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Betrayer Of Death by Alex Lawrence Lyrics for songs [117 words]
I've Been Loved by Cedric McClester I've Been was written with Mary J. Blige in mind. [380 words]
Makin Love To You by Cedric McClester Makin Love To You celebrates love making between committed lovers. [221 words]
Your Not Here by Hannah Ellicock A Random Song Off The Top Of My Head [151 words]
You Have No Idea (Why I Feel How I Feel) by Cedric McClester You Have No Idea (Why I Feel How I Feel) speaks for itself. [226 words]
X's And O's by Catrina E Garza A very good song about the one you love leaving you for somone else. [287 words]
With Broken Wings by Cedric McClester With Broken Wings is a sad love song. [214 words]
Why Is It Over? by Yana D Romoser When you have lost the guy/girl you love, and you can't go tell your best friend, cause it happ... [152 words]
Why Are You Good To Me? by Katie T I came home one day, after messing up big time, and wondered why God is sometimes good ... [58 words]
Where'd It Go by Marciniak Matuz this is basically a rewrite remix whatever you call it to the song Wher'd you go by fort minor i ... [569 words]
Whatever, Whatever by Cedric McClester Whatever, Whatever speaks for itself. [169 words]
What If I Told You by Nicole - [239 words]
What Cha Gonna Do? by Cedric McClester What Cha Gonna Do? is yet another song from a female's perspective. It challenges her man. [350 words]
We DoníT Haveta Be Afraid by Cedric McClester We Don't Haveta Be Afraid is a song about commitment, that is written from a female's... [319 words]
We Can Do It by Cedric McClester We can do it on the bed We can do it on the floor We can do it anywhere That you havenít before...... [329 words]
Wait For Me by Weird Willychuck A song about a man who wants his girlfriend to wait for him [237 words]
Very Sexy by Cedric McClester Very Sexy is a song about a very sexy girl. Can you guess who she is? [231 words]
Two Thousand And Some by Jos Accapadi - [94 words]
Trailer Park Trash (We Were Americans) by Cedric McClester Trailer Park Trash is a song of empathy with victims of the housing mark... [354 words]
Too Young To Be In Love by Cedric McClester Too Young To Be In Love is a song about young love. [210 words]
Too Blind To See by Catrina E Garza This is a song I wrote that many people may relate to. [220 words]
Tmz.Com by Cedric McClester TMZ.COM is a commentary on young performers who are addicted to being fodder for the tabloids. [204 words]
Three Weeks Late by Cedric McClester Three Weeks Late is a song that is obviously written from a woman's perspective. [351 words]
Thoughts Of Love by Holly Martins A love song i thought of when loving someone who doesnt love me [89 words]
This Is For All Of YíAll by Cedric McClester This Is For All Of Y'all was inspired by a Hillary Clinton victory speech/ [360 words]
This Candle Never Died by Michael R Hannaford Short song about rekindling lost love [271 words]
The Best Thing That I Did ... by Cedric McClester The song speaks for itself [448 words]
Take Your Sox Off by Cedric McClester Take Your Sox Off is written from a female perspective as a commentary on men who make love w... [238 words]
Take Love Where You Find It by Cedric McClester Take Love Where You Find It is self-exclamatory. [233 words]
State Of Affairs by Cedric McClester State Of Affairs talks about the current state of affairs in America. [184 words]
Special Someone by Katherine Abando He is the sweetest person I met. ANd I wrote this song for him. [138 words]
Sparks Of Light by Weird Willychuck a weird science-like song about a star [241 words]
Song About Bob by Weird Willychuck A funny song about my friend Bob [231 words]
Somebody Pray For Me by Cedric McClester Somebody Pray For Me speaks for itself. [194 words]
Sleeping In My Underwear by Weird Willychuck Weird song [326 words]
SheíS Your BabyíS Momma by Cedric McClester She's Your Baby's Moma is a song about baby's momma drama. [240 words]
Screaming Song by Weird Willychuck A very annoying song [13 words]
Run Run Run by Weird Willychuck a fun song that me and my friends wrote [133 words]
Right Or Wrong by Weird Willychuck A funny song about a foot problem [192 words]
Raise The Flag (Sube La Bandera) by Cedric McClester Raise The Flag (Sube La Bandera) is an anthem that was inspired by Boricuas (P... [180 words]
Part Of You by Cedric McClester Part Of You is a love song. [289 words]
Only One Emotion by Cedric McClester Only One Emotion suggests love is that emotion. [231 words]
Ok Ray J by Cedric McClester OK Ray J is an answer to the Ray j Yung Berg song Sexy Can I. [327 words]
Nobody Cries For Bob by Cedric McClester Nobody Cries For Bob is a lament against downsizing as a consequence of corporate greed. [316 words]
Nobody Can See by Catrina E Garza Just a simply nice song [174 words]
Never Feel This Way Again by Catrina E Garza Basically this song is about a relationship gone bad. [221 words]
Movin' On by Alex Lawrence Lyrics for song [158 words]
Mountain Dew Haze by Lamar Cole - [65 words]
Maybe ItíS Not Me (She Now Prefers) by Cedric McClester Maybe It's Not Me (She Now Prefers) are country western song lyrics that sa... [173 words]
Lonely Road
Lonely Life by Angela Gonsalves - [123 words]
Life's Harsh by Amy Waits A song about the real world. [78 words]
Keeping Track Of Time by Ryan Bam A Santistevan Basically another one of your 'childish' punk rock anthems about an ex-girlfriend. [199 words]
Kaleidosope by Oksana Klym - [128 words]
ItíS Been A Long Time Coming by Cedric McClester IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING is a love song. [211 words]
Into A Nighttime Sky by Marciniak Matuz these are the words and lyrics that i came up with for the song into a nighttime sky. i fo... [595 words]
IíM Laying Down My Weapons by Cedric McClester I'm Laying Down My Weapons is a song of acquiesence. [260 words]
If YouíRe Gonna Cheat by Cedric McClester If You're Gonna Cheat is a song that strongly discourages cheating. [179 words]
If Ya Wanna Ride Shotty by Cedric McClester If Ya Wanna Ride Shotty is a song of seduction. [270 words]
If It Were Mariah by Cedric McClester If It Were Mariah is my response to the sexcapades of a once popular R&B singer/ TV star's le... [280 words]
I Will Love You Tomorrow by Catrina E Garza A very nice love song. [287 words]
I Need More by Cedric McClester I Need More is written from a woman's perspective. [256 words]
I Like The Feel by Cedric McClester I Like The Feel speaks about the good feeling that another gives to one's lover. [146 words]
I Like How You Do It (Sugar Pie I Do) by Cedric McClester I Like How You Do It... is written from a female's perspective. It serve... [215 words]
I Can't Be The Man I Wanna Be by My Hyde I'm finally doing it! I'm finally telling the woman I love how I feel. But before... [675 words]
How Was I To Know by Catrina E Garza This song is about when your in a relationship and your bf/gf hide their feelings or dont sho... [213 words]
Hidden When Im Finished This Song by Skye Walton its about a girl named skye, that ran away from her life and put herself unde... [130 words]
He's Merciful by Cedric McClester He's Merciful is a song that speaks to the fact that God is merciful. This is particularly true w... [122 words]
He Waits Patiently by Cedric McClester He Waits Patiently is a song that is inspired by people I know. [131 words]
Handle Your Scandal by Cedric McClester Handle Your Scandal is an up-tempo R&B song that is written from a female' perspective. [197 words]
Gunslinger by Cedric McClester Gunslinger is my response to R&B singer and alleged pedephile R. Kelly's dis record I'ma Beast. [368 words]
Following Street Signs Of The Heart by Rob Badger - [147 words]
Fireflies by Katherine Smith - [239 words]
Finding My Way by Alex M Lawrence Lyrics for Song [107 words]
Feelings.. Feelings.. Feelings...! by De Zoysa I C Superman C Love [76 words]
Fake Smiles by Catrina E Garza This song can relate to those who have been in a "fake" relationship [154 words]
Faith And Friendship by Willowstar a song about believing in onesself to get through the tough times. [300 words]
Divorcee by Cedric McClester Divorcee tells the story of a well known soon to be divorced celebrity. [199 words]
Confused By Jr by Ryan T Jr Just a short song about volunteers both medical responders abd Firefighters. It works best for m... [220 words]
Cold Poem by Marciniak Matuz this is another little poem i wrote when i was feeling really sad. I wrote it months ago and i think ... [439 words]
Caused Him To Leave by Ryuichi Minamino A song about a guy leaving his girl for another [161 words]
Broken Chances, Second Glances by Jayy Zappone A guy who wanted his girl back but realized that he had to get over her. [107 words]
Boxers In Lockers by Morris - [153 words]
Blind Consequence by Catrina E Garza This song is kinda about rushing into a relationship when you werent ready. [251 words]
Baby Put The Love Back Into You by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
Baby- Ee by Cedric McClester Baby-EE is a heart breaking love song the is written from a female's perspective, which as often is th... [242 words]
Baby Baby Baby (What Are We Gonna Do?) by Cedric McClester Baby Baby Baby (What Are We Gonna Do?) is a song that is from a female a... [222 words]
Another Tale Of Woe Is Me by Cedric McClester Another Tale Of Woe Is Me is country western song that is self-exclamatory. [312 words]
Al-Qaeda, Dictator, Terrorists by Cedric McClester Al-Qaeda, Dictator, Terrorists is a song of lament relative to our failed Iraq w... [195 words]
All For You by Catrina E Garza This song can relat to those who have held on so long that it hurt. [350 words]
A WomaníS Intuition by Cedric McClester A Woman's Intuition is a song that is written from a woman's perspective. [190 words]

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Lonely Road
Love Song
[86 words]
Alex Lawrence
I am a writer who writes to have fun
[December 2015]
[email protected]
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Lonely Road
Alex Lawrence

I still remember/The very first time
I gave to you/This love of mine
I've been waiting/For so long
For someone like you/To help me carry on
All of my love/I would give to you
If only I could/Ever get through
There is no turning back/Down that lonely road
That leads me to the windows of your soul
In my heart/Still I believe
There is a way of life/For you and me
If you only knew/The way that I feel
This love of mine/Has got to be real
When the night/It grows so old
Your love it burns/Into my soul


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