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Samurai Jack Ending
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Samurai Jack Ending
Samurai Jack: Time-Traveling Hallucinogen-The Last Ride by Joseph D. Smith. Story derived from Samurai Jack by Genndy Tartakovsky.
[1,085 words]
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Joseph D Smith
Joseph D. Smith is The Legendary Graduate!
[January 2018]
[email protected]
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Samurai Jack Ending
Joseph D Smith

[Chapter One]

All hope seemed lost for the young Samurai Jack... He had many chances to go back to his own time, into the ancient Japan, but he had passed them all up. What hope was there left for him? Jack began to give up hope, and he had fallen into a deep depression; his health started to wither, his mind was disturbingly blank, and he even thought about settling into the future. One day he had passed by a head shop, with lots of entheogens, and Jack even thought about the possibility of using them to ease his pain, but he still had just enough dignity inside of him to pass it by. But before he could get too far, the vendor of the shop stopped him and asked him why so gloom.

Jack: "I'm sorry... My time here has made me grow tired, and I have given up hope on returning to my homeland..."

The vendor had a deep sense of empathy for the samurai, and he realized who he was, the man that wanted to return home to defeat the evil Aku.

Vendor: "Samurai Jack!"

Jack: "*Sigh* Yes, I am Samurai Jack... Atleast I used to be a samurai..."

Vendor: "Don't be so hard on yourself! I can actually help you return to the past, believe it or not!"

Jack: "*Sigh* Even if I tried, I know that something bad will happen to stop me..."

Vendor: "No, no! One of my products will help you! Only you can take this journey, for it is within only you..."

Jack: "What kind of trickery is this?"

Vendor: "No trickery! I have something for you."

Jack: "I'm sorry... I do not use intoxicants..."

Vendor: "It will only last for a few seconds... It will not make your mind cloudy."

Jack becomes very tempted to use it, but he thinks about his principles... But on the other hand, this deal can make all of his problems go away. Thoughts race through his head, and a chemical imbalance surges! Jack becomes very anxious and very upset... Finally, Jack decides to see what the product is.

Jack finally relaxes and nods his head.

Jack: "Show me what this product is..."

The vendor shows him some seeds, they are very vibrant looking, almost as if they aren't even earthly possible!

Vendor: "Just take some of these and chew them up. You will hallucinate for a very brief period of time, if you can survive, then you will be transported back to your desired time period. But be careful, for it can become way too intense, and you will be stuck in a void of insanity..."

Jack realizes he has no other choice, so he chews up the seeds...

[Chapter Two]

The world begins to spin, lights flash everywhere at the speed of light! Thoughts race through the samurai's head... Things are becoming way too intense for Jack, and it seems like things will never end! Madness starts to ensue!

Jack: "Ahhhhhhhhh!!! What have I done???"

Jack gasps, as the whole trip is over. He looks around, but he can't believe his eyes!

Jack: "Could it be...? Am I really... home?"

Jack begins to wonder if he is really home, or if it is just from the hallucinogen? He touches the soil and filters it through his fingers. Everything feels real; the fresh soil, the clean air, and the smell of just plain old food. Jack finally realizes that he is home! Jack becomes very ecstatic!

Jack: "I'm home! I'm really home!"

Jack regains his composure, and he remembers what he came back to do. He knows that the battle is not over... Although his health has deteriorated, he must act quickly, before Aku realizes he is back! Jack sets out to destroy the evil demon...

[Chapter Three]

Jack is now in the lair of Aku, but to no surprise to Aku.

Aku: "Hello Samurai... I pity your condition. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Jack: "Aku! I will defeat you!"

Aku takes a big swoop with his hand at Jack, which hit's it's mark...

Aku: "Hahahaha! You have really let yourself go. But no matter, this will make things easier for the both of us... Heh-heh!"

Aku fires laser-beams from his eyes, and hits Jack all over his body, which weakens the warrior...

Aku: "What a pity... So much misery... Boo-hoo... *Innocent eyes* AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Jack tries to get up...

Jack: "Stop laughing..."

Aku continues laughing, and then Jack starts to have flashbacks.

Aku: "Looks like that hallucinogen is taking a toll on your mind! I can see your flashbacks Samurai."

Jack tries to regain his composure...

Jack: "How do you know about that?!"

Aku: "I can read your mind. And now I'm about to own your soul!"

Aku takes one last shot at Jack, but then he moves out of the way with great strength!

Aku: "Huh...? I see... You must be having a burst of psychosis."

Jack unleashes his battle-cry and lunges after Aku! But to no avail... Aku swiftly turns into a bird-of-pray and flies above the Samurai's head! Aku dives after Jack, but then the battle becomes even more intense, as Jack is becoming even more psychotic by the second! Jack jumps to a height he has never done before! He slashes his Sword of Righteousness right through the middle of the foul demon! Aku falls to the ground, with barely enough strength to get up...

Aku: "This can't be happening!"

Aku tries to get up, but the Samurai pierces Aku's heart! Aku's very existence is threatened...

Aku: "I must... regenerate!"

Jack swiftly pierces Aku's heart one last time... Aku unleashes a furious scream, until finally he fades away in a spectacle of light! The whole world quakes, followed by great tsunamis! Jack passes out in Aku's lair, as his psychotic episode ends... The world is finally free from Aku's tyranny, and Jack is finally able to rest in his homeland...


Jack is living life to the fullest, along with his family and friends in Japan who survived the quakes and tsunamis, where many sadly lost their lives... Nobody is holding a grudge on Jack, for if he had not done what he did, then the whole world would suffer an eternity of slavery under Aku... Although Jack is back to his full, physical health, he still suffers from flashbacks, which nobody knows what causes them, nor how to get rid of them... He has tried many types of treatment, including blessings, potions, and even acupuncture, but nothing worked... Jack has learned to accept his mental condition, and he has since moved on to greater and happier things, especially the things that he once enjoyed while living in Japan.

Jack is a local hero, and he will go down in history as the greatest warrior known to man.


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