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Jack The Ripper
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Jack The Ripper
a small jokey poem, written for fun as a tongue-in-cheek thing.
as the title says, It's about Jack the Ripper.
[77 words]
Jasmine P Batey
Hi! My name is Jasmine Batey, I was born in '94, so at the moment I'm 16, I enjoy writing poetry, lyrics and stories, I love listening to music, mainly rock and all of it's sub - genres, and i REALLY LOVE getting comments on story mania! so please leave feedback and I will update regularly!
enjoy reading!
[January 2011]
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Jack The Ripper
Jasmine P Batey

Jack the ripper
what a sight!
mess with 'im
'n' you'll getta fright!

he'll slit your throat
and carve your insides,
He maybe a Prince!
or a doctor, you see

he got some good knowledge
'bout the innards o' you 'n' me.
in the darkened back alleys
of old England, yes-sir-ee

So you best watch your back,
in this 'ere White chapel
or that old chap Jack
Migh' cause you some trouble.

PLEASE NOTE - meant to be said in a lower class English accent, which is why there are
spelling mistakes ETC...


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