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Ok Again
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Ok Again
This is about all my problems and how I want everything back to happiness. I want it to be ok again.
[221 words]
Jeni Jopes
14 and I love to write.
[April 2003]
[email protected]
Are You Smiling? (Poetry) This is about a selfish person that I know just read it and see. [158 words]
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When You Left (Poetry) This is a poem about one of my best friends who moved to Chicago because of his father's job. I miss him like hell and im just describing what it was sort of like when he left. [123 words]
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You Never Changed (Poetry) How my ex boyfriend never changed a damn thing when he knew it was the best thing for him. Oh well. [72 words]
You Sink So Deep (Poetry) It's about a person I know that didn't care about anything. [146 words]
You Threw It Away (Poetry) When someone says they love you, then they dont care suddenly and they just leave for no reason because they just dont want the responsibility. pathetic. [133 words]
Ok Again
Jeni Jopes

I'm sorry for the way i am
I'm sorry for the way i smile
For the way i act like everything's fine
Maybe I'm worried about the future
i dont want us to look back
And see a miserable past
i want everything to be OK again
i want you to be happy today
But nothing ever goes my way
So what the hell can i say?
We gotta live day by day
I know nothing's ever right
But i know we put in a good fight
I dont know what i'm doing tonight
as long as i'm with you, it's alright
What else can i say?
THere are no perfect days for me
I think about the things i'll never be
i think about the way i could be happy
But why the hell am i thinking about these?
I want everything to be ok again.
I wanna understand what you said
So many dreams, never coming true
I wish in this world it was only me and you
I want you to laugh
i want you to smile
I want you to be the happiest you can be
Please help me
I need assistance trying to swim away
From all the pain
It's not worth what i did
It's not worth what i tried
Every niight i have tons of tears i've cried
Why me?
why now?
who can this be
throwing pain on me?
I didnt do anything but tried to live
i want you to be
right here with me
i want everything to be ok again.



"I liked this a lot, sad but says what seems on your mind and comes across honestly. I know you probaly don't want to hear this but you'll find there is more than one love for everyone and losing one or two or more along the way will help you grow, become the lady you want to be. Pain is a price we've all had to pay." -- Just A Guy.
"Why are you so sad its almost pathetic! are you crazy? or did your boyfriend just dump you and your just mad?" -- Mark, A uroa, Illinois.
"ok mark ur an asshole reread the poem and then see what it sounds like. u obviously shouldnt be reading this kind of poetry. " -- Jeni Jopes.
"skrew you im not an asshole. ok jeni dope " -- Mark , Aurora, Illinois.
"Jenni you shouldn't rip on Mark. You don't even know him. I mean sure, what he wrote about your poem wasn't exactly nice, but you don't have to call him an asshole. As for the poem, you repeat the word pain too much and I don't understand how anyone can be throwing pain on you. Finally, you capitalize OK in one part of the poem and then you don't have it capitalized in another part." -- Steven.
"*****I agree w/jeni, mark is an asshole. Or, at least his comment made him sound like an asshole. Steven, u said she shouldn't rip on mark b/c she doesn't know him? Well, mark shouldn't make assumptions about her or about why she wrote this, afterall, he doesn't know her either." -- d donely.
"thank you donely! i guess common sense comes in handy! " -- Jeni Jopes.
"So what do you want me to right? i didnt like your poem, do you should try writing about happy things. there is that better jeni dope." -- Mark , Aurora, Illinois.
"whats all the fuss about Mark? i think he was just trying to be nice. you all should be nice to each other. everyone is welcome to share their opinions.this is what the site is about. respecting people's views. he's a guy he's not going to take the poem the way girls take it.i don't think he made assumptions about her. he just asked a question. jeni didn't have to respond in an offensive way. all she had to do was answer or don't answer if you don't want to. nobody's forcing you to. and that poem was okay to me, on the other hand the way the writer feels is so inferior and guys tend to hate that, but you're a girl, so what's the big fuss? **********great poem JENI! " -- lori-ann.
"I'm siding with mark. your poem sucks dick. in your poem you say please help me. well thats what i was saying when i read your poem." -- mikey.


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April 2003

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