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Love Don't Have No Meanin by Cedric McClester - [173 words]
Caught In Her Memories by Cedric McClester Caught In Her Memories was inspired by the sad tale of childhood rape and sexual abuse a... [293 words]
I'm Almost There by Fred Hardy - [161 words]
Johnny At Fourteen by Fred Hardy - [279 words]
Seven Holy Nights by Fred Hardy - [276 words]
Goodbye To You by Fred Hardy - [251 words]
Tragedy by Fred Hardy -struggling to find the right title to this any suggestions [305 words]
Promises Get In The Way
Democracy Or Theoracy by Rapadamus The Middle East is not the only place threatened by theocratic rule, it could happen righ... [206 words]
Only God Knows by Chad Naquin This song explains me so much. I'm trying to find my purpose in life and who I am. [187 words]
Poo by Chad Naquin This song has nothing to do with poo. [11,126 words]
Racist by Chad Naquin I hate racists. We should all be treated equally. I'm white. I don't care about other people's race/look... [315 words]
Charges Should Be Brought Up by Rapadamus Charges Should Be Brought Up suggests that Sen. Russ Feingold is right, the presid... [423 words]
Feeling by Chad Naquin The lead singer of my first band and I wrote this. It was our first song we wrote. Unfortunatly, he mov... [169 words]
A Letter To The President by Rapadamus This is a letter to the president It�s not meant to be a slam I�m just bein who I am ... [316 words]
Reciprocity by Cedric McClester Reciprocity is a song from a female's perspective. She is pointing out what she does to show her lo... [237 words]
Bible Thumpin by Cedric McClester Bible Thumpin is directed at Christian fundamentalists. [179 words]
How Can You Trust Someone Else by Cedric McClester How can you trust someone else When you�re suspicious of Their underlying motive... [240 words]
Justice Is Blind by Rapadamus Justice is blind But not anymore And I seriously doubt That it was before They like to pretend... [205 words]
You Do You by Rapadamus YOU DO YOU speaks to gays who have the need to flaunt their lifestyles. Straight people don't find ... [190 words]
Bill O�Reilly by Rapadamus Bill O'Reilly is a parody on Conservative media personality Bill O'Reilly. [280 words]
Fiction by Chad Naquin This song is great to play with all instruments but it sounds cool acoustic too. [154 words]
.Always There. by Carla Thomson This is a song that I wrote last summer... I'm just now getting to put it on this site... lol...... [151 words]
You're Hurting Me by Withered Rose - [267 words]
Your Loving by Alia Harold This is Poptart this song comes from deep down in my heart, I poured my feelings onto this page and... [208 words]
Your Call Was Recorded by Rapadamus Your Call Was Recorded speaks about the advent of Big Brother. We are constantly under ... [237 words]
You Won�T Waiver by Rapadamus You won't Waiver addresses George Bush's recalcitrance. [326 words]
You Don�T Recover by Cedric McClester You Don't Recover, postulates certain feelings we never recover from. [170 words]
Ya Wanna Know Why (I Sing The Blues) by Cedric McClester Ya Wanna Know Why (I Sing The Blues)is a familiar story that any blue sing... [221 words]
Who�S Gonna... by Rapadamus Who�s gonna step up To the plate/ And rectify the status Of the ship-of-state [161 words]
Where I'll Always Be by Kevin The Foop When you want someone to know that you'll always be there for them. [265 words]
Where He Was Last Night by Steph Kidd Welp... I was inspired to write this one about a good friend of mine and what shes goin... [134 words]
What�S This Country Comin To by Rapadamus What's This Country Comin To, asks that simple question. [229 words]
Were You There? by Cedric McClester Were You There chronicals the crucifiction of Christ. [308 words]
Walked Away by Leanne Phillips This was a song which I wrote to someone very special on the night that we split up. [212 words]
Up South by Rapadamus Up South explores the issue of racism as it exists in the North, where it is just below the surface. [342 words]
Trailer Park Trash by Cedric McClester Trailer Park Trash is written from a woman's perspective. The woman in question grew up in a... [213 words]
Too Busy To Be Lonely by Almoniko - [109 words]
To Believe by Cedric McClester You profess to believe/ But I don�t know/ Cos you seem to have A way to go/ Before you can proudly W... [173 words]
Time After Time After Time by Cedric McClester Time After Time After Time is a reaffirming spiritual song. [234 words]
Thoughts I'm Thinking by Alia Harold Hey what's up this be poptart again this right here made me cry when I first wrote it so ... [76 words]
They Wouldn�T Know The Truth by Rapadamus They Wouldn't Know The Truth addresses the Conservatives and their lies of mass de... [371 words]
They Wanna Know Why by Rapadamus They Wanna Know Why explains why I am affected in an artistic way as a consequence of what ... [252 words]
There's Something About Alice by Lynch - [101 words]
The Truth Makes You Free by Rapadamus The Truth Makes You Free is my response to the criticim that the press has come under ... [367 words]
The System by Rapadamus The System addresses the fact that the system is designed to hold certain people down, and it is up ... [203 words]
The Ruling Oligarchy by Rapadamus The ruling oligarchy/ Says it�s middle-class malarkey/ To suggest they differ starkly/ Whe... [166 words]
The National Debt by Rapadamus The national debt Keeps on gettin higher/ And we know for a fact The President�s a liar/ See ... [197 words]
The Most Serious Song Ever by Chad Naquin This song is so serious. nothing funny about it. [63 words]
The Moment by Cedric McClester The moment comes and goes as quick/ Those precious seconds are meant to stick/ Deep inside of our me... [244 words]
The Gay Song by Marcus Lochricho I am a fag!!! I like it when guys bend over. [113 words]
The Downside Up Of Love by Louis Hardy I wrote this when I was 13 [300 words]
That I'd Be Yours by Stephen S Kilbourne This is my first song. It's kinda slow but its ok. [102 words]
Take A Look Inside by Cedric McClester Take A Look Inside encourages people to focus on the beauty they possess within and to not b... [163 words]
Support For The War by Rapadamus While you�re tryin to garner Support for the war There�s a marked increase In our sick and... [212 words]
Sumthin �Bout This Don�T Feel Right by Cedric McClester Obviously this is written in a female's voice I realize you have Another li... [176 words]
Strike Down by Chris Egervari This song first sound like a blah-blah, so you decide what it is about... [159 words]
Street Points by Rapadamus Niggas pullin out their joints/ All because they want street points/ Babies dyin in car seats/ A... [281 words]
Stay by Sidney Kinney Dedicated to michael jones. [155 words]
Sorry Is Too Little And Too Late by Cedric McClester Sorry is/ Too little and too late/ Especially when/ I didn�t hesitate/ No man... [177 words]
Some People Say by Cedric McClester Some people say/ That I�m gay/ But I respond (ain�t no way)/ It�s nothing but lies/ Cos wha... [251 words]
Situations Change, Not People by Matt R Kellaher When someone in your past whom has screwed you over, ie. an ex, comes back into y... [264 words]
Show Me More by Kevin The Foop When the one you've loved for years doesn't love you anymore... [174 words]
Show A Thug No Love by Rapadamus Show A Thug No Love deglamourizes the whole thug mystique and notion. [387 words]
She�S The One by Cedric McClester I said to myself man it�s absurd/ But what happens if the feeling�s deferred/ She�s the one who I... [308 words]
Same Sad Ending by Steph Kidd Sad song about goin back to the same guy all the time... knowin its not gonna cause nothin but ... [159 words]
Pieces Of My Pain by Kevin The Foop When shame overpowers you... [126 words]
Photograph by Cedric McClester It�s a photograph From my past That I carry with me Every now and then I take out when I feel the ... [203 words]
Perfect Fairytale by Lady Sashi - [90 words]
Pay Attention by Rapadamus Pay Attention makes needed mention of the fact that we are on the brink of World War Three. Our ... [123 words]
Our Love Will Always Remain by Gelardo Just... A Beautiful song [237 words]
Now That Jesus Is In Vogue by Rapadamus "Now That Jesus Is In Vogue," addresses the habit that most gangsta rappers have of ... [219 words]
Not With My Heart by Kevin The Foop When you realize your wife is cheating on you. [196 words]
Not Tonight by Chris Egervari This song was based on a friend of mine's story, who had some troubles in his/her relationship. [300 words]
My Dude by Rapadamus Heard u been messin Wit my dude/ Now u might think I�m bein ghetto crude/ Cos I�ma �bout to catch An at... [186 words]
My Bidness... by Cedric McClester My Bidness was inspired by blues legend BB King. What is mentioned in the song are things he spok... [214 words]
Life Began The Day I Met You by Sylvia Grgas I wrote this song just after meeting husband, Love inspired me to write this and I... [293 words]
Just Myself To Blame by Cedric McClester Just Myself To Blame is written in the voice of a 26 year old man who was accused of accid... [275 words]
Joy Comes In The Morning by Cedric McClester Joy Comes In The Morning,addresses the hopelessness of despair. Perhaps you've lost a ... [236 words]
John Mccain by Rapadamus John McCain is about Sen. John McCain who used to stand for something but now falls for anything. [164 words]
Jagatee Song by Prince Max Schaumburg-Lippe Benefit Song for Kids with Cancer on iTunes and Musicload.de [400 words]
I've Got The Blues Over You by Kendall Wilt Straight from whatever heart I have left. [195 words]
It�S Time To Do Some Thinkin by Cedric McClester It's Time To Do Some Thinkin encourages the listener to do some self-reflection. [293 words]
In-Kind by Cedric McClester IN-KIND, was inspired by a radio disc-jockey posing the question, what were the things that his female ... [218 words]
In The Snow (Tonight) by Buxton - [284 words]
Impossible Mission by Cedric McClester You had his baby/ And now he�s on the road/ I hate to say it/ But you�re left with the load/... [227 words]
I'm Grounded For Hitting My Princapal's Car With My Skateboard by Chad Naquin It's a skate punk song. [173 words]
If You're Looking For Something by Cedric McClester If You're Looking For Something is an open letter to those who are searching fo... [203 words]
If These Words Inspire by Cedric McClester If These Words Inspire is a spiritual song that poses a familiar question, what is the m... [244 words]
If The Long Arm Of The Law Still Has Reach by Rapadamus If The Long Arm Of The Law Still Has Reach ask a rhetorical question... [176 words]
I�D Rather Hunt With Dick by Rapadamus I'd Rather Hunt With Dick is a response to a critique of one of my political songs. [228 words]
I Wonder... Did You Know by Kevin The Foop Letting Love Go Unspoken... then bringing it up 15 years later. [255 words]
I Wasn�T There by Cedric McClester I Wasn't There was inspired by an avoidable tragedy that I read about in the newspaper. [325 words]
I Want To Get Back With You by Cedric McClester - [207 words]
I Think You�Re Dope (Head To Feet) by Rapadamus I Think You're Dope (Head To Feet) is a love song that addresses the positiv... [182 words]
I Thank God by Cedric McClester I THANK GOD, is a song of gratitude for everything that God has done for me. [243 words]
I See Beautiful by J Balshaw My best work. It is about a girl who I have been seeing for months now. And I love her so dearl... [158 words]
I Live by Wringlet D Thouyer One of 53 worship songs I will post to this site. [128 words]
I Gotta Ask You by Rapadamus I Gotta Ask You addresses the issue of blood diamonds from Sierra Leone where lives and limbs w... [188 words]
I Can�T Talk About It by Rapadamus I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT, is a combat soldier's story. [242 words]
How Many Generals? by Rapadamus How Many Generals alludes to the number of former generals who've come forward to say that S... [150 words]
Hood Love by Rapadamus Hood Love was inspired by something I heard on the Star&Bucwild Radio Show. [205 words]
Holy Mother Mary by Rapadamus Holy Mother Mary comments on the Blessed Virgin's elevation to godhead. [195 words]
Hey Mister Man by Rapadamus Hey Mister Man It�s clear I�m not a fan I don�t like the desert sand Where you brought our troop... [272 words]
Here�S The Funny Thing by Rapadamus Here's The Funny Thing takes a stab at our imperial president. [181 words]
Heaven Help Us by Rapadamus Heaven help us (help us all) It�s time that George Bush is recalled. [285 words]
Heartbroken Tomorrow by Stephen S Kilbourne This is sort of a puck rock type of song. I hope ya'll like it. [102 words]
Head Over Heels by Cedric McClester HEAD OVER HEELS,is a love song. [250 words]
He Must Be Crazy by Rapadamus He Must Be Crazy is a response to news reports that the president is seriously considering bom... [151 words]
He Fucked Up by Rapadamus He Fucked Up speaks to the fact that the Bush war in Iraq was a colossal mistake. However, now th... [175 words]
Have You Become... by Rapadamus Have You Become, is inspired by a middle-aged, couch jumping, super star of suspect sexual o... [180 words]
Guest Workers by Rapadamus Guest Workers weighs in on the debate over illegal immigration. [191 words]
Gothic Melody by Lady Sashi - [102 words]
God Is Sending A Miracle In Your Direction by Jessica L Young God gave this song to me recently and I know it will bless a lot of ... [117 words]
Give Me A Chance Daddy by Surbhi Singhal This is a song about a girl who wants that her father should believe in her and let her ... [277 words]
Ghost Girl by Justin M Willis This is a song about a guy that can't seem to catch the girl that he wants the most. She acts like ... [231 words]
George Dubya Please by Rapadamus George Dubya Please addresses the President's new PR offensive. Very much like the old PR o... [289 words]
Gas Addiction by Rapadamus Oil companies are gettin over/ Like a bandit/ They could not have done much better/ Had they plan... [209 words]
From Time To Time by Kevin The Foop A man tell his dying wife that she doesn't need to hold on anymore. [185 words]
From Head To Toe by Kevin The Foop Tired of getting the heart stepped on? Read this. [257 words]
Flash-Backs by Carla Thomson This is a country song that I wrote on the date of: 10-24-04. [165 words]
Fightin Over There... by Rapadamus Fightin Over There is a play on the president's defense of his war policy. [206 words]
Every Time I Hear �Em Mention His Name by Rapadamus Everytime I Hear 'Em Mention His Name is that evokes memories of Nine El... [256 words]
Every Disease Has A Cure by Cedric McClester Every Disease Has A Cure, is a song of encouragement and hope, for those who think the... [311 words]
Every Day It�S The Same by Cedric McClester Everyday It's The Same, chronicals the daily spin sessions President Bush is engaged in... [293 words]
Dry Your Eyes by Cedric McClester Dry Your Eyes was inspired by a radio show caller who was lamenting the fact that her husband lef... [256 words]
Don't Wanna Die by Chad Naquin I wrote this about a couple of people who died. They were my brothers really good friends. It's... [305 words]
Disappear by Jenae Decampo A rock song about domestic violence. [225 words]
Death And Taxes by Matt R Kellaher We all have plenty of regrets... but hey, thats the stuff of life. Every mistake, and every reg... [437 words]
Circumvention by Rapadamus Circumvention addresses the way George Bush and his administation skirts the law in the name of s... [176 words]
Calm Down People by Rapadamus Calm Down People is a metaphor for the current geopolitical situation. [189 words]
C - Student by Rapadamus C - STUDENT is a performance review for George W. Bush. [345 words]
Boy To Man by Cedric McClester Boy To Man chronicals a young man who matures in war. [190 words]
Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Rapadamus Blessed are the peacemakers/ Yet no one�s making peace/ War is raging everywhere/ L... [159 words]
Big Oil by Rapadamus Bush is goin easy On big oil But I�m not surprised Why should he spoil The cozy arrangement They have a... [179 words]
Big Brother (1984) by Rapadamus Big Brother (1984) speaks to today's manifestations of George Orwell's classic book, Ninetee... [198 words]
Bait �N Switch by Rapadamus Bait 'N Switch is an indictment. See if you can guess against whom. [165 words]
Bad Behavior by Rapadamus She�s another super model/ Who's gone bad/ She�s assaulted every assistant/ That she ever had/ Acc... [245 words]
An Epiphany by Rapadamus An Epiphany is inspired by the kind of songs that R&B singer Jaheim sings. It tells the story of h... [298 words]
An Empty Space by Cedric McClester An Empty Space could be a love song or a spiritual affirmation, you decide which. [278 words]
Am I Seein What I Think I See by Rapadamus Am I Seein What I Think I See, was inspired by a young lady I saw walking by one ... [283 words]
All Blessings Flow by Cedric McClester All Blessings Flow is a spiritual song of comfort. [261 words]
A Tinker's Damn by Rapadamus I don�t give a tinker�s damn/ What they charge in East Siam/ I live here in the US of A/ Where ... [329 words]
A Sense Of Urgency by Rapadamus A Sense Of Urgency is the missing element in the Bush administration as far as this writer i... [303 words]
A Republican In Democratic Clothes by Rapadamus A Republican In Democratic Clothes is critical of the state of the Democrati... [300 words]
A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock �N Roll by Cedric McClester A Little Bit Country and A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll, is a countr... [242 words]
A Knock On The Door by Rapadamus I got a knock on the door That no one wants to get My eyes teared up And my hands began to... [264 words]
A Half A Love by Kevin The Foop Love, youth and shyness... they all go hand-in-hand. [316 words]

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Promises Get In The Way
[257 words]
Fred Hardy
[July 2007]
[email protected]
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Promises Get In The Way
Fred Hardy

she always talked about tomorrow as if
she didn't know ,where she would be
so many times she showed me the signs but
my heart wouldn't let me see

she said these moments that were sharing
are so beautifully unplanned
and I thought they'd last forever
I thought they'd never end

but she never made me any promises
she never said she would stay
the only thing she ever said
promises get in the way

and I was crazy to think that I'd ever
change her free spirited ways
when all she ever wanted
(all she ever wanted) was to live
day to day

with sunshine always in our lives and
those flowers in her hair
the lazy days of summer and
endless nights without a care

just me and her and musical dreams
playing hippie songs for free
always running, always chasing
rainbows and pretty little flying things


I got lost inside her beautiful mind
everyday I felt more and more alive
all the time I spent with her
how she made every moment shine

but she never made me any promises
she never said she would stay
the only thing she ever said
promises get in the way

and I was crazy to think that I'd ever
change her free spirited ways
when all she ever wanted
(all she ever wanted )was to live
day to day

I'm not wondering why
I'm just opening up my eyes

cause she never made me any promises
she never said she would stay
the only thing she ever said
promises get in the way

now I'm not wondering why
I'm just opening up my eyes

cause the only thing she ever said
promises get in the way



"promises get in the way - cool." -- cruious.
"I think what curious means is...promises are made to be broken...or my take on it anyhow. NIce song" -- mattie.
"thanks Curios and Mattie for your time and comments ,still working on this." -- fh, canada.


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