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It's Not My Imagination (I Did Belong To You)
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It's Not My Imagination (I Did Belong To You)
The words of another song.
[162 words]

Dri Cook

My name is Adriana, and though I have a nickname, an American friend has told me I have a beautiful name, and uses only my full name. I am a woman, a dreamer who has a passion for life, and loves writing, and I must say, that I breathe words in and out.

I started writing in 2003, as I was internally urged on to do so. Poetry is a natural outcome of my life, and I felt that I was guided or maybe even destined to write, a feeling that took over and could not be stopped.

I love writing all types of poems and am glad when emails arrive from other people on the web, telling me that I put into words exactly the way they feel. Helping people is a nice way to forget about one's own personal problems and keep on going. Another reason that I have been writing is to improve my English. As English is not my native language, writing in English is another way to be even closer to this beautiful language. It has always come so naturally to me, that I can consider it a gift from Heaven.

I was born and raised in Brazil. In marriage, I spent some time in the USA with an American citizen. Sadly though, it did not work out, and I returned to my native land, Brazil. Memories of the time I lived there are nice, and one day I hope I am able to go back to that beautiful country to visit and enjoy all the good things it has to offer.

Teaching is what I do as an occupation and have a love for it, while writing is not only my love, but a hobby and a friend as well. As life's trials come I realize just how blessed I am in God and that He is everything to me.

My children are grown and are young adults now. One is currently living in Italy and works as an Architect, and the other is a psychologist and lives here, in S�o Jos� dos Campos.

Soon, I will be a grandmother and will continue writing poetry and enlighten people's lives with my gift.

My ultimate dream is to have one of my original poems used as lyrics in a song, and then hear it on many radio stations.

[May 2008]
[email protected]
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It's Not My Imagination (I Did Belong To You)

It's not my
I saw you
and I loved you,
I saw you and
I knew you'd steal
my heart,
I saw you and
my world went
upside down,
no darling,
it's not my imagination,
it happened to us,
I have you printed in my heart,
I still remember the first
time you kissed me hard,
your hands running all
over my body,
it's not my imagination,
I saw you and I knew,
I saw you and I fell,
I know it's not my imagination
I still think of you,
the tears come
to visit now
and then,
oh, baby,
I don't want it to
be just my imagination,
please, let me catch
your hand,
hold you in my arms,
taste you with desire,
I long to be with you,
just let me know once more,
that you're real,
that's not only my

tell me,
tell me now
it's not my imagination,
that somehow we lived a dream,
that we shared unforgettable moments,
reached truths that one day will no longer
frighten us,

tell me,
tell me how
to persuade our dreams
to come true,
tell me it's not my imagination,
that the door will be open at last,
that will fly up above
and somehow will be together again.



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