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Medical Mishaps: A Fact Of Life
Another essay written for my contemporary issues class. Not particularly well written, but presenting some very important facts.
[494 words]
James Cartwright
[April 2003]
[email protected]
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Medical Mishaps: A Fact Of Life
James Cartwright

In response to the unfortunate death of Jesica Santillian, I honestly donít believe much should be done. I believe that the family should be justly compensated for their loss, and the doctor who messed up should be put on a form of probation or suspension. I think that all people are going to make mistakes every once in awhile. Unfortunately for doctors, those mistakes prove to be fatal quite often. I donít think that that doctors should be held to a higher standard just because their job is more important than, say, someone working at Blockbuster. As long as humans are performing the operations, there are going to be fatal errors. Humanity isnít perfect yet.
One thing I think should be done is to set up ceilings for the amount in which the family can sue a hospital for messing up. While I think it is important for the family to be duly compensated for their loss, I donít think that compensation should at all put the hospitalís financial situation at risk. I believe that it is more important for the hospital to continue to be able to help people as best it can, and saving as many lives as possible. Families suing a hospital for millions of dollars are going to cause the cost of operations to go up, causing other people to die because they cannot afford to pay for their operations. How is that just? One person dies, so the hospital has to pay their family millions of dollars, thereby causing many other people to die. This just isnít fair to the people without adequate health coverage. Itís practically putting a monetary value on peopleís life. Itís also stating that some peopleís lives are being prioritized over others. Neither of these things is fair the sick people without medical insurance.
I also believe that the media needs to not portray occasional medical mishaps as if they were the rarest thing in the world. While we should never actually learn to live with them, when itís possible that almost 100,000 deaths are attributed to doctors messing up, you have to wonder what makes this girl so special that sheís getting all of this news coverage. And why is she more important than the other people who die every year? No one is arguing that this should have never happened. But that doesnít necessarily mean that these things wonít happen in the future. The best we can do to prevent these things from happening is to set up as many checks as possible, and hope they all work. Sometimes, though, a fluke like this will happen. As unfortunate as it is, it just has to be dealt with. People are going to die from medical mistakes, weather it be Jesica, Arthur Ashe, or some random person that you donít know. Right now, thatís just life. Most importantly, we need to preserve the hospitalís ability to stay in business and keep saving lives.



"As pessimistic as your story is, you have some incredibly good arguments. There are a few mechanical problems, but aside from that it's very good. Ten minutes with an English teacher could really make this essay sparkle. Overall, it was a pleasure to read." -- Jen, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
"how could u b so heartless!!!!!! doctors are going to medical school to save lives not take em!!!!!! and my opinion thats not just lfe!!!!! " -- angery reader!!!!!!!, oklahoma , oklahoma, united states.


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