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Live Life (Tell 'em Don't Pull It)
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Live Life (Tell 'em Don't Pull It)
A message to anyone who struggling with problems in life to not lose hope.
[476 words]
Jeremiah J Greer
[September 2015]
Amazin Blazin (Songs) A song based on burnin' the word down and lookin' good while doin' it [483 words]
It's Ova (Songs) A point in time where I was heart broken. My thoughts at the time... ...well you'll know if you read the song. [667 words]
One Thang About It (Songs) This song is about me going off on haters [393 words]
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The Intelligence Of My Excellence (Poetry) A random poem about my inner thoughts [251 words]
The One In My Thoughts (Poetry) I wrote this poem based on my first love. It wasn't too long ago and I always have her in my thoughts. [177 words] [Romance]
You Didn't Leave (Songs) A song that i just wrote about someone close to me that passed away but is still here [381 words]
Live Life (Tell 'em Don't Pull It)
Jeremiah J Greer

The life we liviní will soon be over
Each day that passes we get a day older
We sit down and look back at our life
And nothiní seems to be fuckin' right
Niggas slackiní off with they grades in school
Even make themselves look like a damned fool
Our damn life ainít fuckin' no good
But thatís expected from a nigga from the fuckin hood
And as I sit down and think about it
I never regret anything about it
Like all that good shit a nigga had last year
Some of it I really wish it was still here
But I learned that I have to move on
And hope that each day is better than the last one
And the decisions I make, a nigga hafta deal with it
And I know I got a life, so a nigga gone live it

You got one life, you should live it
With no regrets and no limits
Thatís the motto, live it to the fullest
And if Iím on the plug, tellíem niggas donít pull it
Lemme live life, live life, live life
Lemme live it (tell these niggas)

Iíve done things Iím not proud of
Still tryiní to find out the true meaning of love
Iíve been lyiní, cheatiní, and stealiní
All this fuckin' drankiní and all this card dealiní
Thereís so many people donít know about me
Things that my best friend wouldn't even believe
Devious tactics that a nigga take
And a nigga that I donít know what to make
I wanna change but I donít know how to
Become a one man show, but I wanna know who
Is the man before me cuz I donít recognize him
Two years ago I was better than them. Uh
And a nigga gotta make these things right
For me and everyone that sleeps through the night
Iíll wake up and canít remember my lyrics
But I know I gotta life so a nigga gone live it

You got one life, you should live it
With no regrets and no limits
Thatís the motto, live it to the fullest
And if Iím on the plug, tellíem donít pull it
Lemme live life, live life, live life
Lemme live it (I tell these hoes)

Don't know how to play the game
Every day is always the same thang
And no matter what the fuckin' cost
I feel like my soul is always lost
Mind-blowiní lyrics randomly spittiní
And I'm unsympathetic so I canít be forgiven
Flowiní through the voices inside my head
Regret what I did and the things that I said
Repeatiní like Iím stutteriní; stuttered repetition
Say whatís on my mind don't need no permission
A side of me that these niggas know now
And them antics that I try never seem to work out
But as I reminisce a nigga finds no doubt
Each day that goes another comes out
Never let my emotions overwhelm shit
But a nigga got a life so a nigga gonna live it

You got one life, you should live it
With no regrets and no limits
Thatís the motto, live it to the fullest
Lemme live life, live life, live life
Lemme live it (tell these niggas)



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September 2015

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