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Mary, Ex-Queen Of Scots
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Mary, Ex-Queen Of Scots
About the story of Mary I of Scotland, commonly known as Mary Queen of Scots,who was executed in England by Elizabeth I.

There may be some awkward bits in the poem, but I really want to make it rhyme.
[645 words]
Aged 12, I love reading and writing. I enjoyed Little Women, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Shakespeare Secret (called Interred with the Bones in the US), The Professor and False Impression. I just entered secondary school.
[October 2009]
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Mary, Ex-Queen Of Scots

Tick Tock! Went the clock
The body of Mary was about to unlock.
To free the wicked sole inside
Which, in the body, resided.

Mary looked thoroughly at her past,
From her first moment of childhood to the last.
She remembered her horrible mistakes
Especially the one that she most regretted to make.

Mary came to see her cousin
Who, at once, put her in prison.
She understood that she was asking for trouble
But little did she know that it was about to double.

She started to plot against the Queen of England,
With a few (?) of her friends back at Scotland.
So the people of England started to
Hiss and boo and hiss and boo.

The Earl of Shrewsbury went to her gaol
To tell her that the English wish was about to be fulfilled.
She was to be executed to-morrow
And leave the world of pain and sorrow.

Tick Tock! Went the clock
The body of Mary was about to unlock.
To free the wicked sole inside
Which, in the body, resided.

Mary, Queen of Scots bid good-bye to her servants
And prayed her Catholic prayers, for she was so insistent
The Sheriff of Nottingham visited the queen
A Catholic group was very soon seen.

The ex-queen was in her white wimple,
The same as the one she wore at her trial
Inside, she wore in red all over
Which was the colour of catholic martyrs

At first, her servants were prohibited to enter
The room she would be in before meeting her maker.
But at last they granted six’s permission
and ordered the rest to stay away from the execution.

The Catholic ex-queen cried out prayers in Latin
To cover the voice of the Protestant religion
And she did not cease to talk in that diction
Until the words of Dean Fletcher had reached their conclusion.

Tick Tock! Went the clock
The body of Mary was about to unlock.
To free the wicked sole inside
Which, in the body, resided.


‘For what noble cause have you come, my lad?’
‘To bring Your Majesty a message,’ he said.
‘That Mary, Queen of Scots is about to be dead
And her very last tears are about to be shed.’

‘How is that possible? Her warrant is not signed.’
‘I’m afraid your majesty’s name has appeared on the line.
The warrant was between the treaty with another kingdom
And the paper regarding someone’s earldom.’

‘Get that Sir John at this instance!
Tell him that I want him here at once!
Tell him that I am very mad
And that I am very sad.’

Elizabeth waited, her patience declining
Her capacity with her secretary quickly subsiding.
And finally the secretary came
Sir John Davison was his name.

‘How dare you made me persecute my relative!
She may be Catholic, she may be repulsive
But she is still my cousin, my rightful cousin
Whom you have no right to kick to the coffin!’

‘Send this wrench straight to the Tower!
And never again make me see your features!
What else can I call you but pure evil?
There has never been anyone who is so sinful!’


Tick Tock! Went the clock
The body of Mary was about to unlock.
Mary’s servants helped her undress
And revealed the red chemise for Good Queen Bess.

The Queen of Scots was blindfolded.
His executioners had not waited
To swing the axe and kill her with contempt.
A goal which took several attempts!

Her red lips still seemed to vibrate
The Catholic prayers that brought her to this fate.
The executioner grabbed the queen’s hair, I dare say,
But instead he found himself with the queen’s toupee.

The pet of the queen appeared to crawl
Out of Mary’s dress and howled a canine howl.
Besides the head, which had rolled away
When the executioner held up the toupee.

The Catholics prayed and the Catholics prayed.
Some even tried to make Mary a saint.
Back at Scotland, Mary’s son was thrilled
For the parent-child relationship had always been chilled.

The story of Mary is still recorded in books
If you are interested, you may have a look.
But remember how Elizabeth was not happy either
To execute her original successor.

Note: Since Elizabeth I was not married, her heir was originally Mary. Had she not been dead, she would be the Queen of England after Elizabeth, before her son James.



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