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I Haven't Got The Heart by Chuk H MacDonald Everybody has at least one truth that is just too painful to face. Mine is that you are... [251 words]
Kasa by Scotty Cleary asasa [1 words]
Khjhjhj by Scotty Cleary ... [1 words]
Help Me Back To The Ground by Amarjit Bhambra Imagine singing this one on top of a mountain. [111 words]
Love On The Other Side by Amarjit Bhambra A song about a woman who died young and her husband is kind of forgotton her and married... [161 words]
Deeper In Life by Steph Kidd Like all my other songs...this one is depressing. [106 words]
All I Need by Desi Williams Depression, wanting love but not finding it, better things to come. Think Evanescence, Linkin Park,... [168 words]
You Helped Me Through by Breanna N Porrett A sad song...about a girl who finally finds out about herself. [134 words]
What's Real?! by Josh Anderson What's real in this world are the fallen, people who have something not quite right, from the hom... [512 words]
We're Only by Matteo Hodak This is about a sixteen year old lad who has the fancy for the girl who he is going out with, but al... [248 words]
Wasting Away by Marissa Gelardo When you read these lyrics, think of the bands: Linkin Park, Disturbed, Flaw or AFI. Hope you enjo... [89 words]
U Came Crashing Down by Steph Kidd Its a rock song...like all my other songs...uh... think of goo goo dolls/john mayer/simple... [135 words]
The Way You Make Me Feel by Matteo Hodak Well, this song I suppose is a about a lad who meets a girl and hes to shy to make a m... [251 words]
The Warrior Of Love And Passion by Amarjit Bhambra - [139 words]
The Long Goodbye by Matteo Hodak This song is about a guy who has tried everything possible to be the best boyfriend but his gi... [246 words]
The Long And Winding Journey by Matteo Hodak Well this about a guy who has gone through his ups and downs with his girlfriend a... [230 words]
Surreal Awakening
Shoebox Of Memories by Steph Kidd I wrote this about a month ago...i just never showed it to anybody...i found it in my noteb... [124 words]
Reality Hits Hard by Steph Kidd Its like...goo goo dolls/john mayer/avril lavigne...one of my friends...megan l...wrote a poe... [109 words]
Never Thought by Breanna N Porrett Its a fast energetic song thats kind of sad but its got a really cool vibe to it. [110 words]
My Demon by Marissa Gelardo When you read this...think of the bands Dimmu Borgir, Disturbed, or Linkin Park. [88 words]
Like Sugar And Cream by Amarjit Bhambra A little love song. [96 words]
Like A New Disease by Josh Anderson Rock / Rap. Rock singer in normal write, emcee in '[ ]' square brackets. This is for all the... [392 words]
Kristis Song by Brett M Swainston Song 4 my gf my greatest inspiration. [149 words]
It's Not My Imagination (I Did Belong To You) by Dri The words of another song. [162 words]
If You Wanna Dance by Breanna N Porrett Fast,energetic, makes you wanna get up and dance. [80 words]
I Miss You By The Day by Kutibah Chihabi - [157 words]
Honey by Rosales - [203 words]
Forever In Your Heart by Matteo Hodak This song is about a lad who is afraid to know if his girlfriend will know how much he lo... [196 words]
Epiphany by Brian C Lebron This one has got a real nice tapping style that coincides with the rythym as your strumming the chords... [90 words]
Don't Leave Me On My Own by Marissa Gelardo It's a love song! [146 words]
Done With Me by Steph Kidd Rock...kinda like...taking back sunday and goo goo dolls mixed...just give me some reviews on it. ... [123 words]
Dinner by Josh Anderson - [780 words]
Bring You Down by Brian C Lebron Sometimes distance can test relationships in ways that if survived can only make us stronger in ... [89 words]
Autumn Breeze by Jeremy Ray Dunlap A nocturnal haunting tale of unrequieted love. [139 words]
A Million And One Tries by Melissa A Trahan I am a 12 year old from Canada. I wrote this about 3 months ago. I do it to piano music... [204 words]
It's Hard To Move A Mountain by Brion' O Neil This is Life... [328 words]
Unplug Me by Josh Anderson More lyrics. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Seether. Hope it is an enjoy... [393 words]
The Darkness (Song) by Josh Anderson Yet another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Ramstein / Se... [422 words]
Smudge by Josh Anderson Lyrics. Think Cold Play, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Limp Bizkit (Like Behind Blue Eyes), Rammstein (slo... [201 words]
Pushing Away by Josh Anderson Yet another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Seether. Hope it is ... [1,041 words]
Puppet Smile by Josh Anderson Yet another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Seether. Hope it is ... [407 words]
No Compile by Josh Anderson Yet another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park's rap and r&b style songs / the prodigy / ben... [612 words]
Just One More Kiss by Dri The words of a song. [130 words]
I Blame Myself by Josh Anderson Yet another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Seether. Hope it i... [557 words]
Hide And Go Freak by Josh Anderson Lyrics. Think Korn, Nine Inch Nails, SlipKnot, Stone Sour, Limp Bizkit. (Course Language, as ... [347 words]
Hard To Love by Josh Anderson Lyrics for song. Read for yourself. Hope it is a pleasurable read. [360 words]
Habits Are Hard To Break by Nash About the girlfriend that I couldn't make happy, and that almost led me to doing some ... [204 words]
Get Away From Me by Josh Anderson Yet another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Seether. Especia... [319 words]
Escape Esc by Josh Anderson Another song. When u read it, think of Linkin Park / Evanescence / KoRn / Seether. Hope it is an enj... [258 words]
Cupid by Josh Anderson Lyrics. Think Seether, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Maybe even Nickel Back or Creed. [454 words]
Caught In The Moment by Josh Anderson Love / Relationship song, The song is supposed to be vocal and acoustic, in a very mellow ... [270 words]
Because I Cry by Josh Anderson Lyrics. Think Korn, Nine Inch Nails, SlipKnot, Stone Sour, Limp Bizkit. This one means a lot to m... [476 words]
A Fine Line by Brian C Lebron - [60 words]
The Pact Ii by Jim E Bell Poem / song about love loss [190 words]
Our Wish For Us by Jim E Bell song poem about love pain and wanting [209 words]
Our Trip by Jim E Bell Poem / Song [96 words]
Looking For Water (In Joshua Tree) by Don Everett Pearce Impressions of a desert town in a sort of talking-blues form. To hear this ... [160 words]
Forever (Author: James Fitzgerald) by James C Fitzgerald - [109 words]
Be This Way by Jannah Akira - [109 words]
Backseat by Don Everett Pearce Late-night soliloquy from the back of a cab. A Manhattan lullaby. To hear this song: www.doneverettpe... [195 words]
The Pillow by Donna Leigh Dennison Lonely nights of being a trucker's wife. [114 words]
Tell Me Why My Heart Hurts by Donna Leigh Dennison Just another hurting song....please people, before you critique me too bad, please h... [116 words]
My Heart Can Never Mend by Donna Leigh Dennison This is just about the hard feelings of hurting and believing the other side cannot und... [152 words]
Baby Please Don't Go by Donna Leigh Dennison A girl leaving.....tired of being hurt...holding her head up high like a woman should....a... [171 words]

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Surreal Awakening
My first song on here, but definitely not my first song. Think Travis, Simple Plan. Please review.
[86 words]
Desi Williams
[March 2011]
All I Need (Songs) Depression, wanting love but not finding it, better things to come. Think Evanescence, Linkin Park, Seether. [168 words]
All I Need 2 (Songs) This is a slightly different version of the first one... no swear words. [166 words]
Baptism Testimony (Essays) - [901 words]
Best Friend And Worst Enemy (Songs) Hard Rock lyrics... country sound... those two don't normally go together, huh? :) not my best work ever... I'm sick today LOL... thanks for the reviews. [154 words]
Black Boots (Poetry) This is to my sis. [94 words]
Can You See Me? (Songs) The title is the beginning of each verse. [62 words]
Cast The First Stone (Essays) - [244 words]
Cathartic (Poetry) Contains SI. Is short and choppy in some places for effect. Don't know if it will work. Let me know what you think. [95 words]
Convey (Poetry) It's written to this boy whom I hold very dear. [180 words]
Disappearing Beneath Myself (Songs) It is like "Going Under" by Evanescence. Same tone, anyways. [114 words]
Do It Better (Poetry) Rants to my parents. Again. [212 words]
Dreambook Snapshots (Poetry) - [180 words]
Fading Away With The Rain (Short Stories) I wrote it based on the cover of "Fallen" by Evanescence. [137 words] [Drama]
Fairy Tale Love (Poetry) Sort of a metaphor and at first it trips you up... You'll see. [95 words]
Feather Flowers (Poetry) I wrote this a long time ago, right after I walked to the library from my therapist's office. [55 words]
Fluttering Crush (Poetry) Description of feelings to a special person in my life, who does not return the gesture :( Look and see if you know what I am. [345 words]
For A Moment (Songs) I want someone to hold me close and tell me I'm special. That's what this is about. [136 words]
Forever Will I Love You (Poetry) Old poem... off the top... <3 yall! [58 words]
Hummingbird (Poetry) I wrote this right after seeing the guy I like... it's also just about a hummingbird, my fave bird, and also my two late grandmothers' favorite bird... [59 words]
I Packed My Bags (Songs) About how my parents don't appreciate me for who I am, and how sometimes, it gets to the point where we never wanna see each other again... [252 words]
In Your Awesome Presence (Songs) It's a work in process... I believe in a Goddess too... but I wrote about the God... tell me whatcha think! Love y'all! [183 words] [Spiritual]
Josh (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Josh mean to me? [10 words]
Just A Little, Baby (Songs) How I'm feeling in the moment... [143 words]
Little Girl In Photographs... (Poetry) Self explanatory, really... [180 words]
Live For Your Own Lyrics (Poetry) I was thinking about this one guy I know that is kind of a loner. We went on a community tour with some of our classmates and he just lit his cigarette and walked over to a big rock several hundred y... [82 words]
Love Prayers (Poetry) It's... well, once you read it, it is self explanatory. [113 words]
Love (An Essay On The Matter) (Essays) Maybe love really does exist for those who aren't as fortunate to have good looks or funny personalities. I have my eye on a few prospects... or their words, anyhow. *wink* Love y'all. [368 words] [Romance]
Make Up Your Mind (Poetry) About a complete dick that fucked up my life and ruined a friendship. Glad he's in prison. [259 words]
Math (Poetry) I wrote this in math one day based on a nearby poster combined w/ feelings of my life. [103 words]
Maybe Someday (Poetry) I don't think it's very good.... It's about someone... you don't know them... I think ;) [63 words]
Nunnada'utsun't'yi - The Trail Place Where They Cried (Short Stories) It is about a white girl and her father during the 1800s having to herd the Cherokee out of Georgia because of the Indian Removal Act. It is also told from the point of view of a young Cherokee girl ... [1,675 words] [History]
Pause (Let Me In) (Songs) It is bout mah mudder and fodder controllin mah life. [148 words]
Poem Letter To My Coping Mechanism (Poetry) I've had too much trouble in my life. I don't need this anymore. I have God, like always, and friends, and family. I don't need it!!! [102 words]
Red Faces (Poetry) Think about it. [57 words]
Redundant Oxymoronic Paradox (Poetry) Nuff said. Thought of it in the shower!!! [93 words]
Ruthie (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Ruthie mean to me? (I love my little sissy!) [11 words]
Sam (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Sam mean to me? [7 words]
Sitting All Alone By Myself (Songs) Just something I thought up... Inspired by my life, my friend Carla's song, and Dizzy Up the Girl, an album by The GooGoo Dolls. Love and peace and blessings to y'all! Stay crazy. [163 words]
Speech Blanket (Poetry) Something I wrote in a sleepy state... and although I was almost "out", yes, I did mean to spell emptiness with a "y"... [21 words]
Stay Away From My Way (Songs) It's a hard rock song... maybe not heavy metal... but definitely hard rock... punk... yeah... it's like a poem and a song... Love y'all and your reviews! Peace!!! [134 words]
Synonymous Confusion... Thanks For The Help! (Poetry) It is just a jumble of my thoughts at this moment. [96 words]
The Garden Of Edenia - Intro (Novels) It has bisexuality, self harm, and Wiccan terminology. Be careful! [663 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Eight--Bus (Novels) - [297 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Eleven--Donor (Novels) - [652 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Fifteen--Grandfather (Novels) - [410 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Five--Dyke (Novels) - [217 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Four--Secrets (Novels) - [176 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Fourteen--Accident (Novels) - [340 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Nine--Edie (Novels) - [527 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter One--Class (Novels) - [181 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Seven--Ritual (Novels) - [216 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Six--Cut (Novels) - [329 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Sixteen--Kiss (Novels) - [180 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Ten--Mind (Novels) - [420 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Thirteen--Song (Novels) - [933 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Three--Discovery (Novels) - [201 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Twelve--Mom (Novels) - [249 words]
The Garden Of Edenia--Chapter Two--Group (Novels) - [465 words]
The Opposites Of Love (Poetry) Another old poem...I don't think it's very good... <3 yall... [48 words]
Throw Me Away (Like You Did Before) (Songs) It's about a guy I never had. :) [158 words]
Val (Haiku) (Poetry) Who is Val to me? [3 words]
Whatcha Doin'? (Songs) It's sorta Emcee, sorta punk rock. Those don't really coincide, do they? Oh WELL!!! [149 words]
When I Need You Most (Songs) I wrote this on an especially depressed day. A little suicidal, though I'm not, thank God/dess. [188 words]
Where Are We Now? (Songs) Sort of a poem song... wait. all songs are poems LOL... about how trapped I feel sometimes. I'm sick a lot, but my parents never believe me, and I'm trapped in what they believe. [193 words]
Where Does She Go From Here? (Short Stories) It's about my life thus far... in a way. [477 words] [Self-Help]
White Hawk (Poetry) What does my white hawk mean to me? I can't finish it until the bird flies here and lets me know he won't poop on me. [37 words]
Why, Oh Why? (Poetry) A compilation of new and old poems I've written... some are more songs... hope you enjoy... please review... love y'all! [175 words]
Yesterday And Tonight (Poetry) Something old w/ a lil something new... [50 words]
(Especially) Without You (Poetry) slam poem ish bout a friend... or what I want to be MORE than... [170 words]
Surreal Awakening
Desi Williams

Ultra violet rays
shine down onto your face
so beautiful
The river rushes by
The ghost walks o'er the water
of life gone awry

Why can't I get away
from this surreal actuality
The roaring is so near
of the tiger personality

Wake up, wake up, wake up
Don't sleep any longer
Come to an epiphany
The light that grows much stronger

The rosy dawning sunrise
crashes onto the shore
Grass and sea alike
shine in stars forever more

Wake up, wake up, wake up
Time is waiting
Love is only here for a moment

Wake up, wake up, wake up
Life needs your kiss
Remember all of this



"Holy shnit, Desi, i really loved this poem, reall, really loved this poem. Well done." -- Josh / AxeY.
"Great song, I liked how there wasn't one definite chorus and it had a nice flow and great lyrics" -- Rebecca.


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February 2005

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