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Stand Up
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Stand Up
[261 words]
Catrina E Garza
[April 2008]
[email protected]
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Stand Up
Catrina E Garza

This love didn't fall apart
I just grew out from child's heart
And now im ready to grow
This was never your fault
Im just tired of taking the falls
And now im ready to grow

But I wont leave you behind
Youll stay with me
And my memories will hold you tight

This heart wasn't filled with doubt
I was just worried for somebody else
And now im ready to grow
This was never our time
I was mistaking love for lies
And now im ready to grow

My heart is closing down
I wont blame you or anyone else
Its time for me to stand up
My heart is getting strong
I wont let it fall apart
Its time for me to stand up

This feeling isnt mine to keep
I just realized that i wasn't ready
But im ready to live
This memory I'll hold on to
Just so i can remember you
But now im ready to live

But I wont leave you behind
Youll stay with me
And my memories will hold you tight

This passion was something new
Something I could get use to
And now im ready to live
This time has come and gone
Know that I'll still sing you songs
but for now im ready to live

I'll always remember you
Your something I thought was never true
And know that this isn't your fault
If I could take you there with me
I'd take you there just so you can see
What exactly i mean

Now my heart is closing down
I wont blame you or anyone else
Its time for me to stand up
My heart is getting strong
I wont let it fall apart
Its time for me to stand up

This love didnt fall apart
I just grew out from a childs heart
And Im ready to grow


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October 2008

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