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What Is A Bum? by Musau Who is really a bum? For real! [202 words]
What Do You Do by L A Winterburn short childrens poem .br>[183 words] [183 words]
Waves by D Donely - [12 words]
Waiting by L A Winterburn Poetry about a man who wants to commit suicide. But why? [184 words]
Trying To Blend by D Donely Just a poem about trying to be the same as every1 around. [40 words]
Those Eyes by Judith Goff Can fantasy become reality? [68 words]
The Youths Will Be Heard! by Musau Talking about another generation. [129 words]
The Storm by D Donely Just a poem; the title is pretty much self explanatory. [27 words]
The Reflection From The Water by Musau A look at yourself. [81 words]
The Mighty Tornado by Musau It is just one of God's angels! [163 words]
That's Life by D Donely Just a simple poem about life. [41 words]
Take Life.... by D Donely - [73 words]
Stalker by Diane Copeland A poem. [48 words]
September 11th by D Donely I think the title says enough. [50 words]
Scattered Memories by Keri McGriff - [17 words]
Reverso by Ulysses Hero Doesn't need one. [114 words]
Rebirth by Geech A poem about man's self-depreciation and its cause. [125 words]
Pretty Judy by Musau This is a sad love story. It deals with the ignorance and insensitivity that still exist in the so... [244 words]
New Path by Keri McGriff - [12 words]
My Way by D Donely A poem about not following the "crowd", doing things my way. [69 words]
My King by Keri McGriff - [163 words]
My Friend The Tiger And Me by Sue (Sooz) Simpson I wrote this for my little boy when he was having trouble at school. [942 words]
Maja by Roberto J Moreno This is about my current girlfriend and the sexual extruggles we are facing. [183 words]
Love Is Like A Rainbow. by Sadaf Shahab Love is like a rainbow, and has many shades. Hate is black in color,or it may as fades.... [35 words]
Love Calls by Keri McGriff - [14 words]
Kandi by Roberto J Moreno This is for the woman I most dream about. [173 words]
Jasmine And Gardenia Love
If Dali Wrote Poetry: by Ulysses Hero Odd and totally bizarre. Yes, that's what it's meant to be. [180 words]
I Love Hate by Sadaf Shahab I love HATE, Yes I love hate. When some one says, I hate you, He is pure, He is true. But when he s... [26 words]
I Know You Never Read This Poem by Sadaf Shahab I wrote this poem only for you I know, you never read this poem Even ,if you re... [133 words]
I Have Lost My Trust by Sadaf Shahab I have lost my trust there, I don't know how and where. May be I shout, but No One care, ... [67 words]
I Am The Most Loved Peson by Sadaf Shahab I often asked about your love, about your care. You always told me it is special, it... [60 words]
Fin by Ulysses Hero Parting is such sweet sorrow.- Shakespeare Parting is like a chinese a meal: sweet for some, sour for other... [142 words]
Fantasy .... Reality by Judith Goff Written after a rude awakening. [73 words]
Everything Will Be Fine by L A Winterburn Short prose. [52 words]
Dreamer by David B Doc Byron Figure it out yourself. [75 words]
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Can You See What I Feel by Keri McGriff - [12 words]
Beach by Keri McGriff - [15 words]
A Ruined Land by D Donely - [56 words]
A Poem by D Donely Just a poem I wrote; it doesn't really have any specific point to it. The words just came to me. [40 words]
A Freind To The End by L A Winterburn A poem for my best friend. [61 words]
-The End- by Tim Baker About a breakup. [147 words]
Will I by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [101 words]
What Makes Me Wait? by L A Winterburn - [85 words]
What A Morning by L A Winterburn - [302 words]
Weary Day by Keri McGriff - [19 words]
Walk With Me by Keri McGriff - [16 words]
To Whom It May Concern by Freelancer Her life has reached a crossroad. She's scared, confused, and doesn't know what to do. ... [550 words]
There Must Be More To Life Than Customer Service! by L A Winterburn A morbid but shit funny short poem of what its like to work i... [50 words]
Then Comes A Time by Roberto J Moreno This a poem about a resent relationship. [165 words]
The Thinker by Peter Izdebski - [118 words]
The Nameless One by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [61 words]
Tender by L A Winterburn How far one woman goes for the man she loves. [63 words]
Shooting Star by Ashley Burdett A poem about a traveler who ponders their life while looking at the stars. [119 words]
Rant by Rose Trimovski Something. [55 words]
Pub Paranoia by Tim Baker I actually wrote this in a pub while I was waiting for a friend of mine to finish his shift. Not q... [111 words]
Prisoner by David B Doc Byron A dark seduction. [130 words]
Our Way by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [86 words]
One Last Time by M F J Baker This is a poem about the night I met my husband. [54 words]
One I Love by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [59 words]
Oh! What A Surprise by Stuart Eric Longridge If you haven't noticed already then your as bad as them. [129 words]
No More Tears by Acosha Is it possible to be cried out? [112 words]
Night by M Q Walters - [99 words]
My So-Called Life by Judith Goff - [99 words]
May Not by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [78 words]
Matrix by Keri McGriff - [11 words]
Man On The Moon by I A Vdm "Ask the man on the moon" I said to my 4yr old, after one of many questions. "Who is the man on... [160 words]
Love Hurts by L A Winterburn Poem about a man who loves to much. [92 words]
Life, Death by Ian Goodall Life, Death, a comparison not many can accomplish... [50 words]
Let The Madness Cease by L A Winterburn - [49 words]
I Truly Love You by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [73 words]
Holly Marie by L A Winterburn A poem done for a friend of mine who has recently had a baby. [58 words]
Gem by Tim Baker About a girl [148 words]
Funeralchant Macabre by David B Doc Byron A poem about a someone who isnt exactly torn up about a friends death. [117 words]
Fools by Catherine Phillippa Susan Dally - [101 words]
Find Your Voice by Ashley Burdett A poem about venting the frustrations about not being able to find your voice. [70 words]
E by Tim Baker - [54 words]
Especially For You by Mickey Calvert This is a poem for my boyfriend!! [28 words]
Earths Plight by L A Winterburn A poem about what we are doing to the planet. [111 words]
Countless Nights by Tim Baker About my nights of induced contemplation. [64 words]
Bloodline by David B Doc Byron This is a poem about a man's transformation into a lycanthrope that eventually turned into a short ta... [120 words]
At The Bus Stop by Ulysses Hero Still working on this but would like some early feedback. I'm not too sure if I've captured the... [425 words]
As I Reach Home On A Rainy Morning by Ramkumar Menon The warmth of my home felt on a rainy morning. [378 words]
A Spirit Of Rainy Day by Nida Khan - [74 words]
A New Baby Born by L A Winterburn A poem for a friend's baby boy. [83 words]

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Jasmine And Gardenia Love
[417 words]
Sue (Sooz) Simpson
I'm thirty nine, recently single again. I have two boys Cli' (pronounced clee) Real name Christopher and Mark. I'm a care in the community nurse and formerly (when I was married) an occupational Therapist working with the mentally ill on a secure unit. I love reading and writing and meeting people. I hate offal, seafood and intolerance. I keep dog, cat, polecats, rats and reptiles. And for seven years ran the second largest reptile sanctuary in Britain. Apart from having my lads, I think that's probably the most worthwhile thing I've ever done. Writing wise, I've been the main fiction writer for Legends magazine for three years.And have two books published 'Lizard's Leap' published by Quillusers, and 'Better the Devil You Know' soon to be released by Bestbooks.Um I drive a knackered old Astra, and ride a two litre trike. I live in the lake district of England, and am happy. :-)
[January 2003]
[email protected]
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Jasmine And Gardenia Love
Sue (Sooz) Simpson

Come lay beside me my man.
Let me light a fire of love in your breast.
Come bathe in my moisture, you know that you can
let not your penis lay flaccid in rest
let me scribe with my tongue on your torso
`till your nipples are budded and tight,
you are so lovely, aroused even more so
and when lit by the red firelight.
Could I live, if I donít kiss your eyelid?
Suck the soft, loose flesh through my lips.
Roll my mouth to the tear duct and laughter line grid.
Feel your tensioning heat through my nipples and hips.
As your stiffening flesh seeks my contour,
with a will of itís own it doth seek
and it craves its admittance, it wants to explore
and my sex is a power and peak.
So I straddle your body a hand on each shoulder.
Rampant and wanton little bit bolder,ragged of breath
and heady of odour.
Effervescent of spirit like bubbling soda.
Eye to eye locked in a gaze we see
a volcanic fire of passion.and he
thrust with his hips and writhes like a tree,
that is torn in a wind from a tumultuous sea.
Itís time for the dance like a snake in a trance.
For the passion and need of fevered romance.
With pelvic muscle a grip like a python.
To squeeze you and milk you, eruption and siphon.
A motion as fluid as water and oil
As I ride you, and guide you,
and bring you to boil.
Youíre calling my name and itís wicked and wild.
Iím woman, Iím temptress, Iím siren, Iím child
Your shaft is sheathed in my sex in my fold
your nails in my buttocks as you buck and you hold,
me to you.

My orgasm rises I arch my back.
Youíre deeply within me, I take up the slack.
and quicken the pace as our heartbeats pound
like horses galloping covering ground,
feeling the blood as it courses, and causes,
 the orgasms force
as it bursts and it pauses then crescendo.
Oh Baby Iím Comming itís here
My moisture anoints you, my lover, my dear,
Aaahhh me too, Oh Honey, sweet Jesus
A sigh then silence,a moment to please us.
sated and spent I wilt to his chest
tease the hair with my finger, at peace and at rest
I lay in his arm and he kisses my head,
and the sweat tells itís tale in the tousled bed
I tell the stars and the Moon above
We made Jasmine and Gardenia love.



"Hmm, the "doth" sits a little awkwardly. But then who's bothered - it's no crime. " -- Fergus O'Ferguson.
"Hello Fergus me old mate. Ugh ... actually I didn't hate this one as much as some of the others and re-worked it. Thanks :-) " -- Sooz, Dalton-in-Furness, England, Cumbria.
"Excellently rendered work." -- Banjo Man.
"Thank-you, glad you liked it. " -- Sooz, Dalton-in-Furness, England, Cumbria.
"Monkey seriously unhappy. Storymania administration deleted my poem for no reason, only because I friends with JA St.George. He was right, they delete everything. They blow. Wanted to tell ya here, because they'll probably erase it everywhere else, and I wanted you to know why I'd "disappeared." Methinks that St.George was right, and they do fear him, and anyone he be nice to. They blow, just wanted ya to know, because you a nice lady. Ooo Ooo Ooo." -- KungFu Gibbon.
"I know where you're coming from man, the moron and/or morons who run this place piss everybody off. The site is difficult to use, most of my posts come out in bright colors that are impossible to read, that's of course when the administration isn't deleting people's work and posts. Then they have the nerve to say you can post just about anything here, when we know that's not true. I mean look at the number of works that get deleted that no one even realizes were on the board. The the ole administration denies they were ever there, or makes up some lie to cover there own ass, and usually their reason makes me laugh because it's such a lame excuse. This place used to be teeming with writers and reviewers of all sorts just a few years ago... can't imagine why they're not here anymore (dripping with sarcasm). If you want contact me at [email protected]" -- Anonymous.
"Hey KungFu, or anybody else, if you're looking for a better site, might I suggest the Writer's Digest.com. They're the one's that produce the magazine that many of us writers use as our bible. I'm finding it to be a valuable resource, but they also have links to many other great writing sites that don't give you quite the same grief that Storymania does. You need to remember KungFu that this place is basically just a place to show off your work, and that's it, it's not really a writing site, like St.George was saying it's exclusive and since they are simply and solely a business dedicated only to themselves they can snobbishly throw out anybody they want. However, I like it because I'm just looking to post my work and hopefully catch the attention of a publisher with a work that is automatically e-copyrighted. I don't require reviews that I know I'll never get, or poor ones, and I don't bother with the rest of the site. Take care KungFu, that was a pretty funny poem, too bad that nobody'll ever know." -- Tim.
"But did you like the poem?" -- Sooz, Dalton-in-Furness, England, Cumbria.
"Well, if you're talking to me Sooz, then yeah I liked the poem. Like I said I thought it was hilarious. Now if you're suggesting that the administration delteted it because "they" didn't like it, then you are proving what so many other people have been saying all along. Imagine if they don't like a peice that you write Sooz, and then the next thing you know, all traces of Sooz are gone. I'm expecting it to happen to my work, which would royally piss me off just like these other guys and gals. I mean why did they delete, because it was about Coco Puffs, hell the guy didn't even spell it right, or maybe they didn't like bunny terds? Who knows? P.S. if you're talking about did I like your poem then ya I guess I did, though I really only came here to comment on this thread, since ya know that when there are five + reviews that usually means that a work is really great or people are having a discussion." -- Tim.
"Nice work all around Sooz. And for the thread here that just wasn't right what they did to KungFu, I thought they were trying to get more writers to come here, but by their actions it sure doesn't look that way." -- Christina P..
"A vehement torrid account of love...a f**king beautiful poem...congratulations" -- salai.
"Sooz, "Return of the Hellcat" was an outstanding example of creative short fiction, now this poem is just as dynamic and powerful, as I said before I only wish I could write like this. Excellent piece of work! " -- Monte.
"Who the hell is this KungFu Gibbon. There ain't no record of a KungFu Gibbon ever having used this site let alone posted some poem. I also wanted to correct the dumb s.o.b. who spelled it wrong too, it's Cocoa Puffs." -- Butte S. McKraken.
"An insight of poly-drenched haze on windswept mind journeys." -- Author of Teeth.
"God I hate poets they're so damned pretentious, what the Fv(k is "insight of poly-drenched haze on windswept mind jouryneys" is that supposed to be a compliment or insult? " -- Anonymous.
"Yeah, and like you're so much better Anonymous, you wouldn't know great poetry like that of Sooz Simpson and Fergus O'Ferguson if it bit you in the hind quarters. Since you fail to understand the meaning of such poetic language it only goes to show how dim you truly are. Why don't you just leave, no one wants someone so ignorant about." -- Name Withheld.
"Please don't be mad at me too Name Withheld, but I don't really understand what it means either, despite a love of poetry." -- Christina P..
"I read the poem, and I liked it a lot. I also read the reviews, and I'm not a little confused. I'm new here. Could someone please explain it to me?" -- Pearl.
"In regards to Butte's question, there's no evidence of KungFu Gibbon ever having been here, becasuse Storymania erased it all, isn't that right Sooz, I mean you saw it too." -- Kym Kendrick.
"Sooz denies everything. She always side with Storymania administration no matter how bad they get. Sooz probably is Storymania Administration. Me eat Sooz too!" -- Grunt Woggler.
"Hey! We'll have no eating of Sooz here pal. I thought this board was to be free of sexual inuendo. Hee! hee! hee!" -- Tim.
"For heaven's sake people, stop with all the reviews. If St.George were still here he'd kick all of your asses for wasting so much space with non-critiques. Since he ain't here I guess I'll have to do it, then quietly mosey along myself. After this message I want to only see critiques/raves/jeers or I'll hunt you all down like dogs." -- Kym Kendrick.
"Who the hell you lady to tell Grunt what to do? Me eat you too. Yum, yum, schlorp!" -- Grunt Woggler.
"Olde Sergeiís Review: Marvelous" -- Cam Davis.
"Thank you :-)" -- Sooz, Dalton-in-Furness, England, Cumbria.


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November 2002

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