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Reflections. ( New Poem) by Terry Collett - [274 words]
Waiting For Jack. by Terry Collett - [195 words]
Vivaldi Freak. by Terry Collett - [158 words]
Veronica In Venice. by Terry Collett - [289 words]
Vacation In Valencia. by Terry Collett - [246 words]
Thunder Love by Lamar Cole - [27 words]
The Bracelet by Lee Popsicle - [130 words]
That Kind Of Party. by Terry Collett - [264 words]
Tango Dancer. by Terry Collett - [173 words]
Suspecting. by Terry Collett - [228 words]
Street Light by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Still Lingers. by Terry Collett - [163 words]
Spring Dance by Lamar Cole - [59 words]
Single Tear by Lamar Cole - [65 words]
Silhouettes by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
She Had Become. by Terry Collett - [262 words]
Shadows On Walls. by Terry Collett - [143 words]
Sexy Garment Store. by Terry Collett - [208 words]
Ripples by Lamar Cole - [14 words]
Postcard Pain. by Terry Collett - [249 words]
Passion Tonight by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Nothing Ventured by Terry Collett - [152 words]
Night Before. by Terry Collett - [281 words]
My Savior by Jennifer Mendez - [128 words]
My Happy Place
My Favorite Flavor by Lamar Cole - [48 words]
My Favorite Dish by Lamar Cole - [46 words]
Miscarriages. by Terry Collett - [174 words]
Max Declines by Terry Collett - [232 words]
Magic Is You by Lamar Cole - [58 words]
Love Destiny by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Life & Destiny by Deepa Seshadri Life... no matter how much you write on this subject, you never completely understand it... =) H... [153 words]
Late Home. by Terry Collett - [263 words]
Hesta At The Hotel Cuba. by Terry Collett - [286 words]
Henry's Mother. by Terry Collett - [196 words]
Hank's 1 Girl by Terry Collett - [169 words]
Guilty Until Proven Innocent by L Diamonds This poem is a story about a girl in love, who ends up like many women, in an abus... [478 words]
Grandmother 1917. by Terry Collett - [146 words]
From Paris With Love. by Terry Collett - [243 words]
Father's Study. by Terry Collett - [284 words]
Father Waits. by Terry Collett - [202 words]
Faded Tattoo. by Terry Collett - [273 words]
Even From Their Graves. by Terry Collett - [291 words]
Deeeep!!! by Nicholas Henderson I was really emotionsl when I wrote this but fuck it. [201 words]
Conversing. by Terry Collett - [215 words]
Brainwash by Terry Collett - [213 words]
Black Ops. by Terry Collett - [219 words]
Bill's Phone Calls. by Terry Collett - [175 words]
Bill In Baghdad. by Terry Collett - [282 words]
Alice In Amsterdam. by Terry Collett - [304 words]
About Women. by Terry Collett - [226 words]
A Second Chance by Deepa Seshadri I think i've just been given a second chance at life. Here's my thoughts about it. [115 words]
A Fine Art. by Terry Collett - [274 words]
Your Face by Lamar Cole - [32 words]
You & You. by Terry Collett - [229 words]
You Broke My Heart! by Tierney This is just mostly to get out my rage of my boyfriend dumping me today [59 words]
Wrong About Men. by Terry Collett - [216 words]
While Amy Read. by Terry Collett - [252 words]
When He Had Said. by Terry Collett - [186 words]
What Parents Say. by Terry Collett - [238 words]
What A Night.(Poem) by Terry Collett - [151 words]
Waiting For Aldo. by Terry Collett - [225 words]
Thirsty Soul by Lamar Cole - [35 words]
Their 911 by Terry Collett - [79 words]
The Wicked Comes by Mike Piotrowski Any feedback would be great, constructive of course ;) Cheers. [122 words]
The Last Of Him by Terry Collett - [251 words]
The Hidden Purpose by Angel Of Hope There's always something out there. [161 words]
That Kind Of Girl. by Terry Collett - [251 words]
Summer And You by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Stolen Kiss. (Poem) by Terry Collett - [156 words]
Stealing Fruit. by Terry Collett - [258 words]
Sprinkles by Lamar Cole - [48 words]
Something Mystical by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
Sizzling by Lamar Cole - [55 words]
Seen Not Heard. by Terry Collett - [214 words]
Secret Hidden by Terry Collett - [292 words]
Rose Colored Glasses by Lamar Cole - [55 words]
Room And A View. by Terry Collett - [268 words]
Risque 1910. by Terry Collett - [165 words]
Purple Rages. by Terry Collett - [98 words]
Pretty Sweet Thing by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Paris 1926. by Terry Collett - [300 words]
Painted Lady. by Terry Collett - [167 words]
On Sundays. by Terry Collett - [235 words]
Not Her Kind. by Terry Collett - [220 words]
No War Is Over. by Terry Collett - [137 words]
My 2012 by Katherine Smith - [137 words]
Mrs Lotski's Love. by Terry Collett - [230 words]
Mother Was A Drag. by Terry Collett - [200 words]
Mother Wanted. by Terry Collett - [262 words]
Melancholic Musing. by Terry Collett - [143 words]
Max Likes Dames. by Terry Collett - [152 words]
Mad Marie. by Terry Collett - [228 words]
Lulu's Antics. by Terry Collett - [270 words]
Love Letters Found. by Terry Collett - [236 words]
Kafka Speaks Sense. by Terry Collett - [224 words]
Josephine Says. by Terry Collett - [200 words]
Imposter Of The Party by Katherine Smith - [196 words]
Imagining Baby by Terry Collett - [107 words]
Garden Of Love by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
Functional Men. by Terry Collett - [167 words]
Frankie's Freakshow. by Terry Collett - [168 words]
Fire In Your Touch by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
Feel Of Freedom. by Terry Collett - [223 words]
Father Was Enough. by Terry Collett - [254 words]
Easy Pick Up. by Terry Collett - [203 words]
Easy Kill by Terry Collett - [134 words]
Dream World by Lamar Cole - [46 words]
Desert Flower by Lamar Cole - [43 words]
Deprived Of Love. by Terry Collett - [277 words]
Cold Human Game. by Terry Collett - [231 words]
As Was Then. by Terry Collett - [203 words]
Always That. by Terry Collett - [135 words]
All Luscious by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
After The Men. by Terry Collett - [118 words]
After Monsieur Melon. by Terry Collett - [256 words]
A Tree's Significance by Angel Of Hope I can't stand a part of myself...but I can't control it. [227 words]
A New Paris. by Terry Collett - [264 words]
A Garden Of Hate by Katherine Smith **I did not see someones submission entitled, "Garden of Love." I do not intend to copy or inf... [111 words]

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My Happy Place
Everyone has a happy place... where they can be who they want to be... and here's my dedication to my happy place!
[171 words]
Deepa Seshadri
Hey! I'm a songwriter and looking to promote my work. I have only published a few of my work on this platform. You can see the rest on http://deepsesh.blogspot.com

If you're looking for a good collection of pop songs, do contact me! Thanks.
[January 2011]
[email protected]
A Second Chance (Poetry) I think i've just been given a second chance at life. Here's my thoughts about it. [115 words]
All Things Beautiful (Songs) Here's a song about all the things that are beautiful to me and bring a smile on my face. I hope it brings a smile to you too! :) [203 words]
Blow My Mind (Songs) A song about sex! [216 words] [Romance]
Celebrity (Am Gonna Be) (Songs) It takes time, patience, courage and hardwork to become a celebrity. But don't give up. [152 words] [Motivational]
Closer To You (Songs) This song is about a girl who is searching for the man of her dreams and is getting closer [172 words] [Romance]
Conversations With You (Songs) A duet about a couple over the phone. The boy's out of the country, working, and the girl is alone, back at home. [163 words]
Does It Show? (Songs) - [151 words] [Romance]
Dont Be Sad (Songs) You've chosen your career over your loved one. The only thing that's left to say to him/her is - Don't be sad. [195 words] [Relationships]
DoníT Keep Me Waiting Too Long (Songs) Is a song about a girl who has found her mr. right - and is waiting for him to acknowledge her. [235 words] [Romance]
Don't Leave Me All Alone (Songs) I think the title is pretty self explanatory! The song is about a relationship going sour - and the girl doesn't want to quit - so she says 'don't leave me all alone'. [216 words]
Dream Big; Live Large (Songs) This song is about life, and that its too short. So make the most of it whilst you can. [136 words] [Motivational]
Forever Yours (Poetry) - [83 words]
Goodbye (I'm Flying High) (Songs) Who said airports was a sad place full of goodbyes? I say its a happy place, if you think about it from the perspective of the person who's flying... [243 words]
Hope - A Journey (Poetry) A narration of life's changes and a hope for a new future. [218 words]
I Surrender (Songs) A dark song, for a dark mood. [264 words] [Mind]
I Will Have My Own Say (Songs) - [140 words]
I'm Gonna Miss You, Love (Songs) A song about missing your loved one. [130 words] [Relationships]
I'm Loving Me Today (Songs) A happy, feel good song about feeling amazing and just loving yourself!! [299 words]
In Love With You (Songs) A peppy love song :) [307 words] [Romance]
It's A Brand New Day (Songs) Everybody has felt so happy that they feel they cannot express it enough. This is one such day. [122 words]
I've Got You (Songs) A song about loving somebody so much, that no matter what goes wrong in life, you'll be alright, cos you've got that 'somebody'. [199 words] [Romance]
Learn To Love Yourself (Songs) Life has its ups and downs, and the only person who has to live with all of it, is you. So learn to love yourself - that's the best way to live life. [198 words] [Motivational]
Let's Get This Over With (Songs) A song about breaking up with your bf [257 words] [Relationships]
Life & Destiny (Poetry) Life... no matter how much you write on this subject, you never completely understand it... =) Here's a short poem that i wrote, asking myself some questions... and answering them as well. And they're... [153 words] [Self-Help]
Love Love Love (Songs) A song about love! [136 words] [Romance]
Love Song (Duet) (Songs) Duet - A song about a relationship between a boy and a girl... [309 words] [Romance]
Loving You (Even At The Cost Of Losing You) (Songs) This song explains how much i truly enjoy, loving you. [220 words] [Romance]
Make It Worthwhile (Songs) A song thats as confused as the writer! lol ;) Love / career or both? hmmmm [216 words] [Relationships]
Memories (Movie In My Head) (Songs) Memories, are a movie playing in your head. [121 words] [Mind]
Me (Set Me Free) (Songs) A song to yourself... of setting yourself free. Being who you want to be... [211 words] [Motivational]
Not Worth It (Songs) A song about loving someone, who is too good to be true. And you're confused. Can he ever be yours? Are you good enough for him? [126 words] [Relationships]
Oh Life (Songs) Song about life and its never ending questions [214 words] [Mind]
Ray Of Hope (Songs) Life takes you through dark tunnels and sunny fields. But at the end of the day, there is always a Ray of Hope that you MUST hold on to - that helps you survive everything. In this particular song, my... [305 words] [Romance]
Rely On My Angels (Songs) I've fallen in love with a guy very similar to an ex! Oops! Hope it doesn't end like before! Hope I can rely on my angels this time! [232 words] [Relationships]
Supposed To Be (Songs) A song about a girl, who is contemplating leaving her man for a new love. [251 words] [Relationships]
Sweet Sixteen (Songs) How does it feel to be 16? [150 words]
The Process (Poetry) The poem briefly runs through a writers process. [146 words]
The World And Me (Songs) As I battle my hopes, dreams and fears. I sing to myself. [114 words]
These Emotions (Songs) When your troubled, your conscience can drive you crazy sometimes... these emotions... they just won't let go. [249 words] [Mind]
True Calling (Songs) When you're not strong enough on your own, you tell your better half to come out of his hiding and show the world his true calling. [223 words] [Relationships]
We Are Living Beings (Songs) We are living beings - supposidly the most intelligent kind on planet earth, and yet we behave worse than animals. huh? [184 words]
We Had A Beautiful Run (Songs) My first attempt at rap, Eminem style ;) [301 words] [Relationships]
What Makes Me? (Songs) A song about a confused girl - asking herself whether she will lose her identity once she has everything she wants in life. [190 words]
Won't You Be My Man? (Songs) - [206 words] [Romance]
World Of Love (Songs) This song is about a world of love, that is open to a loved one, through all the ups and downs of life. [184 words] [Romance]
You'll Make It Through (Songs) A song for someone who's been hurt in love, and its time to move on. [197 words] [Motivational]
YouíRe Not Alone (Stop The Violence) (Songs) If you've been a victim of violence, you need to stand up and tell the whole world about it. That's the only way to make a difference for others. And remember, you are not alone. [132 words] [Motivational]
My Happy Place
Deepa Seshadri

I used to have a happy place
A space I called my own
Iíd take my friends and weíd played there
But I enjoyed more when I was alone

Because right there, in my happy place
Iíd pretend to be who I was not
Iíd sing and write and dance around
Knowing I would never be caught

I used to love my happy place
Where nature was always at its best
The sky above sprawled open and wide
A place where Iíd put myself to test

And because this, my happy place
I learnt who I wanted to be
The talents I had hidden from the world so long
Had truly awakened me

Itís been a long time since Iíve been to my happy place
And Iím saddened just by the very thought
I have been unfair and unkind
To the place that has given me a lot

But now, my happy place
I vow to come back
And Iíll ensure I keep a piece of you
In my lifeís new track

Oh yes, my happy place
Iím finally doing what I love to do
Iím chasing the life, I once dreamed
And itís all because to you


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