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Ronald Reagan
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Ronald Reagan
Was he that good?
[1,096 words]
Skyler Drevan
I am Jeff, writer, dreamer, realist.
[July 2006]
[email protected]
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Ronald Reagan
Skyler Drevan

He was a great leader....

Well, that’s how it’s going to be with Reagan, whether we like it or not. I am not adverse to the notion that there was some good in the man, but it was entirely of a personal nature. He smiled on cue, he wasn’t ugly, and he was very good with a quick quip. That’s not a lot, but it’s something, and it’s gone.

The evil that he did will last on, in fact it surrounds us and is sinking the greatest nation of our epoch. Any political ‘greatness’ of Ronald Reagan can be found in his ability to railroad the American people, and convince them to degrade and sacrifice themselves at the altar of corporate greed. When Michael Douglas proclaimed that ‘Greed is good!’ in Wall Street he was only reciting the most obvious mantra of the Reagan program.

Ronald Reagan will be mourned by the simple people of the Midwest. Perhaps they should instead mourn for their farms, removed from them and taken by the corporations during the Reagan years. In 1979 it was difficult to drive through the grain belt for more than a few miles without encountering a family farm, it’s all but impossible to find one today.

Ronald Reagan is being hailed as a great warrior. The reality is that he was a coward who ordered American troops to march around their base in Lebanon without bullets in their weapons, lest they create an incident. The families of the 289 American troops murdered in the ensuing terrorist attack are unlikely to be among the mourners, and it should be remembered that Reagan immediately turned tail and ran.

It is unlikely that Reagan is being mourned much in El Salvador or Nicaragua, where he declared fascists to be ‘the moral equivalent’ of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It is unlikely that Reagan is being mourned by the families of tens of thousands of peasants murdered by the fascist death squads. If anyone insists on remembering Reagan as a champion of democracy, they should also remember that his perception of acceptable democratic ideals started at the far right and ended somewhere around Mussolini.

Ronald Reagan is being remembered as an outdoorsman, a cowboy with a hat, kind of like John Wayne. We should also remember that no human in the history of mankind has done as much to destroy the earth: selling off parkland, overseeing the over-development of California coastline to the point that it cannot be reclaimed, relieving corporations of any environmental regulation they considered burdensome, and confirming America’s addiction to oil by rolling back Jimmy Carter’s alternative energy tax breaks.

Ronald Reagan is being remembered as a family man, though his son and daughter were openly critical and contemptuous of him for decades, until he became too ill to assert himself. Perhaps the poor children of America will remember the cuts he ordered in social programs, the least but most symbolic of which was asserting that catsup would be the vegetable in the school lunch program.

I don’t know if Ronald Reagan should be remembered more for arming the Iranians, in direct violation of his own public position and the United States Constitution, for lying about it, or for getting ripped off in the deal and never being paid. It is probable that no American was ever so thoroughly ripped off, and no doubt laughed at, by a bunch of third-tier Middle Eastern stooges.

Ronald Reagan almost single-handedly revived racism in America. They weeded out the worst of the ex-Klansmen before they got to prime time, but there was always a sense that his cadre was one of ‘great’ white men. Virtually all of them had histories of aggressively battling against integration and the civil rights movement. When they appointed token black men to higher offices, it was invariably ‘Oreos’ like Clarence Thomas: black men who had dedicated their lives to kissing the asses of white men, and of enthusiastically assisting in repression of their own people for personal gain. Reagan policies, and the sense of hopelessness they engendered, were the foundation for what has become uncontrollable gang violence in the inner city of every urban area in America. We should not forget this, when we’re remembering Reagan.

Some will remember Reagan as a fiscal conservative, but those who paid attention will know that his tight wallet only applied to social programs. No one ever ran up larger budget deficits or wasted more money on weapons systems that were obsolete before deployment, he perfected the art of spending billions of dollars of middle-class tax money promoting enormous businesses quite capable of promoting themselves. It should be remembered-for this is his most enduring legacy-that Ronald Reagan presided over the greatest redistribution of wealth since the collapse of feudalism.

It should be remembered that Reagan’s redistribution of wealth was neither equitable, merit-based, nor in the common interest. Reagan’ s redistribution was from the poorest of the poor, from the very poor, from the poor, from the lower middle class, from the middle class, and from the upper middle class...to the already wealthy. He assured the populace that this was to their own benefit, as some of the wealth would almost certainly ‘trickle down’ to them. Few considered that the wealthy got that way by not trickling, and the trickle never came.

Reagan justified his obscene expenditures on arms, while cutting veteran’s benefits, by conjuring up a ‘peace dividend.’ When the Soviet Union finally collapsed, he said, never expecting it to happen in his lifetime, we would then have plenty of money for the frivolous things like the environment, health care, and feeding the poor. When the Soviet Union suddenly collapsed, that was the last we ever heard of the ‘peace dividend.’ I did notice the removal of America’s ‘safety net’ for the poor, though, and numerous tax cuts and other programs designed to make the rich ever richer.

So when we remember Ronald Reagan: conservative, warrior, outdoorsman, family man...we should also remember the basis of those claims. Personally, he may not have been the biggest asshole in the world, but he did more damage than any of the other assholes did. No one has ever done more to remove America from its ideals of equality. He was the worst president ever, and he mutated the entire political system in a manner that ensured the continuation of his inexcusable policies.

Death is never a happy event, but I cannot be silent as the worst of America is exalted as the best. You’ll pardon me for remaining seated as the carriage rolls by. My middle finger, however, rises in the only appropriate salute.



"First let me say, this was well written and well thought out. I agree with a lot of it but I want to take issue with a few things concerning the late Ronald Reagan. What he did must be placed int he context of history...America was coming out of Vietnam with it's image scattered and unrest boiling at home. We had a series of bad Presidents: Nixon and Ford (I exclude Jimmy Carter because I think he was the only moral president we ever had). America needed a Reagan to help her rediscover what it was she lost...her dignity...it was lying in the rice fields of Southeast Asia and on the conrete streets of Kent State. I remember feeling ashame to be an American. Reagan gave me pride again. That was vital at the time. But Reagan was responsible for some of the worst Human Rights violations since the Nazis. He supported Right Wing death squads that murdered Nuns, Priests, Labor leaders in Central American Countries. He will have to give an account to God for it too. He disenfranchised Blacks here in America, another account he must give. I voted for Reagan in 1984 and would do so again if the situation merited it. I'm black but thought he was the best thing for us at the time...other Presidents will have an opportunity to build off what Reagan did...So far only Clinton has...the two oBushes have been failures in the international world...internalizing Reagan's hope of a democratic world...in turn alienating us from the rest of the world. He was a good President with bad flaws and sometimes his flaws got the best of him but other times he soared...That's my two cents!" -- e. rocco caldwell.
"I'll try not to repeat ERC's comments, as his opinion carrries more authority then mine because he was around when Ronarld Regan was president and I was just a little kid. However I totally agree with him. I think it's a little early for someone to start writing a conroversial article about Regan and his presidency. The man just died, have some respect before you go bashing him. I don't think you have any credibility on this topic. After all it says in your profile you're 22 as of April which means you were born when Regan was in office and were at the oldest seven when you left it. Therefore I believe you can't clam to have perspective on this topic. Then you try to take back everything you said at the end of the article. This fact, combined with your middle finger comment, says more about you Skylar than it does Ronald Regan. " -- Steven.
"Steven, I am also a student of History. I was not around during the killing of 6 millions Jews or the slavery of Blacks, so does that mean that I cannot learn from it? My age when Reagan was in office has NOTHING to do with my views. If my artice seems to be odd, look it up! Any smart person can verify my information by reading and researching; ya know, like I did. In any event, I stand by my article. Reagan was a scum bag and will remain so. I am sorry he died but I will not pretend he was a good president because he wasn't. And the name is Skyler not Skylar. Thank you." -- Skyler.
"I got an A in history, so I don't doubt your facts. I suppose your right about your age. Yoy're going to stand by what you wrote and so will I. I think you were trying to just stir up controversy by posting this and not giving a historians perspective." -- Steven.
"I never said that I was giving a historians perspective on Former President Reagan. Perhaps this article will stir up controversy, but what am I to do? I do my job of writing and I believe I do it well. The three dozen publishers who have published my work in the last six months will not disagree with me. I am sorry if you were offended by my article, but that does not make it any less true. And that, Steven, is a fact. " -- Skyler.
"Fair enough. I'm done arguing about this" -- Steven.
"I applaud your stance and graciously bid you a fond farewell." -- Skyler.


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