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It's Hard To Move A Mountain
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It's Hard To Move A Mountain
This is Life...
[328 words]
Brion' O Neil
[November 2005]
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It's Hard To Move A Mountain
Brion' O Neil

I know I've lost the battle and I'm starting to loose the war
every day I'm living in, seems worse than the one before

those mountains keep coming up and getting in my way
I'm never getting anywhere, so, I guess I'll have to stay
                    chorus text
mountain's are in front of me, so what can I do? So I'll ask,
how can you move a mountain, when It's moving over you?
the odds are stacked against you, always drawing the lowest card
why does taking the easy way end up being so hard?
when those mountain's keep rising up, out of the blue
how can you move a mountain when it's moving over you?

I try to follow all the rules of living in today
but the rules are always changing from white to a dingy grey

so I'll look for some brighter colors that seem so hard to find
all I can find is the color red from the back of the danger sign

I wish I knew some magic to make the mountain vanish out of sight
but,that easy way would never serve as a workout for the might

                   repeat chorus

so I'll have to settle in to a comfort for the norm
I'll have to learn to savor the calm before the storm

I want to move in the right direction without any fear
I've got to find a better way, that's why I'll start from here

as the shadow of the mountain blocks the light of a sunny day
I'm waiting for the moment when the sun comes out to stay

                   second chorus
How do you move a mountain, when It's moving over you?
how can you make a change when you've run out of things to do?
always looking for the easy way, it's gets harder all the time
is the frustration that I'm having, only happening in my mind?
there's nothing more in this life that I would rather do
but, It's hard to move a mountain when it's moving over you

                   repeat chorus





"I like this one :)" -- km.
"good to have you back posting, Brian. As a black man...country's hard to bit into but i like the words to this song!" -- e. rocco caldwell.
"I really admire your talent to write lyrics. Great job, one of my favorite so far. Yes, as rocco said, I like the words here." -- Dri.
"oh, I forgot to let you know that I'm glad that you are back " -- Dri.


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February 2005

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