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Make Up Your Mind
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Make Up Your Mind
About a complete dick that fucked up my life and ruined a friendship. Glad he's in prison.
[259 words]
Desi Williams
[March 2011]
All I Need (Songs) Depression, wanting love but not finding it, better things to come. Think Evanescence, Linkin Park, Seether. [168 words]
All I Need 2 (Songs) This is a slightly different version of the first one... no swear words. [166 words]
Baptism Testimony (Essays) - [901 words]
Best Friend And Worst Enemy (Songs) Hard Rock lyrics... country sound... those two don't normally go together, huh? :) not my best work ever... I'm sick today LOL... thanks for the reviews. [154 words]
Black Boots (Poetry) This is to my sis. [94 words]
Can You See Me? (Songs) The title is the beginning of each verse. [62 words]
Cast The First Stone (Essays) - [244 words]
Cathartic (Poetry) Contains SI. Is short and choppy in some places for effect. Don't know if it will work. Let me know what you think. [95 words]
Convey (Poetry) It's written to this boy whom I hold very dear. [180 words]
Disappearing Beneath Myself (Songs) It is like "Going Under" by Evanescence. Same tone, anyways. [114 words]
Do It Better (Poetry) Rants to my parents. Again. [212 words]
Dreambook Snapshots (Poetry) - [180 words]
Fading Away With The Rain (Short Stories) I wrote it based on the cover of "Fallen" by Evanescence. [137 words] [Drama]
Fairy Tale Love (Poetry) Sort of a metaphor and at first it trips you up... You'll see. [95 words]
Feather Flowers (Poetry) I wrote this a long time ago, right after I walked to the library from my therapist's office. [55 words]
Fluttering Crush (Poetry) Description of feelings to a special person in my life, who does not return the gesture :( Look and see if you know what I am. [345 words]
For A Moment (Songs) I want someone to hold me close and tell me I'm special. That's what this is about. [136 words]
Forever Will I Love You (Poetry) Old poem... off the top... <3 yall! [58 words]
Hummingbird (Poetry) I wrote this right after seeing the guy I like... it's also just about a hummingbird, my fave bird, and also my two late grandmothers' favorite bird... [59 words]
I Packed My Bags (Songs) About how my parents don't appreciate me for who I am, and how sometimes, it gets to the point where we never wanna see each other again... [252 words]
In Your Awesome Presence (Songs) It's a work in process... I believe in a Goddess too... but I wrote about the God... tell me whatcha think! Love y'all! [183 words] [Spiritual]
Josh (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Josh mean to me? [10 words]
Just A Little, Baby (Songs) How I'm feeling in the moment... [143 words]
Little Girl In Photographs... (Poetry) Self explanatory, really... [180 words]
Live For Your Own Lyrics (Poetry) I was thinking about this one guy I know that is kind of a loner. We went on a community tour with some of our classmates and he just lit his cigarette and walked over to a big rock several hundred y... [82 words]
Love Prayers (Poetry) It's... well, once you read it, it is self explanatory. [113 words]
Love (An Essay On The Matter) (Essays) Maybe love really does exist for those who aren't as fortunate to have good looks or funny personalities. I have my eye on a few prospects... or their words, anyhow. *wink* Love y'all. [368 words] [Romance]
Math (Poetry) I wrote this in math one day based on a nearby poster combined w/ feelings of my life. [103 words]
Maybe Someday (Poetry) I don't think it's very good.... It's about someone... you don't know them... I think ;) [63 words]
Nunnada'utsun't'yi - The Trail Place Where They Cried (Short Stories) It is about a white girl and her father during the 1800s having to herd the Cherokee out of Georgia because of the Indian Removal Act. It is also told from the point of view of a young Cherokee girl ... [1,675 words] [History]
Pause (Let Me In) (Songs) It is bout mah mudder and fodder controllin mah life. [148 words]
Poem Letter To My Coping Mechanism (Poetry) I've had too much trouble in my life. I don't need this anymore. I have God, like always, and friends, and family. I don't need it!!! [102 words]
Red Faces (Poetry) Think about it. [57 words]
Redundant Oxymoronic Paradox (Poetry) Nuff said. Thought of it in the shower!!! [93 words]
Ruthie (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Ruthie mean to me? (I love my little sissy!) [11 words]
Sam (Haiku) (Poetry) What does Sam mean to me? [7 words]
Sitting All Alone By Myself (Songs) Just something I thought up... Inspired by my life, my friend Carla's song, and Dizzy Up the Girl, an album by The GooGoo Dolls. Love and peace and blessings to y'all! Stay crazy. [163 words]
Speech Blanket (Poetry) Something I wrote in a sleepy state... and although I was almost "out", yes, I did mean to spell emptiness with a "y"... [21 words]
Stay Away From My Way (Songs) It's a hard rock song... maybe not heavy metal... but definitely hard rock... punk... yeah... it's like a poem and a song... Love y'all and your reviews! Peace!!! [134 words]
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Whatcha Doin'? (Songs) It's sorta Emcee, sorta punk rock. Those don't really coincide, do they? Oh WELL!!! [149 words]
When I Need You Most (Songs) I wrote this on an especially depressed day. A little suicidal, though I'm not, thank God/dess. [188 words]
Where Are We Now? (Songs) Sort of a poem song... wait. all songs are poems LOL... about how trapped I feel sometimes. I'm sick a lot, but my parents never believe me, and I'm trapped in what they believe. [193 words]
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Yesterday And Tonight (Poetry) Something old w/ a lil something new... [50 words]
(Especially) Without You (Poetry) slam poem ish bout a friend... or what I want to be MORE than... [170 words]
Make Up Your Mind
Desi Williams

[[You say I'm not
not a booty call]]
call me up to tell
tell me that's all
All over and done with
with me, you might actually...
Actually, never mind. Fuck you.
You think you can play
play with my emotions? Play
play me like a poker hand?
Hand over your soul, I'm Satan, and...
and we're back to square one.
One thing � there wasn't one thing
Thing is, there wasn't one thing you
you or anyone could do.
Do me now...
Now do you understand? How
how can I make you see �
See what I need you to see?
See that you can't just play me?
Me is all I've got now, see.
See: one is the loneliest number, but...
but two can be as bad as one, but...
but then you add two more and �
and three becomes four and �
and I can't take it anymore! Y'know, I
I should've stayed back at one.
One thing � first, look what you done. Got stupid,
stupid shit like old songs stuck in my head,
head-butting against the thoughts of you.
You can't crane kick your way through life!
Life also isn't as simple as Mr. Miyagi and...
and Bonzai trees and silly moves like...
like paint the fence and sand the floor.
Floor it! Driver, get me outta here.
Here, take it [my heart]. I don't need it any more.
More than you know.
Know what? I'm through.
Through this door, you can get a glimpse...
Glimpse of time falling
Falling for you
You don't deserve me
Me is all I have now, see.
See here! This won't stand!
Stand by me, or not at all.
All I'm saying is that you've gotta decide.
Decide right, whatever that may be.
Be that as it may,
May I still see you another day?


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