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Poem For Poet's Sake
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Poem For Poet's Sake
A poem about the poet - striking out westward in search of something new.
[99 words]
T J Rintoull
T J Rintoull, born 1983, currently residing on the Gold Coast in Australia, grew up in a combination of city housing, winnebago travelling and bush shacks, before entering the worlds of music, art and literature. Told often that he should have attended university to better himself, instead he devotes his time to working dead end jobs in order to pay the bills, and his spare time to creating music and literature. He confesses that although he loves to paint he has no ability with a brush whatsoever.
Currently T J Rintoull resides with his fiance in a small flat, as he continues to attempt a measure of success with his band and his writing.
[May 2006]
[email protected]
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Poem For Poet's Sake
T J Rintoull

I bled out westward
Staring into the beige benign
Cerebrum of soul
Searching for stark contrast
But knowing deep within
That mellow medleys of Byronian refrain
Were not about
And there would be no return

Still I bled out westward
Soul deprived
Depraved disgusted and demonized
At least
That was my lonesome self-review
Narcissus was never a friend
To any
Other than himself

Yet still I bled out westward
Left of north
North of south by ninety degrees
No sorrow
Only Oberon's laughter on my consience
I was reminded
Really knew him anymore

So why did I bleed out westward?
Harsh and cold
Sunset burning cancers into craters on my skin?
No reason
It simply seemed succinct
To strike out westward
When every other poet
Had started walking east.



"Succinct Definition: brief, to the point Synonyms: boiled down, breviloquent, brusque, compact, compendiary, compendious, concise, condensed, curt, in a nutshell, in few words, laconic, pithy, short, summary, terse " -- rube.


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