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Milton! Art Thou Dying (Again)?
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Milton! Art Thou Dying (Again)?
Is Milton Friedman's free-market mantra now in tatters?
[28 words]
Colin Baker
[October 2014]
[email protected]
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Milton! Art Thou Dying (Again)?
Colin Baker

Hickory dickory dock
Freddie Mac's head's on the block
And Fannie Mae's too
What shall the Right do
To shield Friedman's logic from shock?

Colin Baker September 08

(With thanks to whomsoever deserves it)



"The collapse of Fanny and Freddie was inevitable. A clear example of trying to apply "affirmative action" to the free market. Capitalism rewards those who succeed in part by allowing them to obtain material symbols of success such as home ownership. In past years before Fanny and Freddie, those who qualified with adequate earnings histories and savings accumulated to apply as minimum down payments, were able to purchase homes. The advent of Fanny and Freddie embraced socialism, sending a clear message that poor people who want to own homes should be allowed to do so whether they qualified or not. When the banking industry objected, F & F told them to change the rules to enable these poor souls to qualify. And the rest of us are now asked to contribute our tax dollars to keep these failed institutions afloat so they can continue making more bad economic decisions? The marriage of social engineering and capitalism goes far beyond any relationship in the category of strange bedfellows. It never works, period. " -- Richard.
"Thanks for this reply Richard. The free market ideology is now in tatters. Anyone who denies this is obviously in self-denial. The nationalisation of Freddie and Fanny, in reality, represents a nationalisation of capitalistic losses (i.e. forcing society at large to bare the losses of the class who necessarily engage in wreckless speculating and general financial gambling) and a privatisation of profits. The capitalists need the state regardless. And they need it most of all in times of crisis, even if neo-liberalist doctrine pretends that the state is a burden to society. Capitalists could no more survive without the state than people could survive without oxygen." -- Colin .


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