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Denial by R Bennett Okerstrom Forbidden love [191 words]
The Sound Of A Tear by M Q Walters - [76 words]
Heather Dream 4,836 by Branson Storm Another tease from the ghost of my soulmate. [131 words]
Whatever Happened To All The Good Ideas? by Roberto J Moreno It's about society's lack of integrity. [245 words]
Three Wishes by Ralph R Martinez a poem about getting back together with an ex [100 words]
The Sky Above by Ralph R Martinez A poem I wrote for a friend, but never gave it to her... bummer. I should have. [85 words]
Sickness Of The Young, Poems by Mila Strictzer A collection of Poems. [2,758 words]
Nostalgia by K P William Cheng - [126 words]
My Angel Online Friendship by Ralph R Martinez This poem I wrote for a girl I met via the net she loved it! She'll always be specia... [153 words]
Love Joy Agony And Hatred by K P William Cheng - [214 words]
Lady Liberty Looks On by David Soriano A collection of poems. [1501 words]
Hunter For Her Feel by Roberto J Moreno Its about envisioning rather than seeing. [110 words]
Hello, Am I Your Son? by Roberto J Moreno It was a rainy day. [181 words]
Growing by Hope - [124 words]
Drive by Wolfa A poem. Yes. Yes it is. [88 words]
Witch's Broom by David Soriano A nature poem dealing with outer space and galaxies. [53 words]
Who You Gonna Call? by David Soriano A poem about seances. [104 words]
What Is Life? by David Soriano What is....life? [126 words]
Unreachable by Clarmila Orpeza A basic human quandary -- Why do we want the one we can't have? [99 words]
Through The Valley by Branson Storm A walk through the valley of darkness. [891 words]
Three Dimensional Vision by David Soriano A poem on thoughtfulness. [53 words]
Things I'd Like To Say by David Soriano A poem for a man of few words. [47 words]
The Tired And Poor by David Soriano Cheap Labor. [108 words]
The Second Effort by David Soriano The 1970 Kansas City Chiefs- up and over! [56 words]
The Land Of Green by David Soriano A humourous poem about an Irish Farmer's day in the field. [130 words]
The Irish Healer by David Soriano A poem based on an Irish legend about a healer. [73 words]
The Eye Of Evil by David Soriano A brief poem about the evil eye. [45 words]
Teleportation by David Soriano A poem about ghosts. [49 words]
Surf's Up by David Soriano Unusual poem about surfing. [81 words]
Study Guides And Solution Manuals by David Soriano A poem about academia and psychology. [33 words]
Spiritual Hunger by David Soriano A poem about spiritual differences. [97 words]
Slugfest And Sureshot by David Soriano A poem about a pinball machine. [82 words]
Sense Of Self-Worth by David Soriano A poem about one's self. [67 words]
Security Blanket by David Soriano A poem about the Shroud. [58 words]
Science And Religion by David Soriano A poem about... science and religion. [73 words]
Runaway by Jennifer Mendez - [119 words]
Restless Departed by David Soriano A soul not wishing to leave very expensive property. [70 words]
Receptor Sites by David Soriano A poem about consciousness elevation. [60 words]
Rapture by David Soriano A mysterious poem .... [110 words]
Placidness by David Soriano A poem about thoughtfulness. [78 words]
Pasteur by David Soriano A poem in honor of Louis Pasteur. [52 words]
Panspermia by David Soriano A poem about origins of life. [52 words]
Outrun The River by Sue (Sooz) Simpson The snow was melting fast and he owed it to himself and his seld of dogs to make it to safety. [145 words]
Odor- Eaters Needed by David Soriano A poem about shoes. [52 words]
Neanderthal Expressions by David Soriano A thoughtful poem on creativity and needs of self-expression. [60 words]
Moving On by Elizabeth Jessica Allen This is a collection of verse that portrays my feelings towards journeys that had to be made by me. [940 words]
Morlock Clones by David Soriano A poem based on the author's interpretation of the "Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. [67 words]
Mixed Emotions by David Soriano A humourous poem about a... piggy bank. [104 words]
Meloncholy Madness by David Soriano A poem about alchemy. [81 words]
Megalithic Ruins by David Soriano A poem about Stonehenge. [55 words]
Masks by M Q Walters - [144 words]
Love Of Winter by David Soriano Winter-my time of year. [57 words]
Linguistic Tongues by David Soriano A poem about weirdness based on a true story. [90 words]
Life's Work
Leaving On by Branson Storm Words to family and friends prior to departing for a life of solitude. [208 words]
Inward And Outward by David Soriano A thoughtful poem on fellow man and life elsewhere in the universe. [66 words]
Intellectual Kelvinism by David Soriano A poem focusing on academic snobbery. [111 words]
Inner Demons by Alberto Pupo How insecurity kills... [65 words]
In Retrospect by David Soriano A poem describing appreciation. [122 words]
If I Had You by Jennifer Ramirez This poem needs no description, simply stated, I wrote this for my Husband Coy, because he's every... [166 words]
His Winged Sphinx by David Soriano An intepretation of the set and setting for H.G Wells when he wrote the "Time Machine". [165 words]
H.G. Wells by David Soriano A poem about writer H.G. Wells and his life. [120 words]
Hearts Clock by Ashley Negrete - [67 words]
Halloween by David Soriano A tale written for a Halloween night. [76 words]
Find Eternal Rest by David Soriano Restless spirits. [148 words]
Face Down In The Street by David Soriano A poem about sensitivity toward our fellow man. [90 words]
Emotions Of The Heart by Wantana Tierney - [121 words]
Dreams Of Transmutation by David Soriano A poem about alchemy. [144 words]
Competition by David Soriano Only the strong survive. [82 words]
Civil War News by David Soriano A poem based on American Civil War trading cards from ca. 1961. [56 words]
Chronicles Of Irish Tradition by David Soriano A poem saluting the excellence of Irish literary tradition. [69 words]
Calamus Revival by David Soriano A thoughtful poem on reflection. [79 words]
Boomerang by David Soriano A poem about the boomerang sport. [60 words]
Bogs, Swamps, Lagoons And Marshes by David Soriano A poem about..wetlands. [75 words]
Bloomin Annoying by Josh And Nicole Fish 'n' Frog It's a surprise. [107 words]
Bleaching Green by Andrew French Depicts the struggle of dealing with the addictions in everyday life. [83 words]
Ants by Kurt Kitasaki A short poem about a terrifying entity. [12 words]
American Revolution by David Soriano A poem about the 1960s era. [100 words]
Altered State by David Soriano A poem about being in a coma. [37 words]
8 by Clarmila Orpeza Wanting and needing. [48 words]
Young Love by Ralph R Martinez A short story/poem about a young couple in love. [370 words]
Without Her by Ralph R Martinez A poem about a couple who has been 2gether 4ever,and the wife ends up leaving this world. Now the h... [149 words]
What Is It? by Preston Miles Metz This is a rhythmic pentameter with a recognizable scheme. I wrote it recently, as my current inter... [134 words]
Underneath The Stairs by Mike Schiller This poem was written in a few seconds. A girl emailed me with a description of a photo s... [215 words]
Tantalize The Senses by Stephanie Siegfred From a chocolate lover's delight to the heartbreak of adoption... [373 words]
Sophie by Eloise H Anson - [153 words]
Someday by Christy Mack Disappointments in life... one of my more mature poems. [113 words]
So, Are We Famous Yet? by Fyona Doyle Latz - [129 words]
Ship Of Fools by M Q Walters - [72 words]
Self-Refusal by Vianne-Marie Fortier This is a poem I wrote about myself. I was in one of those writer's block moods when I hate myself... [40 words]
Politicians by Kurt Kitasaki A mild attack against politicians. [18 words]
My Mind Filled. by Ralph R Martinez A poem I wrote for a friend of mine. [136 words]
Memberwhen by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Memberwhen that mystical word of long ago memories. [189 words]
Marbles by Onederose Don't fight what distracts. [55 words]
Long Walk Back To Jurassica by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Evolution and progress or three million steps backwards? [323 words]
Lightning by Kurt Kitasaki A short poem on the violent force of nature. [13 words]
Jason (I Still Need You) by Christy Mack The love of my life. [121 words]
Imprisoned Heart by Preston Miles Metz This poem was inspired and written when I was a teenager in love, naive and still innocent. D... [83 words]
I'll Be There by Ralph R Martinez A poem about a friend who offers. His love to a friend during a time of need. [87 words]
Friend Of Mine by Ralph R Martinez This is a poem that i had written for a friend of mine. She loved it! [134 words]
Empty Nest by Vianne-Marie Fortier This is about a bunch of siblings who leave home for college and have to tell their mother that this... [94 words]
Dreams Of A Librarian by Lisa Petro This is included in an anthology of poetry to be published in October, 2002 entitled Lett... [81 words]
Cobweb, A Collection by Ben Rymer A collection of verse. Many of them are simple sketches of scenes of nature with a couple ... [846 words]
Captive Of Earth by Sendria Crandall - [110 words]
Call It As You Will by Onederose Here's to the strength in US. [85 words]
Backwoods Beast by Preston Miles Metz This is a humorous poem written when I was a youngster. It is part of a cherished collection. ... [80 words]
Awkward by Vianne-Marie Fortier This is just a spur of the moment poem. Inspiration comes from "So much for the Afterglow" by Everclear... [43 words]
A Journey Throughout by Alberto Pupo A journey... [73 words]
A Day With Dog, Poetry, And Prose by Preston Miles Metz This is a blank verse, thoughts and reflections during a spring day. [298 words]
Dark Oblivion by Jessie Finn There are no words to describe the hidden message of this poem, just read it and you will know wh... [129 words]
Your Unique Picasso by Fyona Doyle Latz - [124 words]
Where To Go by Jennifer Mendez - [69 words]
Voices Inside by Jessie Finn A haunting poem about the conflict of ones mind. [80 words]
Travel In Darkness by Alberto Pupo The road of a weary traveler... [73 words]
Tongues, A Collection by Durlabh Singh A collection of verse: Tongues, Green Green, Hunters Of Sea. [210 words]
The World Through Your Head by Roberto J Moreno Late night random thoughts. [179 words]
The Scream by Bollimuntha Venkata Ramana Rao - [89 words]
The Replacement... by Alberto Pupo Substituting one for the other... [57 words]
Straying From The Path by Wolfa A Poem, once more. Ahh, my memories of a certain delightful time in high school... and ... [471 words]
Satan Wears A Dress by Ryan Watts - [40 words]
Realizations by Alberto Pupo To realize... [64 words]
Never Again by Eloise H Anson I'm terrible at poetry, but, hey, I tried! [111 words]
Love And Friendship by Juned Ahsan - [165 words]
Last Goodbye by Jennifer Mendez - [162 words]
Jesus Fucked A Camel And Now We All Have Gonorrhoea by Ryan Watts - [190 words]
Flicker by Michelle Worswick - [18 words]
Emotion Pool by Alberto Pupo A pool of emotions brewed into one. [42 words]
Dead by Drevan - [66 words]
A Lack by Alberto Pupo the confusion created when I miss her... [58 words]

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Life's Work
This is a collection of poetry which look at different aspects of past relationships.
[1,013 words]
Elizabeth Jessica Allen
My existance is based around love. And i'm hoping that one day, I will be discovered, like a shooting star, and named after someone before I disappear.
[July 2002]
Moving On (Poetry) This is a collection of verse that portrays my feelings towards journeys that had to be made by me. [940 words] [Travel]
The Love I Feel For You (Poetry) These are poems I wrote a while ago, when all I could do was sit and watch the one I love and completely at ease. [460 words] [Relationships]
Life's Work
Elizabeth Jessica Allen


I have never felt more alone
Than how I feel when I lose the one I loved.
The whole world disappears from view, -
As I fall rather than fly over the pain.

A contradiction of feelings
Like a flipbook I go from tragedy
To happiness; then the cycle starts again
As someone plays with my emotions like a toy.

Sitting on a lonely park bench,
As the people hurry by as though I am
A dirty pigeon lady or bag woman,
As though I am about to steal their happiness.

Occasionally I am a busker: -
Where people who pity me throw
What measly feelings they can spare.
For the more talented, the less u receive.

A sunset, with missing colours
As a soon approaching storm steals them away.
And the darkness that falls after the rain
Hides the rainbow that promised to show.

A Bird incapable of flying, a leopard unable to run,
A trout afraid to swim, a kookaburra unable to laugh,
A human unequipped to feel compassion.
A wounded animal cursed with life.

A person being stalked by humanity; –
No matter how much they check over their shoulder
It reaches them and drawls them into a lair
Where pain and suffering is tested for a few laughs.

A hyena hidden behind your back
Ready to laugh when you are feeling low.
A step hidden by your feet
Ready to trip you up when you aren’t looking.

A tissue ready to wipe your tears.
A pocket ready to hide the handkerchief
A pillow ready to smother your cries.
A teddy bear ready to hear your cries.

The upper story

Banished into this desert
No love could survive here
In it’s brooding, pulsating emptiness

I grow weary of its endless journey.
Apparently, this torture isn’t enough, for I
Have to live through a sun without breeze.

Only eyes water this desert, but they too
Have dried, as this sun continues to blister
And my heart is singed once more.

Water. Love. These are what I yearn for
But like a poultice they linger; and they
Fade away as though they never dwelled at all.

Quicksand, like black bubbling tar
Exuding all love from the atmosphere
As I sink further still.

I plummet beyond the darkness.
Descending. I see, hear and feel nothing
As the dank dark surface swallows my pain.

This isn’t the first time I have taken the journey;
The last is far beyond the horizon
As though it belongs only in a dream.

Sand whips across my face, penetrating.
The wind furiously tries to blow me over.
But I exist, and shield my face from its blows.

A mirage! Oh, how I long for the oasis
To bring a breeze powerful enough to give Goosebumps,
To bring Emotions who trickle down my back like water.

The enemies may be different, but the traits,
They are the same. The same bitterness, evilness
And the same determination to search and destroy.


I have driven a man into the depths of anger –
The darkness closes in on him as he thinks
About the way I reacted tonight.

If his world crumbles down tonight,
A wall will be built around his heart.
And I have no strength to knock it down.

I fear what the future has in store –
From one adjective comes many verbs,
Many emotions, many divisions.

I have twisted his mind, like a wet sponge
And then left it to evaporate all goodness
That he once thought surrounded me.

The blue tide went out fast today,
And the moon can’t drive him back towards me.
For cement has been placed where sand once was.

My face is like a puddle, not sure what to reflect,
And all I know is water. A puddle, wishing
It was made by the ice around his heart.

My hands are like an earthquake – Shaking with every
Violent movement of my memory.
Hoping that when it stops there will be little damage.

My mind is like a blunt knife. Ripping at the confusion,
Desperately trying to cut through it; yet,
Making a bigger and more chaotic mess then there originally was.

My heart is like a galaxy, twisting and turning
From beauty to the unknown to darkness
Cold, isolated and afraid.

The Wrong Direction

Taking it one step too far;
So he never has a reason to doubt why we ended.
Taking it one step too far;
So he never has time to think about his feelings.

Taking it one step too far;
So I never have a moment to analyse my feelings.
Taking it one step too far;
So I never have to go a moment in pain.

Taking it one step too far.
We never had a chance to contemplate the
Actions we were about to take.
Taking it one step too far.
We never gave a thought to the consequences of the
Actions we were about to take.
Taking it one step too far.
We never gave sensibility a chance over lust.

Taking it one step too far.
Letting myself fall for him, before he
Had a chance to fall for me.
Taking it one step too far.
Ending my life with one, before I
Started my life with another.

Taking it one step too far...
Too far over the edge and into oblivion.
Taking it one step too far...
Too far past the no returns.
Taking it one step too far...
One-step too far, in the wrong direction.

No Regrets

The song, our song, came on the radio last night.
The one night he and I lay together again, the song appeared.
I listened to it, and couldn’t help but smile –
I had found myself again, and the song had found us.

When we weren’t together he told me how he hated this song;
But I saw no cringing, or anger when we lay together and listened.
The song moved around me, over me, through me
Making me feel whole, as he had done not all that long ago.

I listened to more than our song that night. I listened
To him breathing, to him snoring, and to his heartbeat.
I listened to the sounds of the night, which brought out passion.
I listened to the calm, peaceful setting around which we laid.

I cringed when I heard the sound of morning.
I cringed at the sound of the alarm going off in my ear.
Well, that was until it played our song. I closed my eyes –
Not hearing the cue to wake, but a cue to stay in bed.

I had no intention of regretting that night.
No intention of regretting the final four hours double I had with him.
And even now I regret nothing: because that song; our song;
Was a sign that that was where I was meant to be that night.



"You have many introductions to many would be poetic expressions. Please try not to kill the meaning of poetry by turning your poems into a patchwork quilt. Better luck next time...PS-don't kill yourself. Maybe you don't love each and every one of those guys-sounds like they're hot flings to me;-)" -- Charlie, Luxembourg, Germany, Swedan.
"That was powerful work Elizabeth. Your emotions were transferred which I think is what poetry is about. Smile :D" -- Your Friend, Brisbane, QLD.
"a lot of that was rather depressing. You must have been in quite a bit of pain when you wrote these poems. These people that have hurt you must have either been very special or you very fickle to make you feel this way. Good luck with all your future work." -- Vicki, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Don't fear the shadows! There is nothing wrong with writing things that may seem to be depressing. See my work for instance." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom.


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July 2002

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