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No Title. (Verbalremixoflovepoem)

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No Title. (Verbalremixoflovepoem)
this is a piece applying the aesthetic utilized in dj culture of remixing and recontextualizing elements by adding one's take of the mix to a poetical context creating a syllabic theater.
[156 words]
Martin De Leon
[October 2000]
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No Title. (Verbalremixoflovepoem)
Martin De Leon

drunk shadows dance lifetimes on weary walls
intoxicating monologues of mind
and laughter never heard
touching the thoughts of passion
as they become light's pantheon of peace
bending heartbeats
with the warmth of absence
the cracking cold smile of silence
seaping through sound's speech
rusty days weep the totality
of sent-i-mentality
that melts the reflection of the wind
and sends my Self into visual convulsions
contorting the soft scent of swift fingertips
to penetrate glowing glances of stale movements
and humming dreams i scream inside dead memories
imprisoning my mind in the moon's tongue
so she may mumble my maybes and
curse out my tomorrows invisibly using me
to hold her breath with my contexts and verbal basslines
making minds nod their 3rd eyes and meditate in my
mouth, she,
empress of eternity
the lunar physicality of me
the hollow echoes of falling in love
rising in hate and grooving in thought
diving in the depths of existence
as i paint the walls of my being
black with broken voices and bursting ink
making eyes rusty with reason and her shadow boundless
with the wind's reflection



"Omigod! THAT WAS SO GOOD!! :):) Keep it up." -- Christy Mack.
"This poem is like a crowded room swirling with unique and intense imagery...I loved it! Especially the like "imprisoning my mind in the moon's tongue/ so she may mumble my maybes...." " -- Amber B Shields.


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December 2000

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