aise kyun bol rahi ho.....Ayesha:-mujhe kuch nahi pata bas please... [301 words] [Biography]
Samir Love Forever 3 The Last In Love My Life Time (Screenplays) Ayesha ke saath ab hum khush the kyunki ab humari shadi ho gayi hai hum aur ayesha bahut khush hai ab hum zindagi ke naye raah par khade hai ek nayi duniya ek naya jagah jaha mere aur ayesha ke beech ... [150 words] [Biography]
Samir&Aisha Childhood First Love (Genres) Name:-samirkhan Contact:-6299321638 Email:[email protected] Address:-india/jharkhand/jamshedpur/shastri nagar block no 2 kadma Website:-https://theloverspoint-tk.blogspot.com [173 words] [Relationships]
Samir&Aishaa True Love Story (Short Stories) Aap log ek baat bataun dosto aaj ke din main bahut dukhi hoon kyun aaj wohi din hai jo pehle hum birthday manaya karte the par aaj wo mere paas nahi hai bas uski kuch yaadein aur uske bina ek pal main... [252 words] [Relationships]
Samirkhanandayesha (Short Stories) Hai chandni jab tak raat_______deta hai har koi saath______lekin andhero me na chodhna mera sath____meri yaad agar aye mujhko tum jo na mil paye__jee lena mere bina...o humnava..aaa_ jee lena mere bin... [4,827 words] [Romance]
Samirlove Forever (Screenplays) Zindagi ek pehlu me hum kadam rakhe the aur hamesha hi dhoke me raha hu doosre log dhoka dete hai toh hum had se jyada dhyan nahi dete apne apne hote hai aur praye praye magar mujhe har waqt ek wahi p... [215 words] [Relationships]
Soniye Hiriyeby Samirkhan Senstive&Emotion Sad Lyricshttp:Www.Fotothing.Comsamirkhanandayeshaphoto9262836fb11664b29cfdd9462087e86d (Songs) Soniye hiriye teri yaad aati hai seene me dhadakta hai dil jaan jati hai jati hai soniye hiriye teri yaad aati hai seene me dhadakta hai dil jaan jati hai jati hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai ... [201 words] [Biography]
Storymania.Com Description In By Samirkhan Samirkhanstorymanialink.Com (Songs) Kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana..aa..dil ki koi khwahish tu mujhse na chupana..dil tera hai deewana zara mujhko tu aazmana..dil tera hai deewana... [55 words] [Biography]
Tere Bina.. (Songs) Tere bina(new lyrics.by-samirkhan)2017 [4 words] [Romance]
Teri Jhuki Nazar New Song Lyricsby Samirkhan:-Lamhe Haseen Hai Yaaden Teri Hai Teri Yaadon Khoya Hoon Main..Kaisi Ghadi Hai Teri Kami Hai Bin Tere Main Kuch Bhi Nahi..Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Koi Saksh Hai Jo Ke Indino Tere Zahno Dil Pe Hai Cha Gaya Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Aan..Aa Hai Ye Daastan..Jab Teri Ungliya Mujhko Chu Jati Hai To Koi Khwab Dil Me Jaga Jati Hai Itni Berang Bhi To Nahi Zindagi Har Mulaqat Mujhse Ye Keh Jati Hai Maine Hawao Ko Fizao Ko Karte Suna Charcha Tera Maine Ghatao Ko Khalao Ko Karte Suna Charch Tera..Hmm..Charcha Tera..Chahe Kuch Na Kehna Bhale Chup Tu Rehna Mujhe Hai Pata Tere Pyar Ka Khamosh Chehra Aankho Pe Pehra Khud Hai Gawah Mere Pyar Ka Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Aan..Oo..Hai Ye Daastan Teri Julf Jab Bhi Bikhar Jati Hai Aye Haseen Tu Haseen Aur Ho Jati Hai Jo Kitabo Me Padhte Te Rahe Aaj Tak Woh Pari Humko Tujhme Nazar Aati Hai..Teri Hi Baahon Me Panahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Yaadon Me Nigahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Baahon Me Panahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Yaadon Me Nigahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada,Aa..Ho Har Dam Sada.. (Songs) Teri jhuki nazar new song lyrics_by samirkhan:-lamhe haseen hai yaaden teri hai teri yaadon khoya hoon main..kaisi ghadi hai teri kami hai bin tere main kuch bhi nahi..teri jhuki nazar teri har ada mu... [226 words] [Biography]
Zindagi Me Kabhi-By Samir Khan (Poetry) New shayry 2020 by samir khan [19 words] [Motivational]
The Dark Knight
Samir Khan

Raat ke 12:30 ke aas pass meri roz neend khul jati hai..jab mere privar ke sabhi log soye hue hote hai..main darr ke mare apne bhaiyo se lipat kar so jata hu..mujhe bachpan se darne ki aadat hai..andheri jagah mujhe pasand nahi hai andhere me kuch kuch ghar ke jaghe mujhe drawne lagte hai..toh main ab apni story pe aata hu..mera naam samir hai..main jamshedpur se hu main abhi jyada tar website par hi laga rehta hu..toh ye baat mere toh hum log 2 bhai 1 behan hai 2 room 2 bathroom(toilet) hai hai raat ke karib 2 baje waha meri neende khul jati humare tank par bhari pani raat me chal chal ki awaze karti hu mujhe mehsoos hota tha..maa ko roz me waha jaga deta tha..kabhi payal ki chan chan toh kabhi pani ki awaze waha main roz darr jata tha maa se roj main puchta tha to ek din maa ne mujhe bataya ki beta woh kuch bhi ho humare ghar me hai par hume nukshan toh nai pahunchata main bhi kai baar mehsus kari hu..darr na mat phir kuch dino baad makan malik ne ghar tudwane ki baat kari ki yaha pari main flat banaunga tabhi se hum jamshedpur me hai..plz kike__comments...and share:name__samir khan_:address shashtri nagar block no 1 kadma jamshedpur..


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