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Sugar Daddy Blues
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Sugar Daddy Blues
keep yo' daddy at home-
[132 words]
Richard Evans
I write for it is the light at the end of my tunnel-
[September 2022]
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Sugar Daddy Blues
Richard Evans

I ain’t no sugar daddy love ain't a game I play
I ain’t no sugar daddy love ain't a game I play
now I'm hooked gonna’ change my evil ways

one day I saw her strut across the room
one day I saw her strut across the room
I said slow down baby so I can enjoy the view

I could be her father I feel like a younger man
I could be her father I feel like a younger man
them pretty brown eyes put me in a trance

make sweet love to poppa’ keep yo' daddy at home
make sweet love to poppa’ keep yo' daddy at home
it feel so good I just can’t leave her alone

she got a Cadillac car a pinky diamond ring
she got a Cadillac car a pinky diamond ring
I’m her sugar daddy I give her anything



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