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Witch Hunt by R Bennett Okerstrom Defeating the evil that takes away life is more difficult than it seems. [165 words]
Sanguinary by R Bennett Okerstrom The blood continues to flow in this experimental preface followed by poetry. [128 words]
Influence by R Bennett Okerstrom How influential can a demon of the night be? [218 words]
Attempted Suicide by Rowan Davies NB: Don't read this if you're suicidal. In fact you probably shouldn't read it if you're a fa... [143 words]
The War: What Next? by Musaum War! [37 words]
Rising Angel by Stuart Eric Longridge Its not a being its a consciousness/materialism. [114 words]
The Airforce Of Nature by August Nyghts - [151 words]
Night Life by August Nyghts - [176 words]
My Birds In Paradise by August Nyghts - [45 words]
In The Morning by August Nyghts - [81 words]
He Says by August Nyghts - [118 words]
And Then by August Nyghts - [86 words]
No One by August Nyghts Been single for awhile [157 words]
Afraid Of Buildings by Peter Rivendell Written one unhappy morning, but I got a poem out of it... [132 words]
Lagos by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A poem about lagos, the commercial nerve centre and former capital of Nigeria. [158 words]
Sarcophagus by Peter Rivendell Grief and betrayal in a bleak landscape. [204 words]
Heaven Is Hell's Fire by Jeffrey (George) Winter - [108 words]
Tease by Tessa I was recently told that I'm a tease- I guess I kind of am because I've stayed single and abstinent for o... [216 words]
Your Own Shadow by David B Doc Byron A poem about Vampires, man! [79 words]
Waterfalls by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A poem about life. [134 words]
Waste by Tessa Saw a picture and got mad again. Hate having him in my thoughts, so, I tried to write him out. Shall I re... [20 words]
Transient Love by M I Chulkova - [103 words]
They Called Them Black by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi - [115 words]
The Year's 1st Rain by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii The title explains the theme of the work. Ara- in line 8, is a Yoruba (South-Western Nigeri... [74 words]
The Harmattan by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii This is about the harsh weather conditions endured by Nigerians and some other Africans during th... [60 words]
The Creator by The Birdman Things in life can be interpreted either good or bad, determining this can only be excepted by you. [79 words]
The Chimera by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii This poem is about the rejection the writer suffered from a girl who was his dream. [73 words]
The Book by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii The last line of the poem summarizes its theme. [61 words]
Stolen Kiss by Tessa Thinking about this and reliving a nice, stolen moment... [214 words]
Steam Heat by Judith Goff A little something to warm a winter's day? [20 words]
St Valentine's Curse by Rowan Davies Love is weird. [144 words]
Soaked In Deja-Vu by Stuart Eric Longridge I was just wondering. [130 words]
Skins by David B Doc Byron - [105 words]
Secret Place 2 by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii This is a cry of desire of God�s transforming presence, which is encountered through earnest pra... [83 words]
Samarkand.... The Market I Searched For by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi Dedicated to nigerian nobel laureate Wole Soyinka. A meditation on his ... [413 words]
Sacrificial Lamb by Judith Goff - [94 words]
Reverie by Judith Goff - [100 words]
Psychedelic Travels by Ryon Smith A journey thru the mind of a man with endless visions and inspiring quests... [91 words]
Propaganda Bait by Stuart Eric Longridge The great media movie, we are all finally famous. Yee-ha. [170 words]
Predator by Judith Goff - [84 words]
People's Voices by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi - [40 words]
Oh What A Dream! by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii Using the archetype of furniture making as style, the writer writes a book in this dream. He w... [120 words]
Of Love And Of Thy Compassion... by Reagan Rothe The story of a past relationship I had best desribed in this poetic masterpiec... [94 words]
Mezmerized by Judith Goff Oh, the lure of the darkness. [165 words]
Lily The Dog by August Nyghts My roommate's dog. [152 words]
In The Eventide by Judith Goff - [100 words]
In Honor Of Columbia by Amy Poet This is a poem I wrote in honor of the Columbia Astronauts. [138 words]
Illumination by Tessa Hmmm... Salvation was already taken... Ah, well... [119 words]
Her Wares Wither by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A haiku. [8 words]
God's Nature by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii This poem is a mirror of God�s relationship with the author. [85 words]
Furious by Tessa Still so angry at an ex-boyfriend that turned psycho stalker on me. He put me through hell, caused me t... [151 words]
Epilogue by Judith Goff - [35 words]
End Time Rhyme by Stuart Eric Longridge - [81 words]
devil In Us by Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin Ii This explains that God is an expert in removing the evil (here dubbed: �dEVIL�) or the devil (which... [51 words]
Daddy Ain't No Man No More by Rowan Davies Figure it out. [99 words]
Come What May by Stuart Eric Longridge Easy life. [239 words]
Cabin Fever by August Nyghts A thought that came and went. [23 words]
Bang!Bang!Bang! by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A meditation on the bomb blasts in Nigeria in jan 2002 and feb 2003 [78 words]
Auba 'varcity by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A pantoum. [139 words]
Africa My Africa by Toris Okotie History has taught us it's lessons, but the pain of those slaves still leaves a mark on us. [122 words]
A Prayer To Gaia by Stuart Eric Longridge We have a lot of explaining to do. [107 words]
Dance Floor Snap Shot by August Nyghts changed the title - sounds better i think [54 words]
I'm A Pharmacist,Not A Poet by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi - [78 words]
Why Me by Mine Able Being loved. [96 words]
Why I Got High, Ran Away, And Just Generally Screwed Myself Up by Pearl S A thought that popped into my head today. I thin... [34 words]
Unending Rain by Peter Rivendell Crime doesn`t pay. [76 words]
Twenty Children Can't Play For Twenty Years by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi The title says it all. [95 words]
Transformation by Judith Goff I know, I know, vampires again.... [152 words]
Traces Of You by Judith Goff - [99 words]
They Set Us Free, A Collection by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A collection of poems: 1) they set us free this is a poem about freedom from ra... [1,214 words]
The Real World by Stuart Eric Longridge I wrote this for my dad,whose last older relative passed on. [80 words]
The Great Pyramid Decoded A Bit.The Principal Facination Part 2 by Stuart Eric Longridge Just trying to show that the ancients had techn... [400 words]
Thats Entertainment by Stuart Eric Longridge - [105 words]
Soul Of A Dove by Judith Goff - [73 words]
Sequence by Peter Rivendell Playing and losing a game with fate. [202 words]
Saddam Hussein by R Bennett Okerstrom I was bored. Therefore I write. [39 words]
Prayer by Tessa Trying to save myself... [195 words]
Player by Judith Goff When the player tires of the game.... [57 words]
Pissed by August Nyghts - [112 words]
Pierrot by Peter Rivendell A love letter, after a fashion. [196 words]
Pic Ka Beat by August Nyghts An oldie. [156 words]
Phone Poem by Desmond Swords A snapshot style poem about identity. [254 words]
Pause by Sylvia Browne Columbia. [138 words]
Our Relatives Are Familiar Strangers by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A poem about modern day slavery. [90 words]
My 4th Grade Valentine by August Nyghts - [71 words]
Lord Of The Rings by Stuart Eric Longridge Where it ends it has begun. [72 words]
Listen To The Wall Geckos Singing From A Balcony by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi Tale of a divorcee. [90 words]
Know Your God by Stuart Eric Longridge Materialism / luciferianism. [125 words]
I Can't Be Mad by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A poem about a mentally imbalanced guy. [139 words]
Honeybloom by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi It's about the kid no one prays to have. [96 words]
Hoes And Bitches by August Nyghts Dedicated to all the pimps, creeps and wanna be playas. [237 words]
Heaven Bound by Judith Goff As did Sylvia, I felt the need to express my feelings on this day of national tragedy, and as she ... [124 words]
Haunted by Tessa And still he whispers... as I try to hang on. Temptation... can sometimes get the best of you... but I'... [118 words]
Guitar by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A haiku. [8 words]
Gele by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A haiku [8 words]
Death Lives Nearby by Toluwalope Olugbenga Ogunlesi A haiku. [8 words]
Dear Mother by August Nyghts For my mother, I wish I had better things to say. [85 words]
Dear Mister Keys, by August Nyghts My first Epistle Poem. [239 words]
Celtic Warriors by Stuart Eric Longridge The mess in N.Ireland. [99 words]
Catch Me If You Can by David B Doc Byron Jack The Ripper, one of the infamous serial killers in history, leaves a calling card. [404 words]
Bob The Banana's Magical Acid Ride by Drew Schroder Bob takes a magical ride.... [93 words]
A Tragedy Of Love by Parker Short little poem. Please review, thanks. [111 words]

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What is Storymania?
[97 words]
R Bennett Okerstrom
A collection of my work from circa 1995 to the present. Some dark and deep, others bright and cheerful.
[December 2014]
Asylum Of My Soul (Poetry) Nowhere to go. [36 words]
Blanket Of Trust (Poetry) Take my secret to your grave [59 words]
Blood Game (Songs) A lyrical taste of the hunt created solely for a friend's upcoming novel. [139 words] [Horror]
Broken Halo (Songs) An angel falls from her sky [182 words]
Bryna (Poetry) Saying goodbye to my mom [131 words]
Columbian Necktie (Songs) When you've said one too many things to piss someone off...someone writes a heavy metal song about you. [99 words] [Horror]
Dark Wave (Poetry) Exorcising demons of the past [113 words]
Deliverance (Poetry) Lingering thoughts and images of something I cannot recall. [97 words]
Denial (Poetry) Forbidden love [191 words]
Downtown: Coney Island Footlong (Poetry) Part four of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [635 words]
Downtown: Do You Have A Quarter? (Poetry) Part one of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [315 words]
Downtown: Mr. O.D.C. Preacher (Poetry) Part three of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [261 words]
Downtown: One Eye (Poetry) Part two of a series referring to Downtown Detroit's homeless population. [223 words]
Dreamscape: The Thirst (Poetry) It even happens in your dreams. [77 words]
Echoes In My Head (Poetry) Laying in bed on December 24th. [61 words] [Drama]
Eternal Desire (Poetry) A vampire will stop at nothing to claim his bride and grant her immortality. [84 words]
Ever And Ever (Songs) Just another heavy guitar and deep baseline type of song on the subject of immortality. [127 words]
Faceless (Songs) The rise to the top can end abruptly. [116 words]
Feels Like Forever (Poetry) Sometimes you miss someone, if even for a day, and it feels like forever. [66 words] [Romance]
Here Alone (Songs) Sometimes you never see it coming [104 words]
I Keep On Falling For You (Songs) Just found it and others in a folder tagged "1993 Work" [142 words]
I Need (Poetry) This is a song about never really knowing what you had until it's gone. [124 words]
I Own You (Poetry) Never forget that I own you. [88 words]
Imperfection (Poetry) - [62 words]
In Your Dreams (Poetry) - [71 words]
Infidelity (Poetry) When a husband ignores his wife, a marriage will crumble and the wife will stray... [98 words]
Influence (Poetry) How influential can a demon of the night be? [218 words]
Losing Battle (Poetry) Prepare for sin. [109 words]
Lost Without You (Songs) More from the "1993 Work" folder. [179 words]
Mended Heart (Poetry) - [90 words]
Never Regret What Makes You Smile (Poetry) When two people want to be together and they aren't. [94 words] [Relationships]
New Beginning (Poetry) - [93 words]
Nobody Likes You (Songs) How does it feel to be the person that has everything but friends? [170 words]
Nothing (Poetry) - [77 words]
Progressive Silence (Poetry) Sometimes there is no sound. Starting over never works. [79 words]
R.A.O. (Poetry) Saying goodbye to my Dad [79 words]
Remember (To Remind Me) (Songs) Punkish song. [103 words]
Saddam Hussein (Poetry) I was bored. Therefore I write. [39 words]
Sanguinary (Poetry) The blood continues to flow in this experimental preface followed by poetry. [128 words] [Horror]
Seed (Poetry) Are eight lines enough? [44 words]
Shattered Dream (Poetry) The result of betrayal by one's best friend and one's girlfriend. [141 words]
Shut Your Mouth (Songs) Sometimes you just need to shut your mouth! [92 words]
Six (Poetry) What would you do with only six days? [68 words]
Someone Like You (Poetry) - [74 words]
Sounds Of A Summer Countryside (Poetry) - [113 words]
Standing On The Edge Of Depression (Poetry) Self-worth, self-pity and self-confidence. [137 words]
Temporary Dreams (Poetry) - [36 words]
The Din (Poetry) 42 strong words. [42 words]
The Embrace (Poetry) A newly born vampire's first taste. [90 words]
The Voice (Poetry) Evil whispers across the wind. [127 words]
Theend (Songs) It's the end of this relationship. [106 words]
To Be Alone (Songs) I'd rather be alone than trapped. [106 words]
Unbridled Fury: The Battle To Breathe (Essays) Subconscious thought... [685 words]
Unbridled Fury: The Subconscious (Essays) Subconscious thought... [365 words]
Undaunting (Poetry) Bring me home [66 words] [Motivational]
Unflowing (Poetry) - [62 words]
Untitled -- 1989 (Poetry) As taken from "Disintegration". [96 words]
Us (Poetry) - [182 words]
Wake Of Destruction (Songs) You can run, but you cannot outrun fate. [112 words]
We Are Right (Poetry) You should always fight for what�s right in life and in love. [113 words] [Romance]
Witch Hunt (Poetry) Defeating the evil that takes away life is more difficult than it seems. [165 words] [Horror]
(I See) The Light (Poetry) Can you see the light? [98 words]
(It's Time To) Cut The Cord (Songs) There comes a time when you just need to cut the cord [131 words]
R Bennett Okerstrom

Some people on here,
Are truly insane.
They think with a dictionary
And not with their brain.

Whip out their thesaurus
Without giving a thought.
Looking for words
They've never been taught.

Along come reviewers
To read and critique,
But most just kiss ass
It's not what we seek.

True writers want input,
Constructive advice.
This website is great
But doesn't suffice.

Ideas and poems
Are commonly borrowed.
By self proclaimed writers,
Engulfed in self sorrow.

For they cannot think
Or write for themselves.
Creating their works
From books off the shelves.

I've worked hard to develop
Styles all my own.
I try hard not to mimic
Anything known.

I've never been published,
Perhaps I should try.
My work is my own,
There's no need to lie.




"Somehow, I couldnt agree more... I wish I could say anything really productive, but I guess I'm just your average hypocrit. I liked this, alot, for whatever its worth, and I agree." -- Miles Tugman.
"Thanks Miles. I'm expecting a bombardment of criticism from those people who this refers to. Those who are commfortable with their writing will understand what I'm saying just like you did." -- R. Bennett.
"Amen, R Bennett!" -- Judith.
"I love it!! It reflects my own opinion, and I'm in love with the comment on using a thesaurus for words they don't know. I applaud you - we do need more constructive critism from reviewers! " -- Law, UK.
"Oh boy, does this hurt having to take exception to RB and Judith all at one time. No problem with the criticism part - we probably all fall a bit short there at times. But some of us are new, still trying to find a voice or maybe just not all that good, so what, the site is here for anyone to use. It's fair to give a bad review when you want and that could be a good thing for the writer. Hey, that's my 2 cents, worth it or not. " -- Just A Guy.
"I'm not sure R Bennett was criticising new writers at all, JAG, I may be wrong ... I think he was referring to people who copycat other's works, there are a few of them, but only a few. As for bad reviews, yes, I think most of us welcome constructive criticism and it DOES help ... I for one, ENJOY positive reviews from readers and writers alike, it doesn't have to be a technical review at all! And sometimes there is simply nothing negative to say, and no suggestions to make ... by the way, a Thesaurus is a GOOD thing!" -- Judith.
"R.Bennett, You echo the thoughts of many of us who have tried in vain to be heard but are drowned out by the sound of silence on this board or put down for our efforts! You Sir, are a unique voice and I for one applaud you! I don't think this piece was directed toward JAG! Right?" -- Monte.
"Not in anyway. I like JAG's stuff. A bit unrefined at times, but he is just learning the ways...he'll only get better because he WANTS to. This wasn't directed at any one person. " -- R. Bennett.
"This just seems to be another echo from another writer who doesn't want to hear from us "casual readers." So, I will refrain from any critquing or commenting on your work R. Bennett. " -- Molly B.
"Please let me clarify. Because I cannot offer a constructive review/critique from a writer's POV, I will refrain from commenting a like or dislike for any of your other works." -- Molly B.
"That's not my point Molly. You can casually read something and say if you like/dislike it. You can give suggestions if you want. But please don't say you love it and paint a pretty picture if you really don't mean it. That's all I'm saying." -- R. Bennett.
"It was nice to see something that didn't look like it had been taken out of a book with big words! Finally! Something that was honestly about how someone feels, not how they think other people think they should feel. Relate to the newbies just starting out and their negative reviews, but think there was a self searching message in the work. Nice Job!" -- Jennifer, Stillwater, Oklahoma.
"Thanks. All of my work is about how I feel. I don't need books to borrow from. It comes from inside." -- R. Bennett.
"R, A friend of mine posts on here and this title caught my eye. I've just read your work- and it's pretty good writing, as ascertained by the reviews you get. But your ego is starting to show. If you think you're really that good and that much better than everyone else- why aren't you published? You should cut those that aren't as good as you some slack and a thesaurus is a great writing tool. It also sounds as though you are annoyed by ass kissers? As in the people giving you good reviews? I hope you cherish those reviews, or are you just so used to being so good? " -- BJ Lee, Venus, FL.
"The fact that I am good has nothing to do with this. If you read my work, then you know it is good. If you read the reviews I get, then you know I don't necessarily think it is THAT good. My point in this piece is not to discuss the reviews that I get, but rather, the reviews that the other people who WANT help are getting. I give a lot of reviews that contain constructive criticism along with what I think about the piece. You won't see me saying something is great if it isn't. That doesn't help the writer get better. The new writers on here are searching for advice and that's what I give them. If people think I'm good at it, I'm glad. I'm just trying to help." -- R. Bennett.
"By the way, I never said a thesaurus was a bad thing, it is just sometimes used incorrectly. " -- R. Bennett.
"R. Bennett, I speak strictly from a reader's point of view. You have no idea how difficult writing is for someone like me. I am in awe of your talent! I truly respect how you speak your mind without fear of what someone else might think. Though I would never say I liked something if I didn't, if I don't like someone's work, I simply don't comment on it. I could learn a lot from someone like you. Thanks for your honesty. " -- JM.
"This explains it all around here. I hope you don't mind that I posted this on "The Advisor" to get a point across." -- The Reviewer.
"Hey R. Bennett, pretty funny...And I wasn't kissing your ass either. I've been published--it's no big deal to be in an anthology though. I'm going to work on my own book; I suggest you do the same." -- Mia Angello, WI.
"If only I had the time, Mia." -- R. Bennett.
"amen...well said" -- e. rocco caldwell.
"I try" -- R. Bennett.
"I have to admit that this piece is actually brutally honest and I admire that. A lot of people do exactly what you have said. Someone needed to say it. Well done!" -- Stephanie J..
"Thanks Stephanie. " -- R. Bennett.
"Well... RB... I like your little poem... I think you hit on some very good points... I am new to storymania... But in the short time I have been posting I have figured out your poem before I read it... Once I made a statement;I do not read other peoples poetry... And that only showed what an ass I can be... Then I started judging a children s poetry contest at my local library... Now I am an avid reader of other peoples work... And I make a point of reading postings on this site and giving reviews... Maybe some of the older member don't give a _____ what I think... And you do not know how that hurts... Not... And I have found getting reviews is like pulling chicken's teeth... So I decided to post copies of reviews from close personals friends in my posting directory... Some may think this is arrogant of of me and refuse to give me reviews... This is in no means an attempt to be so... I love the good and bad work of other poets... And anyone who judges children s poetry must love it all... There is a complaint I have about this website that gets on my last nerve... And that is the monopoly put on title names... When the monopoly should be authors names and if they have a problem with that they can always change their name... And I do not understand how this website can be up running for all these years without rectifying this problem... By complains to the website managers to no end until the problem is fixed... They told me in an email they were going to fix the problem... I think we should all email and ask this question... When??? Sorry RB this took so long... I love reading your words....... BrokenWordsPoet....... " -- James W. Right Jr., Ruffin, SC, USA.
"I hear you James. The title monopoly is crazy. Takes away from the originality of what we write." -- R. Bennett.


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